Betty White dies at 99

Betty White, known for her beloved roles in "The Golden Girls" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," has died at 99. The actress was just a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday on January 17.

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100+ komentarze:

Sharon Lundy
Sharon Lundy:
She checked out before the ball can drop. Thank you for being a friend all these years. Condolences to her family and many fans. She will always live in our hearts.
Knowing her personality and sense of humor, she was probably mad she didn't die at 100. That's what made her special. She had a quick wit and would do or say anything to make others laugh -- in her own way. There will never be another like her.
Kim Whitmore
Kim Whitmore:
She will be missed. Such a great lady!
Marie Kamerdula
Marie Kamerdula:
Incredible woman with such humanity and love. Bless her.
Pamela Porter
Pamela Porter:
Now she knows the secret.

Farewell, Betty White, I'll miss you forever.
At home in the woods68
At home in the woods68:
Capping off 2021😢
Tonight as the ball drops everyone raise your glass to the woman who could make you laugh even on your darkest day.
You will be greatly missed Betty. RIP.
Susan White
Susan White:
Such an awesome lady. RIP Betty. Prayers for her family
Corinne Buffington
Corinne Buffington:
Such a great actress and remarkable, passionate woman ... especially for wildlife. Condolences to her family, she will be so very missed.
Music And News     Keeping It REAL
Music And News Keeping It REAL:
Loved her as Rose... She was so sweet and kind... We need to carry on her love of animals and be kinder to others.. She was CLASSY to the end... #RIPBettyWhite
Cynthia Burrus
Cynthia Burrus:
Now Betty knows "the secret". She made us laugh right up to the last and that is not always an easy task
Sky Z
Sky Z:
A beautiful lady ( inside and out ) who brought so much joy to both humans and animals. A life well lived Betty. I'm sure that you are being richly rewarded now for the way you used your time here on earth. The angels must be rejoicing.
Victor Pradha
Victor Pradha:
The energy and enthusiasm she brought throughout her life, well into her mid to late 90s is something I hope to possess to my last days however far away they may be. Thank you Betty for making me laugh, and always making me smile.
Johnnie Nogood
Johnnie Nogood:
Louise Hills
Louise Hills:
Saw her photo yesterday & knew she was leaving. Betty you will be missed
What a wonderful lady. I was really looking forward to her birthday celebration so everyone there could tell her how much they loved her and she could thank them in person :'y
Hope she is at rest with her loved ones that went before she did <3
Lorenzo Trinidad
Lorenzo Trinidad:
RIP Betty White you’re work in the Hollywood industry will never be forgotten
Felicia Santiago
Felicia Santiago:
She brang me so much joy, I grew up watching her, she’s a lovely woman, rip Betty 🥺💙🙏🏼
Glenna gibson
Glenna gibson:
You will be missed by many of us. Rest in peace. Betty White
Hsteria Steria
Hsteria Steria:
She’s back together with her golden girls Eating cheese cake and telling stories, she will be missed may she rest i peace.
E-5 Ruben
E-5 Ruben:
What a class act Betty White was! Thanks for the laughs and what you did for the animals! Heaven just got a new Angel today! You will be truly missed Betty and RIP!
RIP Betty, my heartfelt prayers and sincerest condolences to all family, friends and fans...and, thank you Betty for being a friend, you'll be dearly missed. I will always continue to watch all the repeats, especially Golden Girls 🤗💖
Bryant Llamas
Bryant Llamas:
Rest in Peace Betty White. Thank you for all the joy and talent you brought to the world. May all of our Golden Girls Rest In Peace. The fireworks for New Year's Day should be a tribute to her. 😢
Lynn Barker
Lynn Barker:
Such a lady! Her acting was amazing! I loved her sense of humor! We all lost a true iconic legend! RIP Betty White! You will be greatly missed! She's sitting at the famous kitchen table with her 3 best friends having a laugh! They are all 4 missed greatly!
