Benevento 0-2 Milan | Kessie and Leão Take Milan To Victory | Serie A TIM

Kessie and Leao take Milan to first place in the standings | Serie A TIM

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Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Milan on 🔥🔥
Andres Gallego
Andres Gallego:
Calhanoglu is aiming for the post everytime, when he scores is because he failed to hit the post.
Recency Bias Radio
Recency Bias Radio:
Milan have managed to make Serie A interesting again.
Pushpdant Sharma
Pushpdant Sharma:
Man both milan teams are killing it at the moment . Come on we need a new italian champion now 👍 .
Roz Sa
Roz Sa:
If we can be honest, every single player on that pitch for Milan have experienced bad form and tough moments during their time with us. For that, we have to support Sandro, because he's very young. Realistically, he is playing because of others being injured. He has joined the club at a very young age in a demanding season and it isn't easy. BUT. I look at that challenge and I just don't understand why his foot is so high. Composure is lacking and a lot of is to do with pressure. He gets the easy things wrong. Like holding onto the ball when he shouldn't or making a poor pass, when he could take his time a bit more. He's paid for a poor touch and basically panicked. But just remember that when he was terrible, Kessie was very very bad as well. And he has come through it. Sandro also needs our support and backing to keep growing.
Miguel Gega
Miguel Gega:
Kjaer is class difender 🥇🎖🚷🔒. Forza Milan 🔴⚫️🔴⚫️
Rossoneri !
Rossoneri !:
Crazy how we are 1st and have never played with the full squad during the season
Ibra has played like only half the matches
AC Milan has faced a lot of problems and they still are in first place, simply amazing how mentally strong they are.
Sacha Muratori
Sacha Muratori:
Can someone count how many poles has Chanaloglu hit this season?
Kessie only 23-24 years playing with such confidence and composure
Tifozëria Rossonere
Tifozëria Rossonere:
Although with one player less Milan shone Franck Kessie 🇨🇮🔥
Rafael Leao thank you for this beautiful goal 🇵🇹🔥, forza Milan❤🖤
Benevento: *shoots*
Milan: Aight I’m gonna block that
Dmitriy Doletskiy
Dmitriy Doletskiy:
I would like to congratulate all AC Milan fans on another victory. FORZA MILAN from Ukraine!
kaptain kreampie
kaptain kreampie:
Milan vs Inter title race I would never thought I would see that in this day and age but I’m not complaining
Muhamad Fawwaz Mohmad Sazalli
Muhamad Fawwaz Mohmad Sazalli:
If you look closely... Rafael Leao always smile before a goal/ an assist or even after he dribbled pass someone
Iyad Sarhid
Iyad Sarhid:
Forza Rossoneri 💋🥇💋
Hakan Alıcı
Hakan Alıcı:
Rafael Leao... Watching him is really a big pleasure.
1:51 even the goalkeeper enjoyed that goal
Johan Rijhkelaar
Johan Rijhkelaar:
This team is breathing swagger. Important players out but yet winning consistently 🔴⚫️
Hasan Hsabahi
Hasan Hsabahi:
One Italy one MILAN, a lot of kisses from Iran to Milan fans. 💪💪💪💪
Bhima Milanisti
Bhima Milanisti:
appreciation for all the Milan players who swiftly blocked Benevento's kicks.
great job all.
Forza Milan.
Let's hope Bennacer will be fit and ready this Wednesday.
Zlatan is resting coz he already saw Milan winning seria a
Milan: " I fear no man but That thing
*points at the crossbars*
Milan: That thing scares me
Kessie, Leao, Kjaer and Donnarumma played very very well this game!
Jonathan Ngo-Minh
Jonathan Ngo-Minh:
What a goal by Rafael Leao! ⚽️🔥
Rebic won penalty from nothing for the first, Rebic assisted for the second, Rebic was playing huge defending role and still nobody mentioned Rebic, so I have to.
Elia Yovan
Elia Yovan:
Milan and the pole this season... Such a love-hate relationship.
