Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Ready to Become One BIG Family (Source)

A source tells ET that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are ready to become one big, blended family.

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Allison Smith
Allison Smith:
I’m happy for them both…happy for all of their children!!! I know that both of the ex’s are so mature that it will all be a nice and VERY pretty blend.
lola brini
lola brini:
she goes through husbands and boyfriends like shoes
something is wrong with her
CelesteStation51 Smith
CelesteStation51 Smith:
So awesome for Bennifer❤️ Wish them a lot of love and happiness together❤️
Mary Brandeiro
Mary Brandeiro:
I like see these two together and both their children too. Best wishes for you all !!
Di Anne
Di Anne:
So happy for them!!!
Kristen Almonte
Kristen Almonte:
Please let this work! 🙏 Just as you would feel for your own friend or family member.
Nadia Singh
Nadia Singh:
She’s 52 and fabulous, I’m delighted for the both of them. True love always prevail 🥂❤️
Dream Unrealistic 💖 with Jonathan Berry
Dream Unrealistic 💖 with Jonathan Berry:
Hollywood relationships seem even more difficult to maintain than those relationships of us civilians. God-bless them both and may God-bless them together..💖💖👑👑🙏.
Wendy Mckay
Wendy Mckay:
I know they have history but this is quick
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma:
JL is living the life ❤️❤️
Christopher G. Poeschl
Christopher G. Poeschl:
“You'll never lose control if you let go of the reins - as long as you can trust your partner…” Christopher G. Poeschl Stay Amazing…

COVID-19 Inspiration…❤️

“Finding our soulmate, is a lot like dipping a rose in chocolate – it's impossible to separate…” Christopher G. Poeschl Stay Amazing…

