Best of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown | Sean Lock's Funniest Moments!

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Sean Lock's funniest bits from 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown!

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Favourite Sean Lock quote?!
ASM's Headband
ASM's Headband:
RIP Sean, one of the funniest comedians for the last 10 years, for me he really made this show, its was one my favourite shows on TV and mainly because of the character Sean played, absolutely devastated.
Alex Joyce
Alex Joyce:
"You can't write Tears Jimmy". I'm crying at this, it's both funny and tragic. Legend.
Tim Lake
Tim Lake:
"you can't write tears Jimmy"

RIP Sean, classic comedy.
I think we should respect Sean's wishes and sprinkle his ashes in Piers Morgan's eyes. RIP you absolute legend.
I never get choked up by celebs dying that much but this one actually hit me.. R.I.P Sean xx
"What would you want your obituary to say?
"I don't care, I'd be dead"
He was such a gem. Going to miss him. RIP Sean.
Alan Ball
Alan Ball:
RIP Sean, the reigning and undefeated carrot in a box champion.
Oliver Hemsley
Oliver Hemsley:
"Sean, you're a fine figure of a man. How do you stay in such remarkable condition? "
"Well I don't know really Jimmy... I've got a tapeworm. "

RIP Sean, you hilariously weird legend.
Tom Mccarthy
Tom Mccarthy:
Such a massive shock. The world will be just a little bit duller without him. R.I.P
Jiggle My Jam
Jiggle My Jam:
I can't believe he's gone, he was genuinely one of the funniest people Iv'e ever seen, I'm really going to miss him. R.I.P
So upset to hear of Sean’s passing, he was honestly one of the funniest people on the planet. Rest in peace
Lizzy Giggles
Lizzy Giggles:
I'm sat here laughing, not many people get to leave this world still making people happy. Thank you Sean.
Davy Jones
Davy Jones:
R.I.P Sean Lock a true gem. He shall be missed a lot, without him 8 out of 10 cats does countdown wouldn’t of been as good as it was
RIP Sean, the comedians comedian, never failed to derail the whole show by leaving all other panelists as well as Jimmy in an absolute mess from laughter. One of the best.
Tony K
Tony K:
How crazy is it that this video starts with a joke about his death, Sean Lock RIP. You brightened up millions of lives.
Andrew Gemmell
Andrew Gemmell:
I can't believe Sean has died so young.....
"Nooooooooo.... whyyyyyyyyy"
Abhijith Thampi
Abhijith Thampi:
This show and all of these guys quite possibly saved me from depression when I was at a dark time in my life. I shall dearly miss your, Mr Lock, the grumpy but ridiculously funny uncle.
"You can't write tears". That really hits hard now. RIP Sean Lock.
Patrick Bourke
Patrick Bourke:
I've been watching and rewatching these consistently for years. Can't believe he's gone. 0:27 better honour this man's wishes
"You can't write tears, Jimmy."

Rest in peace, you funny bastard.
That obituary joke is very fitting for such a legend RIP Sean.
Robert Robson
Robert Robson:
Noooooooo whyyyyyyyy RIP Sean One of the best commedians we had. You'll be missed by so many.
That's exactly how the obituary went in my head. I'm rarely upset by the passing of celebrities, but Sean had an incredible ability to lift me up with his humour. Just came out of a 2 year relationship yesterday, unfortunately he can't help me with this one. Every laugh is just a reminder of what's gone now. RIP Sean, genius.
alexander's reading
alexander's reading:
if he's up there, im sure he's making god laugh. he'll be sorely missed
I I:
Rip Sean i was listening to one of your stand ups just the other night. I'm going to binge watch 15 stories high this weekend. Absolute legend!
Akram Haque
Akram Haque:
I will assume most people will be here to watch Sean best bits and rightly so. He was a great and witty comedian. Loved him on these shows.

