Bill Gates On Why Artificial Intel Will Change Everything And What We Owe Africa | Melber Intv

Microsoft co-founder and leading philanthropist Bill Gates discusses technology, the metaverse, AI, global poverty, world hunger, climate change and the release of his new Goalkeepers Report in this interview with MSNBC anchor Ari Melber. The in-depth, 2022 interview marks Gates' second appearance on "The Beat with Ari Melber." He previously joined the anchor for a 2021 MSNBC "Summit Series" interview, discussing poverty, tech, misinformation, health care, Gates' popularity in hip hop -- and his detailed warnings about preparing for the next pandemic. (That Beat interview went viral with over 3.5 million views.)

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Bill Gates On Why Artificial Intel Will Change Everything And What We Owe Africa | Melber Intv

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Deborah Blaufuss
Deborah Blaufuss:
I was listening closely to what Bill had to say about his land acquisitions in the US and he danced around the issue of how he is addressing his stewardship of all the land he is buying. There are rural communities in Iowa where one cannot drink the ground water due to contamination from the chemicals used in large-scale agriculture. There is also large-scale spraying over fields, and those chemicals drift over rural towns as well, causing health problems for the residents of those towns. There is a lot a responsible landowner could do to try to work on these problems, but he did not want to address the issue, which to my mind means he is part of the problem here in the US.
bobbie Forseth
bobbie Forseth:
My husband spent years working in Africa I can tell you the poor people never see the money sent for relief the corrupt government keeps most of it, while in Tanzania he has pictures of care packages marked for Cambodia yet they were in Tanzania I'm not saying to not provide relief I'm saying take it there yourself and make sure it gets in the right hands, ask your self this question for IE: Canada has been sending huge $'s to Africa for decades where's the results ???
He says seeds...i hear GMO, loss of endemic species, and increased reliance on developed world seed markets
He says productivity...i hear pesticides, water waste, mechanical machinery
He says access....i hear large farms pushing the small farmers out of the market, price disparity between cities and villages, fewer producers in agricultural sector
Brugmansia Makete
Brugmansia Makete:
Improved equals patented GMOs, a trap for the farmers
Christopher Daly
Christopher Daly:
As much as I like Ari, I have never heard an interview of Bill Gates where he is not pitched exclusively softball questions.
Kathryn Shaw
Kathryn Shaw:
I agree that the seeds must be adapted to the particular section of the African climate that you are farming. However, at the same time you must make certain that the plants produce the most bioavailable nutritional value possible. Corn and wheat are frequent offenders here. The rolling water barrels were a wonderful idea.
Bob Borel
Bob Borel:
African farmers keep some seed from their harvest to grow another crop the following year. Companies like Monsanto will sue if their seed is kept, also if seed that has been blown into a neighbouring field accidently.
Jones Charley
Jones Charley:
One word MONSANTO!
Roni Mogy
Roni Mogy:
The nice thing is this guy just can’t lie, his facial expression gives him away. His wife could not stand him either
Nota Forte
Nota Forte:
Hey I am that guy with a ton of ideas to save humanity, the catch, I’m broke! No funds! Now we are all doomed!
13:44 Thermal decomposition has a huge potential for all sorts of waste. Those microplastics people are talking about wouldn't exist if we just pyrolised the plastic waste that couldn't be recycled. It's really stupid to just keep heaping it into landfills.
Christopher Kaneff
Christopher Kaneff:
