BIGGEST Salamander in Japan!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and crew are back in Japan with Dr. Sumio Okada - who introduces them to the LARGEST amphibian that Coyote has ever seen! Once a year, Dr. Okada collects biometric data from this Giant Salamander, and the Brave Crew have been invited to assist!

Get ready, you’re about to see the BIGGEST Salamander in Japan! And stay tuned for PART THREE premiering this coming Friday!

If you want to help in the conservation efforts of the Japanese Giant Salamander, visit to learn about the ecotourism opportunities to see these salamanders in the wild! Special thanks to Richard Pearce and renowned Japanese Giant Salamander biologist Dr. Sumio Okada!

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100+ komentarze:

Justin Y.
Justin Y.:
That Salamander is an absolute unit
This otter is so weird. Cute tho
Trey Richard
Trey Richard:
This thing is older than Queen Elizabeth. Absolute unit
Coyote Peterson: "Holding hands with a Japanese Giant Salamander"
Salamander: "Oh, I didn't know you were so romantic..."
Rick Sturgis
Rick Sturgis:
I absolutely admire his level of respect for both the animals he handles and the cultures of the people he interacts with. It's truly wonderful.
I love how trusting the salamander was with the human handlers. But then, he's probably been handled by them for 100 years, so...
The wobbegong
The wobbegong:
“Ranking as the *second* largest salamander species in the world”

wait WHAT
grace the lonely artist
grace the lonely artist:
The only guy who doesn’t click bait on YouTube
MuhdSoleh- 8886
MuhdSoleh- 8886:
Coyote : Hold Salamander's hand
Salamander : *Blush*
Hesupa Aoi
Hesupa Aoi:
Cayote when he hold Salamander's hand and cradling it.

Salamander: Chotto mate Cayote-kun *(Blush Intensifies)*
Kanhaiya P
Kanhaiya P:
It Reminds Me Of "Toothless" from How To Train Your Dragon Movie!

Salamander: o no that’s the guy
Comrade Doggo
Comrade Doggo:
man, sometimes you just have to appreciate how genuinely happy Coyote looks, it's an infectious smile and I smile because he looks like he's just having fun and has a good life!
Esteban Palacios
Esteban Palacios:
when you're just chilling and some dude is screaming in your face about how big you are
The fact the salamander was calm shows me it has been treated well almost all its life and that makes me smile.
Alexander Whitcomb
Alexander Whitcomb:
What an absolute friend shaped unit. 11/10 would hold their hand.
Deviated Septum
Deviated Septum:
Osachiro: A massive aquatic beast well over a century old, has lived through WW2 and would be a wise sage to humans if he could talk

Me: hehe thicc water puppy
Camryn Sowers
Camryn Sowers:
"This animal is a national treasure"
*Nicholas Cage entered the chat*
Ian Sawyer
Ian Sawyer:
Coyote really had to hurt that salamander’s feeling when he said “his head’s the size of a cantaloupe”
Pau is a simp
Pau is a simp:
Salamander: - is very old -

