Bob Odenkirk Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Bob Odenkirk breaks down his most iconic characters, including his roles in 'Breaking Bad,' 'Better Call Saul,' 'Mr. Show with Bob and David,' 'Nobody,' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' 'The Larry Sanders Show,' 'Nebraska' and 'Seinfeld.'

NOBODY is in theaters only March 26, 2021 -

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Bob Odenkirk Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

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Special EDy
Special EDy:
Saul Goodman played Bob Odenkirk so well in this video.
We almost lost this man. We must protect him at all costs.
cris d.
cris d.:
No wonder they hired him for the role. He looks just exactly like Saul Goodman.
Crazy Person
Crazy Person:
Glad this man's in stable condition. Wishing him a good recovery.
Thurnis Haley
Thurnis Haley:
"Nobody" didn't get a fraction of the respect it deserves. Absolutely outstanding movie
Jack Greig
Jack Greig:
"I haven't won an Emmy but I've come close" Bob deserved better. One of the best performances on TV and he was robbed lmao
Always 12AM
Always 12AM:
Something about Bob Odenkirk is very comforting.
Seems like a really kind person and is definitely a remarkable actor and a talented comedian.
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick:
So glad Odenkirk finally got widespread recognition with his portrayal of Saul Goodman. Dude is awesome!
Antonio V.
Antonio V.:
Bob not getting an emmy for Better Call Saul is the crime of the century
Edit: and Rhea Seahorn
I would absolutely love to see Bob Odenkirk in a John Wick movie cameo as Hutch Mansell. It could be so simple like Keanu and Halle are walking through an airport or something and Bob walks the opposite way and Keanu's like "Hey Hutch" and Bob says "Hey John". Halle follows up with "who was that?" Keanu: "Nobody". Bonus points if the scene is in the sequel to Nobody too but follows Bob's perspective. Please for the love of God let this happen.
Charlie Mafut
Charlie Mafut:
I’m kinda surprised that Fargo was not in the list. Hands down one of the most iconic characters that led the tone of the story. Simply great performance
Jonathan Dewberry
Jonathan Dewberry:
Old School Odenkirk fans are the happiest fans because we always always knew our guy really deserved a chance at some 'big time' next level roles and movies, whatever stardom and the awards, yes some big money deals too and finally he got the credit due and all that.
Bob Odenkirk is a great actor and Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman is without a doubt his magnum opus. I hope the writers can stick the landing with the final season and the finale.
Zenith Wills
Zenith Wills:
Nobody is one of the greatest action movies to come out in decades. An action movie that's funny, creative, heartfelt, and actually has something to say about violence.
What an incredible actor. His real life personality is that of a straight arrow, yet he played Saul so well.
David Gossett
David Gossett:
It's interesting how his voice and accent has changed over the years. I know some of that is character specific, but he's gotten a slight edge to his voice that has aged well.
Need to see this guy in more roles. He was phenomenal as Saul/Jimmy and always will be but it’d be nice to see him recognized as something more than that