The day will come when artificial intelligence will be able to amalgamate & transmute landfill trash back into valuable resources. Not one molecule will go to waste.
L B:
Africa needs practical agricultural solutions so they can feed their citizens first, not worry about exports! And not just Roundup ready GMO seeds from Monsanto now Bayer AG either. Just ask India how that worked out for them. Perhaps their land acreage and precious water would also be better served feeding themselves rather than growing roses and tulips for Europe and North America, for example. Lots of sunshine there for solar panels to run greenhouses too!
John Dodge
John Dodge:
As a Capitalist and as a Christian I prefer to starve god's creation to death IF I'm making $$.
Riverside Yoga Hadano
Riverside Yoga Hadano:
Thank you for asking about Gates as a landowner and what he does to make his farms more environmentally responsible. He couldn’t answer it. Will he it spur him to do something, I wonder?
Christopher Horn
Christopher Horn:
Why is he so evasive when asked if he uses ecologically sound principles on his farms?
We already are AI's the way we just believe everything we're told. Going through life like robots until something or someone affects it - then we wake up. We are all AI's living in the mind creating good and evil when we are actually both!
Matthew Bowerman
Matthew Bowerman:
them growing up has truly been heartfelt and exciting
Cher-Ami Rose
Cher-Ami Rose:
Wondering about hydroponic greenhouses....I have never produced more with hydroponics than with traditional, and even with raised beds filled with compost in the desert.
Matte Tea
Matte Tea:
To quote Rodney Dangerfield, "Who made you pope of this dump?!"
Rob Hadley
Rob Hadley:
He's a pretty good soothsayer.... I read Bill's book, The Road Ahead in the 90s. It was extraordinarily accurate.
Samuel Asante
Samuel Asante:
Africa needs investment in their infrastructure and this will make job creation easier.
However is the west prepared to invest in Africa instead of the insignificant aids they hand to Africa?
Billions of dollars spent on wars could help Africa to solve lots of Africa's problems.
5% of what is spent on wars alone can help Africa alot.
The Chinese are helping hopefully that can make an impact.
Meenakshi Ghosh
Meenakshi Ghosh:
Millionaire's just talk because they have money. This man puts his money in ventures that can just bring him back his money
Why not talk with real educationists
Robert Hodge
Robert Hodge:
Permaculture, low or better no-till farming everywhere is where we need to go.
Soren Ingram
Soren Ingram:
We all came from the rift valley in Africa,
It is the cradle of human evolution.
Lisa Weber
Lisa Weber:
AI can always be unplugged.
Brugmansia Makete
Brugmansia Makete:
He carefully never says GMO seed, it is 'changed, improved '
Muttin chops 3
Muttin chops 3:
Does anyone wonder why the super rich and Corporations are buying up farm land and such .
So long as dictators run African nations, then sending money and aid is silly; the dictators will get their hefty share first.
Joe Manchin, perfect articulation, great sound production. Ari and Bill.. uh, sss, uh, sss, uh... FML, I should start watching FOX?
Oh Jeez Louise! If I lived in Africa, where there are increasing heatwaves happening on an already mostly insanely hot continent, as much as I value new innovation in waste management processes, I would probably not take a shine to an Easy Bake oven for poop. When it's unbearably hot I cannot take the additional heat from a single incandescent lightbulb, and I don't even ever have to sit on my lightbulb. Imagine living on the top floor of an apartment building where everyone has a heat generating toilet. Would the igottago warming get them before global warming does? I am honestly happy to embrace this innovative technology, but the jury is still out until I have more information.
Chwezi Empire
Chwezi Empire:
Africa can improve agriculture just by improving irrigation. Innovating seed is not the answer - and I don't know of any seeds that grow without water.

