Bill Gates opens up about his divorce and Jeffrey Epstein

CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to Bill Gates about his divorce from former wife Melinda French Gates after 27 years, and asks Gates about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein -- one Gates called a "huge mistake."
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A Voice of Reason
A Voice of Reason:
He’s been working on the response to that question for two years and he still sounds so nervous when they ask him about it. Just shows how guilty he is
Hunter Thompson
Hunter Thompson:
Imagine being one of Jeffrey epsteins good friends and then trying to cover it up LOL
*The elite:* "So we've been hanging out with this kiddy fiddler and now the public knows..."
*CNN:* "How can we help you?"
Why not ask him why he spent time Epstein island? We all know exactly what went down there, and that seems like a lot more than just "a few dinners".
𝒮𝓃𝓉 𝒞𝓇𝓊𝓏𝑒
𝒮𝓃𝓉 𝒞𝓇𝓊𝓏𝑒:
They always go with the “don’t we all have regrets” line
"Well he's dead. In general, you always have to be careful." - Bill Gates 2021
Tanzan Ear
Tanzan Ear:
I love the way he says that "He and his family need to heal."
Because he's the Victim here in this story, of course.
M U:
All this interview tells me is that there's so much to this world that the public do not know about, he should have a full hour long conversation with a reporter asking some of the public's most desired questions. That is if he is being honest, if he doesn't comply then the truth is out there.
Tina Nickerson
Tina Nickerson:
It just always baffles me why people need to cheat on someone....yea relationships can be complicated ; but damn seperate or divorce but dont go sneaking around your spouse and partner's back. Its the most sleazy and undermining and painful thing you can do to a partner in life.
Bill Gates is that uncle who gets banned from Thanksgiving lunches to keep the kids safe.
Brentson Digital
Brentson Digital:
"We all have Regrets!" You guys do know that Bill has all our search history right ? 🤣🤣🤣
Zac M
Zac M:
The lack of follow up on that last question was ridiculous.
Rash Daniel
Rash Daniel:
A real journalist might ask him what he was doing on the island.....
Maria A.
Maria A.:
When Bill answers "everybody does regret", he knows what he is implying. We do not know how many and who have fallen into bad behavior.
Oso Strong
Oso Strong:
"I made a mistake" won't work when you meet your Maker. Justice is coming!!!
Nazmo King
Nazmo King:
More sympathy from Anderson than him pressing Bill for any truth. Not exactly compelling journalism...
Alex Tanner
Alex Tanner:
'Do you have regrets?'
'Certainly, Everyone does'
NAHHH mannn not those kind. Bill fell apart on that last question. What a joke 🙄
Reporter: "I'm sorry for what you and your family are going through"

Gates (of hell): "Don't worry, other families are going to have it MUCH worse than mine over rather next couple decades! Mwahahaha"
Markeeta Chambray
Markeeta Chambray:
He didn’t deny it and smiled when it was explained
Ace Buhr
Ace Buhr:
Money makes people sick. And to think this man had every opportunity to do the right thing.
The Angry Bass
The Angry Bass:
Gee, can’t imagine why Bill would be hanging out with Epstein…
Canadian Prepper
Canadian Prepper:
This interview is evidence that there is no honor and loyalty at the top
tropical dilution
tropical dilution:
The way he avoided that question is hilarious
Donovan Upchurch
Donovan Upchurch:
"Jeffrey Epstine is one of the most interesting people I have met."
-Bill Gates
S D Keys
S D Keys:
"Get inside kids, there's a philanthropist coming down the road..."
Zadok's Studio
Zadok's Studio:
Believe me, Melinda saw some stuff! She didn’t divorce him for nothing.
“Whoever walks with wolves, is taught to howl”.