RIP Sean Lock
Mortgage Link
Mortgage Link:
I hope in time, his wife and kids read the comments on here to know how much their Dad and Husband was loved. There won't be one bad comment! He was side splittingly funny and a real loss to us all
ltg _26
ltg _26:
I cant believe it , Rest in peace to an amazing comedian🕊
RIP Sean! You will be missed dearly!
"You can't write tears" :'(
Aleesha Robbins
Aleesha Robbins:
Life's story is a short journey so have fun
before sleeping forever
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Conor McGuinness
Conor McGuinness:
Rest In Piece Sean Lock, a true legend of Dry Comedy. “You can’t write tears Jimmy”
Rest in peace Sean, i'm sure you'll win plenty more rounds of "carrot in a box" where you are now. Farewell.
Amy Grigg
Amy Grigg:
I can’t tell you how many times I come back to these videos to cheer me up, and they do everytime without fail. RIP Sean, you will be missed.
Jokes aside, that wasn't far from my reaction when I heard the news. One of the best comedians on British television and I'll miss his unique comedy.
RiP Sean. Easily one of the UKs funniest comedians.
Pop Land
Pop Land:
This guy was always my favourite on these shows. His ad lib comedic wit was so otherworldly
Indy Sidhu
Indy Sidhu:
RIP Sean Lock. You were an absolute comedic genius with sharp acerbic wit. Thank you for 20 years of laughs in my 33 years of life.
Jack Rylands
Jack Rylands:
Truly shocking and devastating news that we’ve lost him so suddenly. An absolute gem and easily one of my most favourites, rest in peace buddy ❤️
jacob_ hny
jacob_ hny:
Absolutely heatbroken. Such a hilarious and talented man. RIP Sean Lock.
Genuinely one of the funniest comedians this country has ever seen - I’m in shock, RIP Sean.
Martin T
Martin T:
RIP Sean one of the funniest comedians ever, you will be missed.
It says a lot that Sean Lock could make other comedians die laughing as well, absolute legend and can't believe he has gone. RIP
Ali Holgate
Ali Holgate:
Beyond sad at the news....Sean has been my favourite comedian for years. You'll be so missed Sean, rest in peace you legend. Xx
Kenny Bennett
Kenny Bennett:
Watching this, laughing and crying at the same time - for so many reasons. RIP Sean, thanks for the laughs.
Em J. Klein
Em J. Klein:
"You can't write tears, Jimmy."


RIP you gloriously grumpy genius <3
he was such a talented and witty comedian, thank you sean for bringing joy to us all and making us laugh
Danny Barras
Danny Barras:
I rarely get emotional when celebs die, but found out in the gym this morning and maybe it was the overwhelming endorphin rush, but as soon as I got in the car I had a little cry. Genuinely my favourite comedian of all time. RIP Sean Lock.
Kemmi Crosby
Kemmi Crosby:
Rewatching these after the sad news🥺 Rest In Peace, Sean.🤍
I litrally loved this man. One of the funniest, intelligent witty persons on the planet. I will miss him allot. RIP 🙏 X
Sparkplug Barrens
Sparkplug Barrens:
"Good Luck, trying it without a spit" - such an underappreciated comeback by Miles
The only person I’ve ever seen to crack up the stone-faced Jimmy Carr. RIP to a legend.
RIP Sean, only learned about him this year and can't get enough.
Rip, you were truly the funniest ever. Will miss not hearing your absurd jokes.
Staci :
rewatching all of his best bits ♥
I've seen all these clips several times at this point, but somehow i never get bored of them.
He was ill, and still blessed us all with tears of laughter. What a gentleman ❤
So sad hearing about the loss of Sean, was one of the funniest men we had in this country and one of the few comedians that made me cry with laughter. RIP Sean the worlds a sadder place without you 💔
Justin Kalman
Justin Kalman:
Rest in Peace. I got lucky enough to have stumbled onto Cats Does Countdown and 8 out of 10 Cats in general, and I found him to be one of the funniest people I've ever seen. I love his "...the hell are we doing?" attitude, his delivery, the whole thing.
Dillon glover
Dillon glover:
Rip Sean lock one of the funniest geezas about
R W:
Oh Sean... I'm feeling so sad right now. He made me laugh so much over the years, what a sad day to learn he's passed.
Totally Benjamin
Totally Benjamin:
Watching Sean, the card clip had me in fits of laughter, it's 10:41pm, I had to leave my bedroom as I might wake up the Mrs.