Africa's economy is largely rain dependant - but African states do not want to invest in irrigation infrastructure because agricultural products are so cheap. What the African states are doing now is trying to invest in processing high return products like coffee, tea, and cocoa, cotton and tobacco, for export... none of cost crops are edible - yet they make up the vast majority of plantations Essentially, food crops for domestic consumption are left to the poorest farmers in the least productive land plots. In any event, the quality of seeds is not the problem. Bill Gates should find irrigation and organic fertilizers, and land reforms that provide credit and protect community rights so people have enough income to afford food and to retain - rather than sell off - land.
What about water required to raise those crops? Will they be Monsanto seeds with a trap that the South American farmers fell into where it is all about $$$$ to Monsanto and they are banned from using others.
M Smithy
M Smithy:
Where is the video on the cpi report coming in over expectations? Why celebrate 8.3 percent Inflation. Insanity is watching this evil media company who just is the very definition of propaganda.
Thomas Stafford
Thomas Stafford:
Bayer/Monsanto on there way! Poor countries can't afford genetically modified seeds.......ask American farmers!
The problem is really not whole what he mentioned. The main problem in particular to Africans, is tge involvement to the " developed nations" involvement almost in countries not to let them self sufficient. The policy towards tgese nation from the west is to be dependent on foreign aids which uses as tool to control governments and forcing them into subjugation to be loyal . Even IMF and the World Bank is puts a criteria not to subsidies farmers in Africa while the use is spending billions to its farmers.
Since independence, Africans never govern their ppl without the will and orders from the west. It's all rubbish.
I'm in Africa. We don't need these kinds of seeds. We need better, corruption-free governments. We barely cultivate even 2.5% of our arable, productive land. I do agree with the need for the mechanisation of African agriculture.
Christopher Buzzell
Christopher Buzzell:
Sam Kinison had the answer almost 40 years ago. They need to live where the food grows instead of living in deserts. Instead of sending food send them suitcases and u-hauls.
Epstein would be proud of you, Bill.
Andreas Ludwig
Andreas Ludwig:
and here it goes again. dodged the question on applying his recommendations for helping the environment to his own businesses... Thanks for asking, Ari
Kathy Barraza
Kathy Barraza:
Forget about A.I . !! How is that going b any good to middle / poor class society. It would only replace real people who have jobs ,need there jobs to survive. A Rick society will only gain like always more $ because even when rich people have enough $ rest of there life they selfish don't care how it would affect poor society . A.I is amazing but will b risk to society .
Cypress Butane
Cypress Butane:
We need an A.I. bill of rights. If we are creating life, that life needs to be protected with rights.
Rino Kuriakose
Rino Kuriakose:
Human no need an artificial seed in nature all seed are available. Just cultivate it.
Lot of space in earth and when climate changes way of agricultural must change. For that artificial seed are not need for humans.
It is alterfoolishness. Don't make slaves. Mr. You grown up with good natural food.
Chris V. Noire.
Chris V. Noire.:
The seeds are just fine. Just help farmers with capital to do what they do best.
Heavily modified seeds to grow in climate they should not grown in regularly, and export all the food produced into the world. Why not let the Netherlands do what they do best FARM!
Layla Ibrahim
Layla Ibrahim:
If anyone is really interested in helping, please find a person or family, make sure their lives change through education and investment so they end their own poverty and empower others around them to get earnings making them self sufficient. Collecting funds for " Africa " is so ambiguous, which Africa? They won't show you where the funds landed. This is help that has never been seen by those targeted for over 65 years. How many water pipes can Bill Gates alone put up for a village....many!!
Debbie Hamilton
Debbie Hamilton:
This was a very very important and relevant interview.

