Biggest H&M Black Friday SALE 2020 | Crazy DISCOUNTS on Dresses, Tops, Jeans, Bags, Jewelery, etc

It’s going crazy 😍


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1- Golden Shoulder Sling Bag-

2- Sparkle Romper/jumpsuit- Store Exclusive Only

3- Silver Rhinestone HeadBand-

4- Grey Mom Jeans-

5- Faux Leather Pants-

6- Pink Bow Top-

7- Socks Pack of 5-

8- Looney Tunes Jersey-

9- Japan Jumper-

10- Silver Rhinestone Earrings-

11- Golden Hoop Earrings- Store Exclusive Only



Suggested Bra:

Suggested Underwear:


1- Top 5 Nude Lipsticks-
2- Top 10 Festive Lipsticks-
3- My Budget Friendly Lipsticks collectin-


My Equipment: ( What I Use While Filming My Youtube Videos)

1- My Vlogging Camera:

2- Laptop that I Use:

3- My Ring Light:

4- Mic that I Use:

5- Best Small Tripod:

6- Best Gorilla Tripod with Grip/Clip:

7- Tripod Mobile Phone Holder Grip/Clip-

8- Best Long Tripod-

9- Backdrop Stand:

10- Hard Disk-

11- Hard Disk Pouch-

12- Bluetooth Keyboard-

13- Bluetooth Mouse-


Random Useful Things I Have:
1- Hand Steamer-
2- Background stand (Best Deal Stand + Backgrounds)-
3- Photography Stand Clips-
4- Phone Ring Light-
5- Face Massage Roller-
6- Scrunchies Rubber band-
7- Nail paint-
8- Hard Disk-
9- Hard Disk Pouch-
10- Gorilla Tripod-
11- Bluetooth Keyboard-
12- Bluetooth Mouse-






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🍑 F A Q

My name? Sonia Garg

Age? 23 y/o

Height? 5'5 inches

Favorite food? Food~

📸 Equipments i use for making this video?Go Pro Max

💻 Video edited using Final Cut Pro X


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100+ komentarze:

Divya J Mamgain
Divya J Mamgain:
Why is she so lucky to have those earings for just 49 like 😱
navya murthy
navya murthy:
Who else remembered Ross Geller when she wore leather pants 😂
Suswagata Datta
Suswagata Datta:
"And u will be just gud to go" is ur everyday dialogue 😂
Sushmita Sharma
Sushmita Sharma:
Whenever I see leather pants it's remind me of Ross😅😂
Gouri Rajkarne
Gouri Rajkarne:
Before entering H&M, I have to think twice and when I go, I just look at the prices and come back😭😂
Prabha Gurung
Prabha Gurung:
Online class , homework go to hell
When Sonia is there, catch you later is all I have to tell😬
Watching you from Nepal 🇳🇵❤️
Ashima Aggarwal
Ashima Aggarwal:
Yash bowed his hands and greeted that way...
Killing shot bro😂😂
sampati patil
sampati patil:
You r so pure ..your content is relatable n u feel like someone we know closely ..lots of love ..keep growing ❤️❤️
Shreya Chaturvedi
Shreya Chaturvedi:
These leather pants remind me of Ross! 😂😂
Shreya Shinde
Shreya Shinde:
Instead of giving me hearts,I think you should me gifts, because I'm your best fan!😂
Alankrita Sah
Alankrita Sah:
I can literally feel the excitement in her voice 🤩🤩
Manasvi Singh
Manasvi Singh:
I also bought a champagne nude glitz spaghetti strap dress for my 18th bday for just 800 rs....

