Bob Odenkirk Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Bob Odenkirk breaks down his most iconic characters, including his roles in 'Breaking Bad,' 'Better Call Saul,' 'Mr. Show with Bob and David,' 'Nobody,' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' 'The Larry Sanders Show,' 'Nebraska' and 'Seinfeld.'

NOBODY is in theaters only March 26, 2021 -

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Bob Odenkirk Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

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Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights:
Bob Odenkirk in Nobody (2021) is incredibly amazing. I was happy to see him in such a badass role.
Crazy Person
Crazy Person:
Glad this man's in stable condition. Wishing him a good recovery.
This man killed the roll of Saul. Couldn't imagine anyone else carrying this roll so well. Bob's a beast and carried better call Saul like a champ making me like the show even more than breaking bad.
There's probably an alternate universe where Bob Odenkirk is Michael Scott and Steve Carrell is Saul Goodman
Andrew Lai
Andrew Lai:
The fact that HE came up with the idea of making him look unattractive makes me love him even more. that's humbleness
Galaxy Studios
Galaxy Studios:
“Well I haven’t won an Emmy yet, but I’ve come close” *PAIN*
Aileen V
Aileen V:
The great thing about BB is they gave sleezy shallow looking lawyer so much depth and history through BCS and I’m confident they could do it with every single character in BB universe.
Will Boelts
Will Boelts:
My personal favorite roles of his:
1. Dances With Wolves
2. The Bodyguard
3. Field of Dreams
4. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
5. Waterworld
Larry Birddd
Larry Birddd:
Criminally underrated actor
Cameron Hughes
Cameron Hughes:
He is so calm and reserved in real life. Kinda crazy
Jonathan D'Haiti
Jonathan D'Haiti:
I love how humble Bob Odenkirk is 🙏🏿
Ella Kaale
Ella Kaale:
I’m so glad he’s okay
Without Bob there would be no Saul, without Saul there would be no breaking bad or better call Saul. The amount of range he brings to the role is AMAZING. He has well written lines and moments but he brought them to life
Antonio V.
Antonio V.:
Bob not getting an emmy for Better Call Saul is the crime of the century
Edit: and Rhea Seahorn
Every tv show fan loves him, no one can hate him.. impossible.
Tony loves ducks
Tony loves ducks:
You don’t need an Emmy. We all know that you’re one of the greatest actors and you are the heart of breaking bad imo. Can’t wait for the next season of better call Saul
Marcus Blixenkrone-Møller
Marcus Blixenkrone-Møller:
Jimmy McGill is one of the most complex characters I've ever seen in my life
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye:
Hope he makes it, he worked so hard to get where he's finally at.
J C:
Unpopular opinion: Jimmy Mcgill is a more complex character than Walter white
Alva the Wayfarer
Alva the Wayfarer:
You deserve an Emmy for Nobody. Holy cow i freaking love that movie so much.
Elena Saavedra Buckley
Elena Saavedra Buckley:
Glad this gorgeous and perfect man is still with us after his heart scare!!! <3
The Chef 5897
The Chef 5897:
This is just me, but the more Bob ages, the more he looks like Chuck
"I'm not a duplicitous person." Bob, you're an actor. Being duplicitous is the job!
A R R O L A T E:
His roles in 'Fargo' and 'Little Woman" were excellent too!
Diana Hevia
Diana Hevia:
I can’t wait for the next season of Better Call Saul, obsessed!!!!
Rad cafe
Rad cafe:
I can't believe they didn't bring up his roles in Tim & Eric. that's some of my favourite Bob moments and would have loved to hear what it was like working with them :(
Brendan Clarkson
Brendan Clarkson:
Bob had a great little role next to David Cross in the Spielberg movie “The Post”. He didn’t do anything remarkable but it was fun to see the cast of Mr. Show in the same room as Tom Hanks.
Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez:
Nice to see he’s no longer working at a Cinnabon
Always 12AM
Always 12AM:
Something about Bob Odenkirk is very comforting.
Seems like a really kind person and is definitely a remarkable actor and a talented comedian.
Google User
Google User:
Bob's such a sweetheart.
Saul Goodman: “I once caught my second wife in bed with my stepdad.”
