BKFC's Tai Emery on Viral Post-Fight Flashing Celebration: 'It's Only Going To Get Worse'

#BKFC fighter Tai Emery sat down with MMA Fighting's Mike Heck following her knockout win at BKFC Thailand this past Saturday to discuss the successful promotional debut, the viral clip of her flashing the audience after the fact, whether or not it was planned, the feedback from the promotion and fans, how she got on BKFC's radar, promising that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and more.

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71 komentarze:

Tom Celica
Tom Celica:
Mike is such a gentleman, bordering on embarrassed. Personally, if I were interviewing her, I’d request an instant replay immediately. But I’m a sick dog so there’s that.
I definitely will watch her fights from now on hoping she wins 😂
I'm subscribing to BKFC now.
Mike Heck was happy as hell interviewing her. Lmfaooo
Carlos Bonilla
Carlos Bonilla:
I’ll definitely be tuning in when she fights again. If it’s in my area I’ll even go 🤷🏽‍♂️
"This is a new thing" -- exposed female parts draw mass male attention.. sounds pretty timeless to me. Good on you and all, but let's not act like a pioneer.
James Norris
James Norris:
she gained a new fan
New fan here! Honestly never heard of her but she seems like an intelligent badass with a beautiful voice and has some skills! Also, it’s only going to get BETTER, not worse! 😏😉
handy  101
handy 101:
Perfection combo! Even turned the wrist!! Bangin body!!!💪
She needs to start a topless fight league 🔥
BKFC is only for the hardcore, she's real love it.
Jono Harper
Jono Harper:
She's an Aussie, not surprised, it's the female version of the shoe-ey down there.
Delightful personality. As long as she's calling the shots for her life, I say more power to her.
Koda Lz
Koda Lz:
Definitely gained a life long fan with me she’s fine & can fight
Phil M
Phil M:
😃 Great interview
Should probably be implemented in most womens MMA fights from now on
I got these cheese burgers
I got these cheese burgers:
May she remain undefeated for many fights to come
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen:
men of culture
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith:
That might be the only thing she’ll be remembered for.
Her parents raised her right
Men of Culture . . .
Jay R.
Jay R.:
I mean to be fair she put herself on the map. (Almost) Any controversy is good controversy.
Amanda r
Amanda r:
She’s trying to get into the ufc… next interview will be with aerial
Moises Perez
Moises Perez:
Everyone's blocking her situation..... is there a uncensored version 🤔
Aaron Romanyk
Aaron Romanyk:
Really cool chick!

Beautiful, smart, funny, tough, definitely gonna make some man (or woman I suppose) very happy
Mr Ataxophobia
Mr Ataxophobia:
I Bet there were loads of Dudes giving themselves a Bare Knuckle watching that on Loop 😁
Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor:
im glad she did that, i got a refund for my ticket
The Cuban Handy Man Channel
The Cuban Handy Man Channel:
Yes!!!! Diego Sanchez voice .....
So empowering! LOL.
m. Hanson
m. Hanson:
She's hot AF
Vipul Doshi
Vipul Doshi:
genius marketing.
Paul Lee
Paul Lee:
Be humble
Paul Lee
Paul Lee:
Ong u knocked her out your day is coming i promise
I can see this catching on like WMMA only fan chicks.
Most support and backing came from Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.
Yung Snow
Yung Snow:
So strong and empowering .Her father must be so proud rn.Those family dinner table talks would be so heart warming 😍
Looks like the former electrician has blown up her fuse box lol!!!!!
believe achieve
believe achieve:
Jarrad Desmond
Jarrad Desmond:
Least flattering thumbnail of all time lol
T Rope
T Rope:
Oh no no no non no no! Next time TWO!!!! LMFAO,,, thats so funnyyyyyy
Franty G
Franty G:
I’m her fun from now on
Maco Lomeli
Maco Lomeli:
That laugh was kinda weird
Wifi Unove
Wifi Unove:
I'm tuning in
Marvin Rapada
Marvin Rapada:
Where's your next fight?
Happy Happy
Happy Happy:
Doug Styles
Doug Styles:
All The Rage George Page
All The Rage George Page:
He's just starring at her cleavage lol
Alexin Cobra
Alexin Cobra:
Well, they let European and Australian female tourist go top less on the beach to sunbathe.
Mr Ataxophobia
Mr Ataxophobia:
She´s make a fortune with an ONLY FANS
justin dl
justin dl:
Aussie Aussie aussie
Well at least yer a good looking BKFC Fighter🥶. Thanks for that👍🏽
Oh, an Aussie?
You weren't truly being yourself you flashed thoose fakes
Paul Lee
Paul Lee:
Its illegal everywhere omg shut up we don't have them grow up
Ben Lecluyse
Ben Lecluyse:
People are laughing, but I find it annoying. What about any kids in the audience. Also the fact men who've flashed get jail time and may have to register..so if the law is to be applied equally she should have been charged with indecent exposure.
Zigpo Zema
Zigpo Zema:
Lucky you did that in Buddhist country. Now try that in Islamic country
Mystery Box
Mystery Box:
Surprised she made it out of Thailand. Illegal is illegal over there... Stupid af
She did it for 1 reason and that would be to get people to google her and come across her onlyfans plain and simple, do your job and call her out on that.
Chap Chappington
Chap Chappington:
Makeup should be banned from the world.
She only did it for her onlyfans. She is quite vain.
Aleki Haze
Aleki Haze:
typical aussie
🤢 gross - keep them covered next time. They're not even nice!
End Boss
End Boss:
Born a man yeah?
AmsterdamPattayaThailand :
She/he looks like a man tbh
-Palace- Brendan Z⭕️
-Palace- Brendan Z⭕️:
If a man did this their career would die rather than Boom lol. Sad double standard
brandon r.
brandon r.:
its absolutely gross behavior. it shows a lack of class. its trashy. its on the same level as having a guy whip out his junk and expose himself to the arena. you might want to see that but not everyone else is so low brow. it says a lot about modern women who are willing and wanting to behave like that.
Ricky Sylo
Ricky Sylo:
What a disgrace. There are kids in the audience. If you want people to take the sport seriously you have to act with more tact and humility. She is a lady and we expect her to act like one. Does anyone have a link to an alternate camera angle?