Teri Doster
Teri Doster:
We were blessed by her presence for 99 years, she will be hugely missed 😢
Joe Anthony
Joe Anthony:
Such happiness watching her on golden girls with my grandma. Always brought a smile to my fresh face
Dji Mini Adventures
Dji Mini Adventures:
What a huge character, we are lucky to have witnessed it live. All the great ones pull our heart strings…. RIP you golden girl.
Reilly Moore
Reilly Moore:
Heartbreaking. Rest in Peace, our beloved Betty White.
William Madray
William Madray:
This is sad. What a well respected and loved entertainer by every generation. Who doesn't have a great memory of the immortal Betty White? What a genuine icon.
An Angel has gone home. We will miss her.
Beth Morano
Beth Morano:
I am so heartbroken. She was the funniest. I had really hoped she would make 100! My mother passed two days before her 94th on Nov. 22, 2021. This rips open my grief all over again. I am so sorry for the world. Betty made it a great place.😢😢😢
Pearl Kravetz
Pearl Kravetz:
My heart is broken to end 2021 with the death of an amazing actress who has made us laugh & made us cry it's shocking to lose someone who was bigger than life whom never slow down no matter how old she got this is truly a sad way to end this year my sincerest condolences to her family & friends I am 1 of her biggest fans & will miss her sincerely you're gone but you will surely never be forgotten Betty White we will remember you with laughter & joy RIP Betty White✌❤
Julia Goad
Julia Goad:
What a wonderful woman.
We were lucky indeed for her to share her light and laughs so freely and for so long; her presence will be greatly missed.
animegirl _0601
animegirl _0601:
Man I remember reading that her birthday is coming up and thinking "damn, she's immortal." And she is, in our hearts. RIP
Lydia Kessel
Lydia Kessel:
I've been ugly crying since I found out this morning😭💔😭💔 I love you Betty!
Deann Shield Maiden Tarot.
Deann Shield Maiden Tarot.:
Loved her and will miss her greatly. She gave me and my mom lots of laughs watching her on Golden Girls! RIP Betty you were loved by many
Joann Newsome
Joann Newsome:
Such a blessing to see 99 God has a Angel keep them laughing up there Betty RIP prayers for the family
Dylan Hubbard
Dylan Hubbard:
Rest in peace Miss Betty, you were an icon who will be missed greatly!
Earl Lunt
Earl Lunt:
Decades of what we ALL should bring to the world 🌎 And ICONIC WOMEN will be hard to REPLACE REST in PEACE BETTY you are TRULY LOVED 🥰
Cynthia Black
Cynthia Black:
She will be missed by a lot of people
Marvin L. Midkiff
Marvin L. Midkiff:
She was a true icon, RIP Betty White! 🙏❤
Loved her in Golden Girls. I was hoping she could make it to 100. RIP Betty.
My deepest condolences to her family and friends 😢
Timothy Pruitt
Timothy Pruitt:
Mrs. White's show was called, "Life with Elizabeth" not "Life OF Elizabeth". Rest in Peace, Betty. You will be deeply missed.
kelli willis
kelli willis:
My definition of a true lady! May she Rest In Peace ✌️
Rastaoneeye R.O.E
Rastaoneeye R.O.E:
She’s an absolute Legend. Will be sadly missed. Rest In Peace.
Tiffany Cobb
Tiffany Cobb:
Loved and will never be forgotten Rest In Peace
Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller:
She was so amazing she will be missed
Jack Jack
Jack Jack:
Can you imagine the welcoming party that was waiting for her up in heaven? She is loved forever!
Like hearing Tupac just died, this is horrible man. Rest In Peace Betty white
You were amazing
Yoran W
Yoran W:
Betty White is a synonym of America.

*A national treasure*
Skylar Escobar
Skylar Escobar:
Oh my goodness, may she rest in absolute peace. She brought joy to many generations in her lifetime, and her legacy will live on forever!
