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MONACO - Prince Albert of Monaco and his bride Charlene Wittstock continued the Royal Wedding celebrations Saturday, July 2, 2011 with a religious ceremony, one day after they were officially wed in a civil ceremony - FashionTV brings you the exclusive!

Charlene wore an off-the-shoulder Giorgio Armani gown paired with a long long veil for the Catholic ceremony, which was held in the throne room at the princely palace.

Celebs Attending: Giorgio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Michelle Jarre, Bernadette Chirac, Roger Moore, Karolina Kurkova, Nicolas Sarkozy, Nadia Comaneci, Renee Fleming, Alain Ducasse, Princesses Caroline and Stephanie of Monaco

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Behind The Scenes: Prince Albert Marries Charlene Wittstock - Royal Wedding 2011 - Religious Ceremony

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I loved the natural applause and cheering!
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott:
It was one of the saddest weddings I've seen....she was crying all the time!
Val Be
Val Be:
A worn-out playboy in his fifties after having played enough with hundreds of women instead of marrying one of his children's mums, is marrying a young rose dropping tears like dew.
Victoria Gilarranz
Victoria Gilarranz:
Would love to see a body language analyst react to this.
Her crying breaks my heart.
9:10 This was the the most unfeeling kiss from a Bridegroom i´ve ever seen...Poor Charlene she trys to smile ... :--(
Joanna Jankowiak
Joanna Jankowiak:
Jesus, he smiled more to the bishop than to his wife!
Jennifer M. Darkbloom
Jennifer M. Darkbloom:
Catholic weddings are generally extremely reserved and have an almost solemn air to them. And this is a royal Catholic wedding being televised all over the world, so the solemnity is more than expected, and incredibly daunting. Having been raised Catholic and attended many of my relatives weddings, I can vouch for that. Even marriages of mere mortals. Also, Albert's winking is a gesture he inherited from his mother, who, before becoming Princess of Monaco, often furtively winked at her friends during serious events to break the tension. Here I think it's his way of disarming the seriousness of the event, and also showing affection. All that said, I have no knowledge of his or her private goings-on. I don't see what the problem is regarding having children out of wedlock. One must remember, one of the hallmarks of Catholicism is hypocrisy, especially concerning royalty. Princes are expected to have mistresses and affairs (Prince Rainier had many), which completely sucks, but it's fact. To me Grace Kelly looked miserable during her wedding to Rainier, but if you take into account the wedding was broadcast everywhere, with cameras and microphones hidden in the flowers, she was probably exhausted, terrified, and tense beyond words. It's all-around a tough life, glamorous as it seems. The expectations and importance of appearances is enough to give anyone a perpetual ulcer. If you're not born into it, it's a really tough ride.
Susan Deason
Susan Deason:
Neither one of them looked like they were happy to be getting married. I feel sorry for her.
Cleona Harrot
Cleona Harrot:
this dress has to be the crème de la crème of royal wedding dresses. Most perfect from every angle....and the veil? Awesome!. 
Always Late
Always Late:
What a beautiful woman
Heather Mefford
Heather Mefford:
*I’ve never seen such an openly unhappy bride before...* 😳
Caroline Remy
Caroline Remy:
When Charlene was moved to tears by the singing, her new husband Albert looks at her and gives her a stern warning! He should of kissed her cheek and make her smile. He's such a cold arrogant man ! She is too good for him.
Caroline SCHOLES
Caroline SCHOLES:
Absolutely fabulous the wedding the dress everything but there is sadness behind her eyes.
Dee P
Dee P:
Charlene was a very beautiful and elegant bride. Prince Albert grew up with a loving mother I hope he translate it as his marriage evolved. Charlene is inheriting a big legacy. Princess Grace was top notch ole school, Hollywood yet down to earth real. Best wishes!
I looked happier when I had to step on a scale after the holidays. 
y yg
y yg:
her tears are the saddest thing ive ever seen at a wedding. Those are not happy tears and anyone whos held back tears before can tell she was doing it most of the time.
Maria Eliane Ribeiro de Sousa Gomes
Maria Eliane Ribeiro de Sousa Gomes:
Muito delicada a noiva !
Linda cerimônia
Oh my gosh! What country is this? It's so heartwarming to see so many grandpas taking their granddaughters as their plus 1 for this wedding ❤
I feel so sorry for the bride, she's very unhappy...Albert is a very cold, unsympathetic person,there is no love between them..
His facial expressions....... so speechless....i will never marry to this kind of man, even don't want to pretend on his big day...
Shereen S
Shereen S:
She is stunning...
Affairs and lack of love later... She has always been too good for him. Like a lamb to the slaughter.
