Biomutant Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?"

Karak with ACG reviews Biomutant out soon for Playstation, xbox and PC. Biomutant is an open-world 3rd person roleplaying action game.

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Biomutant Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?"
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100+ komentarze:

waiting patiently for this review...
This reminds me of the games I enjoyed as a kid. Not perfect, but they were interesting, dared to dare, and most importantly - had soul.
”Keep your Kratos low and you’ll never be an expectation” - Disappointed.
Julian Sabarre
Julian Sabarre:
Kratos: Keep your expectations low boy, and you'll never be disappointed.
While my hype for the game has been humbled with these review, I can honestly say I'm still excited to play this game on release tomorrow. I'll always support developers who dare to try something new, even if it fails, because thats how we get even better games in this industry.
Miller Johnston
Miller Johnston:
As someone trying to learn GameDev, it's these "double-A" games that really inspire me. I wanted to do this whole thing because I love the way storytelling and worldbuilding play out in video games as opposed to books or movies, and to see new IPs pop up and try new things is what sparks the fire.
I wouldn't say I'm disappointed that there are flaws, because that's just how these things go sometimes, I just hope that the dev team has the funds and support to give it another go and to take this release and make something better.
It looks like some high-quality eurojank.

So something right up my alley.
I'm still gonna get it on release. I'm good with just chilling out and exploring a big, pretty world.
IGN and ACG released the review at the same time I chose to click on a real one .
Matthew Jonas
Matthew Jonas:
"Bust out them getaway sticks".

That is the best term for legs I've come across, hands down.
Liam Dawes
Liam Dawes:
Even with the mixed reviews I think it still looks fantastic for the size of their development team. $60 seems a little much for it but the way I look at games is if I'm going to get even 25+ hours out of it it's worth it if I'm having fun. I can look past small glitches and issues aslong as they're not ultimately game breaking. I'd pay $30 to go to the movies for 2 hours of entertainment. I think we have become more aware of developers having us over in recent years with promises unfulfilled and awful releases but I think it's made many of us at the same time overly sceptical and picky on things that really are quite good. Great review, thanks for sharing your thought
Nerd Share
Nerd Share:
We'll give this a chance. At least it tries something fresh
Buff Ectomorph
Buff Ectomorph:
This kind of reminds me of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Smaller dev team, looks really pretty but has some pretty big holes. All in all that kind of game has a certain charm. It's rough around the edges but if you can look past some of it's flaws it's a pretty enjoyable game.
Storm J
Storm J:
I've been waiting patiently for this review...
I watched this review and I asked myself, "well, what is Biomutant?"
“Your little creature leaps in the air and pile drives absolutely fuckin nobody as enemies look on” 😂😭😂😭
Awesome review as always. Appreciate that you ACTUALLY seem to play a decent amount of the games before putting out these videos. I ultimately make my own decisions when buying games, but your reviews are the only ones I take into account (especially regarding performance). In this case, I already pre-ordered this game so I tuned in purely for enjoyment and support lol. Thanks again!
Joe Chapman
Joe Chapman:
I'll still play this just because I love the monsters so much (and whoever's designing those deserves a raise: imagine if it didn't have fluffy monsters in hoodies?). I hope they sell enough to keep the team together for another game.