How quickly the masses forget.
Rice Paddy
Rice Paddy:
More of a script read through than an interview
Gary Meglino
Gary Meglino:
Who in their right mind would ever believe CNN?
Pieter Beekhuizen
Pieter Beekhuizen:
Bill struggles to keep it cool when the Epstein question is brought up, even tho Anderson's is very careful not to offend when asking.
This is just weird. You should know all of these question have been carefully each selected - this is literally scripted. All for persona and image.
2:22 I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist but this sounds like a thinly veiled threat to those that could possibly 'out' him
This is actually a good interview. He got the bill to open up to answering questions. Dude can hide behind his war chest and there’s nothing that can be done about it
CNN has to stay ahead of this Bill Gates/Epstein thing… they can’t let that get out of hand like that Andrew Cuomo thing just did
Arwen Undómiel
Arwen Undómiel:
„On a personal level I‘m really sorry what you and your family are going through.“ Wow, what a tough, upstanding journalist you are Anderson.
Vince Hoffman
Vince Hoffman:
The majority of people want to know who else was involved. Whoever was involved need to be sent to life in prison
Maria Alano
Maria Alano:
Moderator: do u have regrets?
Bill gates : everyone does
putting everyone on his boat!
what a coward!
If this was a planned interview, why does he look and sound so surprised, especially by the last 2questions?
Josh H
Josh H:
Usually he’s a pretty good liar but I was able to see right through him in this interview
AstheBox ChevyRolls
AstheBox ChevyRolls:
Soothes my soul to see Bill this troubled after pain he has brought the world. I know not right to feel this way but I am just being real.
Femi Faseyiku
Femi Faseyiku:
The first time I've ever seen Bill Gates nervous. I assume his answers were practiced but he is still very nervous about it. Sad..
Me You
Me You:
I love how he said " I dont want to ask and i don't think it's anybodys business " then continues to ask about it many different ways. Both are fake snakes anyway and won't hope the best for them.
Margaret Judice
Margaret Judice:
Oh wow! Anderson Cooper wasn't attacking him. He was compassionate.
“From late 1988, when the Franklin case first broke into public view, until mid-1991, at least 15 people associated with the case as investigators, alleged perpetrators, or potential witnesses, died sudden deaths, many of them violent.”
― John W. DeCamp, The Franklin Cover-up
Kristal L
Kristal L:
What an awful human. “We all have regrets” that is distancing language, he doesn’t have any remorse for his actions. His body language changed drastically when asked for the JE, there’s huge gaps in this story.
I hope Bill and Melinda, two most selfless and kind people, keeps working together at the foundation for the betterment of the society. We all have done some silly things in the past which we are not proud of. I wish them both Peace and Happiness going forward.
harry lazard
harry lazard:
AC: "Bill, your wearing my glasses" "I wear these to make me look intelligent when I ask stupid questions" BG: "I had these glasses before you, they make me look sincere when I'm telling you a load of bull sh*t"....
Carl Jensen
Carl Jensen:
Why are we still pretending that there aren't two sets of justice?
Such a joke of an interview.
While he was hunting he didn't realize he also was being hunted.
Sunshine 🌞
Sunshine 🌞:
He didn’t crack that devious smirk once during this interview.
Danielle Kemp
Danielle Kemp:
Philanthropy through child prostitution wow! Despicable how he say oh it was a mistake to have multiple dinners with a child trafficking wicked warlock
Sean Baker
Sean Baker:
He was good until that last question. 😂 Just stumbling.
damson wasswa
damson wasswa:
"I made a mistake" it's hard to find middle class swallowing their pride and be responsible for their mistakes, thank you grand papa of billionaires 👏👏👏
Earthian Trading
Earthian Trading :
i dont think he was expecting that lmaoo, he crossed his arms when q'd about Epstein= closing up lmaoooo
His wife was willing to put up with his side chick. Has a house that she never would have to see him. What on earth did she find out from Epstein…? 😳😱
yz database
yz database:
Gates: So I was dumping loads in my employee.
CNN: Thanks for talking about workplace culture.