Your pink bow tie top with your hair style and that leather jeans is loookinnggg amazing you look like a hollywood celebrity😍😍😍😍
0:40 please don't touch your mask from the front part.. And stay safe<3
Shruti Shukla
Shruti Shukla:
Sonia, love the way you present yourself ❤️and the pink top was just made for youuuuu❤️
Omg that silver earrings for 799 😖i can't afford sonia 😞😞
Ishika Singh 742
Ishika Singh 742:
I do the same hug to clothes when I go for shopping lmao bro I just love love love shopping 😭🥺😂
MahaK Agrawal
MahaK Agrawal:
5: 24 in my town. People say why are u wearing this backward 😂😂
Ramyaa H
Ramyaa H:
I was planning on shopping from HnM too ,thanks for the amazing recommendations 😍😍🥰🥰
Hunny Vashista
Hunny Vashista:
Talking to you is just like talking to our sister....
You are really pure hearted ❤️❤️
Shivam Rai
Shivam Rai:
You are really looked like a princess ❤️ you sonia didi
The romper is giving all the party vibes and the pink pastel top is just 😍. The hairband is very very pretty seriously.
suhangee dawo
suhangee dawo:
same here 😓 they are in my wish list for so long 😭😭 and still they are 💔
Shivam Rai
Shivam Rai:
Happy birthday in advance 😂
Vaishali Salve
Vaishali Salve:
Everything is so pretty ❤️🔥
Aishika Roy
Aishika Roy:
Hey sonia di❤ that grey mom jeans 😍 I am loving that.... & thanks for sharing the clothes with us..... 🥰🥰🥰 always love you diiii 🥰🥰🥰
Aarushi Sharma
Aarushi Sharma:
The way she says umm hmm ❤️❤️
charu bali
charu bali:
U are so cute in this look loving this blush pink glow nd everything is great❤️
Saroj Singh
Saroj Singh:
I really like ur fashion didi ❤️..I literally love ur nature..Love you dii so muchhhh ❤️
Tara Dubey
Tara Dubey:
When you say hmmm hmmm it sounds so cute.😍😍😍 Love your all videos, u look beautiful and cute..♥️❣️
Nidhi. Swami
Nidhi. Swami:
you r a crazy 😍girl .lots of love ..keep growing ❤️❤️ You are really pure hearted ❤️❤️
Durga Tripathi
Durga Tripathi:
Happy Happy birthday in advance 🥳
Ayushi Das
Ayushi Das:
They only youtuber who didn't post nykaa recommendations today. I was saturated with that content. Thanks💜
Preeti Khobragade
Preeti Khobragade:
Heyy sonia, I love ur videos ❤
I wanted to know that if we are buying this clothes online can we return it.( as sometime size goes wrong 😅) plzz reply!! ~vaishnavi khobragade.
There's no hnm in my city
Saloni Sapra
Saloni Sapra:
It was fun to watch this one💗 especially how excited you are after wearing fancy new clothes🤣🌈
zaddy gal
zaddy gal:
You're living your life. You get paid to do what you absolutely love ❤️
nisha S
nisha S:
The top she is wearing remind me of jennie from blackpink she also wore the same but that was in blue colour
Naina Sharma
Naina Sharma:
Beautiful ❤️❤️
Cassandra Randria
Cassandra Randria:
The accent tho 😂
MISSJHARNA Karamchandani
MISSJHARNA Karamchandani:
Hehehe !
I also buyed my bdy dress from H&M black friday sale 😍 although we both twin for our bdy month and also with that pink bow top 😅 anyways loved your video keep growing 🤍
Anushka Verma
Anushka Verma:
I love haul videos❤️ can you do a second part of reacting to your insta dms pls? Thanks XO
You look perfect,i loved your leather pants.
Kanchan Das
Kanchan Das:
Your mom will come to know about your headband after watching this video 😂😂
Divya Raj
Divya Raj:
Happy birthday Sonia di in advance ❤️❤️❤️ and love you from Jharkhand
Debapriyam Deka
Debapriyam Deka:
Ohhh when sonia says uuuhuuu... In every videos..... Hahaha... It's sounds too cute di....
Cuzan. Limbo98
Cuzan. Limbo98:
Even I want to have one black leather pants from a long time
Shivi Shukla
Shivi Shukla:
Sonia di You looks cute in every outfit 💕
It seems like all dresses are made for you....
kratika kirar
kratika kirar:
Who remember ROSS wearing leather pants😂😂😂
Santushti Nangia
Santushti Nangia:
Hi Sonia, you are so adorable ❤ I have been following you since a long long time and it makes me so happy to see you succeeding and achieving your goals honestly.. Loads of love 💕💕
navya gautam
navya gautam:
Wowww!! Loved the vid!❤️ you look soooo prettty in this top + the headband looked so cute on youuu!!😍🥺
Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma:
You look amazing in that hairband... Now I want it tooo.... By the way, when is your birthday (date)?? 😊🥳
Mouli Mandal
Mouli Mandal:
Love you! Btw Initially when you started, which editing app did you use?
Anita Raj
Anita Raj:
Fst time in Nov its feelings like Dec vibes
Trishita Sengupta
Trishita Sengupta:
I need that white sweatshirt and faded grey mom jeans.🥺🥺🥺 We dont have an H&M store in Guwahati. And never find this online. 😭😭