Outside of Mike, he’s my favorite character on BB and BCS
Ilham Alfatihah
Ilham Alfatihah:
Wait, why is Kevin Costner talking about Bob Odenkirk's roles?
Yash Sura
Yash Sura:
This guy looks like he knows a guy,who knows a guy,who knows another guy.
SportsFan 27
SportsFan 27:
This guy deserves an Emmy. Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman/Gene is one of the most complex & phenomenal characters ever & Bobby Odenkirk absolutely brings him to life. He took Breaking Bad up a notch & that’s saying something coz it was phenomenal even before he came in.
He’s a very charismatic man. I love BCS!
Easy Jake Oven
Easy Jake Oven:
Such a good-natured and humble guy, didn't even mention how he had triples of the Barracuda, the Road Runner, AND the Nova.
I love how when everyone talks about Vince, they always have to mimic his voice too.
Miss Overcomer
Miss Overcomer:
You were the show. It wasn’t until you came out that I really got into it! Amazing job!
Fat and Fab
Fat and Fab:
Just finished watching the show. My goodness, everyone is really great. I can't pick a favorite. I love them all. ❤❤❤
Mel Wilson
Mel Wilson:
I LOVE Bob Odenkirk. My favorite character in Breaking Bad and of course, Better Call Saul. Just soooo compelling and funny.
woeful paradise
woeful paradise:
I automatically read it as “Saul Goodman breaks down his iconic characters”
Mari Mari
Mari Mari:
I just love his voice 💙
Victor Konishchev
Victor Konishchev:
This video is the reason I'm going to rewatch "Breaking Bad". Thank you, GQ.
Wrong title. Its ''Saul Goodman Breaks Down His Most Iconic Character: Bob Odenkirk''
Chilli Insanity
Chilli Insanity:
I love how he puts so much emphasis into the hair style, and yet I have never seen him with vastly different hair.... It's pretty much the same thing in everything he does other than being brushed to one side or the other or a little bit longer..
Jakub Port
Jakub Port:
Odenkirk and Banks should have got all the trophies for acting in a world.
Nick Becerra
Nick Becerra:
It's funny, he's like the opposite of Saul in real life. Just a nice guy
Stage Fish
Stage Fish:
Bob odenkirk became one of my biggest celeb crushes after BCS.
Michael Davids
Michael Davids:
this man is a legend, anyone else notice his sideburns?
His German dubber give him an unique voice 😊
His portrayal of Charles Manson on the Ben Stiller Show was always a hoot.
Many very well written shows go unheard of, so I’m glad Netflix picked up BB.
Bill Holt
Bill Holt:
Boy I wish Bob well in his recovery, and hope the filming of the final season can resume in time.
1angry granny
1angry granny:
Happy Bob Odenkirk is okay after his heart attack last week! We love you Bob! Eff the award shows. You are the Best Actor to all of your fans!!
he is great in Undone too!!!! playing her dead dad in a semi animated way. I swear, he is in every show I watch and I just love him everytime
Kenneth Carrier
Kenneth Carrier:
I was a server at Pappadaux seafood kitchen in ABQ NM and I waited on Bob. He was with his kid and is such a cool guy! Super easy guest to take care of and I'm defiantly a fan of his off screen character.
weird they didn't mention Bob's best role... when he played an old gold tooth that told the truth and lived in the mouth of a homie ... lets take it south
Jose Guevara
Jose Guevara:
He's a beast and very humble, love him to pieces.
Better Call Saul is phenomenal and everyone should watch it
Edward William
Edward William:
Extremely humble man. Amazing actor. 10/10
André Vital Pardue
André Vital Pardue:
Can't believe they excluded his voice acting role in "Undone". That show is brilliant.
Whylo Echoedome
Whylo Echoedome:
I've loved this guy ever since I seen him in tim and eric like 10 years ago. Legend
Mr. Show was a pioneer show. It's at the top of my list and everything underneath it was heavily influenced by it.
Patry JO
Patry JO:
He's one of the most multifaceted actors I've seen, he's amazing, comedy, drama, now action, he can do it all.
Goran Hrastovik
Goran Hrastovik:
i loved him as a boss in How i met your mother
"Security is gonna ruff you up on your way out" xD
Love this guy. He’s in so many of my favourite stuff. Legend.
