Bengals vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2021

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Kylie La Gringa King
Kylie La Gringa King:
WHO DEY!!!! The Bengals are 🔥
i must lol
i must lol:
I love that everyone is supporting the Bengals!!! This team deserves the super bowl victory. Even their rival fans are supporting, you guys rock.
Even as a Jets fan I can’t help but smile watching a loyal fan-base who stuck by their team through thick & thin finally get what they deserved… I can only hope that it happens to us one day, till then I’ll still be holding on to that win over the Pats around a decade ago 💀
George PPS
George PPS:
Unbelievable win for Bengals… one hell of a ride for them this year.
Tian Louw
Tian Louw:
This has arguably been one of the best years of football we've had in a very long time. Every week, starting from the season opener, there was a game dubbed as game of the year. And that continued through the playoffs with an amazing divisional round and championship games. Now the Bengals and Rams are in the SB and I think most people are happy about that (happy that it isn't Tom Brady or Mahomes at the very least).
Yo H
Yo H:
This year's been the BEST, most entertaining playoffs I've seen in a decade. Both title games were epic; definitely rooting for the Bengals to take it home!
I'm happy for the Bengals
annag cocl
annag cocl:
I love how the bengals never give up, even on missed tackles. Them dudes get right back up and run hard asf. These guys really showed true grit and perseverance
Preston Robertson
Preston Robertson:
As a titans fan i’m rooting for the bengals in the SB. Glad to see bengals are making things happen after the last few years
Sunday Pikachu
Sunday Pikachu:
These Bengals remind me of my 2007 Giants. A 10-6 regular season, so had to go on the road. Beat the top seeds with the best offenses - Bucs, Dallas, and Green Bay. Even had the overtime game in the NFC Championship and won with a field goal. Giants had to beat a much tougher, undefeated 16-0 Patriots though whereas the Bengals face a tough but easier Rams. It really depends on which Matt Stafford shows up on Super Bowl Sunday because he can have stinkers.
Autonomous Collective
Autonomous Collective:
Being down 21-3 -- against the Chiefs -- in KC! Can you imagine winning a game like that?
Greatest game I’ve ever been too live. 2nd half atmosphere was so electric. I’ll never forget. that defense and Joe burrow‼️NO WAY...WOW WHODEY‼️🖤🧡
Congratulations to all Bengals fans! We remember Houshmandzadeh! 😉 Hope y’all win it 🙏
Ardyn Bay
Ardyn Bay:
Even the replay makes my heart pound . Defense saves the day , Burrow's knows what to do when with the opportunity .
Justin Tucker
Justin Tucker:
The best playoffs I’ve seen in a long time. Hope the super bowl is just as good.
BrickByBrick Productions
BrickByBrick Productions:
The Bengals straight up went from a 4-11-1 season to beating the Chiefs and heading to the Super Bowl… amazing.
vlThee Jokerlv
vlThee Jokerlv:
El equipo que siempre le ido a los bengals, ahora porfin otro super bowl que vamos, esperemos ganarle al los rams
Apoyando desde México 🇲🇽💯
Before I never really thought much of the Bengals but now after what they have done I'm so happy for the team the fans and the city of Cincinnati. I'll be rooting for you to win your first ever Super Bowl it will truly be one of the most heartwarming stories ever if it isn't already 🐯
shani yan
shani yan:
Steelers fan here…way to go Bengals!! Congrats on the W…respect
What a great game! Looked like the Chiefs had the win early, but kudos to the Bengals for never giving up.. and their kicker, wow!
Joe Burrow is a freakin star. He's got a legendary career ahead of him.
Henri Waynei
Henri Waynei:
As a cowboys fan, Im happy for the bengals. On the day they drafted Joe brrrrrrrrrrrr(I said what I said😂)from LSU, I had a distinction that they’re gonna be special for years to come. Fortunately I was right. Finish strong Bengals.
