Bill Cosby: The Life and Downfall of an Icon

Bill Cosby is a stand-up comedian and actor. He became an American icon, and someone who millions of people looked to as a father figure, and a moral compass. He would disappoint the entire world when they began to learn that he was not at all the wonderful person that he portrayed himself to be. Today on Biographics, we are going to talk about the life, career, and downfall of Bill Cosby.

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Host - Simon Whistler
Author - Shannon Quinn
Producer - Jennifer Da Silva
Executive Producer - Shell Harris

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100+ komentarze:

I've always said: If someone sells themself as a paragon of virtue...they are probably dirty as hell.
Genericgamertag 20
Genericgamertag 20:
60 women and he had the nerve to lecture Eddie Murphy for saying f *ck?
Nic Winstead Art
Nic Winstead Art:
Called his son "Lazy" says the guy who dropped out of high school at 10th grade.
The thing is he really got away with it.
He's 80 years old, most people are dead by then.
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman", Oh wait, wrong Bill.
Centrist Philosopher
Centrist Philosopher:
Cosby - a personification of why idolising anyone is a mistake
David Caldwell Jr.
David Caldwell Jr.:
James Avery (uncle Phil) was the real role model.
Meir Wise
Meir Wise:
Young black men looked up to him. Let's hope that they are looking down on him now. A PhD in education and couldn't realize that his son had dyslexia.
The 1flym
The 1flym:
Bill Cobsy: Calls his kid lazy for not getting good grades
Also Bill Cosby: Repeatedly drops out of school
Michael Krull
Michael Krull:
When "The Osbournes" was airing, Bill Cosby made statements about the show and family that they were too obscene and should be setting a better example. Sharon wrote an open letter saying that "given the reputation you have in're in no position to tell others how to live." And when his accusers came forward and predictably were called liars, she said, after stating she believes them, "Who wants to own up to having sex with Bill Cosby? I'd be ashamed."
Nigel Yorkshireman Wadeley
Nigel Yorkshireman Wadeley:
Loved The Cosby Show, loved his stand up, couldn't believe the he could be such a vicious, soulless bastard but here we are...
His cell mate died bc he “would not drink water near that bill dude”
Angelita Becerra
Angelita Becerra:
3-10 years isn't nearly enough time for the crimes he committed.
The fact that he sat next to Mr.Rodgers makes me shudder inside
Missy Rose
Missy Rose:
It infuriates me how much people are willing to protect the monsters instead of the victims just because they are famous. Any time a celebrity is accused immediately are calls of liar and gold digger and she wanted it and this and that . This should be an eye opener that even celebs are capable of being scum!
Douglas Warden
Douglas Warden:
"The jury liked pudding.......pudding me in jail." William Cosby.
Gerald O'Hare
Gerald O'Hare:
I always thought he was the creative force in every aspect of the show. Thank you for that information that corrected my misconceptions.
I always found it interesting that we look to these celebrities as role models to emulate yet we don't know the real person behind the public image or character they play. Nevertheless, we take their advise for everything in life.
We haven't a clue the who the real Bill Cosby was, and that's why the country was totally shocked at his sick exploits.
David May
David May:
Actually, Cosby also had a successful show called "The Bill Cosby Show" for two seasons. 1969-71. He played Chet Kinkaid, a high school phs. ed. teacher.
Lisa C
Lisa C:
Simon, once again, you have done an amazing job of encapsulating a major subject. Really interesting. I used to love Bill Cosby almost as much as I loathe him now. Very interesting that it took a man calling him out to get his reprehensible actions brought to justice.
John Boy
John Boy:
I used to love Bill Cosby. Sad thing is he actually did a lot of good things for the black community, but behind the scenes, he was a monster
Dustin Nunn
Dustin Nunn:
Well, R.I.P. Fat Albert and The Cosby Show. Those shows don't exist anymore.
Colin Smith
Colin Smith:
Cosby: Want some water?
Me: Sure. Why's it all purple and fizzy?
Christopher Brasher
Christopher Brasher:
"Do you want a puddin' pop?"

No, Bill, I really don't want one of your "Puddin' pops"..
i remember thinking it was like mr rogers being a pervert mind bowing
Edward Bair
Edward Bair:
You forgot that Cosby had a sitcom in the early 70’s where he played a PE teacher name Chet Kincaid it had funniest opening theme music.
Brian Schlicher
Brian Schlicher:
I loved Bill Cosby growing up. He was funny without having to be obscene.

He had a family friendly message that everyone could enjoy.

