BEST Champions TIER List – League of Legends Patch 11.4

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0:00​ Intro
0:20 Skins
0:29 Jungle Nerfs
1:38​​ Moonstone Renewer
2:05 Everfrost
2:37​ QOTD
2:55​ Cosmic Drive
3:36​ Guinsoo’s Rageblade
3:46 Chempunk Chainsword
3:52 Mortal Reminder
3:56 Morellonomicon
4:18 Renekton
5:10 Camille
5:46 Fiora
6:08 Tryndamere
6:39 Urgot
6:50 Tier List - Top Lane
7:33 Skarner
7:55​​ Amumu
8:23​​ Lee Sin
8:41 Jungle - Top Lane
9:55 Talon
10:42​​​ Veigar
11:16​​​ Katarina
11:41 Mid Lane - Top Lane
12:37 Samira
13:27​ Kai’sa
14:12 Caitlyn
14:37 Jinx
14:56 Varus
15:20 Bot Lane - Top Lane
16:29 Braum
16:08 Soraka
16:40 Support - Top Lane
17:30 Conclusion
18:00 Outro

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When you talk about champions getting nerfs, you should show clips of them getting stomped instead of winning.
"Wait, It's all top lane?"
Always has been.
ZH 65
ZH 65:
Ayyy Braum is back for another patch review
Loving how every lane is a top lane now.
(Check the timestamps)
QOTD: I like the controll ward that is my favourite item activateable
sloppy spaghetti
sloppy spaghetti:
"After inting to a mastery 7 Darius in lane, our analysts have decided that Darius is yet again OP tier."
Bowen Zhang
Bowen Zhang:
Kangas looks just like Braum especially while smiling.
That’s so cool
Jordan Shepard
Jordan Shepard:
What Kangas lacks in hair genetics he makes up for and then some with that facial hair oh my its GLORIOUS!
Tom M
Tom M:
QOTD: old titanic active
*Cries in Shen main*
Niko Suave
Niko Suave:
“What’s going on, Summoners, I’m Braum and welcome back to another ProGuides patch rundown”
Crock 69
Crock 69:
theres literally no way the samira w "nerf" is the worst nerf. The e nerfs are both extreamly substantial to her escape and engage. The w change sure lets you block for .5s less but also makes your S combo faster
Very happy seeing Trundle with both lowest pickrate and winrate in the whole game being forgotten meanwhile Katarina gets buff because "She should have two viable build paths smh". There should never be a character holding spot in both worst places of the WR/PR and still not getting buff.
Neverlive -
Neverlive -:
"hello summoners, I'm Kangas…"
Me: "no u r Braum."
Phoenix X
Phoenix X:
Which mad man decided to go seraphine bot like wtf?
Azzam Andi
Azzam Andi:
"now lets talk about the lane everyone likes to complain about," even I as an adc main acknowledge that.
Chris Xiao
Chris Xiao:
Does everyone find out the “I need a hero” Kangas’s ending Easter egg? 🤣🤣
John Rodriquez
John Rodriquez:
Jack Sparrow about the junle roll.
"The world is still the same, there's just less in it."
QOTD: still galeforce tbh, feels insane to use with how smooth it is and the execute
TheGamingKingdom -
TheGamingKingdom -:
Bro that smile is so wholesome, probably more wholesome that the chad Braum himself
Dion Rose
Dion Rose:
daddy braum isn't the only one who looks good with a stache.
Racso Chen
Racso Chen:
Many irelias were affected in the making of this video
Francisco Reis
Francisco Reis:
''Camille has been rising in popularity" - she s had these stats for 1 year lmao
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
QOTD: Sonyas. It’s just great
this guy probably my favorite one off everybody in the proguides
7:16 Easy, just build riftmaker shen
QOTD: I miss Twin Shadows, good ol' spooky ghosts...
