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100+ komentarze:

The Unpasted Nugget
The Unpasted Nugget:
He's a monster... he would fit like a glove in Barca.
hamza zmamri
hamza zmamri:
Silky touches, very easy on the eye, and plays in similar patterns to Leo (was nicknamed little Messi for the same reason). Very well rounded as well, with a laser beam of a shot. He would nail down that right interior spot immediately.
Andrey Petrov
Andrey Petrov:
As for me, Bernardo is a real diamond
I really hope that De Jong goes somewhere like Man Utd or Chelsea so we could use the earned money to sign Silva. He is a real top-class midfilder, and the best is that apart from having been trained by Pep himself, Bernardo is now interested in the Xavi's project, what has had a major influence onto the signings of Lewa, Raphinha and Koundé
SIGNATE Harouna:
I hope he comes to Barcelona and I hope he keeps his level. With Pedri in the middle field it will be lit 💫
Everything in him reminds me of Messi. His left foot, his height, his agility, his dribbling :/
Those close ball control of Bernardo Silva reminds me of Andres Iniesta! 🔥 🔥 🔥
Fulvio Angel Anaya Mendoza
Fulvio Angel Anaya Mendoza:
Bernardo is like a Iniesta ! Love it
قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة
قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة:
what a player😍🔥
Hamdan Abdi
Hamdan Abdi:
he will remain as city 🏙️ player 😊 💙 👍 he will go no where
Kiki Kiki
Kiki Kiki:
Boy he got that messi flair in him. It would be amazing to see a midfield composed by pedri, silva, de jong and gavi. If de jong reduces salary though.
Maike YT
Maike YT:
Pep tinha q convencer ele ficar um jogador desse nível é difícil de achar!
adam iPsYkOz
adam iPsYkOz:
Insane 🤯
He is going to be the closest thing to leo for us. Welcome to barca little magician. Pedri gavi and bernardo in midfield its going to be just crazy what a transfer window for barca
Wow didn’t know the way how he plays very good player hope he will come to Barca and have same level. By the way only if Frenkie leaves or do a Salary cut
Dylan Sanchez
Dylan Sanchez:
Très très fort
That first thouch is amazing
Nathaniel Durell Appeagyei
Nathaniel Durell Appeagyei:
Frenkie must leave fast to pave way for Bernardo Silva... What a player!
Ahmed Eldardiry
Ahmed Eldardiry:
This guy's when he with the ball reminds me of Leo 🥵
Achraf berka
Achraf berka:
Sajmon 88
Sajmon 88:
Lewandowski,Kesssie,Christensen,Raphinia,Bernardo,Kounde just WOW Barcelona are not playing around... they can challenge for big spots now
Luke Kay
Luke Kay:
three times the player frenkie ever will be
قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة
قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة:
if it hapeend it will be fire 🔥 silva to barca😍🔥
Alex King
Alex King:
David silva and Bernardo silva are so similar
Jafor Ikbal
Jafor Ikbal:
Perfect man for 10
Romero said it so u have to believe 💜🔥
Viwe Ndzamela
Viwe Ndzamela:
I share the same sentiments with Andrey Petrov
Esercito Di Burioni
Esercito Di Burioni:
People here are like he reminds me of Messi, he reminds me of Iniesta. He’s not even close to the worst version of these players and I’m not even a Barca fan. Bernardo is a decent winger, nothing more that that.
bernado equals champions league. what a baller, he is like a slow midfield messi
Ram RM
Ram RM:
JUST IMAGINE IF WE SOMEHOW MANAGE TO KEEP DE JONG AND SIGN BERNARDO SILVA? 😳🤯 that would be absolutely unbelievable transfer window ever in Barcelona history 🔥
Jimmy Scaria
Jimmy Scaria:
He play like messi
Abrar Jawad Fardin
Abrar Jawad Fardin:
Is he really coming? will Frenkie have to get out to make way for him?
Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez:
1ero Messi 2do Bernardo Silva.
If he comes to Barca, Fati needs to cough up that number 10 👀
Ahmed Alhmede
Ahmed Alhmede:
يشبه لميسي في لعبه ومراوغاته وبرود اعصابه
Dominic Santos
Dominic Santos:
2:45 that’s VVD 😂
Robens Orcel
Robens Orcel:
F. De Jong please go 😩
Reminds me of Iniesta, he is just another victim of Guardiola and Debruin or else i will play him in the midfield in the side of mahrez and walker, this three make a great traingle ...
Xavi have a good eye, great for the period we are going on with, made pretty impressive choices compared into what he has!!
almost in this whole transfer market except ofc with keeping Sergi Roberto and dismissing Marc Cucurella
those by far the worst decisions ...
but still if not for 90-100 million i won't sell Frenkie
nah or else who would replace Busquets ...
Feer Ibañez
Feer Ibañez:
Pedri + Bernardo + RL9...
Cipriano Gertrudes
Cipriano Gertrudes:

We need this man 😭
🙏 ขอให้ประสบความสำเร็จ
Miguel Rosado
Miguel Rosado:
I am not totally sure if Guardiola is taking the best decisions this year in the transfer market...