This "interview" = sponsored ad.
Morrison Nicholas
Morrison Nicholas:
The economy hardship, recession, unemployment and loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures.
F.blessed F.blessed
F.blessed F.blessed:
His wife knows what’s going on
Bharath R
Bharath R:
CNN: Why not give space to El Chapo Guzman to open up too? Also Prince Albert, Kevin Spacey, that woman who was Epstein's best friend. Give them all an opportunity to open. We little people do want to listen to their "humane" side
Gort Newton
Gort Newton:
Remember this people, he's only a billionaire, that's all. Look at him like you would for any other man.
Cindy Z
Cindy Z:
What happens in the dark will always come to light. He's guilty. It's disgusting
Michał Dzida
Michał Dzida:
Couple of prepared questions that you already know very well 🤣🤣
Neon Radar
Neon Radar:
You can literally hear his mouth going dry by the end. Really uncomfortable to watch cause he's lying his ass off.
At times, CNN turns into the video version of The National Enquirer. This is one of those times.
"I'm sorry for what you're going through" 🤣🤣🤣 A correct statement would have been...." I'm sorry you cheated on your wife and got caught hanging out with a pedophile and ruined your marriage" hahahahaha
Nostalgickstict Collector
Nostalgickstict Collector:
The interview is a hired hit. Captions are hiding all of it's details gates was fully aware for a response he heavily crafted himself for months straight before paying for this spot
llama face
llama face:
2:53 that was hard to watch. He couldnt spit 2 words out to make a proper sentence. And he didn't even deny anything lol
By saying it was a mistake he’s admitting to something. I’m surprised he didn’t say he didn’t know about it. But maybe he’s worried things will resurface. Shocked he’d even do an interview without being fully prepared. These psychos aren’t as smart as people are led to believe.
Zach Kingsley
Zach Kingsley:
“I made a mistake” 😂
LA Comic
LA Comic:
“Bill Gates is down bad” - Cody Ko
Susan S
Susan S:
Thank God Melinda’s rid of him! I hope she find happiness in her future. God, his poor kids……..He’s dead-to all of us who once admired his brilliant mind.
Larry Smith
Larry Smith:
That moment you realize bill gates can pull up your entire existence on the internet
Necdet Bülbül
Necdet Bülbül:
Look at how nervous he gets everytime he's asked about Epstein.
Doublehoff105 Hoff
Doublehoff105 Hoff:
Same old BS from the same old so called “journalists”, they don’t ask any tough questions.
Mike Mono
Mike Mono:
Its odd... you look into the face of Evil. You expect to see it... or some sign of it, but the shocking thing is you see nothing. What you see is a absence... he's not there.
Everything you need to know about their relationship. In my unnecessary and totally observational opinion: Milestone and partnership. = business talk. Is this guy capable of having a relationship without a business filter?
He’s never answered to any of these questions and he’s trying to say I need to go forward “my work”
"Duping delight, and how to hold back a smirk - a course with Bill." where do I sign up for this?
Bill Gates is such an intelligent, good man. I have been working with my high income clients, they have the discret in their high sexual individual needs. SAD, these things happen to end their 27 years of married.
Melinda Gates could have second chance to recoincilation, if there is forgiveness. More than her freedom and toxic traumas in the relationship.
Life, Love, Career are diffirent aspects and interests to choose or balance for Bill Gates.
asc Catweazle
asc Catweazle:
Descartes : “I think, therefore I am”, Bill Gates: “I lie, therefore I am” …. Bravo Mr Gates 👏👏👏 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Cana Dude
Cana Dude:
3:12 Bill's body language is very telling. It's sad that he doesn't really have much of a real heart...all he can respond with is _my work is very important to me_ . I am finally starting to realize many genius level people are messed up. Many seem to have very little genuine empathy for others. Greed and narcissism just takes over as their primary motivation. (Steve Jobs, Jeffrey Epstein, Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell, and it looks like I need to add Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates) It's rare to find a genuinely pure marriage among geniuses, inventors, top business tycoons and many celebrities. It's like love, commitment and family always takes second place over anything else. I used to look up to billionaires with admiration, now I take off my rose-tinted glasses.
Sarosh Hiramanek
Sarosh Hiramanek:
Hope things go in your favour Bill Gates👍
Richard Fredlund
Richard Fredlund:
isn't 'philanthropy' great when you're getting 20 - 1 return on investment (in own words)
S M:
He started to malfunction like some AI towards the end lmao
Wow he had some credibility before this interview. Now? Most possibly gone out the window.
“Just ,on a personal level......”
D Karma12
D Karma12:
Pure Truth from this network and this man, always. Never suspect otherwise.
S P:
2:47 for real 🙄 🤣

Looking anxious when asked about E . 🤔
🤮 Feeling disgusted because we made them rich.
qwertyson qwertyson
qwertyson qwertyson:
Bill is really letting himself go by being on the clown news network
I feel he is a good person. He is just caught up in the world's problems like the rest of us... Much love, Bill.
Wow how did he get through such a hard hitting interview only question of real importance not asked was his favorite flavor of Ice cream definitely can't trust any of the operation mockingbird media
V&M Sessions
V&M Sessions:
He sounds humble though & that's the thing I love about him.
Bobby Digital
Bobby Digital:
He won't have that smirk when demons and hell's fire torture him for eternity. 👍
OgoLord Group
OgoLord Group:
All I see about Bill Gates is genuineness and I think that's all there is to him at this point. Perfection doesn't exist, at the end of the day we're all humans. Take care Bill❤❤❤
God's Child
God's Child:
"Learned from what has happened" - learn from the mess "I created" - you are not a passive recipient- but an active participant!
The irony of this interview is that both of
Them were on epstein’s flight log :):):) #they’reallinonit
Money can’t buy honor! I hope Melinda finds happiness and peace.
I love the way anything Gates pokes the walking clueless out from under their rock, comedy gold.
Aidan Southwick
Aidan Southwick:
I love how Cooper that thinks he's a genius.
Cnns down vote ratio says otherwise.