David J
David J:
Thank you for being a friend. 🙏
Rest in peace Betty.
Terry Fraatz
Terry Fraatz:
Now this is the end of an era! God bless you Betty White, I know you are happy in the arms of your long lost beloved husband Allen Ludden, thank you for all the wonderful memories and "thank you for being a friend".
Janiece Smith
Janiece Smith:
Quite a lady, loved her❤
This is heartbreaking! Just like many , I had thought she would make it to 100. Golden girls kept me company with laughter and wit many nights when I first came to this country and still watch reruns of the show. She will surely be missed.
Sara grandma
Sara grandma:
GOD BLESS HER!!! What an incredible lady. Thank you for making is laugh. Rest in peace
Sweet Reviews
Sweet Reviews:
She was a true female icon. I’m so sad. There will never be another quite like Betty. My prayers go out to her family and friends 🙏🏼
Daniel Ross
Daniel Ross:
She reminded me of my grandmother such a perfectly example ! When I told her something in excitement she said well bless your little heart !
salma al-shaoily
salma al-shaoily:
This is so heartbreaking... She had only just recently started that she was so grateful to be almost 100, and to still be in such great health. Rest in peace Miss Betty ❤
My maternal grandmother loved her show Golden Girls. She’s passed away herself back in 2013 at age 93, but she knew well who Betty White was. Caught reruns of her show when I was little in the 90s. Used to watch it with my grandma.

Respect to a fine woman with wit to boot! Betty is now happily reunited with her Golden Girls cast, Mary Tyler Moore, and Ed Asner up there… 🙏
Paul James
Paul James:
WOW! So of thee most influential woman ever. Her character and sheer passion for people and life, is one we ALL can admire. ❤️ RIP BW
Lex Beltran
Lex Beltran:
Not many people live to be 99. She was a classy, funny lady who loved animals. RIP Betty White
The last golden girl has finally past away. Her still being alive was a running joke for some time but now she can be with the rest of her cast in heaven. RIP 😔
An absolutely incredible woman, we've lost a true legend today
JayJay Bulldog
JayJay Bulldog:
I just wanna say, thank you Betty white for being a friend 😭😭🙏❤️❤️❤️
Heidi Foss
Heidi Foss:
Aww so sad to hear this she will be missed many prayers and blessing yo your loved ones
RIP Sweetheart, we love you and you will be missed.
Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson:
Can we now kiss 2021 goodbye? The world lost an icon. RIP Betty. You’re now reunited with the golden girls and your husband.
BW left a warm memory in my heart ❤️ her spirit, quick wit and sharpness will always be remembered ❤️
Roberto Bernal
Roberto Bernal:
Such a sad day that an icon has been lost. Rest In Peace beautiful lady.
Brenda Sigsbee
Brenda Sigsbee:
Deepest Sympathy on the loss of a Great Woman, Greatly Loved. God Bless her Soul!
J G:
Rest in Peace. Cradled in love Betty. You will live on in the hearts and memories of those who love you. An inspiration to so many. Thank you for the love and laughter and dedication all these years. You have earned your rest.
Dawn Michelle
Dawn Michelle:
She Lived through a lot of changes in Her Life Time. She Will Be Missed.
Laura Metheny
Laura Metheny:
Rest peacefully Dear Betty. Loved you for years. My daughter and I loved the Golden Girls. Most of all we love your dedication and love for critters. We feel the same. Going to miss you lady!💔
Ayesha Felder
Ayesha Felder:
Aww!! I loved Mrs. Betty white “ The golden girls was a good show” R.I.P
Betty you are a legend and an Icon and you did it all with a timeless heart! The golden gates are shining brighter then ever for you my golden girl! Godspeed!
James Howard
James Howard:
Rest in peace you will be truly miss
Oakey Woakey
Oakey Woakey:
What an amazing Lady with a beautiful soul. She lived life to the fullest and has given us such fond memories 🌹🌹🌹
The last of the Golden Girls exits in an extravagant way, at year end, her joyous time celebrated by the globe. We all knew this day would come, but still, the pain of saying goodbye is there.