Victor W
Victor W:
watching BCS again for the 4th time now. cant get enough of this show. my absolute favorite ever
Bob Dickens
Bob Dickens:
I was giddy to see him in Fargo and even when it was such a small role, I loved it
Ben Lazeski
Ben Lazeski:
Saul did a great job of acting like Bob Odenkirk here
Both Bob and Rhea Seehorn really are amazing and deserve so much recognition.
Irene L
Irene L:
I'd love to hear his two other favorite sitcoms. Probably on Channel 5.
My fav character in Breaking Bad.Also loved him in Saul, it starts off slow but it's an amazing show that everyone that has watched Breaking Bad should give a chance.
in Brooklyn keep loading
in Brooklyn keep loading:
Jimmy makes me never want to quit watching Better call Saul.
Halle Nelson
Halle Nelson:
Too bad he didn’t talk about Undone, it’s an incredibly underrated show
Gawd, I love him so much. A "comedic" actor that has proved to be one of the most skilled artists in evoking emotion with no words and breaking the viewer's heart with a monologue.
I really like that Bob doesnt want something bad to happen to Jimmy, though we all know that its probably not going to end well. It really sweet imo
Shailesh panjwani
Shailesh panjwani:
Better Call Saul is simply the most perfect show in terms of everything ..... say Cinematography, Story, Acting ..u just can't pick one negative thing
He’s so cute.
Riley Davidson
Riley Davidson:
He was great in Fargo too, probably my favourite role he's done
Blastar 00
Blastar 00:
Bob Odenkirk is a great actor. He can make you laugh, cry and at the end you fall in love with the character too ♥
Blaine Hernandez
Blaine Hernandez:
Him and Brian Cranston are 2 of my favorite actors! They're both amazing and can play any characters thrown at them!
Bojana Mikic
Bojana Mikic:
Breaking bad is one of the best tv shows of all time
Bob Odenkirk is a great actor and Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman is without a doubt his magnum opus. I hope the writers can stick the landing with the final season and the finale.
Classic Creep Music
Classic Creep Music:
It is actually amazing what he (and Gilligan of course) made with BCS. You would think it is just a lighthearted spinoff but they made the whole character arc even more engaging and complex than Walter White. Whether the scene is more comedic, dramatic, emotional or suspenseful Bob kills it every time.
Blue Gatorade
Blue Gatorade:
3:02 one of the most interesting things i've ever heard an actor say
Darrin C
Darrin C:
Love these breakdowns GQ!!!
Arturo Medina
Arturo Medina:
Nobody is more deserving of an academy award than Bon Odenkirk, he has true talent!
Technical Difficulties
Technical Difficulties:
Dude's an awesome actor and I'm glad he's getting recognition
Charles A Williams Jr
Charles A Williams Jr:
Love this guy so much! And is he of a Chris Evans relation?
Can't even recognize that Saul was the doctor on Seinfeld
Ryan Mustain
Ryan Mustain:
I love Bob. He has that likability about him that will always make you root for his character.
Alexi Duch
Alexi Duch:
I'm so glad I gave BCS a try after I finished Breaking Bad. Watched all the released seasons in 2 weeks and felt empty lol. Saul is amazing thanks to Bob Odenkirk. Can't imagine anyone else acting out that character
Rob L
Rob L:
This guy is one of the best actors out there!!! Extremely talented he’s up there in the best of the best group
Alan Cantu
Alan Cantu:
Bob Odenkirk finally getting the love he deserves, he's great!
Shawn Clark
Shawn Clark:
7:28, when Jimmy couldn't bear it at the end of his escape. LOL
Loved Bob in Undone....that was a very moving, and dramatically underrated show with a unique animation style.

Highly recommend it to those who don't know about it.
J bernaola
J bernaola:
If he doesn't win the emmy for season six I'm not watching the emmys ever again
Seyed Sajjad Daneshmand
Seyed Sajjad Daneshmand:
I love Bob Odenkirk, he's like the class clown who is actually depressed as Saul Goodman.
Not going to lie “nobody” was one of my favorite movies I’ve ever seen. The action was great but also had a great comedy value that I loved. May be a predictable badass movie but it hit me different.