Bill Gates on Coronavirus Pandemic, Vaccines

Sep.15 -- Bill Gates used to think of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as the world’s premier public-health authority. Not anymore. Gates says political pressure cost the agency 'credibility.' The billionaire philanthropist discusses politicizing Covid-19 treatments and vaccines, finding a global cure, conspiracy theorists, and the breakdown of America's relationship with China in a wide-ranging interview with Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker.

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Who else went straight to the comments after seeing Bill Gates in the title?
I'm just trying to understand how bloomberg is worth 22 Billion, but they can't afford a blue snowball mic.
Josh Salway
Josh Salway:
Correct title: Kill Gates on Coronavirus Pandemic, Vaccines
Sooner Magic Thunder Rules
Sooner Magic Thunder Rules:
Who cares what you think & why would anyone listen to you? Money doesn't make you wise or bright. Only lazy...
Lets see Bill and his family take the vaccine...
e o
e o:
This villian actually thinks, people don't know what he is trying to do. He actually thinks people are stupid and that he can lie to them and they won't know. What a stooge!
STEVE gaspar
STEVE gaspar:
This Man for surely keep acting like his worried about the World🤔🤔😁Sounds like New World Order.
I’m not going to trust any health advice that the dude that is for depopulation is promoting.
He is part of the plan.demic
Arkansas Razorback
Arkansas Razorback:
I asked my doctor, "when is covid going to go away?" He said, "I don't know, I'm not a politician."
Zenek Lao
Zenek Lao:
“Misinformation” and “fake news” are modern day excuses for censorship
Victor Indicud
Victor Indicud:
Emily Merz
Emily Merz:
The like to dislike ratio in this is awesome. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
e o
e o:
By the way, we dont need WHO and UN, these are all defunct organization.
Yishu Ci
Yishu Ci:
I'm here only for the comments.
Itsinthewayyoumove *
Itsinthewayyoumove *:
he's a computer guy. that's why-a doctor can't design the chip.
kkennyyy do
kkennyyy do:
How to stop this pandemic:

Step 1- Turn off the news.
Quentin Anguiano
Quentin Anguiano:
Why is he involved at all with the vaccines or any way qualified to have a say
Lisa Crespo
Lisa Crespo:
Dr. Killer: Thanks But No Thanks !!
Sagittarius Que
Sagittarius Que:
Why aren't we coming together to stop this?! We have more dislikes than likes so people we have to do something fast
I don't trust Bill Gates. So many things about him give me huge red flags.
Steve Mascari
Steve Mascari:
Bill can't keep computers virus free. Now wants to give vaccines a crack lol.
Dragan Kovacevic
Dragan Kovacevic:
I didn’t even listen to bills crap I went straight for comments
Max Raderer
Max Raderer:
Don’t mind me, just checking the comment section for gold.
Michelle Beckford
Michelle Beckford:
How can anyone believe this flaring hands REPTILE!
THIS INTERVIEW IS SCRIPTED! paid for by Bill Gates' donations to Bloomberg' Company!
bertha yellowfinch
bertha yellowfinch:
Pay careful attention to Bill Gates' body language. He IS a dangerous crazy.
Charlie Lou
Charlie Lou:
Creepy smile at 6 :15
While hes basically saying you ain't got a choice
Could Bill Gates explain: What kind of side effects "Gates" vaccines had in Africa and India?
Elliot A
Elliot A:
Covid-19 is the biggest scam of this century
Jer Jibe
Jer Jibe:
Next up: Chef Gordon Ramsay on the future of the Large Hadron Collider and Space Exploration.
Daniel Salazar
Daniel Salazar:
Say no to the vaccine It Will chance you're dna AND. God Will not allow you into His kingdom. Believe only jesús christ
je suis Informaticien
je suis Informaticien:
no to the Vaccines , period
Karen Miller
Karen Miller:
Vaccines are bad. I'm not vaccinating the kids.
Shane Vogleman
Shane Vogleman:
event 201 2019 look it up
Patriot Mike
Patriot Mike:
Awe poor Bill and his gang of technocrats just realized that they lost control over the FDA and the vaccine development and distribution project. Hahahahahaha
You first, Bill.
Kevin L
Kevin L:
Wow! This man knows more about viruses than most, look at his operating systems! Loaded with viruses!!!! Beside that he is no scientist by any means!
🚫Never believe a word Bill Gates says. The guys a thief he stoled the Windows operating system idea from Xerox when he toured their experimental lab as a young man.
Harvey Campbell
Harvey Campbell:
Why would I care what Bill Gates thinks about a pandemic???????
Give 7 billion people a dangerous experimental vaccine for a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate.
Steve Mascari
Steve Mascari:
Dislikes tower over the likes. Now that says something
sheryl turner turner
sheryl turner turner:
Looky, so many thumbs down, hopeful ;)
Sandra Orr
Sandra Orr:
Sorry no trust in bill gates he's only a computer guy he has no idear
He cant even keep the viruses out of his software
Of course, you talked about the risk of this: YOU RELEASED THE VIRUS!
brandon lee
brandon lee:
all the lies the media produces I hope the american people wake up and see this as it truely is
6 months into the scam and Gates is freaking out 😂 his hand waving increased 10 fold since March lol
Why the hell would I trust Bill Gates with a medical question
Barrington Little
Barrington Little:
Every time I see this man's face, I get gas.
1000 Subs with just Playlists
1000 Subs with just Playlists:
Who cares what Gates thinks? Push your "vaccine" on the suckers.
John Savage
John Savage:
He's a doctor? I thought he was making computers...
Leopold Butters Stoch
Leopold Butters Stoch:
I can't understand why so many people believe in crazy things like God,.or Jesus,.or Allah ,.or Buddha. But find it so hard to believe,.. that a group of evil people with all the money in the world are working together to completely control all of humanity. They call it a "conspiracy theory". When even they tell you what they are doing,. if you know what to look for.
This man thinks that I’m going to listen to him. LOL. Hell no
Dillon M
Dillon M:
This man is not to be trusted. Dont take the vaccine when it comes out.
e o
e o:
Nobody is asking for a vaccine, we dont even appreciate any efforts to create a vaccine. We are doing just fine with out your toxic vaccines.
Phil Atkinson
Phil Atkinson:
Bill Gates is worried a politician helped or accelerated a vaccine? Please Bill remind us of your medical background?
M. I
M. I:
I don't even remember what we used to talk about before Coronavirus Pandemic
Bill Hitler!! Not a scientist why do we care about his opinion??
Sam Vasquez
Sam Vasquez:
Here for the comments ONLY🤫 Never trust anyone with puppet hands.👐
H mm
H mm:
Gotta love when people "answer" yes or no questions with everything else but a yes or no 😆
Ronald Patton
Ronald Patton:
Stay in your own lane Bill.
This is the same guy that brought you Windows ME, let's not forget.
Edie The Salsa FREAK!!
Edie The Salsa FREAK!!:
Bill Gates looks like he has aged 20 years in the past 6 months. Anybody wonder why?
Chic Chi
Chic Chi:
I'm here for the comments only 🤣
Dan baler
Dan baler:
Bill gates carnt even rid his computers of a virus so what chance has he of fixing covid 19
I won't be taking any vaccine
Rain Spider
Rain Spider:
Bill is really good at giving answers without answering.
*Maybe Bill Gates is just a victim of crook virologists despite the fact that VIROLOGY had been outlawed in the International Courts Of The Hague Netherlands in 1987. Think about that. He reminds us of the famous non-scientist crook "Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli" who ended up in prison for defrauding millions of poor people by selling a cure for leukaemia at 1000 Dollars per pill at 25.000 Dollars per bottle, with flaky insurance companies getting fat off the misfortune of others. In actual fact the product only cost 3 dollars to make. Police forensics will catch up with whoever is promoting Bill's lack of medical schooling, here's why: ***
Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai:
Take a shot every time he says "Uh".
Cinnati Ohiocy
Cinnati Ohiocy:
Hes obviously not confident enough in the safety of vaccines if he doesn't want to be held legally liable.
The fact that Bill Gates is speaking on vaccines 🥴🥴
Clearly there’s something they aren’t telling us.
Now the most important question: Which version of windows is installed on the vaccines?
Josh Judd
Josh Judd:
Boy this scripted interview really sold me on getting Mr Gates vaccine.
Andy Patino
Andy Patino:
4:10 when asked “how confident are you that they will be effective and safe” then cut and edited. How convenient
Alfredo Tv
Alfredo Tv:
lol the NWO right in front of our faces damn it! 😂