You are loved by all, legendary Ms Betty White 🌹 Forever in our heart and mind.i
😔🙏🏾 Sending prayers to her family. Thank you Betty for all your years of advocacy and entertaining.
Patricia Egan
Patricia Egan:
❤️✨ to Betty and family. Thank you Betty for being so strong and great!
Lone Seagull🐦
Lone Seagull🐦:
Omg!😳This news is heartbreaking 💔 I had already signed up for a 100th birthday celebration for her.😢 R.I.P. Beautiful Betty/Rose!! 😭🌹
Cyclone Sister
Cyclone Sister:
Such a classy, elegant, irreplaceable lady. 💔🥀 You will be missed, Ms. White. Thank you for all the laughs and great memories you provided and left with us. We love you. 💔🥀
Proud Liberal Dad
Proud Liberal Dad:
What a beautiful soul who touched the world, she pushed for everything good in this world she will be greatly missed.
You can only hold a star for so long before you must let her go, RIP
One of the BEST has left us!
She will always be remembered and loved!! RIP ❤️
Kenneth Carnie
Kenneth Carnie:
She reminded me of my great grandmother, and my family. I loved her, though I never got to personally meet her. God bless her and keep her.
Lee tirona
Lee tirona:
RIP Ms Betty White. You’re irreplaceable to say the least! 😔
P Safety
P Safety:
Rest in peace, Ms. White! You were an awesome person, and always brought a smile to many faces from your outstanding body of work!!!
V I I I Λ:
Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down a road and back again
Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant.
And if you threw a party
Invited everyone you knew
Well, you would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say
Jessica Breezy 1
Jessica Breezy 1:
She will always be a Golden Girl.
Thank you for being a friend.
We love you Betty White
Rest In Peace 🕊❤️
Christopher G
Christopher G:
She will live rent free in my heart. A the comedy she brought to everyone #thankyouBetty RIP
Trisha W.
Trisha W.:
My deepest condolences to her entire family, and closes friends. It's heartbreaking to hear this. Ms. White was truly one lovely lady I have adored for so long. She will be deeply missed by so many of us down here, but so many above are just over the moon to have her with them🌈🌷⚘. She was so witty, and so loved 😊! Truly a great lady.
TTG Clan
TTG Clan:
Wow R.I.P it been a minute sense I heard of her🙏🏾🙏🏾
Michael Watts
Michael Watts:
It is the exlusive mark of an incredible person for the multitudes to remember you with love. You taught us all a lot. Rest in peace Betty White.
Brian O'C
Brian O'C:
My mother just passed Xmas morning. She as well as my entire family loved Betty so much! I hope they are having a big party up there right now and living it up to ring in the new year with no more worries! I've been enjoying Betty my entire life, even content she produced before I was even alive. It seems as if heaven needed some amazing women to spice it up a bit for 2022!
What an iconic soul Who shared her beauty with all of us.
Sepp Eisenmann
Sepp Eisenmann:
Her mom was smart too for saying 'Now they know the secret' to describe the passing of someone. It somehow eases the grief of those left behind, & also makes death less scary, esp. for people fearful of it. Betty White will be greatly missed bec. of her great character, esp. her cheerful personality.
tanya christie
tanya christie:
She reminded me so much of my mother..there both gone now😞 RIP Betty 😭❤
Kate Sun
Kate Sun:
She was so wonderful. She always brought a little of heaven with her, wherever she went.
Maria Poulos
Maria Poulos:
What a wonderful lady, and a beautiful life she has lived and the endless graduate we owe her. 🥰❤🙏
Barb the quiet watcher
Barb the quiet watcher:
Rest in peace Betty. You were an icon. You made us laugh and sometimes cry. You will be sadly missed.