Maged Nasser
Maged Nasser:
Rafeal Leao was impressive tonight ❤🔥🔥🔥
Amir Mn
Amir Mn:
Rise and shine mighty milan. this is our year 😭❤️
We need a win with juve absolutely to be sure for the end of season and why not and the champion.What a magic goal from Leao.Forza Milan 🔴⚫😈
Wasi Gupito
Wasi Gupito:
"Job is not finished" - Kobe Bryant
Sam Kashung
Sam Kashung:
10 men down from first half and still thrashed Benevento 😂..... Donnarumma on🔥🔥
jalan kebenaran
jalan kebenaran:
Even with 10 men in early first half, the ref on benevento side, and 2 time hit the crossbar... Milan still winning👍💪, Forza Milan ⬛🟥🇲🇨
Michael Glynn
Michael Glynn:
You know what Leao might be right, looks like it could be Milan’s year
Hari Marlya
Hari Marlya:
This is why I like Leao to stay at Milan forever 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻🔥
Love being a supporter for the club feels great to have milan doing great again
For someone who's been a Rossoneri fan for years and years. This past decade has been painful. In saying that, I'm glad it has been painful because it's made this season x100 better! So proud! Forza Milan 🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴
erifaisal ID
erifaisal ID:
I love Inzaghi. He helped Milan :D
SeAm Mawuna
SeAm Mawuna:
What a great win.. 👏👏 Let's focus on the next match boys. Sempre Milan.🔴⚫🔥🔝💪
Ahmet Koba
Ahmet Koba:
Milan tokatlamaya devam ediyor :D
Shuaib Sumon
Shuaib Sumon:
That was entertaining! Forza Milan! ⚫🔴
Ramazan Gelebek
Ramazan Gelebek:
To all the haters waiting on Ac Milan to fail "Hi were still here 😙😙😙😙"
Iyus Yusra
Iyus Yusra:
Gattuso, Fillipo Inzaghi : mission success
Next Pirlo
Milanista Omar
Milanista Omar:
What a spirit 👏 🔴⚫
Dosan Dos
Dosan Dos:
Чемпион Милан ! 💪🏾🍾🥂
Grounds and Cribs
Grounds and Cribs:
What a team! We could have doubled the tally. Sempre Milan!
Samuel Pearlman
Samuel Pearlman:
Rafael is definitely the cat's Leão!
Rifadz Bahtiar
Rifadz Bahtiar:
Thank u inzaghi,for this point 🖤🔥
Yasin Berke
Yasin Berke:
Kessie is a great player for my fifa Ultimate team and Real milan team
Srpska Gora
Srpska Gora:
Keep on going Rossoneri! Every point will count at the end when things are decided.
Ibrahima Ba
Ibrahima Ba:
What a match🔴⚫
"Pioli is on fire! Na na na na na na na na.... Pioli is On Fire! Na na na na na na" 🔥🔥🔥
Christopher Nava
Christopher Nava:
Great start for AC Milan. 🖤❤🇮🇹
Yamnaya Seed
Yamnaya Seed:
Juve having a bad season is an amazing thing for Seria A, I guess Pirlo is a Milan mole :-)
IamAliGamer - علي قيمر
IamAliGamer - علي قيمر:
It’s not Over yet, Juve is Coming this Wednesday! Let’s keep winning!!! ❤️🖤
Dany Saab
Dany Saab:
Pioli is on fire 🔥
Bang Ochan
Bang Ochan:
On Fire🔥🔥🔥
Finally a clean sheet again after against Fiorentina in November. Interestingly, in both games the centerbacks were Romagnoli & Kjaer. Let's hopes both of them will stay fit for the rest of the season. Forza Milan!
En Uka
En Uka:
Ac Milan finally back again on fire 🔥 come on AC ❤🖤
Joky Mudik
Joky Mudik:
Thanks Inzaghi... ❤️❤️❤️ Forza milan 👍👍👍
Tyler Taxol
Tyler Taxol:
Absolute belter of a shot that. Bravo to Milan for pulling through
Brzoza TV
Brzoza TV:
Nie podyktowałbym karnego... wpadli na siebie
Casmir Ekene
Casmir Ekene:
They never believed we will be first..