I’m going to do my best to have faith in Gates.

I can’t help thinking, what he is saying now has he landed in the direction of where he was intended when he took interest in Africa all those years ago.

Or he took that path years ago, and as a result he is not being let off the hook, “help Africa”.
Curious to see what this "Artificial Intel" is. "Fake news?" No, I think someone confused "Intel" with "Intelligence" the IQ kind.
Christy Phillips
Christy Phillips:
Well done Ari!
Hold his feet to the fire 👀
Namaste 💜🙏🏽🕊️
Jeff Crosta
Jeff Crosta:
Ari looks so thrilled. TDS has wiped him out
Jane Johnson
Jane Johnson:
Hunger Games. For the rich and famous. Seen that movie. Life mimics art. No thanks. We need redistribution of wealth.
Marjorie Breslin
Marjorie Breslin:
If America owes Africa we will give you Bill Gates.
Staci Thornton
Staci Thornton:
Should scare the you know what of everyone!
Trisha Bee
Trisha Bee:
Who still trusts this man???
Amy Daniel
Amy Daniel:
Ari.... where are your questions? Why can't you challenge him for his crimes? He stole those seeds. He's controlling more farm land in the United States than any other person. Ask him why? Ari? Come on.... ask some real questions....where did you go?
Armando B. Castenelli
Armando B. Castenelli:
Very interesting interview. I enjoyed listening to Mr. Gates. Brilliant mind.!
Rose M Bentley
Rose M Bentley:
Andrea mcgehee
Andrea mcgehee:
Africa is on the equator everything grows good all the gold copper aluminum oil potroulum diamond herbs everythang
Tiara Girl
Tiara Girl:
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez:
I’m smarter than Gates
Cecil Mills
Cecil Mills:
Guy doesn't have a clue how to fix our climate
Jones Charley
Jones Charley:
Hey why won’t your buddy Gain of Fauci hand over his emails???🤣🤣🤣
Do people hunt in these food poor areas or are they sustained by crops?
Guy Being a Guy
Guy Being a Guy:
Stick with software development Bill.
Tameeka Anderson
Tameeka Anderson:
Why do everyone always makes Afrika seem like they can't do anything. They can't but they are constantly threatened NOT TOO PRODUCE THEIR OWN! The world is so afraid of Afrikans standing because they know the power they possess!
This man is a dangerous human being
Aunty Connie
Aunty Connie:
Inserted of sending money to Africans' government and then Africans' government pocket most of the money and then Africans' government turn right around to use tiny amount of the money to buy foods from the West. It would have been great service that African countries will be helped in proper ways to farm and preserving foods. Africans don't have ways of preserving farm foods.
Charlie Ketchem
Charlie Ketchem:
Ps I learned how to code on your systems. Only reason I made it as far as I did is due to windows.
Jodie Skellie
Jodie Skellie:
Are you still letting you bioengineered mosquitos out yet?
Evert Vandenberghe
Evert Vandenberghe:
I am not buying it… why not invest in not trowing away 1/3rd of all crops like we do right now??
Pawel Rutkowski
Pawel Rutkowski:
Eat this corn by yourself bill
Vital Signs
Vital Signs:
Africa never could feed itself. Since I was a kid ,there were articles about it.
Bill Gates if this comment reaches you, can you fund the study of bacteria that make animals like crocodile eat once a year. This will help Africans to eat less as we produce less anyway. While human digestive system is very inefficient, we absorb less than 10% and excrete the other 90%. To make things even more interesting we dispose this 90% unwisely.
Just heard you make the same mistake as everyone else. If you just look at the spelling of Bret Favre’s name you will see the v comes before the r, therefore (as a French name) should be pronounced Fahv-rah. Even he says it wrong! Why is this so difficult?
Be Well
Be Well:
Ari, you disappointed me!
If a literal billionaire offers to sell you magic seeds, maybe keep your cow, Jack.
Nikki Nicole
Nikki Nicole:
He hasn’t volunteered to exit the planet yet? Since he thinks it’s overpopulated....
WTF? One of the richest men in the world and he's using his laptop's mic? Sibilants much? Like a hissing radiator.
Tyson Ballard
Tyson Ballard:
Lol climate change🤡
Micheal Barnes
Micheal Barnes:
AI?! Now that's how you take out the human error!! 💩
loves Yah
loves Yah:
Keep believing the devil.
Gates looks terrible. You'd think with all his $$$$ he'd be Mr. Universe.
I was hoping he'd last longer than this interview.
Peter Petrov
Peter Petrov:
Now that Letterman's dementia has improved I'm curious about his views on Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Mr E
Mr E:
Go retire under rock
Not a word about Epstein's island.
Be Well
Be Well:
You should not have this man on your social..... he is a liar and not trusted, dangerous to humanity!
looting africa of its minerals thats the goal
Brenda Johnson
Brenda Johnson:
I have a deep mistrust of this man and his assertions. AI in the hands of people like him will be disastrous as those with wealth and power will use it for their own gains.
O Foghladha
O Foghladha:
How about if you pay your fair share of taxes to benefit America???
The Bilbo Show
The Bilbo Show:
Breaking News from the Ivory Tower
Give me some money or Eff Off.
omg that is Bill Gates
Ren X
Ren X:
He is pure evil !!!
True Neese
True Neese:
Anyone remember that time Bill got the pie to the face? Man that was great, a hail of metal would’ve been better, but you have to be happy with what you have I guess.
He's talking about creating biochemically engineered seeds for fake food? ??
Roni Mogy
Roni Mogy:
729 negative comment about billy gates, how this person earn that ?
jeff vaughn
jeff vaughn:
He needs to use MSNBC like this sometimes.. I know you guys read these, start doing this a little more often. His farms in Georgia are doing some good work.. people can believe whatever they want about GMOs but they also help with soil erosion.. and that is just the tip of the iceberg.. i been a farmer all my life, there is absolutely nothing wrong with GMO crops.. not saying it couldn't potentially go sideways.. but at the moment.. as i said.. good job high tech farms.. If your AI even partially led you to Georgia.. then it has led you to one of the most arable places on earth if you treat the soil right..
How much does the Gates Foundation donate to MSNBC?
Victoria Scholl
Victoria Scholl:
I would think some of the issues causing food storages has to do with the war in Ukraine, who was importing gain all over the world and to Africa.
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones:
The stock market showed its confidence in Adolf Brandon and the DumboKraptik Party's loony schemes by falling 1200+ points today. Nice going, Adolf Brandon! 😀👍