Bochum Shocks Bayern! | Bochum - Bayern München 4-2 | All Goals | Matchday 22 – Bundesliga 21/22

#BOCFCB | Short Highlights from Matchday 22!
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Watch all goals from the Bundesliga match between VfL Bochum and FC Bayern München from Matchday 22 of 2021/22 season!

Goals: 0-1 Lewandowski (9´), 1-1 Antwi-Adjej (14´), 2-1 Locadia (P, 38´), 3-1 Gamboa (40´), 4-1 Holtmann (44´), 4-2 Lewandowski (75´)

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100+ komentarze:

Cat straight
Cat straight:
0:22 Nutmeg,backheel and a top corner rocket!That third goal from Bochum was 👌🔥
Мистер Огонёчек
Мистер Огонёчек:
Lewandowski and goals are a match made in heaven🔥🔥🔥...
Adam Scott Fit
Adam Scott Fit:
Even in defeat, Lewy is a different animal!
Kaycee Azubike
Kaycee Azubike:
Seeing the score line, I thought Bochum scored lucky goals but after watching this my brain's on fire.
Nice football
Red Whites
Red Whites:
The Bundesliga channel is the best when it comes to uploading these highlights immediately
Tai Lung 唐龍
Tai Lung 唐龍:
Even when Bayern lose, Lewandowski plays amazing. He could have scored around five goals. And that freekick where he hit the crossbar was beautiful. He is a number 9 striker but he can dribble, is fairly quick and can take amazing freekicks.
Muhammad Hazim
Muhammad Hazim:
This game shows how so important Manuel Neuer and Robert Lewandowski for Bayern Munich.
I can't imagine if Bayern doesn't have these two such an important players..Good luck Bayern..
Bayern v Bochum - 7-0
Bochum v Bayern - 4-2
That's what u say a complete revenge given the team and club value
Well done Bochum 👏
𝕤𝕒𝕞 🏳️‍🌈
𝕤𝕒𝕞 🏳️‍🌈:
That first half was a half to forget for Bayern
Normally they’re the ones banging in the goals
Today they conceded 4 in 45 minutes
Luis Ángel Salvatierra Badilla
Luis Ángel Salvatierra Badilla:
Golazo de Gamboa 0:27 🇨🇷 ✅
Alejandro Barrantes
Alejandro Barrantes:
Gamboa's goal is just amazing
This is why we love football.
Underdogs and the uncertainty.
Congrats Bochum🔥🔥
Gurpartap S. Bhinder
Gurpartap S. Bhinder:
Even as a Bayern fan, must admire the game by Bochum 💖 absolutely humiliating for us and a wake up call but all the credit and praise to Bochum.
Cheers to the fans too for such a good atmosphere.
Lewandowski the only one trying for Bayern, he at least deserved a hattrick at the end there, just no luck 😔
Steve Macharia
Steve Macharia:
Lewandowski and goals are a match made in heaven🔥🔥🔥...
Kwabz Boateng
Kwabz Boateng:
That goal from no.2 for Bochum is sensastionally beautiful. Well done Bochum.
Mateusz W
Mateusz W:
Lewa is out of this world. Imagine if he scored that free kick...
Elihle Cele
Elihle Cele:
Some high level goals from both teams 👌
Woolfie 90
Woolfie 90:
This was a game of seriously insane goals 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Much merit from Bochum what a great goals & FC Bayern also played well, but is football! 🔥⚽
Even as a Bayern fan i was feeling great to be defeated lmao
Lewandowski with the flying karate kick goal.
Jonathan De La Peña
Jonathan De La Peña:
What a match 😳🔥
The four goals were amazying 👏🏻🤩
As a Bayern fan I was really disappointed with this result. But it is the Bundesliga and things can happen when you least expect it. I appreciate Bochum's performance this match, just amazing.
That 3 and 4 goals from Bochum 🤯
Bochum came into this match for revenge and they succeeded 💯
They were well prepared, took advantage of Nuers' absence and Nagelsmans' unusual formation today
Eng. John Mwangi
Eng. John Mwangi:
All the goals scored by Bochum are Wonderful, Fantastic and World Class 🔥🔥🔥💯
KIP 8:
Wonderful nutmeg & one two play 🔥 , great goals .. Perfect time to give the badge to new world champ 🏆🔵
Krystian Paterek
Krystian Paterek:
Lewandowski 600 and 601goal❤🤗
Jestem kibicem bochum ale nawet ja jako kibic tego się niespodziewałem
Insane goals.