This man killed the roll of Saul. Couldn't imagine anyone else carrying this roll so well. Bob's a beast and carried better call Saul like a champ making me like the show even more than breaking bad.
David Vaughn
David Vaughn:
Such a humble guy. Must be so weird to know that people think you inhabit the "conman" role so well, when you aren't one! Speaks to his great acting
I've been a huge fan of Bob's since the "Ben Stiller Show" days, and it's been such a pleasure to watch his career grow and flourish over the years. So glad he's doing better health wise, can't wait to read his new book, I'm practically foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the final season of BCS, and I can't wait to see what he does next. He's the best.
Aaron Lyons
Aaron Lyons:
I'm so glad Bob decided to do breaking bad and then stay on for better call saul. I don't think there's anyone who could play Jimmy/Saul quite as good as him. He's just fantastic.
I didn't expect "Nobody" to be such a stellar film because of how Saul Goodman is, but I should have known better because Bob Odenkirk is a great actor. Also the ending scene is fire.
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights:
Bob Odenkirk in Nobody (2021) is incredibly amazing. I was happy to see him in such a badass role.
Niklas Ra
Niklas Ra:
The acting in Better Call Saul is so phenomenal, I can not think of any characters in a series that reached that level of depth like Jimmy and Kim. What the writers and actors did so far is outstanding
Many Fails, One Win
Many Fails, One Win:
Bob Odenkirk is my favorite person in all of Hollywood history, just based on what he's helped create alone (Mr Show above all). Writing, Producing, and Acting in that order, and his acting is still perfect for this role.
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt:
Better call Saul is hands down one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I’d honestly say it surpasses Breaking bad in my opinion
Tomtenisse Powercool
Tomtenisse Powercool:
Nobody is what I was expecting John Wick to be when I heard all the hype about it. I absolutely love how it wasn't just mindless action all the time, but there was some genuine comedy and dialogue in there too. Not a mindblowingly good movie, but it was super solid.
Andrew Lai
Andrew Lai:
The fact that HE came up with the idea of making him look unattractive makes me love him even more. that's humbleness
Ella Kaale
Ella Kaale:
I’m so glad he’s okay
Patrick Keating
Patrick Keating:
I wish I'd hear him talk more about his role in Fargo. He was so brilliant and believable in that!
I'll never forget how hard I laughed at Saul's first scene in the series when he's talking to Badger. Couldn't stop laughing for about 10 mins and missed a lot of the dialog after it.
James B
James B:
Seeing Bob's real personality here which seems is so opposite Jimmy really gives me even more respect for his use of acting skills on Saul
I love how when everyone talks about Vince, they always have to mimic his voice too.
A Yabs
A Yabs:
La única vez que me arrepiento de no haber estudiado inglés es al ver este vídeo ...Bob es un gran actor y quisiera entender lo que dice .. lo descubrí en Braking Bad ahora estoy viendo en better call Saúl...he rezado por su salud a pedido de Brian White ( perdón no recuerdo el nombre verdadero del actor) Saludos desde Maschwitz Argentina
Loved Bob in Undone....that was a very moving, and dramatically underrated show with a unique animation style.