I love how bengals play the more traditional style of football. Hard running game. Pocket qb. No crazy running around behind the line, rpo, or a thousand screen pass.
Ellie Rose
Ellie Rose:
I’m a Bills fan so this made my day! Cheifs we’re always my second choice until they beat the Bills but now Bengals are definitely my second choice! Go Bengals!!
As a longtime 49er fan...I'm pulling for the Bengals to win their first Super Bowl. The Bengals were in two others and lost to my 49ers. The Bengal fans are deserving of a Super Bowl victory.
Winning like this when all the odds are stacked against you is truly inspirational, Rooting for the Bengals at the Super Bowl 🐯
Devan Vieira
Devan Vieira:
What i love about this game is how the irony of it all makes the Chiefs look even more bad. Joe Burrow with terrible offensive line came back from double digits on the road went on to the SB where they were projected to get blown out and instead it went down to the wire with a good chance to win it if Aaron Donald wasn't playing out of his mind..
Erithacus Texas
Erithacus Texas:
Huge congratulations to the Bengals, the Bengals are in a super bowl final after an insane comeback, many thanks for that!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui:
I love how the bengals never give up, even on missed tackles. Them dudes get right back up and run hard asf. These guys really showed true grit and perseverance
I still can’t believe this is happening. So happy to be a Bengals fan
Man what a historic year The Bengals are having. They are definitely a top team from now on.
Angel plays
Angel plays:
13:48 the way the mascot falls😂
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas:
2 classy Quarterbacks.Mahomes looked and just smiled at burrow thinking,"Yeah,I remember that feeling going to the Superbowl at such a young age".Both did a great job.Glad to see a football game being just that again.Congrats Bengals.And K.C,....You will be back again next year.
Tom C
Tom C:
It’s a necessary tradition to watch this every day until the Super Bowl.
I'm not the fan of these two teams.
But I really love the efford and determination of the Bengals, especially on second half.
The Bengals' defensive adjustments between halves were legendary
Had to rewatch this again for the 5th time and it’s still gives me chills
Javon Harris
Javon Harris:
As a die hard Eagles fan living in Cincinnati. I'm very happy for the Bengals. Still cannot believe they made the Super Bowl. Man they deserve it. Will be rooting for them in the SB.
The Great Skink Priest
The Great Skink Priest:
Cincinnati’s defense gave up 21 points on the first three drives and 3 for the entire rest of the game, including overtime. That’s a testament to both their player’s abilities and their coaches strategies getting things done.
Joseph Velez
Joseph Velez:
Chase is really one of the best blocking WRs given his stature in conjunction with being one of the most explosive folks out there in the league.
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson:
Wow, we're really currently living in a moment that 10-15 years from now, we'd be reminiscing as the GREATEST postseason of all time. The Super Bowl is sure to be historic
Rambo JP 73
Rambo JP 73:
Well done Bengals!👏👏☘🇮🇪
As a NOBODY fan I’m just got a huuuuuuge pleasure after watching this game
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter:
People should appreciate how good this game really was. Think it blew the Rams 49ers game out of the water.
Alexandria Geiler
Alexandria Geiler:
As a chiefs fan I'm happy for the Bengals. Our team did not deserve that win and Joe Burrow played a hell of a game. Will be rooting for the Bengals in the bowl !! Best playoffs ever !!
Aaron Günther
Aaron Günther:
I love how everyone is rooting for the Bengals. Who would've thought that they'd come this far. Congrats to them from a Pats fan
Preston Colvin
Preston Colvin:
Congrats to the bengals of winning the AFC Champions this year good luck in the Super Bowl
George PPS
George PPS:
For the next ten or more years, AFC teams and their super QBs are going to give us a lot of thrilling games like this and the one Vs Bills!
