Birthday Boys Sinner, Schwartzman in Action; Murray Faces Gasquet | Cincinnati 2021 Highlights Day 2

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📸: Ben Solomon/ @Western and Southern Open

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100+ komentarze:

Delbonis' toss is really impressive when you realize he has to calculate the earth's rotation to get it to come down where he can hit it.
Joel Rivero
Joel Rivero:
I'm just so happy to see Murray play, idc if he isn't in form and being inconsistent, just a delight to see him fight to get back. Resilience at it's finest.
Taichi Kimura
Taichi Kimura:
Murray’s ground strokes are looking firm and concrete. Although he is a step slower than he used to be, I think he is finally getting over the injured mentality and playing with confidence and conviction. Hope to see him pull through on big occasions🏆
Schwartzman's victory yell is so high pitch. It always makes me smile.
Matthew Maguire
Matthew Maguire:
I was on a flight today just looking out the airplane window enjoying the view, and out of nowhere, I seen Delbonis ball toss.
Everyone talking about sinner's birthday but dont forget its schwartzman's birthday also

Happy birthday to both, pretty nice to see them winning today
ThatGai .Sensei
ThatGai .Sensei:
Delbonis in his mind during his serve toss
“To infinity.......... and beyond!!”
Game Set Match
Game Set Match:
Murray looks like he’s playing well, Sinner looked great! What a match between Evans and Schwartzman.
shikhar govil
shikhar govil:
so good to see andy back. he is not looking in great form and his movement are pretty restricted due to his hip problems but still, we all know that andy will not give up.
“How high is your serve toss?”
Delbonis: “Yes”
R Martinez
R Martinez:
Happy Birthday Sinner..!! Winning a match on your special day is one of the best gift you've ever received.🥳🥳
Scotty's ATP Analysis
Scotty's ATP Analysis:
I was at all these matches. Western and Southern open had such an amazing atmosphere and the facilities were crisp as hell, and so were the players. Even after the rain delay Murray and Schwartzman were great to see on court. Even got a picture with Andy at the end. Cheers 🍻
Lisa Bradley
Lisa Bradley:
Fantastic to see Andy Murray playing in the USA again, great to have him back out on the tour! 🙂🎾❤️
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great Performance by Sinner, Schwartzman and Murray ❤❤❤. Both birthday boys played phenomenal Tennis 👍👍👍💪💪💪
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players:
Great to see Andy playing more attacking as he now has to keep points short! well done!!
It doesn’t matter if Sinner doesn’t become the next Nadal, Federer or Djokovic, we shouldn’t compare his progress to theirs. However considering Sinner only started taking tennis seriously at age 15, this guy has serious potential to become a multiple grand slam winner and all time great
Pradeep Kumar’s Nath
Pradeep Kumar’s Nath:
Happy birthday Sinner.Congratulations for the win.
nir S
nir S:
happy birthday to the amazing future gen Sinner he looks amazing he really does good returns and the match between Schwarzman and evans was a war very epic very close and happy to see the legend andy Murray wins in the court
Michiel Eksteen
Michiel Eksteen:
Nice to see sinner play well on his birthday!
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown:
Schwartzmen and evans had some incredible rallies
Nashit Hasan
Nashit Hasan:
Currently what Andy Murray is doing is what makes human different, successful. The resilience
Murray is still serving and hitting pretty well, It's good to see him back. Could be an issue for Hurkacz if it comes to that.
Ray V
Ray V:
glad we could celebrate janniks birthday with him! such a fun match live he did really well
Sanne V
Sanne V:
Gasquet's backhand Is still as amazing as ever
What I've been liking is the resurgence of the lob. The lob has been absent for many years in men's singles because the overheads have been so good. I used to see desperation attempts to throw up a lob which would be weak and put away. Now, players appear to be practicing the lob more because I see better lobs and players are more strategic, lobbing when the net players momentum is moving forward after a drop shot and it is difficult to change momentum and move back.
Leonilo Dumana
Leonilo Dumana:
It's nice to see Andy Murray is playing again he is one favourite tennis player and back his winning ways
What a great day for Jannik Sinner winning on his bday and Andy Murray for the W :) Gl in the next round
0:23 that was almost a smile. THAT WAS ALMOST A SMILE during the match!
Good to see Murray back
Anshuman Ghoshe
Anshuman Ghoshe:
I must say Evans is really a very talented player .
Abdullah Cricket Productions
Abdullah Cricket Productions:
Deigo Sinner both won on birthday what a day
John Doe
John Doe:
Great show from Evans and Schwartzman
Let's go ANDY!!!
I'd love Murray to play Sinner. Potential to be a classic.
Ian van Zyl
Ian van Zyl:
My goodness, that Delbonis ball toss.
Jayson Luzon
Jayson Luzon:
Murray is a GOAT for being humble and kind
Pedro Paramo
Pedro Paramo:
So happy for Andy
Ed Milinski
Ed Milinski:
When Sinner was winning , I thought he is the next Federer. some years ago when Mona Barthel won spectacularly, I thought the same. it's hard to predict. my best guess is the one who returns everything, no free points. like djokovic or murray or ...
LET'S GO Andy!!!
poetries by avinish pathak
poetries by avinish pathak:
Delbonis has potential no doubt he will definately shine
Aryan Swaroop
Aryan Swaroop:
What a way to celebrate a Birthday.
Sandro Marques
Sandro Marques:
Oh Man, how I'd like to see Murray flying again! Let's go Murray, Let's go!
Roberto Castillo
Roberto Castillo:
Sinner... awesome!! The future is right here!!
Ghazan Khan
Ghazan Khan:
I think murray is getting back to his best
Mitchell Hills
Mitchell Hills:
Murray hit 14 aces and 32 winners in this match. Not bad for someone with a metal hip!
Smokin' Joe
Smokin' Joe:
Damn, Murray was having his way with those shots.
Craig Bishop
Craig Bishop:
Nice to see andy hitting it well,, definitely looks a shade slower but understandable obviously. But if he can have 6 months injury free then i have no doubt he can get up to the top end of the rankings bcos hes that good! Big ask mind
Geth Android
Geth Android:
Great to see Murray flattening out those ground strokes. Great to see him play at all tbh, feels like we've been robbed of him playing for a good few years after it looked like he was going to retire.
Alice Evans
Alice Evans:
Wow Murray is playing so well!
zachary wan
zachary wan:
6:03 I like to imagine that Murray was saying “ too slow! Too slow! You piece of shit.” 😂😂😂
Hans Rindswurst
Hans Rindswurst:
I would bet that in at least every second Gasquet match over the last 3 years the moderator says "Vintage Gasquet" to a backhand winner at least once
ron Watts
ron Watts:
Well done Andy!!
Everytime felix hits a groundstroke it looks like it will miss. If he learns to control his power and consistency he is top 5 material for sure.
What a counter, Murry, your backhand is always hot. I remember that 👍👍🤙🤙
Dylan L.
Dylan L.:
About halfway through the video I realized there was a crowd cheering. Missed that atmosphere
Alexander Grabowski
Alexander Grabowski:
Yeah, glad to see him win a match, maybe the comeback
Bullduzheri Ks
Bullduzheri Ks:
Murray is in Big 4 👌🏻
Tommy O'Neill
Tommy O'Neill:
Good for Murray.
Delbonis and this ball toss 💀
tom sd
tom sd:
Delbonis: one of the most unnecessarily high toss I've even seen
David Chang
David Chang:
So incredible!!
Benjamin Long
Benjamin Long:
Welcome back, Murray!
Murray played well although he does not run down balls as well as he used to. His legs are heavier. Gasquet is a little past his prime but he's not playing badly.
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Just happy to see Merray on cincinnati
Let's go Merray . ! And good ceiebrate
Birthday for sinner. !
Shadlee Rahman
Shadlee Rahman:
Delbonis has the most aesthetically pleasing serve motion I've ever seen.
Much better than Pete Sampras.
Stefan Devriese
Stefan Devriese:
If someone wants to do a sabr against Delbonis, he'll need to do a volley:)
Juan RguezFdezdC
Juan RguezFdezdC:
Guys! Guys! I think I just saw Evans hit a topspin backhand??
Mark Banner
Mark Banner:
If Andy plays like last night and better and gets past his next round.
I believe he'll be well and truly back.
Confidence will skyrocket. Last night the aggression and the shots were well and truly back up to speed. Plus he looked to be moving pretty well and looked healthy.
If he can do the same again in the next match. Murray will be back! Mark my words.
OHeo Kharis
OHeo Kharis:
Astonishing, outstanding, predictable
Paul R
Paul R:
That shot by Evans was sick. Shot of the year
Zuben Harvey
Zuben Harvey:
Team Murray!
Thank God no more teenager and Sinner in 1 sentence.
I miss Murray's that "ahh" while playing net ball.
Vandit Khanna
Vandit Khanna:
French players are good at touches, the soft shots 👀
Yuttasak Arakkitsakul
Yuttasak Arakkitsakul:
Gasquet is the proud of French people but today he lost to the man of hip injury.
virat baivab
virat baivab:
So Murray vs Murray 😅 I seriously had to wait for a backhand to separate the two.
Mitchell Hills
Mitchell Hills:
Pretty good from Murray. Well played. Gasquet may be a veteran now but he's no slouch...
🇬🇧British Joseph
🇬🇧British Joseph:
What a shot! 3:34
Omni King
Omni King:
Andrew Truscott
Andrew Truscott:
3.30mins… SHOT! What’s Gasquet done to his serve?!
S'all good, man
S'all good, man:
Dan Evans' style would work so much better if he had half decent volleys.
4:23 for Sir Andy Murray
Good job Paire. He wasn’t afraid to win tonight.
Magnus Brodd
Magnus Brodd:
Nice to see Diego winning again👊🎾
Manel Moltó Berenguer
Manel Moltó Berenguer:
Murray plays:
Me: lets go Andy you got It.
Andy: why you doing all this
Me:Because you're my Hero & shit
tennis with rayestu
tennis with rayestu:
Murray to win the US Open
Jannik was unstoppable today
Good win by Murray. Needs to string a few together now
Marcin Siewierski
Marcin Siewierski:
Who would see, that from the big 4 only murray will play :D
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Thought Evans would win. Murray is looking good, even his oncourt chatter has increased 😜
From 6:00, you understand in 2 points why they are not top players anymore. Age is a thing for everybody.
Jake Huang
Jake Huang:
That court is so fast I had to check to make sure the video isn't playing on 1.25X speed
LET'S GO EVANS!!! 🇬🇧😎👍
Dunken Ghul
Dunken Ghul:
Delbonis has a 10 feet ball toss
I wonder why Delbonis never changed his serve, probably too late now. Look at Sinner he's changed his serve completely in the last 4 months.
If gasquet have a bigger serve he would be winning so much more.
Thyagarajan Venkatanarayanan
Thyagarajan Venkatanarayanan:
Murray - Gasquet from 4:24
Looks like FAA is getting going👍👏
Osito Arabe
Osito Arabe:
Happy birthday Diego !