Ben Stiller Speaks With Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy In Kyiv

Hollywood actor Ben Stiller met the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy while on a visit to Kyiv. The pair discussed the ongoing war and the importance of media coverage.

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Ben Stiller Speaks With Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy In Kyiv

100+ komentarze:

James Bristow
James Bristow:
Wtf ... He is a hero for supporting the US military industrial complex .. well done Ben for also supporting the arms industry and the war machine
Adam Witches
Adam Witches:
You know its getting serious when Hollywood actors start showing up.
El Ingles
El Ingles:
We are hurting with this miserable life, these fools are inflicting on us.
Betsy Kroll
Betsy Kroll:
Prayers this war will end soon 🙏it is affecting the entire world economically
Mike K
Mike K:
When an actor's career is ending…
Shane Dobson
Shane Dobson:
This was right before Bruce Springsteen showed up, played a 12 hour concert, and then ended the war.
Frost Flower
Frost Flower:
Hero my foot.
I feel like we are moving closer and closer to idiocracy. This makes no sense.
A S:
Theatrical millionaires Stiller, Bono, etc. Never miss an opportunity to get on stage. Look at me! Look at me! Just go back to your multimillion dollar homes, in your Bugatts, surrounded by homeless people sleeping outside.
The thumbnail tells it all.
If there is one person left who thinks Zelensky isn’t part of that cult,
There’s your evidence.
They should put him on the front line
Please tell me Ben will play this guy in an upcoming comedy movie 🙏
dan corten
dan corten:
Grandstanding like a mother.
John F
John F:
Stiller: "You quit a great acting career for this!?" Zelensky: "Not so great as yours." Stiller: "No... but pretty great." 😂Jesus H, these scripts write themselves 😂
Jennifer Fisher
Jennifer Fisher:
Is Ben Stiller somehow part of US diplomacy policy or government? He's important enough that Zelenskyy takes time in the middle of a war????
Joe K
Joe K:
According to the information published by the Russian army, on Saturday, June 18, at 12:30 local time, Caliber cruise missiles hit the headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where a meeting of the command staff of the operational-strategic group of troops of the South took place.

The command post was located near the village of Shirokaya Dacha, in the Dnepropetrovsk region, and the strike was carried out by Kalibr cruise missiles from the Black Sea.

As a result of the sweeping strike, 57 generals and officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were killed, including those of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the command of the Kharkiv forces and formations operating in the Nikolaev and Zappa regions.
Zachary Bergman
Zachary Bergman:
we need simple jack to come back and save the day
Sony XperiaThree
Sony XperiaThree:
The meeting of two fellow countrymen!
BYND Tecko
BYND Tecko:
se reúnen Dos grandes actores del cine estadounidense JAJAJAJA QUE GRANDES JAJJA
Rolan BC
Rolan BC:
Ben is now in Volodymyr´s circle of trust
First name Last name
First name Last name:
You know it's a real war when actors are in the war zone. Lmao.
so are we going to see the movie Ukrainian thunder in theater soon?
Aray Akello
Aray Akello:
Please send JaRule next so he can finally make sense of the current situation
Joked his way into Presidency