Marc-Adrien Kalloo
Marc-Adrien Kalloo:
Thissss year playoffs was amazing‼️ there was no actual blowouts, no ref call bs to cause teams big plays people will think that’s controversial to say but great games all around, competitive games especially 💯 the comebacks were the trend
Shawn Vincent
Shawn Vincent:
The Bengals vibe when they play remind me of the Patriots. Like they play as a unit and play for eachother. Idk its hard to explain
Loch Ness Monster
Loch Ness Monster:
McPherson kicking stats:
40-45 on FG
48-50 on XP
10-12 on 50+
22-22 on the road
14 straight FGM
23 straight XPM
Dude is money
What a game. It felt like every takle was harder than the previous. Congrats to the Bengals. You freaking deserve it. I am rooting for you on the SB. (I hate the Rams #SeahawksFan)
The Bengals defense and offense both showed up. Burrows was just great and the defense had plays when needed. Great games from the NFL the last two weeks.
WHO DEY! I cried a bit when this happened. I love the Bengals just as much as I hate the Steelers. FTS
after the chiefs scored so easily those first 3 possessions I thought this game was over, but boy am I GLAD I was wrong
Garret Hunter
Garret Hunter:
Been a Bengals fan since I was a kid. Years of disappointment, heartbreak, and low expectations have been completely washed away by Joey B and our new crew. It's amazing. It feels surreal. Who dey!!!
Alyse the Star ⭐️
Alyse the Star ⭐️:
I love how the bengals never give up, even on missed tackles. Them dudes get right back up and run hard asf. These guys really showed true grit and perseverance
Pat Ol
Pat Ol:
As a Steeler fan living in California I’m rooting for the Rams, I love the Bengals and what they’ve done but most of the players are young and have many more years ahead of them to try again, the Rams however are mostly veterans that finally deserve a super bowl win.
Bengals haven't won a playoff game in 31 years, and now they just might possibly win their first Superbowl. Love an underdog story
Patrick O'Connor
Patrick O'Connor:
Bengals coaching and players are matched perfectly. They can adjust in the second half to any teams strategies.
Jess Philip Rodriquez
Jess Philip Rodriquez:
These playoff games have been the best I've ever seen. Coming right down to the wire! Teams coming back and winning. The road teams won a lot of the games. The Superbowl should be no different.
P Williams
P Williams:
As a Australian, I have been a Bengals fan since the 80s In 1988 I thought Boomer was going to hold the trophy up except for that Champ Montana ! Ever since that black day, we have snuck into a final here and there,lost it :( Either win 2 or 3 games for the year but in the last few years the building a great club commenced ! I am so proud of my Bengals who never give up ,to be patient and the rewards are there to be taken ! To beat the 2 best teams on the way is fairy tale stuff and for a team to represent a working class town up against the Hollywood Celeb back slapping Politician bandwagon Million+ sun tanned LA Rams, I just hope all Americans from Republican states can get the Mighty Bengals over the line against the Democratic tent city Homeless woke diversity tax to the hilt snobbish Californian LA Rams ! Win it for the battlers in Ohio! Win it for the battlers who had their vote stolen! and win it for diehard Bengals fans who have never give up on their MIGHTY CINCINNATI BENGALS 🤗
Sean Tomlinson
Sean Tomlinson:
Congratulations Bengals! What a win.
🎉 Ella 🍆
🎉 Ella 🍆:
I'm 42, lived in southwest Ohio my whole life, been a Bengals fan, my grandfather was a Bengals fan, and after that win, thinking about how happy my grandfather would have been to see this game, I had tears, my wife was shocked as I am usually stoic, but this got me right in the feels...
And now going up against a team that traded up, and shelled out so much money, picked up OBJ when he wasn't happy in Cleveland , a team that traded away first round draft picks for years to get to this game.
I really hope the Bengals will. The superbowl with 58 mill left in there cap space, that would be so poetic.
Who Dey!!
Chuck 555
Chuck 555:
I’ve watched this 100 times. It’ll never get old. 🐯🏈❤️
Hicham L.