COVID-19 Inspiration…❤️

Love ya’ both…
Radio Donya
Radio Donya:
Dear ET!!!! Please Please stop using old clips inside new stories. They sound ridiculous. Thank you
Haha At this point, I'm not gonna be surprise if they broke up again. Imagine her kids jumping from different father. Why would anyone put their kids through that?
Sandy Green
Sandy Green:
Can't she go 5 minutes without a man?
Camille Fuller
Camille Fuller:
Wow Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez brought a 159.000,0000 million house together that's going to be a tough battle in court
Mr B Cool kid
Mr B Cool kid:
I was just about to ask who her fathers kids are. So many men in their lives it’s confusing.
Marina C
Marina C:
here she goes again blending family....... yup!!!!
Camille Fuller
Camille Fuller:
Jennifer Lopez brought a 3.5 miiion house and another 1500,000,000 million house in Mimi house with Alex Rodriguez now they have to split half the assets
Layla Morgan
Layla Morgan:
My god she moves on quickly lol.... Big happy family 🤣🤣🤣I'm sure that's what the last guy thought lol.... Predictions they will be separated this time next year and she will be on to the next guy think she gets bored tbh.. Nothing wrong with it I mean live and love enjoy your life...
why are they moving so fast I thing its to soon to get your kids involved last year her kids and Alex's Kids were close. Jennifer Lopez seems to learn nothing from her experiences she and Ben seem all about clout and publicity sad that they are getting thier children involved.I think if it was genuine they would take their time this seems like same old same old Jlo too fast to soon wish them all the and hope they dont damage their children
Frannie Narvaez
Frannie Narvaez:
This is wonderful..,love them❤️❤️
Patti Brunton
Patti Brunton:
Wow her kids must love all these dads
G J:
Hope she doesn't change her mind again
Cherylann Beharry
Cherylann Beharry:
So Happy for her Ben is So Much More Handsome for her Beautiful Couple Now That's Love With Beautiful ❤️ Handsome
CC cro
CC cro:
How does she fall out of love and then in love so fast?
Camille Fuller
Camille Fuller:
There's people stranded and the pandemic is still going in all people can think about is relatioships and dinning unbelievable
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick:
Poor kid , first A-rod now him Jlo doesn't know how to be solo.
Camille Fuller
Camille Fuller:
I rather do something more in the community to help people with thee originizations duering the pandemic impacted by everyone like sexuall expolitation domestic voilence groups my other great ideals
Golly Lopez
Golly Lopez:
This relationship(again) is moving too fast..just saying
Demarco Deleon
Demarco Deleon:
If the video n the conversation isn’t a part of the story please don’t do that ET , because I will get turned off
Delmy Treminio
Delmy Treminio:
Congratulations both of you ❤ I love see you together love is love enjoy your life dears
Valerie Mina
Valerie Mina:
Best of luck to them
Relaxation and Meditation
Relaxation and Meditation:
I wonder how Jlo's children really feel about it. After being close to the girls of Arod, then, stay apart now that Arod and Jen separated. This time another set of kids will be brought to the household then what? Who knows where this relationship will go. Is this good for these children's mental health? I hope Jen thinks of her children's emotions rather than feed only what suits her needs. I wish them well.
Sophie Mckenzie
Sophie Mckenzie:
She's been with so many men I can't say in happy for them at all it won't last that's for sure
Why does the media keep sensationalizing these people's rebound relationship? Ben dumped her worse than Alex did.
Camille Fuller
Camille Fuller:
It looked like Kim kardasahian Jenifer Lopez all had playboy magaizine photo nude photos before they started to become famous some of us worked most of out lives we don't have to stripp or do playboy magaizine
ireallydont know
ireallydont know:
I guess he has a thing for Jen's
Fluer Seaton
Fluer Seaton:
SHOCK HORROR - I HONESTLY CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT I'M HEARING... SO NOT A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN... I lovvvvvveeeee Jeylo to pieces BUT that guy, can't even bring myself to say his name- YUK... IT WON'T LAST... SHE'S FAR TOO GOOD FOR HIM.... OMG - CAN'T STOP SAYING IT... 😤😤😤 NOOOOOOOOOO.....
Ramon Santiago
Ramon Santiago:
How many "One big families" is JLO going to be part of? Thank goodness she didn't have kids with every man she's been with because there would be like 18 kids from 23 different fathers. Discusting!
gasaro Lita
gasaro Lita:
She has make a big mistake! Alex he was the best Guy for her 🤷
Cynthia Jones
Cynthia Jones:
Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction(hell), but small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life( heaven), only a few find it.Matthew7:13 Believe in God's son Jesus today, repent of your sin, dont be left behind.
Camille Fuller
Camille Fuller:
It's true Jennifer Lopez did Playboy magaizine in Mexico before she became famous I though it was desprate and degrading to woman to do playboy magaizine to make millions like the Kardashians
jesse paul
jesse paul:
who cares that enough
Patsy Brumley
Patsy Brumley:
Well if it didnt work the last time.....She's one of those gals that has to have a man in her life
Gabriella Garcia
Gabriella Garcia:
She dont let the sheets air out. Lord have mercy
Delores Brice
Delores Brice:
#Paradise for a man
Both females name Jennifer
#Just Saying
Javier Lobos
Javier Lobos:
Kinda like the Brady bunch
Antoine geffrard
Antoine geffrard:
Must be the money. They will pocket down a lot of money
K It
K It:
Is she trying to look like a rooster?
Ugh. Same ol story. Just different chump err man. Yawwwwn
Jenny Ramirez
Jenny Ramirez:
The more jelous you people are,the more famous she is and you all know it no one is hotter than Jennifer Lopez stop the crab she is a movie star is that why you people are so envy
suzy dua
suzy dua:
Who cares LoL
Joni sullivan
Joni sullivan:
I see a wedding coming soon........👱‍♀️💘🧑
Maria Major
Maria Major:
They just go around and around...
L C:
nah... Latina now she going to put the foot on the ground this time she get a big engagement ring for her long waiting life Ben ha
Camille Fuller
Camille Fuller:
The lady in sure if she means we're all going to hell if we have sins everyone has sins there not proud of Playboy is porn entertainment cheating there all sins they mit go to hell first
winifred williams
winifred williams:
We don't care
Camille Fuller
Camille Fuller:
Was Jennifer Lopez playboy magaizine a contract in Mexico
Katie Brown
Katie Brown:
Damn Jennifer Lopez is clearly one of those women's who can't be without a man. She goes into one relationship after another. She reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor.
🤣🤣😂😂 JLo is ready to be a “family” with anyone who can screw her! Those poor kids of hers will unfortunately be messed up for life! They will never know real love and commitment because of their mom jumping from guy to guy every few years. It’s sad really…
Cathy Hilton
Cathy Hilton:
Who really cares. Lol I'd say it's been overboard coverage what their wearing where their going where there seen.😏leave em alone
Mehri Page
Mehri Page:
Surely, her children mean a great deal, that is why the bed hopping.
A Random comment here reminding you to do that thing
Who cares
Jacindra Lumbardton
Jacindra Lumbardton:
Poor kids.......momma is always changing men like I change my 🧦 socks.
Camille Fuller
Camille Fuller:
There's more important things going on in the world now then relatioships dining jewlery us all these people bare concerned about
Jennifer is a disaster! awww She is just living whatever her head tells her. I don't see them lasting for a long time
Miroslava basova
Miroslava basova:
Tis is horrible maybe they love each other or is just call for attention.... they now wit this socially staff will have som much more money if they want go somvere... but is always between them ... Good luck.. and hope JL family and Ben .... Will by happy forever ❤
Love this coupleee 🥰❤
Kelly Craddock
Kelly Craddock:
Hey I'm a big fan
Yuliyah Mills
Yuliyah Mills:
Why Jlo always so excited ,is better take slow down not to much exciting, usually break up so quikly.Calm down .she rich n Ben very rich,why not give away money to poor people. This pandemic lots people need help.she have plenty house.
derek dolcy
derek dolcy:
Nice 🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂🙂 I guess things worked out sceand time
Williany Amill
Williany Amill:
Don't people understand when to hold their breath. I was done wishing her success and having huge expectations since fucking Casper. 🤭
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas:
What ever!
Camille Fuller
Camille Fuller:
Stripping playboy magaizine and sex tapes it's all the same adult entertainment industry I was surprised Jennifer Lopez was in Playboy magaizines and now a sex tape
Camille Fuller
Camille Fuller:
What house is Ben and Jennifer Lopez in now hopfuly not the same house as Ben affeck and Jennifer Lopez is in now
Deutschland 1932
Deutschland 1932:
He should went down to nearest street corner and found better.
Alan Rogers
Alan Rogers:
So stupid for him to commit to that......she goes from 1 man to another, pay attention to history