Julio Rafael
Julio Rafael:
Just imagine bayern without Lewandowski! it would be a real disaster !
And this current coach is really unconvincing
It looked like Gnabry forgot how to pass. Not the first time. When Bayern get hard pressing against it is much easier to hurt them. Congrats for Bochum. Well deserved.
This is a hard lose, but at least Lewy scored
Igor Carvalho
Igor Carvalho:
Olhando esse primeiro gol do Bochum, nós entendemos porque o Sule foi liberado de graça. Pesado, lento e sem tempo de bola
Ale Vega VHAJS
Ale Vega VHAJS:
I'm a Bayern fan but I am happy this happened. Bundesliga needs to be more competitive and Bayern could use these defeats to learn and get ready for the most important part of the season.
Bochum - Lewandowski 4:2
Football Data
Football Data:
Lewys 2nd goal is so beautiful 🔥❤️
Rahmad Wijaya
Rahmad Wijaya:
Unbelievable, amazing match!!
Eduardo Villegas
Eduardo Villegas:
Soy del bayern y admito que la defensa esta muy débil, no estamos tan seguros de lo que pase en la UCL, y el bajo nivel del portero suplente, nos tiene con dudas, pero en cambio el Bochum demostró un gran nivel, que golasos, esperemos regresar mucho mas seguros y con un mejor plantel, en las buenas y en las malas, miasanmia.
Fuerte Farmer
Fuerte Farmer:
As a Bayern supporter it’s a very shameful result when we field our starting 10 excluding Neuer. What a terrible team formation 4-1-4-1. I can’t talk more. Congrats Bochum
NXD Productions
NXD Productions:
This match itself is a complete PROOF.... That Manuel Neuer was the main man who is responsible for Bayern's every clean sheets and good defensive records despite having such a horrible backline...
Hope our WALL comes back before UCL... 💪
Felipe Mascena
Felipe Mascena:
6 gols em 1 minutos. Tem canal que passa os melhores momentos em +10 minutos em jogo com 1 gol...
Krzysztof Mazur
Krzysztof Mazur:
Lewandowski vs Bochum. The rest of the team was on vacation.
A A:
Their goals are insane😍
Олег Семенов
Олег Семенов:
Bochum!!! 🤣 С детства за Bochum!
Guiss 1510
Guiss 1510:
Que gol el de Gamboa, golazo
Imagine scoring 2 goals, hitting a woodwork and still losing a match. Yay! 😬
Alberto Rodriguez
Alberto Rodriguez:
Buen gol Gamboa!!🇨🇷 Pura vida!!
Xiaozhou Li
Xiaozhou Li:
the goal from Gamboa, wooo!! Tasty!
Дмитрий Иванов
Дмитрий Иванов:
Incredible Bochum!🔥🔥🔥
slida emif
slida emif:
Lewandowski and goals are a match made in heaven🔥🔥🔥...
Many people are criticizing Upamecano for his disasterous season so far...I mean he was so good at Leipzig...won't mind if bayern loan back sabitzer and Upamecano to Leipzig again these 2 really faded since joining bayern
Faridz Rizqi
Faridz Rizqi:
So Impresive from Bochum
Never give up
Victor Mwongela
Victor Mwongela:
Absolutely insane goals 😂🔥
Michael Ferger
Michael Ferger:
What a game .. sad to see my Bayern lose but Bochum were on fire
Osmane Ibrahim
Osmane Ibrahim:
Bochum defeating Bayern damn this is why I love football 🙌
Faith Yt
Faith Yt:
Bayern needs neuer and lewandowski imo
Happy to see Holtmann play outstanding football. Love from the Philippines
Joshymar Ortiz
Joshymar Ortiz:
Bochum's third goal ls incredible
José Augusto
José Augusto:
30 jogos 37 Gols
Simplismente o melhor do mundo Robôdowski
Empirical Progenitor
Empirical Progenitor:
I love when small teams beats big teams
A P:
wonder goals by Bochum. that's what it takes to beat Bayern.