Hicham L.:
This year we were blessed by an OUTSTANDING playoff run by all the teams, but mann no one expected the Bengals and hey they are !! Grats to them !
Leonardo Morales
Leonardo Morales:
Finally a different AFC team made the Super Bowl! It was always the Pats, Broncos or Chiefs. I think most NFL fans love to see a new AFC team in the Super Bowl
As A Rams fan I’m happy for Burrow he beat the odds and I lived in Ohio my entire life but We’ll see you in the SB 😏
Oh No Bro
Oh No Bro:
If you had told me this would happen back in August, I would’ve punched you in the balls. This team came out of nowhere and they are being rewarded with a super bowl trip. Congrats Bengals fans, you deserve this.
Salman Qureshi
Salman Qureshi:
what a comeback by Bengals!
Invincible Speaker
Invincible Speaker:
I'm just glad the game didn't end in a Mahomes TD on the first drive of OT. The Bengals deserved this win & this will be a damn good Superbowl
Ramiro Gebara
Ramiro Gebara:
Congrats bengals! Hope you guys win it all!!👍
Been a bengals fan for as long as I can remember and I’ve never seen so many people rooting for the bengals in my life. Brings a smile to my face that were not the laughing stock anymore. Who Dey!
I shed a few tears when they lost the super bowl.. you can’t blame me cause they came a long way
Leah Miller
Leah Miller:
So happy for the Bengals and Joe Burrow!!! I felt like they were actually "playing possum" during the first half of the game when they weren't doing much to contend with the Chiefs. I said to myself that this was not how they had played the last two games. I knew they were holding back. It was awesome to see them defeat the Chiefs!!! The Chiefs were over confident but wound up very dumbfounded as if they didn't see it coming. I was hurt when the Bills lost to the Chiefs bc Josh Allen is a great QB too. I predict the Bills and Bengals next year in the AFC championship game!!!

I really hate that the Superbowl is between Burrows and Stafford bc I like them both. But Stafford has played so long behind a bad Detroit Lions that he deserves to win bc he is an awesome QB who finally has a chance to prove his worth. Joe is young and will have more chances to win the biggest game of the season especially if they "beef up" their oline to protect him properly. The oline may be their "Achilles Heel" in this Superbowl anyway not that I want either of them to lose. But only one can win!!!
Down 21 to 3 against the Super Bowl favorites, Joe Burrow and that Bengals D found a way! Proud of this team.
Great job bengals! Even though I am a chiefs fan and it sucks to lose this close to a super bowl, I can respect the bengals and I will congratulate them on making the super bowl. Btw sorry to hear the outcome of the super bowl.
Arlo Pear
Arlo Pear:
It's amazing how much this game flipped with that end of first half failure at the goal line by KC. Had they went 3 & out & punted to Cincy & Cincy merely took a knee & ran out the half I still say it doesn't have the impact that stopping Hill on the 1 & the clock running out had on the psyche of this Bengals team. So it wasn't just the fact the Bengals stopped KC from scoring at the end of the half, it was how they stopped them that really fired them up in my opinion. Also that was a huge gut punch to the Chiefs who weren't the same team after that happened. The Bengals & more importantly Joe Burrow got in their heads. Proof of that being how cute they got once they got 1st & Goal down 24-21 & they seemed more concerned with having Cincy burn their timeouts & leaving Burrow with as little time as possible than they were scoring the go ahead TD of the damn AFC Championship. They arrogantly felt they were gonna score & threw away crucial downs in fear of a Burrow game winning drive with timeouts remaining. This was one of the most stunning games I have ever seen & don't think I've ever seen such a battle tested championship team crumble like that & at home no less
Byron Taft
Byron Taft:
That pass interference call at the end of the 1st half was absolutely ridiculous. No player would have been able to catch that ball. If anything, they should have thrown the flag for a 5 yard holding penalty.