god please help us out these mfs crazy 🗣🤦🏽‍♂️😤
Debbie Tran
Debbie Tran:
Vaccine is great. Let’s test on Gates first!
Dragon Steel
Dragon Steel:
Genocidal population control Bill has ideas to save lives? HAHAHA! Bill Gates is a major red flag in vaccines!
elias moubarak
elias moubarak:
Why doesn't a real epidemiologist give us his perspective about covid instead of this computer geek.
Fiaran Gutierrez
Fiaran Gutierrez:
This clown is a mad man.
Money has destroyed this man's soul. He looks and sounds pathetic.
No doctor... Yet speaking. With authority as he owns donating and through it controls world health agenda

The most dangerous crimnal outside prison
Silent Night
Silent Night:
I firmly believe that HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Monkey Pox, COVID-19 etc were all dreamt up by scientists.
Sagittarius Que
Sagittarius Que:
He has the mark of the beast in his forehead
Josiah McCraw
Josiah McCraw:
Interviewer: Will these vaccines be safe?

Bill: well the uuuuuuuuuuhhh....

Me: yeah Bill that’s what I thought 👏
Jacob Soto
Jacob Soto:
When something starts out attacking someone you know there's an agenda
Jr Perez
Jr Perez:
As soon as he starts speaking,his hands start doing gang signs....
"Not just effective but safe as well?" 4:11 mark. Gates looks to the right before answering 😬🤔.
Jose Gamboa
Jose Gamboa:
This guy “bg” is such a vulture. Reminds me of the birds from the movie the dark crystal
I'd rather have the lead singer of The Offspring (Dexter Holland) talk about viruses and vaccines then Bill Gates.
Sapphire 1961
Sapphire 1961:
Well I'm sorry mr goats but when did you get a PhD r your medical liencse of any kind? Your not a dr of any sorts.
Drink Me
Drink Me:
Can't wait to read the comments
Every time this guy talks he move his hands, he's clearly hiding something.
John Doe
John Doe:
"Do you trust the FDA" he totally ignore the question lol. Its a yes or no then explain lol
Moko lesney
Moko lesney:
Wow, his whole body language never stops being guilty
Am I the only one who noticed he never answered any question directly. He danced around each of them. wow! 🤦🏾‍♀️
He's been a genius through all this. He started it! What are we going to do is the question. God always wins Bill!
Ashy Williams
Ashy Williams:
Bill gates: we ain’t ready for a plandemic

Also bill gates: so imma fund vaccine technology that can only be used 18 months after the fact
Steve Chavez
Steve Chavez:
He's a new world order stooge
Rob N
Rob N:
Why does anyone care what he thinks??? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
No bill gates I dont want to take your special serum and you cant make me