BERNIE ECCLESTONE | “Vettel will STILL beat Lewis because... ” | Beyond Victory #1

My first official podcast, Beyond Victory with Nico Rosberg is now out everywhere!

Thank you so much to Bernie who took the time to speak with me about F1, his biggest deals, Hamilton and Vettel, as well as some secret inside stories :)

Listen to the podcast here too!





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Justin McKain
Justin McKain:
Lewis should be your next guest
Dawn Gittens
Dawn Gittens:
His statement aged like milk lol
Nico Rosberg
Nico Rosberg:
Thanks for tuning in and your positive comments! Really appreciate. It was really not easy to do my first podcast especially because it was so awesome that Bernie accepted to be my guest! Bare with me also I will listen back and massively improve in the next ones! also the video editing is rubbish i know so that will improve too... would have been nice to throw in some pictures about the moments we talk about. we actually have a pic of the moment when bernie whispers to me right after retirement announcement....
If you want to really break the game bring..vettel....he dont speak to much on interviews and he got many things to say....
please stop being a try hard with all the "cinematic" efforts. just a straight angle works best for podcast
Leif Cron
Leif Cron:
Nico please.. and please, get Murray Walker. He has to tell a lot and he is one of the nicest man on human feed. Get him. And hurry up. You don''t know how much time is left.. :(
A podcast with Jenson Button. Make it happen bro.
You did this over the Skype? Camera work looks weird.
John K Lindgren
John K Lindgren:
Why is Nico waiving his hands all time like windmill? He’s not French or Italian. He is of Finnish/German extraction.
Father Keijo Erik Rosberg, known as "Keke", Finnish ex racing driver and winner of the 1982 Formula One World Championship. Mother German Sina Rosberg, interpreter. So where does the waiving come from? Nervousness? Too much coffee? The camera work
could have been better. A professional producer could’ve easily fixed these issues. Apart from that a good interview. Bangkok-Johnnie CarSanook Media THAILAND
Will Clarke
Will Clarke:
let the podcast flow, stop with the jump cuts
Vettel will beat Hamilton ? Well things changed a lot since then...
this dosent age well
I think that Your next guest, should be THE OTHER driver You know since childhood (aside of L.H. ;-)).

Your (as far as i know) first test driver in go-kart times.
The driver, whose return to F1, You decided to support PERSONALLY, by becoming a member of his management team last year..... Robert Kubica

I saw Your interview in Polish TV, when this was happening last Year and it would've been very interesting for me to see both of You talking about it (maybe revealing some secrets ;-))) and about the past and quite long history of competition between You two

Best Regards
Peter Grant
Peter Grant:
The best Bernie interview I’ve ever seen. Great job Nico, love your transparency and ability to extract new interesting information. Keep it up,
Codm Blitz
Codm Blitz:
A podcast with Sebastian Vettel!That would be nice
Mark Webber please!I would be curious about his opinion for the time at Red Bull next to Vettel!!😎🤘🏻
Nándor Hulverscheidt
Nándor Hulverscheidt:
TLDR: I'd love to see some more love for audio quality. The VLOGs in general do a better job at this, so I'm hopeful.

Since I like what F1 is doing with Beyond the Grid I appreciate the you are going out there to get us more of that in-depth kind of content. But the comparison to the F1 podcast unfortunately also shows that it would have been great to get someone with podcast expertise on the team before doing this (edit: as it seems to me at least this is more of a shoot-from-the-hip kind of thing). Some people already made many good suggestions on what to do better. So I'd only like to take on one aspect: Sound quality. This kind of podcast is about he talking, any video footage is just enrichment. Some might even download it to listen while commuting or whatever. So it's important to get on top of the audio (which btw is something Beyond the Grid also should work on). Now from what i hear there might be (surely i could be mistaken) the following issues:

#1 The microphone setup might be improved so less "room" is picked up. This could be related to e.g. the kind of mics used, their placement or gain levels when recording.
#2 In general the voices to me sound very much like some pretty aggressive low and high pass filters were used (maybe to get rid of static or background noise). This impedes clarity which is important if you listen in a non-silent environment. And especially if the character of a voice is pretty low-end heavy, some careful EQ with an boost on the 4-8khz range might also help here.
#3 The second part of the video, I think, sounds a lot as if subtractive noise reduction was at work there. If I'm right, I'd suggest toning that down. While it might certainly help to some degree, there is a point where accepting a little amount of noise for preserving the original voices might be better. After listening for a while, at least for me, this becomes less noticeable anyway.
(#4 It is a bit of a shame to have such a high-profile guest for the first try at podcasting, where of course there will be easy things to improve. Maybe he'd like to come back for a later episode?)

Hope the audio pros out there agree with this assessment. If not, I'd be happy to learn something, too.
Beyond the grid? Nah beyond the victory
Alan Hunt
Alan Hunt:
a Great interview and a big thanks to Bernie for taking part, I really agree with a lot of Bernie and we saw a new side to him, so well done Nico. I could see Nico struggling with his interview and clearly did not understand Bernie view on commercials, but that will come in time with experience Nico. Wisdom can only come with time, there is no shortcut or book, or training mentor course. How about interviewing some famous race engineers, or older generation drivers pre 80's because everything else has been done so many time by others already and I think you are rightfully looking for a new fresh edge. Or asking F1 people what they do beyond F1 because like in Bernie interview things kept coming back to F1 but the interesting points were outside that.
Real bad camera work. Jumping from camera to camera for no reason at all and jumping between you two, instead of having both on the screen.
Please invite Walter Koster to your podcast and ask him questions like: "Gentleman, a short view back to the past. Three years ago, a journalist told us

" gentlemen, a short view back to the past. Thirty years ago, Niki Lauda told us 'take a monkey, place him into the cockpit and he is able to drive the car.'........Less buttons, more?"

Three years later, I told myself "I have to start a podcast with a bang, it's very simple. And Nico Rosberg said that during the podcast- I don't remember what podcast- he pressed the wrong button on the recorder. Question for you both (Walter And Nico which is me myself): is Podcasting today too complicated with twenty thousant and more words per question, are you too much under effort, under pressure? What are your wishes for the future concerning this media? Less words, more? Or less and more communication with your guests?"
stephen john baldwin
stephen john baldwin:
"I think that the jump cuts in this video were controlled by Bernie lol"
james jenkins
james jenkins:
Such a great podcast! I can already tell we are going to get some really interesting podcasts!
Jean TODT should be in your podcast, I would love to know his side of the amazing F1 History him and Michael Schumacher wrote and with Ferrari. Also would be curious to know what he thinks about F1 today. Thanks for this one with Bernie ;-)
Next time try to improve the sound quality ;)
I'd love to see a more in depth Q&A with Bernie, his story is amazing and from this podcast it sounds like he's ok to open up and share it. Thanks Nico!
Great Stuff Nico!
Some thoughts:
1) Although i generally hate jumpcuts, I think it works here. Never thought it could, but the way you speak (hard to put it in words) it flowed good.
2) Your promising a bit naive style (this is good) of interviewing should be improved. Im sure i dont need to point stuff out
3) Sound qualli is King :)
Anil Jethwa
Anil Jethwa:
There’s a huge difference between someone like Parkinson and Rosberg when it comes to interviewing someone. Keep at it Nico..
Andy Engelen
Andy Engelen:
Fantastic interview/Podcast, never seen such a good interview with Mr Bernie Ecclestone!
I hope you will do this in the future with other people involved in F1 that life before and behind the scenes of Formula 1 ( Button, Horner,....)!
The location that you choose was also fantastic far far away from the circuits, very chill and relax that's the only way to go...
Improve the sound quality!
Wayyyyy too many Cuts in the Talk. It`s very hectic, not a joy to watch. Just make it much easier : Set up a nice table, two microphones and one camera and let the conversation roll. This is not supposed to be a vlog or a cinematic movie with landscapes and drone shots.
This is a podcast. We want to listen to two people have a good talk. Thats all.
Fil Fassino
Fil Fassino:
Just because you asked for it, I will give you my view on this video.
I love:
1) the questions you’ve raised because they were not obvious
2) you’ve challenged him, example with Trump: it was not easy. Great job
3) the light level of the video
I do not like:
1) the jump between you and Bernie during the interview
2) various times we’ve heard his answer but the camera was on you
3) you never had both of you in video, just one per time
4) there was an annoying background noise
5) there was an emptiness feeling in the audio emphasized by your introduction and conclusion where the audio was much better