Every comedian hero/envy
“I eat success for breakfast.. with skim milk.” -Tony Perkis
Mihai Stelian Lazarescu birds insects animals
Mihai Stelian Lazarescu birds insects animals:
The first was Sean Penn, he was filming a documentary in Ukraine before and after Russia invaded Ukraine, and after his return in USA he spoke about this war, and he supported Ukraine. Arnold Schwarzenegger made powerful speaches about this war and about Russia, and for support of Ukraine. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has 3 movie stars: 1) Special Envoy: Angelina Jolie, she made a visit to Lviv, to meet with refugee; 2) Goodwill Ambassador: Ben Stiller, he visited Lviv, the destroyed Irpin, and Kyiv (where he met Volodimir Zelenski), and also Poland, to meet with refugees; 3) Goodwill Ambassador: Cate Blanchett, in the documentary "Ukraine: Life Under Attack" (by Basement Films), narrates the gripping story of the battle for Kharkiv, told through the eyes of civilians and emergency workers who bore the brunt of the Russian onslaught. Richard Gere spoke in support of Ukraine. Bono and The Edge, from U2, played a concert in a metro station in the capital Kyiv, during this war.
Claudio W
Claudio W:
Does he also get a TShirt "i was in Ukraine"?
When you can't send Ja Rule, you send Ben Stiller
Paschalis Nikolaou
Paschalis Nikolaou:
I hope he is filming the sequel to Tropic Thunder. Kinda apt
dung nguyen
dung nguyen:
An comedian President .Zelensky still Smile while the Ukrainian soldiers die in Donbass
Bryan Dimery
Bryan Dimery:
Q: Voldemort Zelensky has outlawed the main opposition party and stolen their he STILL a champion of Democracy?
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous:
With all due respect... why is an actor allowed clearance and time with the leader of a country who are at war? What is the purpose and desired result of this visit??
John gullbunni
John gullbunni:
how weird, when did celebrities become diplomats or at least operate in a diplomatic capacity? sean penn, jesse jackson etc... wtf!? now ben stiller!? SMH
Александр Быков
Александр Быков:
Two comedians, Ben Stiller and Zelensky, met. PR and advertising. Comic actors were in their roles.
Ben Hodgkins
Ben Hodgkins:
“This will definitely make them think it’s serious”
Lol, look at these two dwarfs of the Levant.
🎵They represent, the lollipop guild! The lollipop guild! The lollipop guild!🎵
Gary Mccormick
Gary Mccormick:
Jesus christ one grown man telling another your my hero I think I fractured my cringe bone
Tun-Tunn Inc.
Tun-Tunn Inc.:
If you can dodge a seeker, you can dodge a ball. 🤣🤣
Nadeem Hanif
Nadeem Hanif:
Both great actors as you can see here..
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson:
Ben Still is the same height as Zelensky! :)
Smartest Lancer
Smartest Lancer:
"When a Joker like Zelenesky becomes a president, the whole country turns into a deathland". Stupid president ever.
These Hollywood Celebrities and our esteemed political leaders like Pelosi, Crenshaw, Biden amd Garland are so brave risking their lives going to the middle of a war zone. Even though we have some minor problems here in the USA. This is really inspiring. It's all for democracy and human rights.
Ya boy Ed
Ya boy Ed:
So he take time to meet a foreign actor in the middle of a war? 🤔
William Carman
William Carman:
They should make a Hunger Games movie. Zalensky always seems to be playing a part of that movie.
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor:
Did he fly? Or take a private train with a red cross on top? Like Nato-Ukrainian soldiers do for schools and hospitals where they set up fortresses
Ben trying to be intellectual: You know, you know, you kn...
Thomas Green
Thomas Green:
You know what I thought would solve this Ukraine thing? Ben Stiller. GTFOH
Tony Maxwell Hatt
Tony Maxwell Hatt:
Wow! Wonder if Ben visited and showed so much compassion to Afghanistan, Iraq and other killing fields? 🤔
Antonio Ramírez
Antonio Ramírez:
Terrance Nasafotie Sr.
Terrance Nasafotie Sr.:
Tom Cruise is Ben Stiller. Have you ever seen both of them in the same room? haha
Kris R
Kris R:
Is this a Wise move , Mr stiller?,
I hope your decision was not based of social media and fake news.
I hope you expressed to Mr V the detriment this war is having on the world economy. I wish you to visit Mr Putin next and convey the ceasing of this meaningless war.
Daniela 5
Daniela 5:
Why he didn't visit Serbia when Nato 1999 bombed with depleted uranium bombs and killed tousands kids and civilans.
Marie Faisal
Marie Faisal:
I know of the news of Jeffrey Epstien has departed this world , but my question remain 'do people we are told to have departed this life is actually living?.
The person to the left in this news brief with Zinlynki?. ZINSUE.
The left hand zinlynki Ukrainian leader in the war between 🇷🇺 Russia and Ukraine 🇺🇦😳
Long long this thing has been in persistent.
"My husband he took everything from me he left me without nothing , but the children.
I did not expect this
Anthony Varone
Anthony Varone:
How am I supposed to believe this imaginary war when I see two actors taking pictures?
Taking 2 comedians to understand each other
This is weird, there’s a war going on people dying and these two are promoting a movie
sarah williams
sarah williams:
Funny how all these people have the same ethnic background
Rick Gerson
Rick Gerson:
Ask why he supported Azerbaijan instead of independent Karabakh.
Wisam Sleiman
Wisam Sleiman:
Bringing these actors is not going to change the battlefield on the ground
Joe Titterington
Joe Titterington:
What next?
Alec Baldwin dressed as Donald trump
Slava Ukraine
Tareef Roustom
Tareef Roustom:
Ben, stick to what you know best, being silly
John Dinapoli
John Dinapoli:
Two comedian actors playing president and US Secretary of State :))
Mike Walker
Mike Walker:
comedians in action
Mike Walker
Mike Walker:
Big Stiller! He went to represent Biden at the comedian convention in kyiv.
bob zaba
bob zaba:
While these two Jewish actors seem to be having a jolly great time, thousands of people are dying...
The White Anarcho-Capitalist King
The White Anarcho-Capitalist King:
To understand why this is happening watch Europa The Last Battle.
The world is a stage!!!
Lol who is next that will go there? The Rock? Give me a break
Abay Kozybayev
Abay Kozybayev:
Simple Jack
Ukraine ambassador
RL9 Legend
RL9 Legend:
Why is the NBC news doing comedy?

