BENCIC vs VONDROUSOVA | Women's Tennis Final - Highlights | Olympic Games - Tokyo 2020

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16 komentarze:

Oleg Kolibaba
Oleg Kolibaba:
Well done, Bencic 🥇🎾🎉
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players:
Well done congrats to both!!!
Marco Croci
Marco Croci:
I'm very happy for her ❤️👍👏🎉🇨🇭 proud.
Belinda done well this Olympics !!!! 🥇
Merwin Mortier
Merwin Mortier:
Correction: Federer and Wawrinka have a gold medal in doubles
Angela Zak
Angela Zak:
Congratulations Belinda💟
Rupin Jeremiah
Rupin Jeremiah:
"Federer couldn't manage it. Wawkrinka couldn't manage it. Bencic has". Top stuff!
Avete scritto "Vondousova" in copertina!
🥈 Not bad for number 42

Bit disrespectful by the commentary not learning to pronounce competitors names though.
Miro Sykora
Miro Sykora:
Belinda... Neviem či si to prečítaš... Bola si famózna... Ja nemám slov
Apostolis Ap
Apostolis Ap:
Who is "VONDOUSOVA"???
Wrong spelling in the thumbnail.
Tennis genius
Tennis genius:
Well done Belinda. You fought for your country and managed to win the gold, unlike Federer who didn't even participate. He didn't want to lose to Nole again.
Maximilian Fuchs
Maximilian Fuchs:
I hate Bencic!!!!!
Diego Bianco
Diego Bianco:
tony raskolnikov
tony raskolnikov:
The only worst thing in WTA than Bencic's bullying to the opponent to distruct him is her smile when she wins. Just my opinion.