Hope this help

Anthony Dalke
Anthony Dalke:
Terrific first episode, Nico! I’ve loved listening to your insight and perspective this season, and I look forward to it growing!

Here’s something I would absolutely love to see/hear: you and possibly an engineer walk through how you approached FP and quali sessions and gradually put the pieces together for your Q3 laps. It’s no secret you were blessed with a technically savvy, analytical mind, and you always showed extraordinarily impressive pace in qualifying, so it would become fascinating to get a sense of your thought process and approach!

Wishing you and your beautiful family nothing but the best from the States!
Sebastian Kurdum
Sebastian Kurdum:
Vielen Dank Nico! Super Inhalt. Die Tipps solch klasse Typen sind unheimlich wertvoll.
Julian Weibold
Julian Weibold:
hmm… two months ago F1 (official) launches a podcast named "beyond the grid" interviewing current drivers, drivers of the past or other F1 legends.
what´s this one called again? ah yes: "beyond victory". Concept is similar (?)

coincidence nico? ;)
Podcast with Häkkinen would be great.
Chris Dyson
Chris Dyson:
I'm really pleased that you have started these podcasts. I love your YouTube videos, but if you look back in 18 months time at this podcast you might wish you had done it differently. The best podcasts let the guest speak more than the interviewer. Also be careful not to bring too many of you own preferences into the conversation. The first half was a bit stilted but the second half much, much better and more relaxed. Check out Behind the Glass. How about Jenson Button or Ross Brawn for future episodes. To answer the question about how to make F1 better entertainment - watch the Goodwood revival meeting. Real down to earth racing! Keep them coming .
Robson Lopes
Robson Lopes:
wow, great interview, very nice your approach challenging him regarding the "dictator thing", instead of "Yes Master" you approach was the best to explore his point of view ... congrats
Colin Edwards
Colin Edwards:
The ‘editor’ of this special interview has ADHD. The number of cuts/stumbles mechanically introduced in the video editing process of this package makes Bernie seem utterly demented. Shame on you Nico for thinking this is ‘kool’ Get a grip man... :(
Noah Linnenbrügger
Noah Linnenbrügger:
great podcast! A podcast with Hamilton obviously would be awesome
Some people I can think of Nico, Niki Lauda, Jody Scheckter, Jackie Stewart maybe. Or Jenson Button or Mick Schumacher. Or perhaps your own father Keke. Or Prost perhaps. There’s so many legends you could do a podcast with.
saira ca
saira ca:
Podcast with daniel ricciardo. Talk about his move to Renault.
Dr ones and more
Dr ones and more:
I`m confused about the name of the Podcast, is it Behind or Beyond ?
"My first official podcast, Behind Victory with Nico Rosberg is now out everywhere! "
Simon Ingram
Simon Ingram:
Marvellous interview, some really important life skills mentioned there.
"My first official podcast
, behind victory is now out everywhere "

