Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Skin Care & Lifestyle Deals| Dr Dray

Dermatologist Dr Dray on the best BLACK FRIDAY CYBER MONDAY 2020 Skin care & Lifestyle Deals. Skin care & Beauty deals on sunscreen, anti-aging skin care, hair care, and more.

💜Walgreens 25% with TAKE25
Neutrogena clear face SPF
Neutrogena anti residue shampoo
Neutrogena body oil

CeraVe hydrating tinted SPF

💜DRMTLGY 30% off sidewide no code needed
Universal tint SPF46 moisturizer

💜iHerb 12% off your total with code BFSALE12
PCA skin facial wash
Clinique moisture surge fortifiing hydrator

PCA skin pigment gel
Hero Cosmetics mighty patch
EltaMD UV physical
EltaMD UV clear
EltaMD UV lip balm
Replenix sheer physical
Replenix retinol smoothing body lotion
Exuviance AP performance peel
Exuviance BB fluid
Neostrata sheer physical

💜Avene 25% off sidewide with code BF25
RetrinAL intensive
My video on Top 10 Avene products

💜Colleen Rothschild 30% off sitewide with code BF2020
Radiant cleansing balm

💜iRestore Professional Hair Growth System:
$400 off plus Hairmax bundle

💜Foursigmatic up to 50% off
💜ToneItUp 25% off sitewide with code BFCM
SleepBeauty kit
Wrap dress

💜Our place $50 off Always Pan with code SUPERSALE

0:00 Introduction
0:38 Walgreens
3:18 iHerb
4:51 Skin store
13:13 Avene
13:58 Colleen Rothschild
15:11 iRestore
17:36 Four Sigmatic
18:25 Tone it Up
19:26 Lily Silk
20:11 Always Pan

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I can say with all honesty, as someone who lives alone, that I so appreciate the constant of your videos/company and your sense of humour. No pressure, but don't stop. lol :)
David Fletcher
David Fletcher:
I loved the message about buying only if you require the product.
Nati Zamora
Nati Zamora:
OMG dr Dray definitely made me tear up with that outro. These videos have cheered me up so many times during this pandemic. Forever thankful for all the work you put in this channel 😍
Butterfly Perez
Butterfly Perez:
Dr. Dray, you look so beautiful and your skin is radiating❤⭐
Megan Newell
Megan Newell:
I don’t understand how you make the time for all these videos on top of being a dermatologist, but it inspires me to accomplish more daily
I Dream of Peony
I Dream of Peony:
Neutrogena is 40% off on its brand site. Free s&h too
Happy thanksgiving Dr.Dray!can we get an update from your mom and tybee?i miss seeing them in your vlogs.🙂
Ashley Brooke
Ashley Brooke:
Your message at the end was so sweet ♥️ Love having you as a constant in life
Jhennifer Alves
Jhennifer Alves:
You who live in USA are so lucky, here in Brazil the value is absurdly more expensive .. here we have BlackFraude "Fraude" means scam.
Kristine J.
Kristine J.:
Happy Thxgvg! Very thankful I found you this year. You are accruing lots of good karma!
CC Tim
CC Tim:
DRMTLGY has a 30% off sale. Highly recommend their Needleless serum and their peptide night cream!
Reed Berger-Fleishman
Reed Berger-Fleishman:
Happy and healthy Thanksgiving to you, Mom and Tybee ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
I just ordered 3 bottles of that Drmtlgy sunscreen from their site. I absolutely love it and know I will use it up.
Veronica Dooley
Veronica Dooley:
Such a kind hearted person. Thank you and a very happy thanksgiving to you. Thankful for you Dr. Dray.
AnnaHahn Succubae
AnnaHahn Succubae:
I did not know I needed that skillet, until you showed it to me in this video. You would have made a great drug dealer in the 80's.
S. S.
S. S.:
LOVEEE the DRMTLGY tinted SPF. Just finishing my first bottle and already ordered a new one and I have realllllyyy sensitive skin.
Marianela Velasquez
Marianela Velasquez:
Awww I can see how you feel emotional having the love of all of us - have a wonderful happy thanksgiving darling - you have worked so hard putting together all the amazing, super informative videos throughout the entire year - I have learned so much and my skin is great all thanks to your advice. We love you lots
Frances Kennedy
Frances Kennedy:
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mom. I'm so grateful for you Dr Dray! Wishing you and Mom many Blessings!
Anna Milla
Anna Milla:
You look so pretty Dr Dray 😊 Thank you for taking the time to recommend good products for us ♥️
Happy Thanksgiving, Doc!
Sarah Hsu
Sarah Hsu:
Happy Thanksgiving Dr Dray!