Boomer Bob
Boomer Bob:
Bengals defense was incredible in the second half. The coverage was amazing. And even more impressive was the discipline of the d lineman. They contained Mahomes scrambling and ultimately made some huge plays down the stretch.
Mspi Onage
Mspi Onage:
Chiefs were really taking it to them early. Great grit by the Bengals to come back from that.
In Beats We trust
In Beats We trust:
A game to remember if you saw it live.. glad my bengals pulled through. WHO DEY !
A G:
4:18 The two bengals players trying to bring down the chiefs player and hubbard just comes and brings all three of them down 😂
Evan Smith
Evan Smith:
Buccaneers fan here. Congrats to the bengals y’all deserve it! No kidding man this team has the potential to shake the NFL. I have family in Cincinnati and they are going crazy! Rooting for y’all all the way
Kyle Newcomer
Kyle Newcomer:
Mad respect for the Bengals D, absolutely shut down the Chiefs in the second half. Higgins was huge for the offense. I'll definitely be rooting for them in the Super Bowl regardless of who comes out of the NFC.
Joe Friesen
Joe Friesen:
This highlight video is the first time I've watched Joe Borrow, and man he looks clutch. I've always thought Patrick Mahomes hangs in the pocket too long and tries to make too much happen, never wants to dump it off short. There were so many times where he had all day to throw it but held onto it for whatever reason. Joe Borrow looked quick and decisive, and that was the difference in the game I think
Bucs fan here...rooting for you Bengals for SB................"Who Dey" !!!
Eddie Anderson
Eddie Anderson:
6:03 I've never seen a flag on a team hurt the team that the flag is not against. 😂 by putting Chiefs at 1 yard line it made them keep trying for the TD and not a FG. Had they not go the flag they would of likely gotten 3 points. 😂
Brian Holihan
Brian Holihan:
Congrats, Cinci. As a 49ers fan, I envy you for an excellent QB who is strong in the stretch.
The kickers in these playoffs have been nothing short of amazing. Hopefully the Bengals can take their first trophy.
Loren Blackledge
Loren Blackledge:
Watching the first half was so amazing and then the second half was painful to watch being a chiefs fan but oh well I like Joe Burrow I just wish that the Bengals would have won at the minimum since the chiefs didn’t go to the superbowl but I guess Stafford does deserve it Burrow and Mahomes have plenty of time to win more this year of football has been the most entertaining and crazy year I’ve watched in my entire life
Open Wheel Is The Best And You Know It
Open Wheel Is The Best And You Know It:
Huge Packer fan, but you just can't help but root for the Bengals. What a fun team to watch and I hope they take it against LA this year
The Bengals Truly deserve the Super bowl this year. Joe Burrow has been incredible
The Bengals are a "Cinderella story" this season....for SURE !!
Zachary Shearer
Zachary Shearer:
As a Ravens fan I just want to say I'm so proud of the Bengals and I have lots of respect for them and I wish the Bengals good luck in the Super Bowl.
Intergrity Automotive
Intergrity Automotive:
I don't know if people realize Mahomes is going to be a better QB. Imagine a team where d rob is your #2 and a udfa Pringle is your third. Thats what the Chiefs were. This team will be more Dynamic. Mahomes has thrown dots all over this field and receivers failed to get open and execute.
Michael Stark
Michael Stark:
I cried watching this game,but yes, GO CHIEFS!
Rob Van65
Rob Van65:
Hats off to the Bengals. The Chiefs gave this one away. Multiple times KC could have kept the score out of reach but they let 'em hang around. Then Mahomes started playing like he was in college. I'll say it now. Patrick Mahomes lost this game for Kansas City. 100% his fault. Needs to quit being so greedy and just be a 1st down machine. The Chiefs were by far the better team, but PM choked. Bigtime.
Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson:
First time watching highlights of this game and it still pisses me off. Chiefs choked harder than I’ve ever seen them. And I’ve seen some pretty epic chokes.