-So is it behind or beyond?
Neon YT
Neon YT:
Wow Bernie looks so much older!!!! Without glasses
peter pott
peter pott:
19:18 I met Benny in Abu Dhabi once. And He talked about meeting Nelson Mandela
Nuno Pereira
Nuno Pereira:
Bottas and Wolff would be good ones to interview: the guy who replaced you, and the one that got to make the decision of deciding who would replace you.
But Hamilton would be interesting to listen.
Nico! Need to pick up sound quality! Here it's so so, but when I was listening in google podcast in my ear buds it was much worse..!
But thx for this one! 10/10 in terms of content importance!
Chris B
Chris B:
Fascinating and revealing on both sides. I almost believed Bernie was being Humble but l would still need to check my pocket in case he stolen my wallet lol l admire his tenacity and abity to shrug off criticism but it's a hard path to follow without disingenuousness clouding integrity. I'm thinking a pure businessman such as Bernie would say "that keeps 'em guessing............" Generally a great interview and genuine insight from Nico. (trying to imagine Hamilton doing similar........ Nope can't get past the part where he stops saying l, me, we, dude, God and avoids responsibility for anything.
Will Caplan
Will Caplan:
Ross Brawn would be great to have on
Bustinn Loads
Bustinn Loads:
This didn't age well.
kurt fry
kurt fry:
and you're doing a great job, everybody relax, it's just a podcast, just have fun with it
Suzanne Woolley
Suzanne Woolley:
Congratulations! I still like my podcast suggestion for calling it "The Long Race" but you came up with an excellent name. Work-balance and burnout would be an interesting topic to raise with Elon Musk in a future podcast! (He may need to start meditating.)
Michel Hernandez
Michel Hernandez:
Hi Nico. Looks like you’re moving toward a media career. I feel you do a great job when you are the focus of your video : voice level and speed, energy, eyes staring at the camera etc. I am not excited about jetset-lifestyle egocentric videos, but the rest of the content is generally interesting. Here it’s a totally different performance that requires additional or different skills: the focus is on the person you interview, not yourself. The most talented interviewers develop skills so they can ask open questions, wait looong to leave room for the person to speak, remain silent (try: generally people break the silence and speak again), make sure to wait before speaking so their voice can be cut later on, etc. Ideally we would almost only hear B Ecclestone speaking, in fact talking to us. Then your own character would get before/after B E interview to highlight or comment some items, emotions...
Thalassa, the french tv program, used to be really good at such style of interviews. There are many other great interviewers you can get inspiration from.
Another remark: what is often fascinating in people’s life is life changing or life driving decisions. Make people talk about that, the context and the emotions and you will get great interviews.
In B Ecclestone case obviously your relationship has something special and it probably adds some challenge for you.
Good luck !
Andi S
Andi S:
Can the video show both of you at the same time? It is kind of weird the conversation only show one person at a time and we cant see other person reaction.
Nico, huge fan bro! Check out ‘The Passionate Few’ on YouTube. His style of interview will suit you perfectly and get the most interesting and engaging answers from your guest. Keep up the good work bro.
Blodwyn Foxtel
Blodwyn Foxtel:
Can we get that question about "your failures" , as a theme in further interviews.
Luis Bermudez
Luis Bermudez:
I love Nico getting involved in this part of the game. Thumbs up to him and keep it up! However, there are so many things that can improve that it's hard to mention just a few. On the technical side, camera shoots, angles and editing work are really poor. It just does not give the viewer the intimate experience it tries to give. Wider angles apart from face shoots are needed. On the interview side, well Nico has a lot to learn. He just need to speak less, and let the guest to find his own rhythm during the chat. He is just pushing too much into where he wants to go. There is an MMA journalist called Ariel Helwani that does similar interviews. I'm sure Nico can take some tips from him. It's all about communication.
Gary Robinson, III
Gary Robinson, III:
This was great Nico! Thanks for doing this. The combination of access that you have to the biggest players in F1, past and present, and your ability to have a meaningful discussion with these people is a great asset. I look forward to many more of these and would like to thank you for putting yourself out there. It's great to see Nico the Husband, Father, business man, and the car enthusiast. We all have a lot more in common than we realize. Keep it up! As for my criticism - definitely need a better mic setup for you and the guest.
The KitOwl
The KitOwl:
Vettel’s gonna beat Lewis with a 70 point deficit. ......really.
Great podcast. I'll be listening to the rest on Spotify when they come out
Russel Andrew
Russel Andrew:
Hey Nico - where you there when Kimi took his first pole in Nurburgring? I see you wearing mclaren gear !

