Bill Gates Calls Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories ‘So Crazy’

Sep.15 -- Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates discusses the global economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the proliferation of conspiracy theorists and the role they play in the spread of Covid-19. He speaks with Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker.

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Kevin Duggan
Kevin Duggan:
Bill Gates is a non essential worker
Mr. Bread&Circus
Mr. Bread&Circus:
bill gates is guilty of 'Crimes Against Humanity' for his geoengineering projects, blocking UV rays from the sun, putting metals and chemicals in earths upper atmosphere to create weather and block sunlight.... He needs to be imprisoned for the rest of his worthless life.
Gematria What is 47
Gematria What is 47:
“Weirdly interesting false hoods” 😆 this guy looks like a turtle. A nervous turtle
Epstein didn't kill himself
Jordan Melby Vlogs
Jordan Melby Vlogs:
We need to tell the social media companies to censor the truth so we can sucker enough people to take the vaccine I invested billions in....
America’s been taken over by idiocracy
Dsch Dsch
Dsch Dsch:
He seems very excited and relaxed about holocaust of humanity.
Gates and his vaccination-nano tracking technology is EVIL. Follow the $$ and the greed of Gates and know he has killed and paralyzed thousands in 3rd world nations with his vaccines. Gates funds the WHO and they parrot his agenda.
Glenda Robinson
Glenda Robinson:
Bill's body language tells it all.
Jay Motivate
Jay Motivate:
Pay attention to Bill Gates hands around 0:06 .. he's a Satanist, Free Mason.
Cinnati Ohiocy
Cinnati Ohiocy:
Just look how fidgety and nervously he moves his hand. How is he calling one anyone crazy/weird?
K Renee
K Renee:
So....the rich will get richer, and the poor will get poorer?
I'm just waiting for the horns to emerge from his skull.
The rich don't need all of us,
Dottie Butler
Dottie Butler:
The number of conspiracy theorists are too many to be ignored, uh... perhaps there is a reason for that !
Legendary Soc
Legendary Soc:
Vic Wasn't Here
Vic Wasn't Here:
these comments are the reason you're here
John White
John White:
bill gates for prison
Leon Singh
Leon Singh:
BILL GATES is the biggest treat to human beings and intime the evil within will reveal itself .Dont be afraid be prepared for this is spiritual warfare and you only need the holy Book.
God Bless.
Jack Hainings
Jack Hainings:
The real question is, do people admit publicly when they were wrong?

The dude cant sit and speak comfortable. His body language says it all. Lets be real no one believes him after the India Fiasco
The World Economic Forum conveniently ran a pandemic simulation called Event 201 in Oct '19 & all these globalist organizations (UN, WHO, GAVI), in cahoots with _computer software_ guru Bill Gates (who, may I remind you, is not a medical professional in any capacity), are pushing Agenda 2030, The Great Reset, ID2020, government mask mandate, vaccines & are brainwashing the public to accept it as "the new normal."
‪If u think this man is involved in public health/biotech out of the goodness of his ❤️, with no ulterior motives, you're mistaken:‬
bill looks so nervous moving around crazy last question
Bubba Still
Bubba Still:
Remember when Eisenhower warned against "becoming captive of a scientific and technological elite" he was talking about guys like this/WAKE UP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!
Bass Daddy
Bass Daddy:
When did people with big money and politicians think they can control what we in a free country can do. (We the people)will fight when put in a Conner. If you don’t think so keep it up!🇺🇸
Richie Black
Richie Black:
Since when did Gates become a Virus Research Scientist?
Amber LovesYa!
Amber LovesYa!:
"It's so interesting that these ideas spread so much more quickly than the truth" he says....Bill, theres nothing interesting about it. Truth spreads..Truth resonates. And thats why this crAaAzy idea is spreading faster than the fake truth you're trying to feed people
Lars Gsänger
Lars Gsänger:
The devil has spoken..,
Think it's fair to say Bill, Turner, Fauchi et al will not be safe to walk away from this. They will be caught and put to trail. No smirking then for Bill
Giant PSYOP.
Jetnic Badilla
Jetnic Badilla:
Your vaccine is contained of chips that means you are mark of the beast ... You want to control the world 🌎
Lulu Garcia
Lulu Garcia:
Bill Gates vaccine will change our DNA forever and according to him it will kill
700 000 people
He also mentioned that we don't have a choice regarding the vaccine
That over 7 billion people will get the vaccine
Rick Teodolu
Rick Teodolu:
Bill Gates is not a doctor why are we listening to him?
watch the free documentary 'Meet Bill Gates'
Fred Fernstrom
Fred Fernstrom:
He looks like the nice old lady in Hansel and Gretel.
Brones Jendles
Brones Jendles:
I'm not taking your vaccine guy.
Daniel Steel
Daniel Steel:
1:20 _We've got to bring this thing to a close._