Highly recommend it to those who don't know about it.
“This is the kind of part people win Emmys for”.

Well that aged well….
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye:
Hope he makes it, he worked so hard to get where he's finally at.
Hello World
Hello World:
“I’m not a duplicitous person, I’m not running a con-“ and then there’s a jump cut. Perfection.
Aleks Dreeve
Aleks Dreeve:
I really sensed what a powerful actor Bob Odenkirk was back in Breaking Bad. When Better Call Saul came out, I immediately got into it just because of how great he played Saul.
Bianca Malik
Bianca Malik:
I’ve watch breaking bad about 4 times. It’s one of the only shows on TV with excellent character development, excellent plot development and gives a slow anticipation that breads and excellent story line.
I started watching Better Call Saul last week out of boredom, never watched BB before, but by god do I love the character of Jimmy and Bob is just the sweetest, most talented actor i've seen
Better Call Saul is phenomenal and everyone should watch it
He is a great a actor, but he’s also partly responsible for shaping and influencing a generation of comedy with Mr. Show.
Eve Ling
Eve Ling:
I always wanted to laugh everytime I see bob talking but in Nobody (2021) he really made me speechless, I got goosebumps. He nailed it again!
I think the reason Bob Odenkirk fits these characters so well isn't because he looks like a conman, but that he doesn't. He's got this vibe to him that gets you to let your guard down, which makes him ideal for these sorts of characters.
Got Next Gaming
Got Next Gaming:
Bob Odenkirk was in so many shows. I feel like he literally has done everything. Along with the ones in this video another favorite was Arthur Hobbs in 'How I Met Your Mother' I thought he was brilliant in that too.
There's probably an alternate universe where Bob Odenkirk is Michael Scott and Steve Carrell is Saul Goodman
Blumen Han
Blumen Han:
I couldn't imagine any actors who can play Saul Goodman as perfect as Bob
Marylynn Kunkel
Marylynn Kunkel:
I remember the Ben Stiller Show and how funny it was— so sorry it didn’t continue longer. I will definitely check out “Mr. Show” now after seeing this video. Also, I agree with Bob, I wish that Jimmy (Saul) could get some kind of satisfaction, recognition, SOMETHING positive. I still hold out the hope it’ll happen in some manner or form, but like Bob said, I have a feeling it will not. I guess that’s what makes this drama a tragedy rather than a comedy.
Miner Man60101
Miner Man60101:
I'm floored that Bob Odenkirk perfectly predicted the ending of the show. Granted, those were rather vague terms but they got at the heart at what happened in that final episode
Sarah L
Sarah L:
Pull through Bob Odenkirk! We are all rooting for you.
Criminally underrated actor
Edit: obviously this was a joke no need to get upset boys and girls
Saul Goodman/ Jimmy Mcgill is one of the best characters ever created and acted.
Brendan Clarkson
Brendan Clarkson:
Bob had a great little role next to David Cross in the Spielberg movie “The Post”. He didn’t do anything remarkable but it was fun to see the cast of Mr. Show in the same room as Tom Hanks.
I can't believe how long I've really been sleeping on Bob Odenkirk. Even after finishing Breaking Bad, I still didn't hop over to his other works.
Just started Better Call Saul a few weeks ago and I am absolutely hooked, I'll have to rematch BB again but I think I'm liking Better Call Saul more.
I would love to see Bob Odenkirk guest star on It's Always Sunny before that ends. Bob's got the right chops for it.
magnus torque
magnus torque:
Impossible to imagine Breaking Bad without Bob Odenkirk.
Nathan Cook
Nathan Cook:
My favorite Bob Odenkirk character was Bob Odenkirk in the Mr Show Show with Bob and David. Have all 3 seasons on dvd.
Moses Rodriguez
Moses Rodriguez:
I love how sincere and humble he is.
Jeremy Fisher
Jeremy Fisher:
Bob is one of those people who are just naturally funny, the way he carries himself and talks makes it really easy for him to be funny. He could tell the worst pun ever and strike some really corny grin and It'd hit harder than my toe on the coffee table when I woke up this morning.
Jakub Port
Jakub Port:
Odenkirk and Banks should have got all the trophies for acting in a world.
Bob odenkirk is hands down one of my favourite actors. Hes so underrated and i get so excited when he pops up in a show or movie. Hes just so charismatic.
Rob L
Rob L:
This guy is one of the best actors out there!!! Extremely talented he’s up there in the best of the best group
steve revelo
steve revelo:
Deserved the Emmy
He seems so genuinely nice and humble, what a great guy
J C:
Unpopular opinion: Jimmy Mcgill is a more complex character than Walter white
sandy p
sandy p:
Bob Odenkirk is absolutely amazing as Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill I couldn't imagine anyone else playing the character other than him.
James Ainsley
James Ainsley:
Bob Odenkirk really has alot of humility and understanding of his characters, such a human guy.
Kevin Costner is such an amazing actor, he deserves this
antorini 0912
antorini 0912:
Such an iconic role… and so well acted. I don’t know what his future plans are, but for me I can’t see Bob Odenkirk finding a better role, or for that fact, whether he’d want to?
Patry JO
Patry JO:
He's one of the most multifaceted actors I've seen, he's amazing, comedy, drama, now action, he can do it all.
Easy Jake Oven
Easy Jake Oven:
Such a good-natured and humble guy, didn't even mention how he had triples of the Barracuda, the Road Runner, AND the Nova.
Jonathan Barron
Jonathan Barron:
I love Bob, he is such a good actor, love love love!
Lindy Xyo
Lindy Xyo:
I love BCS and Odenkirk on Breaking Bad of course, but Mr. Show is just one of the greatest shows of all time.
Definitely the best sketch comedy show ever made, for sure.
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly:
What a talent. Kills it in the comedy. Kills it in the drama. Kills it in the action. Triple threat!
His role in hutch is REALLY underrated. And the movie itself is an absolute classic.
I love the part where he said “It’s Slippin’ Jimmy time!” and Slippin’ Jimmy’d all over all of the bad guys.