Jason Kim
Jason Kim:
QOTD: it would be the titanic hydra active, but that's gone
Dude when i read that "Jinx buff" in patch 11.3 i laughed my ass off when they gutted her base HP and i said to my friends "yes because Jinx needed a nerf, this won't do anything" and now when i saw that i was right i just can't stop laughing at riots balancing team xD
I like how they showed kogmaw when they said no new skins
the first thing that crossed my mind when i saw Kangas was this is how a chad braum will look like
QOTD: My favorite active item was Gunblade
And since its no more, i have no more fun in active items
bee amazing
bee amazing:
I'm so excited to try the new Cosmic Drive on Lillia
I’ve been using a ton of aphelios recently and he still claps in my opinion
Ivo Ivanov
Ivo Ivanov:
Katarina is broken but buff her i guess XDDDD
Damn what are this guys smoking in balance team.
QOTD: Goredrinker helps with waveclear and it has healing so it's perfect for a shitty riven main like me
antony varvaris
antony varvaris:
QOTD: striderbreaker too fascinating and satisifying to use
My god, give with my girl Xayah some love she is doing so bad the past few months. The buffs were way to weak!
QOTD: Goredrinker. Even tho its nerfed, the damage still helps me. (A Kayn main)
When will my boy Ziggs get a buff
Fa had
Fa had:
Hope you guys are excited to get autofilled into JNG, because i'm no longer playing that shit role
cosmic drive lillia is finally good!!! Ap and movespeed in one item hell yes! The jungle clear nerfs not bad for her she actually might kill gromp faster bc she does magic max health damage and still gets to rift scuttle when it spawns If you skip krug's.
I really feel like you're undervaluing TF on this list. I'd say he's at least A if not S, but that's my opinion :)
QotD: DFG was and is the best (with Garen due his r did do magick damage)
Keyshawn matthews
Keyshawn matthews:
QOTD: Shurelya's Battlesong, support go zoom!
i swear Vladimir is gonna love that Cosmic Drive buff.
QOTD: I like the pink ward that is my favourite item activateable
This fiora buff came just in time, I got her new prestige skin in a reroll and I found learning her to be quite difficult.
Kyle Banderman
Kyle Banderman:
QOTD: Youmou’s for me. Lethality is where it’s at
MonsTer KiLL 07
MonsTer KiLL 07:
best build for talon in the new update?
Zim Zimma
Zim Zimma:
"Kangas Braum"

I can dig it
This should bring back more action centered jungles like Lee sin. I love kt
Petr Laisek
Petr Laisek:
QOTD: Hourglass is an item activable I love to hate...
Andrew Rhodes
Andrew Rhodes:
QOTD: Gargoyle Stone Plate. Combine that with sterak's gage and its insane.
Adrian oftheclouds
Adrian oftheclouds:
Dude, cant get over the Jhonny Sins thing
Ha Haha
Ha Haha:
11:57 " as she is able to buy an early seeker's armguard to stack MR" lol
Miguel Cannonbals
Miguel Cannonbals:
Braum irl looking pretty happy with them ulti buffs
Kangas is so damn fine its unreal LMAO
Tanks welcome back to JG again :)
Who Knows
Who Knows:
Anyone else notice that in the section descriptions where they show the lists it says the name of the role and then top lane? Except for the top lane, which is the only one that is still normal.
Zachary D. Clements
Zachary D. Clements:
Still no zac buffs, no vlad bug fixes, Q_Q
11:43 that's one of the worst Irelia I have ever seen lmao
Mohamoud Adan
Mohamoud Adan:
QOTD: Zhonya's Because I'm too aggro for my own good and it's a lifesaver
Wu Texas
Wu Texas:
Let’s 1v2 on top Fioras!
Swaggy_K_Boi Pie
Swaggy_K_Boi Pie:
QOTD: Goredrinker, point and click active lifesteal dmg is insane.
Arata Totsu
Arata Totsu:
not me simping over that soft voice :3
Mike Riley
Mike Riley:
Looking sharp with a button down shirt, my man!
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown:
QOTD: Chemtank is always incredibly satisfying. C’mere you ranged carries, gimme a hug!