Looks like it's official: the signal's made it all the way up the chain. I wonder how many months it'll take to turn the ship around. (By November?) 🤔
Lawrence Grimes
Lawrence Grimes:
Bill Gates Knew Apple Cider Vinegar Cures Covid Nineteen
Derek Pool Guy
Derek Pool Guy:
We all know he done it
Og Grizzy
Og Grizzy:
Richards Family
Richards Family:
When did Bill Gates become the spokesman for China?
Black Magik
Black Magik:
God: how do I get rid of only the LOW IQ people on earth...hmmm
Humans: I wanna party and eat out!!!
Gates doesn't vaccinate his kids.
Virgo Girl
Virgo Girl:
Mr Ahhhhhh
Amber LovesYa!
Amber LovesYa!:
I know evil when I see it
Thank you Dr Gates. Now over to our medical department, who are going to update us on our computer software issues 🙄
James Write
James Write:
Your crazy mr bill gates no vaccine for me it’s all a hoax
tamika jackson
tamika jackson:
Earth breaking news
The rat race is on of 5g , called themselves trying to a head cheating , ill be be at the finish line like finish him of the immortal combat. Our Heavenly Father blessed mankind with stars and them rotten glitching angels stole 7 stars from head about that 5g.
A virus so deadly that you have to test to even know that you have it
A vaccine so safe and effective that it has to be mandated and forced