Also I wish to know what are your dads comments about Kimi raikkonen as a driver and your comments

All the best wishes and good health to your family from India 😀
Nathan Bradley
Nathan Bradley:
That was great. A personal relationship, that added depth to this interview/podcast. Really enjoyed it 👌
Nico, great start, interesting guest and good questions. But don't waffle so much when you talk, get to the question and let the podcast flow without the cuts. Check out TrueGeordie on YouTube, he does an amazing podcast series in terms of execution could be good additional inspiration. Looking forward to your next one :)
Nico! What an awesome race driver and a great set of questions to Bernie!

Some more interviews about success and advice from F1 Team Principals and what we all can learn from them will be awesome Nico, although I am sure these ethos are different in UK, & Europe compared to the US....

Also, about startup nature of Formula E, the opportunities etc will be great!!!

Awesome and thanks a lot for sharing!!

marksman 25
marksman 25:
Great podcast I really enjoyed it. Great questions for a great first guest.

I’d love to see more with F1 drivers past and present, team principles and engineers. I’d really like to see an interview with yourself, Lewis, Toto , Niki and any other relevant person on the 2014 Bahrain GP. The duel in the desert was a fantastic race where the team didn’t interfere with the drivers doing what they do best. That race did a lot for F1 and it’s fans appreciate that.

Finally some really great comments on editing the podcast together. F1 fans know their stuff.

Congrats Nico.
David Kunutsor
David Kunutsor:
Absolutely enjoyed this. Bernie is a wonderful guy with great insights to life!
Thanks Nico :)
Shashank Shetty
Shashank Shetty:
Anyone noticed Rosberg says "YEAH" soo many times in every video of his
Chris Pellatt
Chris Pellatt:
Interesting man to interview, good series of questions but the editing makes it very hard to watch. Also by cutting during an answer makes the interview seem doctored.
Monde Neer
Monde Neer:
Short open-ended questions. Aim to guide the interviewee on a story, journey...Don’t interrupt...let it flow
Bernie will have to eat his own words "Vettel will still beat Hamilton" Not happening this year. 50 points gap after the Russian GP with only 5 races remaining. Not impossible, but with the way Hamilton is driving at the moment, and the way the Mercedes is performing. I think realistically the gap is too much for Vettel to close.
Gavin Brown
Gavin Brown:
Brilliant platform that has been created Nico. I would love to see in the latter future that you dive into the arena of CEOs of companies. More importantly former CEOs That interface will be great.
Omer Ishaq
Omer Ishaq:
There is echo, audio needs working.

Also, you're talking more than Bernie. You need to let the other person speak
God Rules
God Rules:
Great podcast, Bernie is looking well, I wish he was still part of the show... miss his one liners on the grid! Well done Nico :)
John Woodhouse
John Woodhouse:
Brilliant interview Nico, loved it, he’s a special guy
Tarun Solanki
Tarun Solanki:
The video capture/edit is really weird. It is constantly zooming/cropping in and out, and flipping suddenly between the two speakers. A simple camera framing with both participants would have made the video a lot nicer to watch.
Nico, please add timestamps.
Cool, fascinating insight into the man "Nico Rosberg" - you've achieved so much and this looks a really interesting challenge of what to do with your life next.

Hope it's a big success and let's have more guests. Shame you never got to ask Bernie about why he sold F1 viewing rights to pay-per-view companies. That more than aerodynamics and overtaking will kill off the fan-base.
Nate VanSloten
Nate VanSloten:
My favorite part of the Italian Grand Prix was when you talked about beating Lewis in the championship.. lol it took you forever to beat him...
I love how you are really hard and critical with him.