AmanJot kaur
AmanJot kaur:
lovee uu . want a heart from uuu
prakriti jindal
prakriti jindal:
The character name with tweety is Silvester 😂 and just loved all the outfits❤
Ad S
Ad S:
She's looking so hot in that pastel pink top! My god! Do some thoo thoo! 😳❤(I couldn't watch the video last tym so just left after liking, now watching aram se)😊
Shivani Dangwal
Shivani Dangwal:
Her excitement is so genuine ❤️😁 your vibes are very positive and happy ❤️
Omg!!! U are looking very gorgeous today
armen Jen
armen Jen:
You're my new favourite now❤️
Love your vibe:))
Sanchi Chauhan
Sanchi Chauhan:
Imagine to get a heart ❤️❤️😘🥰🥰🥰🥰 sonia garg
Yeah video to pakaaaaa trend par jaegiiiii 🥰❤️
Vanshika Dhawan
Vanshika Dhawan:
Omg... literally i was thinking abt that dress like if i had that i would probably wore it on my bday...nd ...boom....u also just tell that it would be ur bday dress oh my god..we r so similar..😂😂anyways lots of luv♥️
Mitali Maheshwari
Mitali Maheshwari:
Thanks for informing us in advance ❤
Megha Banik
Megha Banik:
You are just perfect to wear any dress🔥
Kimkim's World
Kimkim's World:
One among the girls youtuber that i really fall in love with ❤
Your videos are something that i would never want to miss.. Love you Sonia 💕💕
Priyesha Somaiya
Priyesha Somaiya:
Leather pants leather pants 🤣🤣❤damn cuteee
Kunika Sood
Kunika Sood:
U look good in everything ❣️
Ad S
Ad S:
Your new video! ❤😭 Yayy i was waiting!!!!!!
Sanjana Barik
Sanjana Barik:
Hey!! Sonia diii... ❤️❤️❤️ First
I am just waiting for your video to be upload .. and it's here you ❤️😁😃
Thanks for using our music :)
Dipali Gosavi
Dipali Gosavi:
U have my heart mann!!!❤
Himangshi das
Himangshi das:
Wow I recently found u I was just scrolling and ur amazing girl love u so much
Yashika Gurung
Yashika Gurung:
Love loved the haul😍 everything looks so damn good on you🔥💣 You look amazing ❤️love your picks xx
Bii S.
Bii S.:
Don't you feel cold??? It's so cold in Delhi 🤗 Pieces that you got are so pretty 💓
Mariel Ang
Mariel Ang:
love the first outfit!! looks great on u
Apoorva Sharma
Apoorva Sharma:
When's ur bdy dude 🦋
Shuchitha Gowda
Shuchitha Gowda:
Love Sonia❤️❤️❤️......
Love all ur videos and am in an obsession with ur video❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘
tweety and selvester 😁❣️ we all love u girl
I spent all of my money already and regretting now
Niharika Arora
Niharika Arora:
Straight hair look amazing on u🔥🔥
Gouthami Kawlaskar
Gouthami Kawlaskar:
Di when u say hmm hm u r so cute! In every video u will say!! So cute 💖
Nikita Mandavkar
Nikita Mandavkar:
You're so relatable ♥
Rakshandha Nikose
Rakshandha Nikose:
Love your happiness after shopping ❤🥂
I got this haircut yesterday 🤗 love you ❤️✨
Nandini Sandy
Nandini Sandy:
Oh my my😍 sonia you look stunning in this loving it❤❤
Victoria Chumthang
Victoria Chumthang:
Di I followed you when you had 31k followers and it feels so amazing to see you have 261k followers now. Sending you lots of love and keep creating contents for us❤️
Sumanlata Sahu
Sumanlata Sahu:
Enjoyed the full video, all the pieces were pretty😍😍
subhadra oraon
subhadra oraon:
OMG literally i loved every outfit and I want to buy it all for myself specifically that leather jeans ❤
Pravati Parida
Pravati Parida:
I can't express dii how I waited for your videos.. In future I want to be like u☺☺
disco deewane
disco deewane:
U look bomb in pink top! I wish I could buy it but Its too revealing for me! But u rock and look cute
sinch hii
sinch hii:
I have the same dress( silver dress) even my birthday is on december yayy
Happy advance birthday gurll!!!
Love youu♥️
Saroop Roshi
Saroop Roshi:
Love how excited you are in your videos 😍 definitely make us all excited and happy as well despite having a crappy day.😂❤️ Lots of love
Suchita Bajaj
Suchita Bajaj:
Loved it. ❤ do a zara haul please!? From the things on discount.
Supriya Chowdhury
Supriya Chowdhury:
Ufff omg what a dress you wear ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥
Diya artz
Diya artz:
Woahhh loving your outfit pink bow wala 😍omg whyyy sooo preety ❤️cute cute
Swapnil Bhardwaj
Swapnil Bhardwaj:
You are looking more beautiful today ...I know it's bcz of happiness which comes after shopping when you got your wishlisted product in discount right 😍❤️
katy Priya
katy Priya:
Just love ur bow top and u look soo beautiful sonia 😘❤❤❤️
ayushi singh
ayushi singh:
Sugandhi Sharma
Sugandhi Sharma:
Oh choice is so good ❤️
Priyanka Patra
Priyanka Patra:
You look Princes today 🙈♥️