Queen Elizabeth: finally a worthy opponent at last
The boy jut looked like he wanted a nap the whole time
Alida Thomas
Alida Thomas:
They were so cute like “omg were so exited!! Let’s go! Oh wait we have to stay here!..”. Like excited kid in a candy shop 🥰🤣
mico_ lodeon
mico_ lodeon:
The amount of respect in here.. just wow. Logan Paul can’t even lol
xX SadSun Xx
xX SadSun Xx:
That poor salamander was just trying to have a good time with his girlfriend 😂
Somehow my fave part in this video is when Coyote has to contain himself before going in. :D
" Sensei said to wait here"
I like how the salamander is like:ok let's get into the net
C L:
There is just so much love, respect, and passion you can see from the eyes of Coyote when he looks at the animals!
environment Eller
environment Eller:
They need to fence off some wild river and keep it there.
bladi LAC
bladi LAC:
Salamander: aight where's the Nen bomb?
Wendy Yang
Wendy Yang:
16:23 It's waving at me!
Katherine Müller
Katherine Müller:
I want to give the salamander a smooch. I love him 🥺
Voided Charisma
Voided Charisma:
This mans soul reminds me so much of Steve Irwin’s, and I think he deserves that comparison
am i the only one that loves how loving, gentle and caring he is toward animals? its so cute.
Coo lZj
Coo lZj:
Coyote : goes to Japan because want to see a big salamander
Me : *Anime , Japanese store , etc*
13:44 I’m obsessed with how sweet this was
His little round toes are so cute. But sad about the missing hand :( glad they contacted someone to help get it better.
Harvey Lennon
Harvey Lennon:
something about this video makes me want to cry, such a beautiful animal
Andrew lin
Andrew lin:
You can tell it's a Japanese Salamander, it got into the net so politely.
Dawn Nightinger
Dawn Nightinger:
Japanese culture is truely amazing. Honor and respect go a long way and the benefits can absolutely be breathtaking.
Sticky The Treefrog!
Sticky The Treefrog!:
I can relate to that, I was trying to catch bullfrogs once with my hands and they were so slippery, so we got a net, lol
Inky Beans
Inky Beans:
I have a plushie of that thing because my family went to the Tokyo aquarium. It’s quite snuggly 🥰
drew casson
drew casson:
Me: I want to pet it sooo cute♥️♥️♥️
Coyote: this salamander IS HUGE.
Me: I still want to play with it 🥰😘❤️
It's like one of those little rubber toys that you put in water and they grow in size over a week but this one never stopped growing
Aileen- School Videos
Aileen- School Videos:
Coyote:*holds hand with the slamander”
Marissa Maté
Marissa Maté:
12:48 😂😂😂 The face and hand motions.. also paired with the music is just killing me Haha
That really looks like a koolasuchus : )
Sheisa Saniel
Sheisa Saniel:
Look how gentle Coyote to these animals. I mean come on, he deserve them.
sparrow Scratch
sparrow Scratch:
Coyote: This is the biggest Salamander in Japan

Me: ITS TOOTHLESS!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Tedesco
Anthony Tedesco:
Hanzo of the great salamander would like this
Rekha Ojha
Rekha Ojha:
You're episodes are super cool ...
Just love watching ur episodes...
Am a great fan of u 😍😊😊😊
Poor thing has lived through at least two pandemics 😂
Mami Monroe
Mami Monroe:
15:47 look at those toe its so freakin cute <3
I just want to take a moment to say that this thing is almost as long as I am tall..... I'm only 5 ft tall, but still...
ruby xcx
ruby xcx:
omg the salamander was so cute 🥰 awh his lil toes were so cute and chubby🥰🥰🥰
How 2 ?
How 2 ?:
Can we just respect he made the video exactly 20 minutes long
Tracy Bedgood
Tracy Bedgood:
Geez, Coyote. Invest in some hip waders.
Moist Water
Moist Water:
Am I the only one who thinks that the salamanders feet are cute?
gosh I wish we knew how they live so long while remaining in such good health.
Ferdous Alom Khan
Ferdous Alom Khan:
Coyote: The biggest salamander in Japan

Me: I think it's a dark koolasuchus
The Channel
The Channel:
Coyote: Should I jump in and catch the salamander?
Japanese guy: No, in Japan we act more civilized.
Coyote: Oh
Benjamin Panozzo zenere
Benjamin Panozzo zenere:
nadie :
absolutamente nadie:
los chinos viendo el video : comible
TAKEDOWN205 Productions
TAKEDOWN205 Productions:
If only Logan Paul was as polite as Coyote... Still though, great video! :D
JuanderPaul PH
JuanderPaul PH:
I would love to see the Philippine Eagle being featured on your channel. :) Hopefully you could visit the Philippines someday.
Jan Pierre Luckmann
Jan Pierre Luckmann:
OMG COOL WOW ... and so good to See that we human can help! And that we do it! MEGA!
J C:
Great video, thanks for all that you do. Keep up with the great content, you’re living the life.
jordan not ttv
jordan not ttv:
coyote: “holding hands with a Japanese salamander”