Арыч Фаворитик
Арыч Фаворитик:
Боруссия М также наказала Баварию в этом сезоне 5-0 в кубке. Мюнхенцы зачастую в атаку идут 8-м, и при хорошем тренере и смелости их легко подлавливать. Так Бавария и в лч в этом году слетит наверное)
As a Bayern fan i was really depressed by Upamecano's performance of recent games.
robman 296
robman 296:
its quite sad how well lewa played and his team still let him down
Jonha AD
Jonha AD:
Maes que golazo el de Gamboa 🔥
Remy Baptiste
Remy Baptiste:
El partido de los golazos!
Andres Miranda
Andres Miranda:
Golazo de Gamboa, saludos desde Costa Rica
0:51 , Sane is celebrating as soon as he saw that the ball’s deflection was going toward LewanGOALski lol
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez:
Aunque soy del Bayern tengo que admitir que el Bochum nos dio un baile. Atrás somos un relajo: Sule ha estado mas lento de lo normal y parece que ya no está compromtido con el equipo, y que decir de Upamecano, fatal en todos los sentidos, parece que está jugando en la 4ta division de Alemania. Necesitamos a Phonzie pero ya, y hay que fichar a Rudiger inmediatente. Cada vez que juega Ulreich perdemos y siempre le encajan muchos goles, cosa que no es normal en el Bayern, prefiero que pongan al muchacho de la cantera ne vez de a el. Por otra parte se pudo ver que Lewy jugando solo hizo de sus travesuras. Es una bestia 🔴🇵🇱❤️
Imran Muktar
Imran Muktar:
The last time I even heard of Gamboa was on FIFA 16 when he was still at West Brom 😂😂😂
Keith Ng
Keith Ng:
very refreshing to see such results in the Bundesliga
Holtmann 🇵🇭 what a goal!!
Artiol Rexha
Artiol Rexha:
I don’t know why It feels good when big teams get defeated 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby:
Hope this happened more often!! Bravo!!!
Rodrigo Realista
Rodrigo Realista:
Beautiful result, beautiful bochum kit
George Kuba
George Kuba:
How can anyone question whether Lewandowski is the best in the world? I will never forgive the French for stealing his rightful Balon'dor just because 'its messi' and he plays in the French league. It's disgusting
John Mushitu
John Mushitu:
All the goals in this match were top tier
kansaS arkansaS
kansaS arkansaS:
even Lewandowski cant win on his own
All respect to Ulrich.. but neuer has a imposing presence that is invaluable
Ударного Ангел першоджерела
Ударного Ангел першоджерела:
Красавцы, так и знал что Бохум даст темпа Баварии, но что б так красиво)
Maria Ludecita Lalim
Maria Ludecita Lalim:
Holtmann is so underrated very skillfull player
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza:
The players that Nagelsman brought with him from RB Leipzig aren't doing any good
Asledy Renteria
Asledy Renteria:
Sin manuel neuer no son nada, ojalá se recupere mi capitán y mi ídolo
Rizal Habibulloh
Rizal Habibulloh:
Lewy has do the same last season goal it's mean he just made more goal on this season, best striker in the world 🔥
Barry Kam
Barry Kam:
Lewandowski cant stop scoring, cant he? Two great goals made by Bochum. It is absolutely shocking result to be honest
Aleksander Średni
Aleksander Średni:
Wow the third goal for bochum was so smooth.
Denmark Hernandez
Denmark Hernandez :
Amazing Goal Holtmann 🇵🇭
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze:
And this was bayern first game without neuer in 2022, imagine what is still to come. They also miss goretzka a lot
KWESI Pubg :
This was what I was waiting for. Congrats to Bayern for losing to Bochum🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sandwichemi Roberger
Sandwichemi Roberger:
the 3rd and 4th goal were amazing
Zero Cool
Zero Cool:
Потрясающий Бохум, держите в курсе.)
Pedro Vitor Santos
Pedro Vitor Santos:
Só valia golaço
Vfl Bochum my god they played like they were the favs 👏🔥
This is good BM tries different goal keepers. It also shows Neuer's value big time.
Spider-Boy Bocil Bagong
Spider-Boy Bocil Bagong:
Lewandowski still score brace 🔥
Ruddy Espinoza
Ruddy Espinoza:
Pura vida Cristhian Gamboa 🇨🇷
edgar gabriel Velazquez
edgar gabriel Velazquez:
0:03 Lewagol mete como sea increible jugador en el area .
Holy cow! each goal is gem.