BENCIC vs VONDROUSOVA | Women's Tennis Final - Highlights | Olympic Games - Tokyo 2020

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17 komentarze:

JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs:
Well done congrats to both!!!
Marco Croci
Marco Croci:
I'm very happy for her ❤️👍👏🎉🇨🇭 proud.
Oleg Kolibaba
Oleg Kolibaba:
Well done, Bencic 🥇🎾🎉
Belinda done well this Olympics !!!! 🥇
Merwin Mortier
Merwin Mortier:
Correction: Federer and Wawrinka have a gold medal in doubles
Angela Zak
Angela Zak:
Congratulations Belinda💟
Lucia Radu
Lucia Radu:
I don't like when players require medical time-out, even if they are healthy, just to disturb the opponent. This is not fair. It's Bencic's case. She is foxy.
Rupin Jeremiah
Rupin Jeremiah:
"Federer couldn't manage it. Wawkrinka couldn't manage it. Bencic has". Top stuff!
Apostolis Ap
Apostolis Ap:
Who is "VONDOUSOVA"???
🥈 Not bad for number 42

Bit disrespectful by the commentary not learning to pronounce competitors names though.
Avete scritto "Vondousova" in copertina!
Miro Sykora
Miro Sykora:
Belinda... Neviem či si to prečítaš... Bola si famózna... Ja nemám slov
Václav Koďousek
Václav Koďousek:
Wrong spelling in the thumbnail.
Diego Bianco
Diego Bianco:
Maximilian Fuchs
Maximilian Fuchs:
I hate Bencic!!!!!
tony raskolnikov
tony raskolnikov:
The only worst thing in WTA than Bencic's bullying to the opponent to distruct him is her smile when she wins. Just my opinion.
Tennis Expert
Tennis Expert:
Well done Belinda. You fought for your country and managed to win the gold, unlike Federer who didn't even participate. He didn't want to lose to Nole again.