me: that’s his foot
Laura Wasnewsky
Laura Wasnewsky:
My man really out here catching himself a real life Quagsire 😂
Licht Morgenstern
Licht Morgenstern:
Coyote: OK we have to do this very quick so the salamander doesnt dehydrate
Mark: Wait Coyote lie down next to it real quick
Coyote: *Takes a nap*
Amanda Snider
Amanda Snider:
I love his little amused smile at Coyotes's excitement
Reed Thompson
Reed Thompson:
Imagine standing around outside the enclosure, unsure of what's inside, then you just hear "Wow his head is the size of a cantaloupe!"
Iwanna Quickie
Iwanna Quickie:
It reminds me of toothless from 'how to train your dragon'
Omarion Spratling
Omarion Spratling:
imagine just having tht as a pet u would just be like "girl: i hav a golden retriever! you: i hav a prehistoric animal in my huge pond and can in gulf ur retriever's head in one bite"!
Liam P
Liam P:
Thought I was watching Ryan MaGee then I saw the channel name lol
Rahul Raj SS
Rahul Raj SS:
I came here after Watching The Salamander from Cell to Life From National Geographic Youtube Channel It's a Wonderful,Alluring,Marvellous and Magnificient Short Documentary
Mesmer ASMR
Mesmer ASMR:
That Salamander was so angry he almost gained consciousness
Natasha RotaGómez
Natasha RotaGómez:
*How to train your salamander*
bedo sabry
bedo sabry:
Kinda feel Okada sensei deserve more thanks and appreciation for letting us see this huge dinasour
Hey Coyote, PLEASE checked out Axolotls! They're very adorable and beautiful creatures but they're going extinct. Please help them.
Captain Chris
Captain Chris:
His Highness, King Andrias Leviathan!
(If you get it, you get it)
tafhim's wwe
tafhim's wwe:
It is not brave wilderness it is foolness
Demarest Barnette
Demarest Barnette:
The only thing I have a problem with is that I can't find the eyeballs
caezar delgado
caezar delgado:
imagine if one of those thing eat meat eaters imagine what it qould do to a crocidile ?
The Toys Production
The Toys Production:
I'm so surprised how gentle this creature is. Its... Really cute.
John Stenberg
John Stenberg:
when I heard that they bite, if I was coyote I would probably run away
Edgar Abad Inirio Carpio
Edgar Abad Inirio Carpio:
This looks like it got out straight from Stranger Things
Your Lover
Your Lover:
*Next video : Getting bitten by the biggest salamander in Japan*
KooKookie _28
KooKookie _28:
That animal is so precious 😍💜
Hope it can live many more years 🙏
Markwie123 YT
Markwie123 YT:
WoW Thats a big ons i wanne see him
Mengpeng M
Mengpeng M:
His hands are so cute!!! :)
Jennifer Dawn
Jennifer Dawn:
3:33 hits hard in 2020
Shadow 3250
Shadow 3250:
I love how unbelievably respectful to the animals and the experts he works with. He’s a young Steve Irwin in the making.
Kawehi Cabuzel
Kawehi Cabuzel:
Well done! He actually said name first and then the title of Sensei second.
Katharine Crumpton
Katharine Crumpton:
Wow that's is totally amazing. Thank you so much for that awesome experience
Black WOLF Project
Black WOLF Project:
The salamander in the thumbnail looks like toothless from how to train your dragon without wings
This was for some reason very emotional for me. What a beautiful creature.
Daily Cow Milk
Daily Cow Milk:
Why so i simp for Okada sensei? I respect the man 😶 he's a man of few words 😌
Genesis Adrianna
Genesis Adrianna:
WOW When I’m grown-up I want to be just like him!😄😁
Anusha Roy
Anusha Roy:
Gacha With Laynee
Gacha With Laynee:
I love animals so much I want to be a vet when I grow up!!!i am nine years old turning ten next year
Laura Worthington
Laura Worthington:
So respectful to both the animal and the culture. That goes a long way in Japan. The genuine passion for and love of these animals shows in these episodes.