3:15 he was right!!! Jimmy may have ended up behind bars which is tragic but he came to peace with his actions and the world around him as well as being appreciated and beloved by his fellow inmates for the help he likely gave them and their friends and family. Excellent prediction, Bob!
1angry granny
1angry granny:
Happy Bob Odenkirk is okay after his heart attack last week! We love you Bob! Eff the award shows. You are the Best Actor to all of your fans!!
Classic Creep Music
Classic Creep Music:
It is actually amazing what he (and Gilligan of course) made with BCS. You would think it is just a lighthearted spinoff but they made the whole character arc even more engaging and complex than Walter White. Whether the scene is more comedic, dramatic, emotional or suspenseful Bob kills it every time.
Cil Cullen
Cil Cullen:
Bob comes across as a really nice, sarcastic, funny guy in high school.. He is so kind when he mentions people he has worked with. He is self effacing, but always so complementary to everyone else. He is brilliant…
After seeing how he did comedy and drama brilliantly I so badly wanna see him do action on Nobody! Too bad I'm outside the US so I don't know where to watch it tho :((
Ryan Mustain
Ryan Mustain:
I love Bob. He has that likability about him that will always make you root for his character.
This guys definitely deserves an emmy
Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez:
Nice to see he’s no longer working at a Cinnabon
Gina G
Gina G:
You were the show. It wasn’t until you came out that I really got into it! Amazing job!
Jack Mangold
Jack Mangold:
Saul Goodman is my favorite TV show character of all time. I love how complicated his story is.
Nigga Jim
Nigga Jim:
I love Bob he’s such a great actor
"I kinda hope that the character of Jimmy McGill finds some way to be at peace with the world and feel valued and loved..." I think he got that. He was punished and terribly so, and he deserved it, but I think he also deserved that small mercy.
Ben Lazeski
Ben Lazeski:
Saul did a great job of acting like Bob Odenkirk here
Was hoping they'd talk about his role in How I Met Your Mother. I always thought he was hilarious in that role. He played marshal's boss; a angry man who hates everyone but is in love with his dog "Tugboat."
Frost Soul7755
Frost Soul7755:
the guy is a treasure . Even in his old days he goes above and beyond .
He's a beast and very humble, love him to pieces.
Dan Gar
Dan Gar:
I never knew the existents of this man until I watched "NOBODY". and just like that, he became one of my favorite's actors. So, I had to watch his series of "Better call Saul and Breaking Bad"
Ur Money Lol
Ur Money Lol:
Little did he know, Saul got his happy ending.
Ryan G
Ryan G:
Bob Odenkirk is an international treasure
Kylie Humphries
Kylie Humphries:
I was obsessed with Mr show for soooo long. I still watch episodes weekly.
I wish i heard him talk about Undone. Such a great amd creative show, woulda loved to hear his experience making amd acting it out.

Also just wish him great roles, he really is a genius and a talent. Oscar-worthy, even.
Will Boelts
Will Boelts:
My personal favorite roles of his:
1. Dances With Wolves
2. The Bodyguard
3. Field of Dreams
4. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
5. Waterworld
Shawn P Cyril
Shawn P Cyril:
After I watching Better Call Saul, the title of Breaking Bad for the best tv series until now, happens to be in a tough spot. Direction, amount of details and coherency with the original plot takes Better Call Saul to a different level. Waiting for its Season 6.