It's sad that sometimes the brighter the picture the darker the negative.
Tony Midyett
Tony Midyett:
I loved Cosby when I was a kid. It hurt my heart to find out that he had hurt people.
Divo2Go 2017
Divo2Go 2017:
Cosby broke my heart. Love ya Simon but Gail Fisher was the first black actress to win an Emmy in 1971 for Mannix.
Robert Guillaume was the first black male to win an Emmy in 1985 for Benson.
Thomas O'Haney
Thomas O'Haney:
I always thought that 'The Jeffersons" was the first show that had an upper middle class black family.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith:
Hey , Hey , Hey, I`m in prison today.
Dewi Lew
Dewi Lew:
He’s talking about sex with young women who have plenty of energy as if he didn’t drug these women until they were essentially comatose. What energy?
Thomas Bishop the Villain
Thomas Bishop the Villain:
I always thought that James Evans Sr was a better father figure on TV than Cliff Huxtable. James worked, struggled, and was angry, but he loved his family and stood up for what he believed. And John Amos is a far better actor and man than Bill “drugging the pudding “ Cosby. IMO
Uncle Phil was better. I hope.
Tom .S
Tom .S:
I never knew clearly the controversy around Bill Cosby, this video clarified who he is and who he was, thank you.
Ross Farrell
Ross Farrell:
That rape about the girl he “mentored” really got to me
Antonius M. Menting
Antonius M. Menting:
just an idea for a topic : Lord Baden Powell, founder of the boy scouts..
Blood and Empire
Blood and Empire:
That speech to the naacp was so horrific. I can’t believe I didn’t know that 😭💀
Bill Cosby: I hate other comedians that use obscenities

.... rapes okay tho .
Pippa Nappleton
Pippa Nappleton:
Thank you to all the Biographics team for the thoughtful, careful and kind way you dealt with the victims
Help me get 10,000 subs with no videos
Help me get 10,000 subs with no videos:
When you learned that Hannibal Buress was actually the one to expose Bill

Jd Blake
Jd Blake:
I actually grew up listening to Bill’s stand up on vinyl, watching the Cosby Show and Fat Albert. He was a huge cultural icon growing up. Very disappointing he did such terrible things. 😔
Faith Castillo
Faith Castillo:
I realized what he was after watching the interview he did with his wife beside him. You could see the truth of what he was on the tight, forced smile on her face and in the pain from her eyes. It was really heartbreaking to see that.
He sounds like a true narcissist. Nice guy at first, but putting up a false facade. Manipulating, blackmailing people to get what he wants.
"So genuinely funny, even white people were watching"
I know you didn't mean it in that way, but that was hilarious
Peter Castillo
Peter Castillo:
Heartbreaking. I idolized him. Now I can barely stand to look at him.
Ian Kempster
Ian Kempster:
I'm still broken hearted by this.
Rebecca Gibbs
Rebecca Gibbs:
Little Bill was one of the best tv shows for kids. His tainted legacy has tainted something that was so positive and aspirational.
John Kelsie McNair
John Kelsie McNair:
John Amos as James Evans Sr was a better television father figure than Cosby's Heathcliff Huxtable.
George McGovern
George McGovern:
How come the TV show “The Jefferson’s” never gets any credit?
Watch the Cosby Show now--it's a thriller with a laugh track.
Maureen Anyim
Maureen Anyim:
Once again this piece was wonderfully done, capturing the exact moments when Bill Cosby betrayed all the people who believed in him. You guys are absolutely awesome
My sadly departed best friend was a big Cosby fan. When we were driving in his car, he would always be running Cosby comedy tapes. Happy memories. He would have been appalled to discover what Cosby was really like.
He got doctoral credit for being on "the electric company". I cringe when I see him in reruns.
mark galetti
mark galetti:
The definition of irony icon: putting one on a pedestal before they die
Julie NotSmith
Julie NotSmith:
My friends and I grew up on his comedy routines and the show. We used to quote his best lines from his standup, especially.

We don't any more.
Ilkka Rautio
Ilkka Rautio:
I only watch the end, i enjoy his downfall too much. 😌
Pól Réamonn
Pól Réamonn:
Cliff Huxtable and his "special sauce" tells you all you need to know.
Su Watkins
Su Watkins:
When I first saw him on TV as a child, he gave me the 'creeps'. Still does.
"He was an american dad" oh no.
Next you are going to tell me he was a family guy as well!
Please do one on Billie Holiday and she had an amazing life.
Fire in the Sky
Fire in the Sky:
I loved and respected this man so much. It's heartbreaking to learn what he did .
Oh my god! I had no idea he was SUCH A MONSTER
He sounded like a complete narcissist even before the accusations became public knowledge. Look at how he tried to mould everything around himself, even bloody jelly commercials.
S P2
S P2:
Great video except for the part about Michael Eric Dyson, he's a snake oil salesman and he pushes false things like white privilege and victimhood to keep black people down and pad his own pockets
Jonathan Jollimore
Jonathan Jollimore:
Also a prime example of how people can live a double life. One that's a facade for the world and the real person hiding behind it.
Ignition [FR] n2
Ignition [FR] n2:
0:35 - Chapter 1 - Early life & career
3:30 - Chapter 2 - The impact of the cosby show
7:50 - Chapter 3 - His true colors
10:25 - Chapter 4 - The open secret
14:20 - Chapter 5 - Trial & sentencing
That is a man you can love dearly and end up hating so deeply.
na no
na no:
The truth about Bill Cosby really, really bothered me. As a kid I always looked up to him and found him funny. I even did a few school projects on him.