That's the wonderful reality everyone has accepted.
Smart Guy
Smart Guy:
There ain't no cure for stupidity 🤦
Skank Hunt
Skank Hunt:
He's been rumbled!
Jack C.
Jack C.:
Is funny how he and the rest of the liberal stooges are blaming Trumps for this whole mess but I’m pretty sure many have heard his involvement with the COVID-19 outbreaks. I wonder which is more true.
Monica McFarlane
Monica McFarlane:
Give Gates the Electric Chair We will not be dismissed or cancelled We will not take any vaccine , especially from Gates We are in it for the long haul and will not be broken
Raj Benny
Raj Benny:
The devil telling people not to believe anything
Jim Smith
Jim Smith:
Gaz of-the-North
Gaz of-the-North:
There's a vaccine for Bill Gates........its called a .357 Magnum......I'm told its VERY effective.....
Ry Rosa
Ry Rosa:
U.N Agenda 21 type it up sheep
I don't know what or who to believe anymore but what I can tell you is that something is going on between these rich global elites and the mask is slipping it wouldn't surprise me if the entire internet will get shut down soon.
the chief scientist in Sweden for covid management said their cases have dropped past few months. Almost no deaths. And only few new cases. Their policy is not to have to wear mask or have lock down.
Jason Sones
Jason Sones:
Hell Gates and Fauci planned this years ago.
Bill Gates said that those who opposed him as 'crazy' but how crazy it is for him to talk about medical stuff that he has no idea about. CHECK out Dr Li Meng Yan
Shotokan Tiger
Shotokan Tiger:
Aha Bloomberg Finance the friend of Gates, birds of the same feather...Let Gates concentrate on his windows rather than vaccinating poison to unsuspecting people.
je suis Informaticien
je suis Informaticien:
covid is another movie by the same people behind 9/11
He's a sick evil man
Dislikes gives me hope.
Jd Pv
Jd Pv:
World in chaos repent and be saved !!!
NWO 😷.
Lulu Garcia
Lulu Garcia:
Bill Gates is evil
Yes, I think the whole world is sick; the whole world is sick of Bill and Malinda Gates!
What Bill Gates is saying is that he wan'ts to inject us all with his killer fluid, then we can have our freedom back! I say to hell with you Bill Gates!
Can’t wait till billy boy croaks
Billy Borgan
Billy Borgan:
Nothing that comes out of this demon's mouth has any credibility. He knows he's lying and almost chokes on his words but sadly the gullible sheep continue to believe his lies and will be murdered by him and The Swamp he is part of. Globalists are not saving lives. They are securing their own selfish desires for profit and tyranny saving themselves. That to me is self evident. Like most elites saying something is lies doesn't make it so. At no point does he actually provide evidence his works benefit humanity. All the evidence shows the opposite.
Jas 85
Jas 85:
It’s all about business to this PRIVILEGED WHITE MAN. The ones these democrats supposedly despise unless they agree with thier narrative.
Daundre S.
Daundre S.:
Lies. I see all your “tells” dude.
Greg Byrne
Greg Byrne:
Covid is a strawman built on the the Seasonal FLU & Baby Boomer Bust
Largest demographic known to man were born enmass 75-76 years ago
Avg human lifespan is 83
Covid outbreaks in Baby Boomer Central Kelowna & Florida
Seniors usually succumb to the seasonal FLU, Pneumonia old age
Wearing a mask promotes pneumonia
Covid symptoms & seasonal FLU are identical
Why was no one charged with a crime against humanity for the Wuhan CDC breach?
CDC centers are hermetically sealed 4 levels
Fogging the streets nothing but Kabuki theatre
Bats protein just like chicken feet
No Bats in the Wuhan market anyway
Australia & New Zealand are having a Covid outbreak because it is their seasonal FLU season
Second wave will come to the northern hemisphere this fall when the seasonal FLU returns.
Add all the inconsistencies & the BS

Climate Change is caused by the Milankovitch cycles
Bornfree Learner
Bornfree Learner:

A Preview of forthcoming attractions for Billyboy Gates

A severe pummeling from blood-covered hail about a hundred pounds each.

Getting stung by demon locust from the bottomless pit for five months. Begging to die but can't because he pioneered ID2020...le implementation of le mark
His empire crumbles as his wealth becomes vaporized
Plagues and pestilence (yes these ones he did not "anticipate")
Being tormented by demons
And the Grand Finale......drumroll......wait for it.......
Alexis Delgado
Alexis Delgado:
Well all of it about him is true of course he will call it crazy. He wants us to believe his lies!
god is good all the time
god is good all the time:
Then why not control the virus in computer. Sir, we are facing hackers on the rise and i think it seem to me .. that you are been watched . I fear the future of privacy is gone . God saves us . I want to do as per my body and soul..
Bryan smith
Bryan smith:
I will never get the covid19 vaccine
Deep Mind
Deep Mind:
I used to respect Bill Gates, doing all that good work through the Foundation until you realise that the super rich use such mediums to avoid paying taxes!