Stephanie Beattie
Stephanie Beattie:
I understand wanting to be appropriate for the wedding kiss but a little more heart on the groom's part could have been put into it. Prince Albert was for decades seeing a lot of women all and no one paid attention but the princess sisters were written about all the time. However, I don't think its gender specific, its just that his sister are much more interesting. I would have liked to see more Caroline and Stephanie in that video. A good video is the one about the Monaco royal kitchen.
Chris Pearsons
Chris Pearsons:
I remember thinking at the time,she looked scared to death,I thought she might turn,and run.
Marina Callebaut
Marina Callebaut:
one of the most beautiful royal dresses👍
Becky Bryant
Becky Bryant:
I look happier when I step on legos but no flipping wonder. Wasn't that she knew of past dalliances but learned of the seemingly current one? What a marriage! And everyone knows!
Jazz Borah
Jazz Borah:
I read somewhere that she wanted to escape monaco but her passport was seized. I came straight here and boy you can tell that she is unhappy with the marriage 😕
Emmy Gerard
Emmy Gerard:
Okay she could have just been overwhelmed with everything; however, it did look like he was telling her not to cry.  
Myrna Leon
Myrna Leon:
Beautiful , perfect Catholic Wedding . May God bless and guide this beautiful couple. Long live
Rin e Albert and Princess Charleen. 👌👌👌🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🌹🎈😘
Mahri Beneda
Mahri Beneda:
Her dress is beautiful.and ceremony magnificent!
Наталья Кожевникова
Наталья Кожевникова:
Ему-бы в жены Маркл!Тогда-бы он плакал.
Robyn Pierce
Robyn Pierce:
Such a beautiful, graceful woman, I really don’t think he deserves her
La novia más triste que he visto en toda mi vida...😢
Sharon M.
Sharon M.:
Watch Frederik and Mary of Denmark royal wedding. They are in love. Albert and Charlene are not.
She is so beautiful!
Never seen such a disconnected couple on their wedding day! Nothing between them at all.
Cathie H.
Cathie H.:
I loved Charlene's dress it might have been a bit more beautiful than another recent bride!
Auguri Alberto, auguri Charlene. Il tuo vestito è bellissimo e sei emozionatissima! La cerimonia è lenta e noiosa!
that kiss was so terrible that I understand she was crying
The reason she is crying is because prior to the wedding she found out that he had fathered another illegitimate child while they were dating. She knew about the first child he fathered out of wedlock, but the second one was a shock. She was chosen to bear Albert a legitimate heir - and that's that. She gave birth to twins, so he has his heirs. They don't even sleep together. I would cry, too. He doesn't love her.
Flavia Michelotto
Flavia Michelotto:
Omg...what a sad wedding!! Cold as ice...many wishes,life is long...😁
M D:
Какой же он холодный и равнодушный. Когда она плакала, даже не обнял.
As someone who doesn't watch tv, I do wish this came with subtitles on who was whom.
this wasn’t too bad, it just seemed like they didn’t have a dress rehearsal or something
Marjan P
Marjan P:
She's too beautiful for him... That wedding dress is magnificent...
Jose Baca
Jose Baca:
Waooo hermosa y muy emotiva esa novia , que el señor le de larga vida , hermosa .
Nigel Morgan
Nigel Morgan:
Smile it’s not the end of the world if you feel after a year you’ve had enough give him the boot move to Perth WA
Jose Canisales
Jose Canisales:
She is beautiful!
Rhonda Fortson
Rhonda Fortson:
I commented on this before, but about the wedding. The beautiful bride, Charlene, looks more like she is about to be executed and Albert looks like he is gloating. The wedding was beautiful, the gorgeous bride was trajiv. I have seen pictures of her since and she Always looks sad & depressed.
Мп Опп
Мп Опп:
Chic Francisco
Chic Francisco:
Charlene is so beautiful!
Beatriz Garcia
Beatriz Garcia:
Ella es absolutamente Hermosa , de carne y hueso y como tal emocional , El es simplemente un tronco de hielo ,, Pobre Charlene un mal principio ,,que le esperara en esa vida .
Dress fabulous. She beautiful. Setting magnificent, but no feeling between them.
Sharon Carr
Sharon Carr:
That was loveliest wedding ever
Hrhr Hrhrhr
Hrhr Hrhrhr:
What a stunning bride class stunning dress, must say why is she crying something not right here,
Alzira Toledo
Alzira Toledo:
Elizabeth Centeno
Elizabeth Centeno:
Preciosa novia,parecía sumamente triste,...y Albert un hombre muy insensible!!!
Cancer Survivor
Cancer Survivor:
Charlene looks so sad :-(
Jacqueline Hanson
Jacqueline Hanson:
Well, they both look perfectly happy to me. Grace, class and humility in a setting that demands decorum. The way weddings used to be.