You were really good, but he didnt really give you solutions and direct amswers sadly...
Great idea! You're very good at interviewing, Nico. And I know there's a lot of opinions about Bernie out there, but I'm glad he looks like he's doing well. As soon as Schumi is capable, you gotta interview him :)
Advise: The camera should be more wide, taking both people into the shoot. It's really important to get the reactions of people to certain questions. To stiff in this case, for my opinion. Thanks for the great content though
Hey Nico, credit where credit is due, that was well researched. Awesome dude. Insightful probing. Particularly on business tips for yourself lol!
Janice Tri
Janice Tri:
This is absolutely brilliant... a compltely different view of the man I see as "Mr F1".
bravo nico, good insignts from Bernie. When he says luck he is humble, as you said the more your work and believe and are passionate about what you do the luckier you get and get people believe what you believe. I am pursuing the idea of building a sport collectible business in digital form and hope will have Formula one soon as I already have a deal with MotoGP(TM) #cryptobilia
Arvin Buensalida
Arvin Buensalida:
Nico!, love your work on this and your vlogs, would love to see a Michael Schumacher or a Jenson button, or Fernando Alonso on!
Wes Netmo
Wes Netmo:
17:55 i sense a bit of irony from nico...... "the best thing"
Richard Warren
Richard Warren:
Good to see Bernie on form still I used to work for him and best boss ever!!
Nico after saying you had done research you just got patronizing !!
Dont agree that F1 is still great its getting more boring with every race.
Actually I would like to podcast with you and find out the real reason why you just retired
Hugh Gallagher
Hugh Gallagher:
Hi Nico a really good interview with a very interesting ,hugely talented and experienced businessman.I felt the questions you put to him were excellent in trying to get to know what got him to where he is today with questions such as what motivates you to get out of bed in a morning.I must admit I wasn’t totally convinced Bernie doesn’t have some regrets especially how he ultimately lost control of F1.I also was really impressed in the way you came across in the interview as a really grounded and dedicated family man who despite having a privileged childhood you have made your own goal in life through total commitment and hard work. I find people like Bernie and yourself a real inspiration regards H Gallagher
Great stuff - very interesting interview and well done. Of course a three camera shoot for these things is good, one being the wide for both subjects. Sound yes a bit iffy but content very good and questions excellent. Good lines got about Trump, Mandela, drive for success etc...Love seeing how you've branched out into this new area :)
Matt Powe
Matt Powe:
Great interview! Would be good to hear what Jackie Stewart has to say.
jey da
jey da:
I would appreciate an interview with Fernando Alonzo.
Brian Benefield
Brian Benefield:
On the whole, I appreciate the scope of these podcasts very much. Bernie remains an enigma in my eyes. Brilliant in many respects but his reverence for Trump is as confounding as it is troubling.
Toro Loco
Toro Loco:
lewis hamilton. id like a chat between you two
David Powley
David Powley:
Having watched f1 for 25 years i can honestly say that was the most open and wide ranging interview ive ever heard from bernie. Well done this was a gem
chris smith
chris smith:
Very interesting Nico! I'll be awaiting your next podcast. As for this one, "Trump is the best thing that has happened to the world in recent years". Classic Bernie, only he would say something so...brutal, yet brutally honest on a podcast such as this.
What a great vlogcast. Loved hearing your conversation with Bernie.
Neil Henderson
Neil Henderson:
well that was rather painful to watch. i recognize that you're beginning to do this but please as you move forward remember we have two ears and one mouth. it was cringeworthy to watch you constantly interrupting the person you are interviewing - especially bernie was seemed willing to be quite open with you. seems from my perspective that this was such an opportunity missed. good luck in your journey / growth / exploration.
Jonathan Gould
Jonathan Gould:
Absolutely loving your videos Nico. Great quality and some great open and frank conversations. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to watching some more. You need to get in touch with Amazon with your own show. Interviews, cars, business, life, work and play. Brilliant. If I could shake your hand I would.
mrdread 1234
mrdread 1234:
Maybe get and ex eginneer or button or massa