It's really a shame it took so long for his awful acts to come to light.
George B
George B:
I guess then, "The Jefferson's" was the first black upper-class family on TV?
martian pyro
martian pyro:
I know this video is old, but I gained a lot of respect for Simon the way he addressed Bill Cosby's racism. Really well spoken.Big ups
812GUITARS Chavez
812GUITARS Chavez:
I remember after the first trail Cosby walked out "duck walking" like he won the case and he was untouchable. Some much for that later.
I've always love "COL". People just being unfair to Mr Billsby.
Gee Niel
Gee Niel:
"Tough love" is something people made up to explain away not caring about someone at a time when that someone most often needs it
I was so disappointed when all his issues came into light 💡
Ben Carrot
Ben Carrot:
Cosby's speech was 100% on point. I remember a CNN poll when it happened and it was exactly 99% people agreeing with his speech.
Blood and Empire
Blood and Empire:
I really love that Simon is a goofball but when he tells a harrowing story he is appropriately serious and never makes an inappropriate joke. Your British polish and the well researched script are high quality content
With great fame comes great power.
With great power comes great responsibility.
... And i swear to god, superstars are the least responsible people on the damn planet...
Fame went to his head even he wasn't immune
Kilroy 5150
Kilroy 5150:
So, what we get from this video is: Bill Cosby was an entertaining monster disguised as a fatherly man who was so deeply corrupt (and powerful) that he never expected to get caught and it took too long for this monster to be brought to justice.
Sonoran Saguaro
Sonoran Saguaro:
Sad twist on "...don't judge a book by it's cover!"
Johny Blitz
Johny Blitz:
I swear I knew he was evil from the very first time I saw him.
This saddens me, he was one of my heroes as a kid. I remember doing a report about'em as a kid. Bastard.
Feral Cyborg Gaming
Feral Cyborg Gaming:
Bill Cosby: Quaalude drop, pudding pop, zippity zop dohh!
Hannibal: I'm gonna end this man's career.
We had all his records and no suspicion. I thought I was bringing my daughters to see an old comic and it was old, non-jokes on a stage. I won't make jokes, I was taken in, he was funny. he was also the other side of funny, very, cruel. Something that jesters ane what to be.
Cassandra Ralph
Cassandra Ralph:
Pride goes before a fall, and destruction to those who follow its path - this sums up Bill Cosby's life!
During the time of the accusations he wrote a book called "fatherhood"

If that isn't the sickest public demonstration of no remorse.
rum runner
rum runner:
I bet Eddy Murphy is laughing his head off right now. All that time he went after him for telling jokes, Bill Cosby was literally raping women.
If Eddy Murphy ever does that new Beverly Hills Cop movie, he should make an inside joke about Cosby.
I can't believe this came out two years ago and it's just rolling across my feed now! How'd I miss it...
I really respect and look up to Keanu , if something came up like this I would truly feel shattered
educate the left
educate the left:
Imagine if the last thing you hear before blacking out is "THABLE THABLE THABLE THABLE YOU ARE GETTINGGGG VERY SLEEPY! YUH SEE!!"
Chuck Oneill
Chuck Oneill:
I know this is old — but you got some stuff out of order.
Paul Peters
Paul Peters:
When are people going to understand that an Actor is Acting a role? Yes you may love the show and the actor but what you see on screen is not the real person. Heck you can hear people call out actors by their character's names all the time.
Krank Hoertgen
Krank Hoertgen:
Dear me, 'tough love' to a black person. I mean, they're perfect as they are.
Heckin Memes
Heckin Memes:
Say what you want, he really loved puddin.
Gotta Love That _Anime
Gotta Love That _Anime:
i tried re watching the show but this was all i could think about every time i saw bill...
Ramsey Hildebrand
Ramsey Hildebrand:
He was a very talented comedian and actually did accomplish an incredible amount in his life.

Great fame makes great power, and people do shitty things when they get power.
Paul Gianni
Paul Gianni:
25 September 2021 is the soonest Cos will get released from incarceration; I wonder if the covid-19 corona virus will still be an issue.
Sim W
Sim W:
Here in Australia we had a very similar situation with our tv show from the 80s.... perhaps it was still going in the 90s... called HEY DAD
DRG What's the truth?
DRG What's the truth?:
I really, really didn't want it to be true. Buried my head in the sand. Now, I have lost a bit of faith in humanity.