Gates is a massive PR exercise machine do not be fooled by him!
Mr Bill I know you got your original software from somebody else. You stoled it from somebody else and used it to begin your empire. The other thing is why don't you tell the truth that there will not be a vaccine for this virus. And why don't you mention the reports that people who got the flu shot and countries would over 49% injection rates have the highest mortality rates for cover 19. And that the fact.
Cliff Smith
Cliff Smith:
Nobody believes you Bill your credibility has been shot
Virgo Girl
Virgo Girl:
Not EVER taking Your toxic vaccines! And you also fund fact checkers, We know
182 - Vaibhav Jaswal
182 - Vaibhav Jaswal:
Bill Gates is the only MASTERMIND behind covid-19
Jim Beam
Jim Beam:
Just another conspiracy? This guy really is playing God with peoples lives. ://
Remember people you cannot be forced to take a vaccine in the United States. it's in the patient's Bill of Rights, you can refuse any type of medical procedure.
David Burkholder
David Burkholder:
Anyone mistaking wealth for sanity is making a grave error. If you take a look at Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) who left tremendous wealth for truth (his father owned an entire kingdom and Gates would not even compare) then you would be aware that wealth will not set you free. Siddhartha pierced all veils and saw from where we came and higher beings and you name it. We are on a prison planet folks and Gates is not even aware of what his One World Order viewpoints will do to him. He will be in a terrible position in his next body. No, this is not rabble. Bill Gates got rich off of computer knowledge and application yet our technology on this planet is laughable to higher beings that frankly are not even in stuck in a body. You say you don't think you are stuck in a body? Read Nikki Sixx (of Motley Crue) Rolling Stone interview from years back.
Siobhan Murphy
Siobhan Murphy:
The Bill Gates polio vaccination program in the third world was meant to finally rid the world of the disease. It is now proven to be responsible for the emergence of a new strain of the disease, potentially now threatening the western world, and we are supposed to trust him with a world wide covid vaccine?.....By the way have you noticed that Bill doesn't allow any questions or feed back on his youtube site, it mirrors the absolute censorship and un-scientific non-debate around any discussion that has a different view from the World Health Organization. This should ring a few alarm bells.
So a computer geek extraordinaire now want to tell the world politically that this disease was mishandled. Thank you Bill I disagree. There was no way to predict the spread of this virus once it was out of control in China. The question is when was that determined. China and the World Health Organization warned everyone when it was too late. The response from every country was fruitless and it led to this disaster. For anyone to blame anything else or get political is crap. Sorry Bill. Secondly, the mere fact that we were unprepared reflects the importance that every administration before this current Trump administration was equally to blame if you want to do so. The CDC was behind, as was every other country, the World Health Organization put out notice when it was too late, and shutting down the world did not happen soon enough. Everyone of us was impacted. So anyone on a high horse is just talking out their butts including Bill Gates. IMO.
Bryan Vegas
Bryan Vegas:
Jesus is only way to eternal life. Matreya is here. Jesus will return.
Patrick Cassady
Patrick Cassady:
Does Billy have any comments on the chinese whistleblower who is about to release genome fingerprint evidence that covid was a bioweapon released from Wuhan lab?
Kyler M
Kyler M:
The Bill Gates Virus
Virgo Girl
Virgo Girl:
The Only CRAZY is YOU Billy
Esa Putra
Esa Putra:
The Russian pawns just don't think that they are stupid. Are they don't know that all things are have to be based on evidence?. The conspiracy theorists are really disgusting.
J Bosky
J Bosky:
Bill Gates is a computer expert. I dont really care what he thinks about medicine, vaccines, or the safety of anyone. He isn't the subject expert.
Indian children died in huge numbers with his vaccines, blacks and coloured were races that died the most with corona, elderly died more then any other age group. Just imagine how many people possibly nearly the whole world that wants this guys head on a plate. He will have no where to hide soon. The world is starting to get angry with all the B.S.
Nicole G.
Nicole G.:
Did Bill Gates just suggest possibly shutting down social media platforms?
psychiatry is eugenics
psychiatry is eugenics:
there are so many really intelligent people in the usa who want to help ; who belong to organizations that want to help .
Hindsight - but for some reason a lot of mistakes are made . Wonder why ?
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly:
Bill gates is creepy af
Salvador con todo
Salvador con todo:
Funny if dead in 2013 how hi is here clone that why no care humans