I understand that Haaland is a massive signing and a very prolific goalscorer but seeling Zinchenko, Gabriel Jesus, Sterling and Bernardo Silva doesn't seem a good a idea as Man City is dilapidating major key positions and only signing one player for the striker position (if you don't count Julio Alvarez who is at the moment a wildcard).
WTH la liga this season is going to be interesting
Dyew Pathduop
Dyew Pathduop:
If this guy end up joining Barcelona! than it’s over for European team this season.
Justin Moreira
Justin Moreira:
Welcome to barcelona🔵🔴
Oyatillo Maripov
Oyatillo Maripov:
Вой БАРСЕЛОНА трансферларди йорип ташавоттику вапще бомба
Blaze Warrior 90
Blaze Warrior 90:
No gavi said if this happens he won't renew his contract 😭😭
aid gan
aid gan:
City won't take any less than 80mill they don't need the money maybe next season
Disgusting player. I have loved Bernardo for so long. So glad he’s very closely linked to the club.
Swag Don
Swag Don:
What a signing it will be
Busquets pedri Bernardo
Baloch 07 Devil 09
Baloch 07 Devil 09:
Please Bernardo Not Go to Barca You are Man City King😳😢😢
Diego Sousa
Diego Sousa:
Bernardo Silva Acertou com u Barça????
Dani Adyus
Dani Adyus:
We all know that leo is leo but, this guy is the closest thing to leo, i didnt mean to compare nobody but this guy bernardo silva made me saying this
Procil Gede
Procil Gede:
Mirip leo Messi
Organik & Fishing
Organik & Fishing:
Bernardo or de jong???
Exa 02
Exa 02:
He didn't sign yet
I'm pretty sure he's a big fan of Messi looking at his playstyle is just Messi copycat, nothing wrong with that but unfortunately he never said that he is.
Even in a forced Messi Ronaldo debate he don't pick one sides which I think it's wrong thing to do because he is clearly Messi wanna be,
it's like you take something from someone and never pay it. Give the guy some credit you know
whats the point of joining them though he wont get registered
Carlos Muñoz alonso
Carlos Muñoz alonso:
De momento ni por asomo lo único que sé sabe es qué están negociando una primera oferta de entré 50 y 60 millones.
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez:
Can Barca just fix this situation with de jong we losing a world class player just cause of a dumbass contract the former board gave him

Also it’s kind of de jongs fault as well no way in hell he thinks he’s good enough to be the second highest player in la liga

If he gets that type of money at another club cool leave then go get the bag

But if he actually wanted to stay he would lower his wages

This whole situation could be fixed if he wanted

Fans should be booing him rn
Bruno Quiroga
Bruno Quiroga:
Tiene cositas de gavi
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez:
Es bueno, pero Prefiero a Frankie. Y prefiero ver el Crecimiento de Gavi. La verdad no lo veo necesario en la plantilla.
Francisco António
Francisco António:
Barcelona tem um passivo de mais de 1000 M€ e continua a contratar jogadores deste calibre? Onde está o fair play financeiro? Isto é o que chamo de concorrência desleal.
Akili Pireu
Akili Pireu:
Come to barca plss
You upload,
Its confirmed
Congratulations culers ❤️❤️
They can't even register their own players & aiming to get B.Silva? 🤣
I don’t understand this transfer tbh they wanna get rid of de jong cuz he’s to expensive but they wanna buy Silva which pep will literally put him at 100m€
Abbas Ibn
Abbas Ibn:
Qalid Farax
Qalid Farax:
Welcom to arsenal
هجوميا افضل من دي يونغ
دفاعيا دي يونغ افضل
we really dont need him, we already have lots of talented young player like his playing style. we need some defensive player especially in left and right back
This is not fair barca will be just unstoppable
K Major
K Major:
Hes good but hes also too arrogant ..
Atha Naufal
Atha Naufal:
Imagine FDJ cut his salary & bernardo join fc barcelona
Josep AM
Josep AM:
exsited for bernardo if he joins barca but people need quit the messi comparisons like cmon its not even close 😂😂
ľęśâņ12 10
ľęśâņ12 10:
welcome bernardo, frenkie bye? 🤷‍♂️🤔
Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan:
Bernardo doesn't want to go to Barcelona at all, what is being said here is pure nonsense! Barca haven't even paid City's fee for Ferran Torres. In addition, with a 3-year contract, Bernardo Silva would cost 180 million. where should Barca have 240 million for Torres and B. Siva, they can not even register the players where they got now!
That's not going to happen. If Silva is £45m, he's going to sell Pedri for £20m or De Jong + £45m.Pathetic Barcelona fans
Nope... Transfer denied
Veganism Rising - Unstoppable
Veganism Rising - Unstoppable:
barca have too many players. how are they going to manage this?
Michael Bossiwa
Michael Bossiwa:
I prefer Franckie for his physical impact
rombo zalamite
rombo zalamite:
guardiola stupid .....bernardo silva best player
Svet danas
Svet danas:
New music please
The Unity Dev
The Unity Dev:
No please tooo much money spent already lets rebuild not self destruct
It sucks YT got rid of the dislike button, cuz I'd be hitting it for clickbait.
Echo Sound
Echo Sound:
The missing piece in Barca's midfield
Moe Ajet
Moe Ajet:
City is making a big mistake
Don't lie.
There is no way stepping down.
Think about the financial situation.
Pay the players' salaries.
Teinde Seck
Teinde Seck:
Sa rang

Daniele Morelli
Daniele Morelli:
ma con che soldi§??????????? il barca deve fallire
Irving D. Lloyd
Irving D. Lloyd:
what a a clown hahahhaa he stays
A Lav
A Lav:
Keep dreaming barca
Manchester lad
Manchester lad:
Lol BS where are they getting the money from
Welcome to Barca? Hahahahahahaha
Jamil Vints
Jamil Vints:
They can't even register half their new signings...
Football lover
Football lover:
Register players first ... 😅
Verry Mageyland
Verry Mageyland:
No need him in barca👎