Md. Arafat Rashid
Md. Arafat Rashid:
thank god this one is brightly lit.
For a AA game, I'm getting it. Plus for a small group of devs, this is still impressive. Plus there could be quality of life updates.
Andrew Martel
Andrew Martel:
I’ll be honest, I’m all for the downtime. Definitely a pro for me. Kind of tired of games feeling the need to throw enemies or “random encounters” every 30 seconds - a minute.
Zach Hitterman
Zach Hitterman:
This is the first game where I can actually say I kept from getting my expectations too high, and I'm glad I did. It seemed too good to be true, and is.
Cameron Pavelic
Cameron Pavelic:
Sounds like another case of a small development team getting overly ambitious and not having enough time to hash out all their ideas.
After watching the IGN review this was a breath of fresh air, of a review. Felt much more genuine and unbiased. Thank you!
Quest Mode
Quest Mode:
I have been playing this game and I’m absolutely loving it. I’m getting out of it what I put into it. If I seek out the good stuff, it rewards me in kind. I would not pass this game by if you want something new and different from your open world games.
Renegade Guy
Renegade Guy:
This whole situation reminds me a lot of Rage 2...
after watching a lot of reviews. I know this game's still right up my alley hahahaha
I enjoy the depth of field ON when in combat then back off when not, cool look.
From all the reviews Ive seen this game seems to be a perfect 5/10. It could go either way for some people. Its either: Not good, but is very original and has unique ideas; or: Great, but does have flaws
It really sounds like the game just needs a balancing pass and some touch-up. Thanks for your entertaining take per usual my friend.
D Blundz
D Blundz:
Love the lore and concepts. Hopefully the IP doesn't die after divisive launch and they can have a second crack at it
"There is a reason why mules are unfertile" ....Subscribed.
This game was made by a team of only 20 people. I’m amazed by how good and fun it looks. I’m definitely going to get this it looks very unique
Narri Katti
Narri Katti:
I wanted a game with more animal-focus, I'm bored of playing as humans, so it's disappointing how empty the world looks and feels
It looks like they were trying something new and they weren t sure if it would work or didn t have enough time to fully implement. But I love it if they went fully into this new direction and not doing halfsteps. Still gonna buy it to support ideas like this :)
Mark C
Mark C:
Great review. I'm okay with the zen gaming aspect, so I'll be checking it out. Thanks as always for your thoroughness with this one!
The way I see these AA devs (20 person team) have made a new unique game with a few issues but still looks funs versus AAA with tons of microtransactions and broken gameplay. I rather support them than a AAA dev.
i like what I'm seeing... the weirdness pulls me in
Matt Regan
Matt Regan:
The only reviewer I listen to and trust. Brilliant in depth review. Thanks. This is one I will wait for a sale.
Sam Ash
Sam Ash:
This nvr grabbed me from the beginning so I’ll be saving my dough for other games coming out soon. Kudos to the devs for first game even though they didn’t hit the mark.
Jonas A
Jonas A:
i set my expectations too high for this game, and now my heart is broken
Matthew Goff
Matthew Goff:
Brilliant review dude! this is why you're one of the only game reviewers I trust.
Lil Randy
Lil Randy:
Rarely have I seen a font choice so terribly fitted to an artstyle in a game.
Josh Garcia
Josh Garcia:
12:49 "Hell, sometimes I like to coat pork chops in pork rinds. You know, to return the skin." <- Best food based morality choice ever! Hahaha!
Mister Ven0m
Mister Ven0m:
Half way through the video I started to get that "get this when it goes on sale" vibe.
"...their entire family tree was a single dead branch."