Milan proving worthy 👌🏾💯
Cant wait to see Milan in next giornata. It will be deciding game for Juve. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
At the end of the season, I think it will be an important point whether they can overcome the pressure to win the championship. If only two or three experienced big names in the Champions League are joined next year, they will be able to become a European Winner again.
Jun Misugi
Jun Misugi:
This is Milan! 🔥
Ramy GD
Ramy GD:
I hope Milan comes back at the highest level like in the early 2000s
Moch Awimba
Moch Awimba:
that Leao goal tho'. 🥵
Basubi Emmanuel
Basubi Emmanuel:
Juventus be like: we are doing pretty well now

Milan: This is too Zlateisy
Filipe Alexandre Ambrosio Pestana
Filipe Alexandre Ambrosio Pestana:
Young amazing team this Milan, from a Fc Porto
Jeremy Hew
Jeremy Hew:
My Ac Milan is finally back after 9 years 😍
Medi Memedi
Medi Memedi:
Milan loves goal bar so much this season 😁
Syran Bz
Syran Bz:
I'm telling you, the combination of the two of Calhanoglu and the post is littttt
Papa Pawer
Papa Pawer:
Kessie probably has the coolest and most composed penalty.
Pedro Mendes
Pedro Mendes:
Even if we dont win Serie A im sure that all of the Rossoneri will be so proud of this team! ⚫️🔴
Jake Coleman
Jake Coleman:
I remember when Bennacer gave up two penalties early last season and the fanbase destroyed him and rightfully so - now look at him. Forza Sandro
Tough competition btwn Inter and Milan 🔥🔥 But Milan for Ibra 😎😎
Undefeated in 2020. Undefeated in 2021. Forza Milan!
Nadir Huseynov
Nadir Huseynov:
İnter fire vermiyor bizimde vermemiz lazım Forza Milan❤️
Komang Surya Putra Darmawan
Komang Surya Putra Darmawan:
2021 still : Milan vs Woodwork
North Men KG
North Men KG:
Желаю чтоб Милан занял 1 место!
muhammed özşahin
muhammed özşahin:
If Hakan's posts were goals, he would be top scorer
Revz Gaming
Revz Gaming:
Milan & benevento : we will have many shoots
CrossBar : yes
Ahmed Ascad
Ahmed Ascad:
We can win this league 💪❤️
Rafael Leao’s goal looks extremely similar to Pauleta’s Wondergoal for PSG
Adityo Prabowo
Adityo Prabowo:
I hope Milan win the league title this season. Milan was my childhood hero that introduced me to football.
Dany Redex
Dany Redex:
What a season for Milan!
Mauk Eks
Mauk Eks:
Mantap kejiwaan 👍👍🔴⚫
Murat BAĞLI:
Benevento istememiş kazanmayı. Ah hakan üzümlü kekim gol olmalıydı direk
Igor Lemes
Igor Lemes:
#SempreMilan ❤️🖤
Android 17
Android 17:
Rafael Leão. The Football God's has blessed us as fans yet again to continue to make Football beautiful to what it already is. I want him at Real Madrid!
Nil Castelló
Nil Castelló:
Great christmas present from Benevento
Adibya Iqbal
Adibya Iqbal:
Gak perlu banyak gol yang penting jaga konsistensi 👍
Addo Densu
Addo Densu:
Respect to leao...insane talent
Ameth Bernal
Ameth Bernal:
Vamos milán carajo 💪🔥🔥🔥♥️♠️♥️♠️♥️♠️🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦
Silvio Nkohkwo
Silvio Nkohkwo:
I’m so lucky to have been alive to see this team that has been in decline for the last decade or so build something so beautiful 😍
Fabrício Costa
Fabrício Costa:
Wow Leao,how beautiful goal
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