We are all so thankful that we found your Chanel. Especially during lockdowns 🤣🥰

monica matos
monica matos:
Yesssss! Thank you for this video! I appreciate your opinions and recommendations 🙌🏻
Melissa Jackson
Melissa Jackson:
I was just looking at Walgreens online. They have Cerave (maybe others too) buy 2, get 1 free. Can’t combine it with that coupon but that’s still a good deal! I’m doing a “beauty” gift bag for my teenage girls and they will all be getting different Cerave products. 💜
Happy Thanksgiving,” you guys!" Good deals going around! Love the videos
Nada B
Nada B:
Dr Dray, Thank you for today's genuinely kind message. I am grateful for your everyday dedication to caring about others. Love to you, your viewers, your mom and Tybee for Thanksgiving.
Charlotte K
Charlotte K:
Thank for the lead on PCA. I LOVE that brand but I usually dont buy because of price. Definitely going to pick something up.
Sherry Hilliard
Sherry Hilliard:
What a nice message at the end! Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday weekend, Dr. Dray! Stay safe!
Omg!!!! I literally screamed and jumped up and down with happiness when I saw the title of this video!!!! I love you DR!!!!!
david schonfeldwichers
david schonfeldwichers:
The shipping to the Netherlands from drmtlgy is kind of expensive 💔💔💔. Thank you so much for the video as always❤️. Don’t buy anything you are not going to use, bc I know you will and I probably will to lol. Happy Thursday everyone🎉🎉
Maggie Nolia
Maggie Nolia:
You're lovely. The sweet and practical sentiment at the end was very appreciated. Thank you! Wishing you a happy and healthy week! 💝
Hope Tang
Hope Tang:
Love your reminder in the end don’t buy it if you don’t need it lol!!
Ahmed A
Ahmed A:
Happy Thanksgiving to you Dear Dr D. Lots of love & blessings from Pakistan.🍁🍂
Gold Lifty
Gold Lifty:
That ending... brought my tears out. I chose not to fly this year, so.... Thank you Dr. Dray!
Mel Girardin
Mel Girardin:
Happy Thanksgiving Dr. Dray!!
Erin Skotzke
Erin Skotzke:
yesssss drmtlgy! thank you for letting me know, just stocked up on the tinted sunscreen!
Kimberly Thompson
Kimberly Thompson:
You know you’ve found your people when a box of Mighty Patch is recommended as a stocking stuffer! 😂
Mohini Aggarwal
Mohini Aggarwal:
Happy ThanksGiving, from India!🇮🇳
Alex Young
Alex Young:
You’re so sweet! The closing remarks got me ❤️
Hoi San Sio
Hoi San Sio:
Dr Dray, your skin looks glowing ❤️
Sarah Munson
Sarah Munson:
I so appreciate your plant message on this day of mass murder. A very nice relaxing break from all the turkey imagery ❤
Happy Thanksgiving!