She knew her future, for that reason was crying so much. Sad!
ali grotts
ali grotts:
Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding.
Theressa Murphy
Theressa Murphy:
She is lovely...her wedding gown was exquisite...Andreas Bocelli sang beautifully!!!😀😀😀😀
Sol Mar
Sol Mar:
Que lindo!!!
Tuula westra
Tuula westra:
Monaco has been independent for hundreds of years from France, if there were no heir from Prince Albert, France would have taken Monaco back.
Joelle Quevillon
Joelle Quevillon:
y yg
y yg:
her reaction when the priest said "fidelity" 5:35
Zubaida Kablan
Zubaida Kablan:
So cute both of you .God bless you all. Thanks for Charing your amazing wedding day.
Мира Лау
Мира Лау:
Какая красивая обаятел ная пара! А невеста - очень нежная и трогательная, глаз не отвести!🤗👍
Carol Brand
Carol Brand:
It was all a front to make it look like he was settling down . He's got no heart for such a beautiful woman . Like its been said he plays around and she deserves better
Marisa Rodrigues
Marisa Rodrigues:
Esse Albert é um gato! Lindoooooo!!! He is a handsome and charming man. Ela também é linda. She's so beautiful!
Jeanette Bird
Jeanette Bird:
Charlene looked a million dollars , loved the stylish clothes she wore and not the usual stern look of Royal weddings . Great wedding but she didn’t look happy . They say she tried to escape the night before . She has beautiful children and I hope she is happy .
Irina Bayrak
Irina Bayrak:
Из всей аристократии Европы- это самая красивая пара!!! Альберт долго выбирал, но сделал правильный выбор. Невеста прекрасна. Она имеет настоящие чистые черты европейской женщины. И гены тоже.
Carole Saucier
Carole Saucier:
Ils ont l’air indifférents l’un à l’autre c’est d’une grande tristesse
Eu conheci esta igreja . Até ascendi uma vela aí ..
Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson:
He winked at her, how sweet. What a beautiful wedding and they were both lovely. I'm a little curious if Prince Alberts son was there, but I highly doubt it.
lydia phamotse
lydia phamotse:
Our South African flag is also beautiful
Vanira Olegario
Vanira Olegario:
Que lindos cerimônia maravilhosa muita delicadeza Deus os abençoe 🙏👏👏
Shes so beautiful and gorgeous i can understand why he’s forcing her to marry lol
gayle hunter
gayle hunter:
That was the most unhappy fake kiss ever
Isabel Escudero
Isabel Escudero:
La princesa estaba espectacular apesar de las lagrimas
Rubaida Allen
Rubaida Allen:
Beautiful. Happy for them
Doraemon P
Doraemon P:
Cali Fornia
Cali Fornia:
Sometimes I feel jealous because some people's lives seem so easy.  I just constantly take a bite out of the shit sandwich.
Ny Pe
Ny Pe:
Ces larmes sont émouvantes princesse charlene est merveilleuse 👑 🌹
So beautiful 😍😍
Helen Boula
Helen Boula:
I think she is the most beautiful bride I've ever seen
Not to take away from any Bride at all. I think she is special.
María Dolores Carrillo López
María Dolores Carrillo López:
Que elegancia !!! Y la novia muy guapa!!!!! Y educada ✨👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
She wanted to run like hell closer to the wedding and he said forget it baby the weddings going ahead
Jaqueline Barrera
Jaqueline Barrera:
Muy hermosa Charlene..pero parece que todo fue por la presión moral del príncipe para casarse.
That's it ! I am going to save that woman ! Rescue mission next summer in Monaco:))
13:42 She must be thinking about what the wedding night's gonna be like...
Veronica Fox
Veronica Fox:
Unfortunately it was said she was very sad and nearly called it off...not the most faithful man to be married too. But there you go let's hope they both succeed to find love and happiness together...🌹
SO BEAUTIFUL COUPLE AND CLASS 👍👍👍👍👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👑👸🏼❤️️❤️️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💝💝💝💝💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐
aida estela Vega
aida estela Vega:
me pareció que la princesa estaba un poco triste de corazón les deseo que sean felices
Sharon S
Sharon S:
Gosh that kiss was given with such meaning....😟
Ny Pe
Ny Pe:
Magnifique couple princier 🌹
Princesse charlene est juste une sublimissime mariée 👰 👑
Clare Welter
Clare Welter:
The royals are so hard to read. Their lives seem to be cold. Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly really seemed so much in love on their wedding day.
Tula A.
Tula A.:
What a beautiful girl she is !
He is cold and ice and you can see it. At one point she cries and he looks at her and probably told her to stop it. What's stone cold human being he is !