Constantly they promote this boring comedian from Ukraine and now with another US comedian 🙄🙄🙄🙄
was that a scene from a comedy they are filming?
Frank Ernest
Frank Ernest:
Zelensky is extremely corrupt
Zelensky has war reality show with featured guest stars⭐️
Mak Lame
Mak Lame:
Actor meets actor
Jim Stan
Jim Stan:
Ben Stiller goes to the frontlines
Tropic Thunder Intro:
Александр Марковский
Александр Марковский:
One Eye
One Eye:
Dumber than a brick and the brick is actually smarter.
segal bird
segal bird:
How many more Hollywood actors will visit zelensky? And what an interesting choice - Ben Stiller , of all actors... and how much did he get paid for this? Poor Stiller.. acting career ended, had to pick up this gig ?!...
Joshua Paul
Joshua Paul:
Two comedians together.🤣Both are completely out of touch.😂 Meanwhile in the real world Ukraine is losing the war. There are mass surrender and desertion. The most important thing is that Ukrainian professional army including elite Nazi units like Azov regiment suffered unsustainable losses and you can't do much with conscripts (most of them are really unwilling to fight for the regime). Just recently 32 Ukrainian soldiers were shot dead by Ukrainian Nazi unit while crossing the frontline trying to surrender. Ukrainian army will be done by the end of the year.
Buddy Looez
Buddy Looez:
What is this clown gonna do for the war?
Capt. Carl 503
Capt. Carl 503:
Ahh yes 2 comedian clowns in a same room. Unbelievable
Soon O J Simpson , Bill Cosby , Kevin Spacey will visit Kiev to show their support 🤡!
Jayson Dgreat
Jayson Dgreat:
Why he did not visited Saddam Hussein during the brutal and barbaric invasion of Iraq?
KRS Movie
KRS Movie:
How many former popular Hollywood actors are going to visit Zelensky?
Is there anyone still in Hollywood who has the capacity to think for themselves? Pathetic
In the meantime, Patrick Lancaster reports from Donetsk
Creek hunter
Creek hunter :
What a farce! Two idiots sitting at the table while thousands flee their homes. Great! Queue in the influencers.
So this is what is looks like when a nation is collapsing.
They should show Zelensky’s bank account before the war started and current balance…..
David Castain
David Castain:
Excuse me Ben Stiller? Must be famous bank account.
Suriya Dunya
Suriya Dunya:
Ben Stiller lost me as a fan after this, Zelensky is the real comedian here. one comedian to another L O L
Bryan Dimery
Bryan Dimery:
Two comedians meet and the joke is on you!
The Arising Light
The Arising Light:
Do these two jews really think they're still fooling us with this charade?
Канат Касенов
Канат Касенов:
Коллега по цеху))
Acknod Bikes
Acknod Bikes:
Why didn't Ben Stiller come to Saddam Hussein and confess his love to him?
El Gallo de AMLO
El Gallo de AMLO:
😱 omg
Brian Sounalath
Brian Sounalath:
Lol wait why? Will Blue Steel end the war?
Алексей Вавилов
Алексей Вавилов:
Now stiller is a new president of Ukraine,)