I was just googling to see if there is anything that might round out my routine! I have prescription topicals, so I'll check with my derm, but I'm tempted to add a peptide and some hair care to my routine.
Raquel Gutierrez
Raquel Gutierrez:
Dr Andrea i've been wearing sunscreen every day for a month now. I was outdoors in downtown last weekend in one of the sunniest days of this year in my country and put sunscreen every hour. I thought "Dra Dray will be proud of me lol"
sangya yogi
sangya yogi:
Happy Thanksgiving Dr.Day!
Dr Dray, you can sell me anything. Lol. I bought a ton of products based on your recommendations. Excited to try them all. I want to thank you for sharing so many tips! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving! 💜💜
I didn’t see the outro coming. Really appreciated the message. Thank you Dr Dray!!
Hazel Sardido
Hazel Sardido:
Happy Thanksgiving Dr. Dray!🥰
Lovely Moon
Lovely Moon:
Always pan has been stalking me 🤣. I think you finally convinced me to grab one. 🍽
Lauren M
Lauren M:
Just got the DRMTLGY for my mom too bc I love it so much! Got it this August from you and I'm almost out as well!
Katy Lin
Katy Lin:
Thank you for sharing the promos I will definitely hit up Walgreens.
I wonder how the Skeinceuticals vit C serum compares to the Timeless vit C serum. Great video Dr Dray!
Terry Hendrix
Terry Hendrix:
Your closing sentiment was SO sweet and much needed! Thanks a bunch, Dr. Dray!
Thanks so much Dr. Dray. I saved $27 on my Walgreens order.
Porschia Thomas
Porschia Thomas:
Happy Thanksgiving Dr Dray! 😊
Rosa Moreno
Rosa Moreno:
Happy Thanksgiving doc 🦃🍽🍁 You definitely added value and education to my life and I am grateful for you. Blessing and mercies. Miss your Mom and Tybie!
Bri Terry
Bri Terry:
Necessaire is giving a full free "The Body Serum" ($45) with any purchase!
david schonfeldwichers
david schonfeldwichers:
I hope everyone will be able to stay safe and still have an amazing holidays❤️
Peggy Mazzarella
Peggy Mazzarella:
You’re great, Dr. Dray. I’m thankful for all that I’ve learned from you. Continued healing vibes to your mom. Love to you both
Green Leaf
Green Leaf:
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Thanks Dr Dray for the heads up. 👍
What Time
What Time:
Your last comments where so sweet thanks for thinking of us! You brighten my day ( and that's saying something as I'm in Australia and it's always bright here)
Gloria Lagroon
Gloria Lagroon:
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your mom! 🤎 🦃 🍂
William Hernandez
William Hernandez:
OMG, you made me cry! We are so blessed to have you friend! Besos from Puerto Rico mi amor!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thank you Dr Dray for the heads up on the sales 🥰
Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise:
Great detective work Dr. Dray! You did good! Much appreciated❣
This is the most thorough video I've ever seen, thank you so much
Shari Schmidt
Shari Schmidt:
Huge list of great products on sale, let's go shopping 🙂
Happy Thanksgiving 🙂🍁
Juanita Tovar Mutis
Juanita Tovar Mutis:
awww you're so sweet!!! hope u have a great thanksgiving dr dray ^_^
Carrie Tome
Carrie Tome:
Can you tell me the make and model of your treadmill? I’ve gone through your videos and I just can’t seem to find the information although I remember you mentioning it early on when the pandemic started. Thanks!
Roxanne Shooshani
Roxanne Shooshani:
Thank you for this helpful video!! I was wondering how you would recommend incorporating a retinol body lotion into your routine? Use at night on dry skin and then shower in the morning? Or can it be used more like a regular lotion?
Tiana V
Tiana V:
fantastic recommendations. thank you!
Bayley Seymour
Bayley Seymour:
I'm getting a little teary with that outro there. Your videos have been very helpful this year :)
Lakeland ruion
Lakeland ruion:
I'm wearing my ehhh😂😂😂I love you dr dray!
thanks for being there everyday, Dr. Dray!
Florence Young
Florence Young:
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your mom, Dr. Dray! Always appreciate how you sincerely care about our health and well being!
Viviana S
Viviana S:
Thank you so much for putting a picture of the products. Very helpful.
Judy Torres
Judy Torres:
Happy Thanksgiving Dr Dray have a lovely blessed day thank you for the info
Hi. I've been wondering about evy technology sunscreen. they have a good deal for black friday, so i might grab some, but would love to hear your thoughts on it.
Radiant Pineapple Skincare
Radiant Pineapple Skincare:
The Elta MD UV has been helping me with keeping my Melasma stay at bay.
Thank you Dr Dray, exceptionally love your message towards the end of the video. Bless you!!
Melinda Nunez
Melinda Nunez:
Happy Thanksgiving Day Doc. Thank you for making these videos.
Charlotte Malone
Charlotte Malone:
Dr. Dray, check out Geek&Gorgeous! I just bought almost the whole line and I love all of it, especially the super gentle exfoliant I got and the hydrating toner
Page Hughes
Page Hughes:
So blessed I found your channel! I just started get microneedling treatments done at a medspa. The employees keep pushing me to buy is clinical products. Do you recommend any of their products?
Happy Thanksgiving Dr. Dray to you, your mom and Tybee. :)
I LOVE YOU DR DRAY n i want to have ur skin at ur age 🙌
Happy Thanksgiving!
Jessica Buck-Daniel
Jessica Buck-Daniel:
I saw the cerve tinted sunscreen on Amazon last night for $7! I added it to my cart and this morning it went back up to regular price.
Jackie O
Jackie O:
Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🍂🦃🍗
Payal Mathur
Payal Mathur:
Happy thanksgiving! Such a sweet message at the end!
Bauer Beauty
Bauer Beauty:
Omg love that rant at the end ab saving $$$👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Have a great day, this video was very special and great recommendations especially don’t buy if you don’t need it lol
Hi Dr. Dray, I have a question, what happens when you put sunscreen over Vaseline? I want to apply Vaseline to my skin to keep in the moisture, but what happens when I need to reapply my sunscreen? Will it still work?
Marlen Arteaga
Marlen Arteaga:
Thank you dr. Dray for this video! I hope you have a happy thanksgiving ❤️
Claudia Levesque
Claudia Levesque:
You are a so many ways. Happy Thanksgiving from Ontario, Canada. 💕
Rhonda Barlow
Rhonda Barlow:
Dr. Dray,
Happy Thanksgiving! Than you for all you do. Love watching you!
Nicole Walker
Nicole Walker:
Happy Thanksgiving, Dr. Dray! Thank you for another wonderful year of great skincare tips!! 🙏🏻🌺
Liberty Lobdell
Liberty Lobdell:
Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful I discovered your videos several years ago. Came for the skin care advice, stayed for your engaging and cheering personality.
Catherine Howard
Catherine Howard:
You glowing updated skin care routine 🙌🙌😍
Christina Moller
Christina Moller:
Happy thanksgiving 🦃🍽🍁!!!!! Thanks for all the great recommendations; I don’t think I’ve ever seen some of these products so inexpensive!
Kaila Stephens
Kaila Stephens:
Because of YOU I started wearing Neutrogena face SPF and saw a difference on my skin within a week! Thank you so much for this free and helpful content Dr!
New Life With Me
New Life With Me:
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful to find your YouTube. It's very friendly content. Watching her YouTube is one of my daily plan :) Thank you!
Sal Ponce
Sal Ponce:
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope, even if it’s solo, you enjoy yourself today, & may your loved ones be good too. Greetings from a snowless AZ 🌵