Clark Klingbeil
Clark Klingbeil:
Thank you Dr. Eggman
Justin Gouge
Justin Gouge:
gromp health wasn't actually increased.... according to client patch notes
Vaden Rafael
Vaden Rafael:
"varus w has such a long cooldown"
have you not read the passive? reduces ability CD by 12% per stack. hitting both Q and E with max blight stack reduces it by 64%
varus W buff is huge for both ad varus and ap varus
SuperNova PG3D
SuperNova PG3D:
That Twitch placement is just for AP and you know it
Thomas Griffin
Thomas Griffin:
Qotd: Turbo chemtank/righteous glory has always been my favorite
Thanks, Braum!! 🤙🏾🤙🏾
QOTD: Chemtank as it lets my dashless champs zooooooommm
QOTD: I like Health Potions it can save from getting Burned Alive.
D L:
not dashing to allies? DAMN SON, thats effed up
Adopted White Immigrant
Adopted White Immigrant:
QOTD: Shurelia's it's such a fun item for movement speed gains.
Sivir ranked C with her new lethality build?! :0
i think you messed up the timestamps, it says top lane in the end of all tier lists
Sałatka z kawiorem
Sałatka z kawiorem:
you forgot about the samira's e change saying she can now dash through enemy turrets
Aldair Tenorio
Aldair Tenorio:
So, five months since Yone’s release and he still hasn’t received any nerfs...
FSDaru The Rogue
FSDaru The Rogue:
QOTD: gotta say of all the actives, I am still gonna say Galeforce. this items active is insanely simple, but outrageously strong! its like an archer letting loose a barrage of magic arrows as he slides through a group of enemies to complete the kill and I love that aesthetic.
Sean Brandt
Sean Brandt:
QOTD: ohmwrecker, i will never forget how you gave me some cheesy kills early game as rammus. second item green smite, i play tanks that can stick to their apponent pretty easy and damage was never really my aim but having wards and a sweeper felt really good and ill mis it. third titanic hydra, it was kinda broken but i loved to build it on shen and jarvan.
i dont really care about the active items in game rn they are not interesting enough for tanks, yeah i know chemtank thingy is in game but its a better rigeous glory and i never cared for it before and i dont as a new items (i still build it but it doesnt have the same omf as the other items)
Apparently you missed the fact that Samira E can dash to enemy turrets now.
This Kangas is so handsome omg.
Red Banzai
Red Banzai:
Viego op people say
Me with any cc jungler: so thats a lie?
SneeKy_SnacK Vods
SneeKy_SnacK Vods:
that veigar clip was literally just auto attacks followed by flash q... what amazing veigar mechanics
Christopher Wong
Christopher Wong:
QOTD: old tiamat and ravenous hydra active
QOTD: Galeforce its pretty cool to use
QOTD: I have to say everfrost is so good against mid laner assassin. Nothing is more funnier than see you live with 20 hp and you walk or skip (I play Azir and Zoe) and they die under tower.
Tryndamere buff? Guess ill always ban him...
Filip Irimieș
Filip Irimieș:
QOTD. Youmuss Ghostblade cause i love the MS especially for Zed.
For a moment thought kata was getting nerfs.. but actually was buffed riot!?
Frederik Duvander Carlsen
Frederik Duvander Carlsen:
could u please try to match tthe stats on the screen with the ones u say there are plenty of mistakes. an example would the katarina, it makes it confusing because I don't know witch one is the real one. but great content otherwise
like nice vid and all (i am low elo) but aphelios so good the first time i played him i got a s
Horror Hoarder
Horror Hoarder:
QOTD: Idk if it counts but i really like Zeke's active, it's really nice to make a fed carry hit harder
We don’t really know if this buff will effect kata enough to move her into the s tier so we are staying her put in the s tier 🥴🥴🥴🤨🤨🤨
Antoine Desrochers
Antoine Desrochers:
QOTD: stridebreaker is too op on garen and darius. That’s my worst active. My fav active is gargoyles. The shield is really nice but not too good on tanks. Balanced as it should be