Sean will forever be one of the funniest comedians. RIP.
Eve Eve
Eve Eve:
I'm shocked and devastated. I'd have thought that Sean manages to scare every sickness away. Or keep himself alive by sheer willpower! RIP you absolute legend.
Aled Hughes
Aled Hughes:
Rest in peace Sean. You gave me so much pleasure with laughter over the years x
So so gutting, he was so funny and way too young. Rest in peace.
I really loved watching Sean with Miles Jupp. It’s a sad day today, Sean will be missed.
He was my favourite comedian. His wit reminded me of my fathers.
R.I.P Sean 💔 Thanks for the many, many laughs.
RIP Sean, never failed to make people laugh 🙏
Julie c Tillman
Julie c Tillman:
He was my go to when I can't sleep, so so naturally funny, you can't write tears Jimmy ...... rest in peace Sean, 😥🥀xx
Liam R
Liam R:
Kinda glad we are all here to remember this man. He had one of the best jobs in the world, making people laugh. I will tell your jokes till I die. Your laughs will be remembered. RIP
"You can't write tears, Jimmy."
Rest in Peace, Sean Lock. So glad I discovered your brilliance from the other side of the pond. Binging 8 out of 10 Cats clips on FB is a favorite pastime. Just happened to get a lengthy dose this morning. And now I see Lock has passed. Thanks for the laughs, you brilliant bespectacled man! 💖
Tore Rønning
Tore Rønning:
Just read about the death of mr. Lock. Nice to see that more people than me have laughed together with him.
I watched 8 of 10 cats mainly for Sean... such a good chemistry between Sean, Jon and Jimmy
We lost a gem
Alison N
Alison N:
So sad to hear of his passing. He's always been one of my favourite comedians. Will miss his acerbic and misanthropic humour. Truly a one off. RIP Sean.
James Green
James Green:
Devastated by the sad news today RIP Sean a funny man who just knew how to deliver at the perfect moment , I’m in shock
G Summy
G Summy:
He was the life and soul of this show, and a brilliant stand up, I'm now going on a Sean lock marathon on YouTube. Rip man.
SJ Metanoia
SJ Metanoia:
I love how much Jimmy appreciates Sean's comedy.
sandeep mehta
sandeep mehta:
Thanks to YouTube I met this guy, laughed with him , cried tears of happiness. It really saddens me that his presence will be no more among us. I am really gonna cherish all the laughter he has brought to my life. RIP you amazing amazing man.
Melissa Wright
Melissa Wright:
When I first heard I literally thought it was a hoax. Can't believe he's gone. He will be sorely missed x
MadGaming Fez
MadGaming Fez:
Rip Sean… alot of laughter and tears in this household from many years of extraordinary comedy😢❤️
Aaron Hurst
Aaron Hurst:
I can't believe it. Had no idea he was even ill to be honest, was looking forward to seeing him on telly again. Gutted to hear today's news, he truly was one of my favourite comedians, and I'm sure he would have had so much more to give on stage or on shows like this. Rest in peace Sean. 💔
"What would you like your obituary to say?"
-"I don't care. I'll be dead.
Well ideally I would like it just to say 'Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Noooooooooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!'
You can't write tears, Jimmy."

Rest in peace mr. Lock.
Craig Baker
Craig Baker:
Never forget his last words. "Nooooooooo, whyyyyyyyy, Nooooooooo, aaaaaaaaagh" RIP
m don
m don:
Rip Sean. You brought a lot of laughs to us all. Condolences to your friends and family.
Alex W
Alex W:
"You can't write tears, Jimmy"
Brendon Clifton
Brendon Clifton:
R.I.P Sean, he was one of my favourite comedians and I always looked forward to seeing 8 out of 10 does countdown for him especially. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. He will be missed by so many people 💔
C B:
I can’t believe I’m saying this, we will miss you Sean. Rest in peace mate
Joe Robinson
Joe Robinson:
The comic’s comic. Absolute genius! The world can be a dark place at times, but watching Sean Lock NEVER failed to make me laugh! The number of tributes today says everything about the man. Love to his family and friends. RIP Sean (and tapeworm Charlie), thanks for all the laughs. X
We love you, Sean. Safe travels on the ol' westbound train.
Becky Smith
Becky Smith:
Rest in peace Sean a major loss to everyone, thanks for all the laughs you’d make me laugh til I cried, a true comedic genius 😓🤧💔
RIP Sean, was my favourite on 8 out of 10 cats etc, loved his dry humour.
Just found out about Sean Lock's passing.. So here I am to honour him by watching his greatest moments. RIP to a proper legend in the comedy scene.
Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan:
It’s so weird to watch his Best bits while he is probably being prepared for a viewing and burial, but a real mate will watch your bits even while you are waiting to wake.
I’ve got your bits homie
Rest in peace Sean :( one of the only comedians who could get a bunch of other comedians in hysterics with ease. Always in our minds, and in our laughs
Really devastated. I'm 19 and went to my first comedy show. He's such a legend can't believe never get to witness his hilarious presence. Best wishes to his family and friends 🖤

He's right, you can't write tears.
You are missed, Sean.
0:26 Well, this hits differently today... RIP legend!!
Michael McCrory
Michael McCrory:
Couldn't help but have a proper belly laugh at Seans very clever comedic view on life and people.

Kieran Atkins
Kieran Atkins:
RIP Sean, one of the greatest comedians of our time. You will never be forgotten.
Hadi Mumtaz
Hadi Mumtaz:
RIP Sean, made this show go from an 8 to a 10. Will be missed.