Fantastic! I'm stealing that, lol.
Matthew Lear
Matthew Lear:
First time on your channel, and after playing this game for a few hours. I think this is a very fair assessment. Well done.
I have seen several reveiws of this game now, and I have more questions then answers.
Charming Peasant
Charming Peasant:
Not me type of a game, but i'm glad that these kind of games still manage to see the light of day,
not really AAA, but not indie either. There used to be a big AA market once with devs experimenting
and sometimes coming up with real bangers that would never get released by the big publishers.
Hope BioMutant manages to find it's audience and pays off to the devs.
I've been waiting a long while to see how this game turned out.
"their family tree is a single dead branch"

Great review as always man!
This is going to be free on the playstation plus in the future... mark my word!
Miles Hawthorne
Miles Hawthorne:
devs need to realize that if they cant fill the map they shouldnt make it so big
Leo Soundtrack
Leo Soundtrack:
The environments and effects look awesome, and I always appreciate creativity in a game's design. However, its formula and certain elements, such as the inventory menu, look blatantly ripped out of other, popular titles.

The lack of thematic cohesion, reason, and depth, were exactly what I expected, and precisely why I've zero interest in picking up this title. It really feels like a quirky, upgraded, but ultimately purposeless mobile game.
Maks Moses
Maks Moses:
Haha I love how in-depth these reviews are. My little sister is going to LOVE this game
Bret V
Bret V:
Thanks man, I was just seeing this in the ps store and by the trailers it looked great. But I think I’m gonna wait
Anonymous Mouse
Anonymous Mouse:
for 60usd, this is definitely not worth the price
Exactly what I thought the game would be. But... ?
It's made by a small team tho. So props to them, hope it gets better with updates. I will wait.
Jonathan Soko
Jonathan Soko:
if this was 30 bucks, people would be more kind to it. I must note tho, breath of the wild seems to get a pass for being vast but empty, strange to me.
communism 2
communism 2:
I think I’ll still enjoy it
I didn’t hear about it in 2017 only heard about it a week ago so my hype isn’t too high
Joseph Becker
Joseph Becker:
Glad to see the youtube algorithm finally popped your channel back in my feed. Good review.
Really glad I tried it before buying it, I would've been pissed if I spent 60$ on this game.
Tee Jay Are
Tee Jay Are:
This review can be summed up as ‘how many game references can one man shake a verbal stick at?’
ok the review i been waiting for has dropped finally lets get to the meat of its worth
This in my opinion is the best review you have done in the last year (and that's a compliment). this review was really good.
Savi GG
Savi GG:
High School Shop Class mech, lost it at that sentence, great review. Writing is top notch in this video, the review is better than so many games put together.
Skadisson Deboye
Skadisson Deboye:
Nailed it, thanks for the review and still looking forward to playing the game.
People had fun making this game. Looks like a grab bag of ideas. It is interesting at the very least. Killer review as always!
IzThat it
IzThat it:
Thank you for calling in an ARPG. A lot of other reviews have been trying to make a new Genre just for this game.
dennis harper
dennis harper:
Thanks for a well thought out review! definitely helped me out.
Phil Jeavons
Phil Jeavons:
I wanted this game to be good. Now I don’t know what to do…. Reviews don’t seem to be saying “Buy it!”.
Hugh Mac
Hugh Mac:
Cool review. I’ve brought it and I’m going to play it and see for myself, even if it is a bit rough on the edges.
Jackson Sardello
Jackson Sardello:
Dang, that Mouseguard reference. Man of culture right there.
Wish this got more funding, it sounds and looks like it could be a hit.
Strange Occurrence
Strange Occurrence:
Never expected this to come out, looks really fun to me
I think if they make this game into a series it’s gonna really be something special imma play it and hope for a sequel
James Walter
James Walter:
Art style had me until the Fortnite upgrade/menu UI.
Christopher Duitsman
Christopher Duitsman:
The review reminds me how I feel about fenyx rising...
- Knjn -
- Knjn -:
Finally, been waiting for this
Gawain Davies
Gawain Davies:
The green grass looks amazing
Robert Powell
Robert Powell:
Damn i waited so long for this too when are good games gana finally come back ffs
Ravi Peiris
Ravi Peiris:
Great overview, graphics look amazing. Thank you,
You're the only one I watch when I want a serious review. Thanks man!
Its officially a wait for me now, especially with Ratchet and Clank releasing soon
mongoose mcmongoose
mongoose mcmongoose:
Keep going back to this every time I almost purchase this game.
Waiting on a sale.
Hm. I think I'll wait for a sale. The devs seem passionate. Hopefully they patch and balance some things. A sequel or another game from them would probably be much more polished and focused.
Great review as always!
Wow, I can actually see the game in this review, unlike IGN’s 🤷🏻‍♀️
DJBrandywine Gaming
DJBrandywine Gaming:
I am loving this game it's one of the best I have played in a while so far
I wasn't expecting it to be perfect. But it looks pretty damn good for such a small dev team. Ill support.
I was very cautious with this game and Im so glad you uploaded now. Definitely going to wait on this one. Thanks badass bearded bro
James Difley
James Difley:
I've never heard the term 'zen gamer' till now and I finally have something to call myself. FREAKIN THANK YOU!
Great review mate, especially because this is the first I've seen where it doesn't fully trashed this game!
Great review. I always appreciate your insight and it seems to aline with my own tendency to wait for a sale/update for these kinds of games. I am excited that this in on the market and it isn't just a [insert AAA game name here] clone.
Lil Poetboy
Lil Poetboy:
As a Zen Buddhist, I approve of this review. Thank you. You honor me ACG.
I love the clothing and look of the main character, some really cool options here
it's amazing this was 20 peeps making something they wanted to xD love it!
Never heard of this guy. He’s really good at writing. Will keep watching his videos.
A Gatorade
A Gatorade:
My dude, will you ever consider timestamping your videos on the sections you talk about?
I’m surprised by these negative reviews but appreciative as well. Thank you for the great review.
De Woeste Beul
De Woeste Beul:
Played through it.. and this is a game I will return to for later playtroughs. A Hidden gem in the future!