Body Found at Lake Where Actress Naya Rivera Went Missing | THR News

UPDATE: Please click the link to watch the latest news on this story.

A body was recovered Monday at Lake Piru in Southern California, the site where 'Glee' actress Naya Rivera went missing last Wednesday while boating with her 4-year-old son.

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A A:
This is so sad. RIP Naya❤ Your were such a good mother. Prayers to her son and family.
Tanya Horula
Tanya Horula:
I'm glad they found her. So sorry to those who love her.
Milah Hipsel
Milah Hipsel:
They found her body THE DAY that Cory died 😢 my heart goes out to the Glee family and all the families affected. Can't imagine what they're all going through.
Sad. Atleast they found a body
Kahi K
Kahi K:
She was such a talented and beautiful woman. So sad that she has passed away. RIP Naya you will be missed
Lauren Freeman
Lauren Freeman:
Weird... Same day Corey from glee was found.
RM 2000
RM 2000:
Idk I just feel like there’s something not right about this, I truly don’t think this was an “accident”
Kelly Santi Bergen
Kelly Santi Bergen:
Why is nobody talking about the fact that she was found dead on the same day as Cory Monteith?
I’m literally crying right now. I just knew this wasn’t The end for her, All of my love goes to her beautiful son and family.
Jenny J
Jenny J:
Does anyone else find it odd that Cory died July 13,2013 and her body is found July 13,2020 ???
rachel l
rachel l:
Such a sad tragic story. I wonder what happened. It seemed so dangerous she went out there alone with just her son.
The Sober King
The Sober King:
Glee? Haven't a lot of people died young who played in that show?
Sa H
Sa H:
Wow, so many people from Glee died young. RIP to Naya and I’m praying for her son. How traumatic. I hope he will be able to heal and find peace.
Of course it was her. Why do they say they're still looking wtf. How many people are in that lake. I would never go on a man made lake. Dangerous
o dogg
o dogg:
How tf can someone go to a lake that big and not know how to swim?? Somethings weird af bout this
tropical candyland
tropical candyland:
Omg RIP Naya Rivera♥️you deserved better
I am a legendary person And every woman knows me
I am a legendary person And every woman knows me:
The glee curse is real
Damn. I'm so sorry. God rest her
Erick H
Erick H:
It's weird because a week⁰ 1/2 ago I watched the clip of the glee cast members Sing to sir with love Out of the blue and they killed it
maryam mure
maryam mure:
RIP sweet Naya. You will be truly missed. This is so heartbreaking 💔
Orange - U-tan
Orange - U-tan:
RIP Naya u touched all our hearts
Adrianna Gamboa
Adrianna Gamboa:
I’m literally going to go cry right now :( Look how happy her son was with her. I really hope it isn’t her but it probably is. Son needed his mommy.
Naya died on the 8th. This year on 13 of July it would be 7 years since Cory Monteith died.
RIP gone but never left our heart
God bless her. Way too young. Beautiful girl. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
This is scary, isn't it kinda suspicious that Naya Riveras body was found the Cory Monteih died
isabella roberts
isabella roberts:
Such an inspirational human. Will forever be loved and remembered. Rest in peace angel x
Tonika Vickers
Tonika Vickers:
May your beautiful soul Rest In Peace, you’ll be dearly missed.
Lil' Sosig
Lil' Sosig:
How could have this happen 😭😭😭😭she was such a sweet woman
My condolences are to her family and anyone who is affected by this especially her son
R.I.P Naya Rivera you will be missed❤😢
Rayquelle Ruggs
Rayquelle Ruggs:
My condolences to the son and family members
Allison Leyva
Allison Leyva:
RIP Naya we love you. ❤ You will never be forgotten. Prayers to her son and family. ❤❤
Mysterio Master of illusions
Mysterio Master of illusions:
Finally and host's at Hollywood Reporter keep up the good work on YouTube and either social media and have a great day
Susan Douglas
Susan Douglas:
literally heartbroken. rest in peace naya, you went way too soon 😭
Skankhunt 42
Skankhunt 42:
Such a beautiful woman. I pray for her kids, that they somehow find peace. They will see each other again one day. I love you all, and heaven is real. ❤️
Evaniya Thomas
Evaniya Thomas:
this is so tragic and heartbreaking. my thoughts and prayers go out to her family especially her son. this really hurts. rip naya😢💔
Ariana Flowers
Ariana Flowers:
Omg I’m so sad Rest In Peace Naya Rivera we all love you
Ivy C
Ivy C:
In all my years boating I have never heard of a woman & a small child going out on a boat alone. Just asking for trouble something wasn't right with her.
Lisa Love Ministries
Lisa Love Ministries:
Praying for her family.
John 14:6
1 John 5:19
2 Peter 3:9
Samarah Gharshin
Samarah Gharshin:
This is heartbreaking 💔 may her son be surrounded by so much love 💕
Evannia Varela
Evannia Varela:
I never watched glee but my older sister did and i remember seeing naya and oh gosh i feel so bad for her fans, the glee cast, and her family... god bless her soul :( my condolences go out to them
Jay D
Jay D:
OMG, damn its just so SAD. People are dying all around US.

You never know what’s going on with this dangerous lake.

Naya, son will be dramatize for the rest of his life. ✌🏽💯
Rest in peace, wonderful soul.
Don't read my name
Don't read my name:
This is so sad 😭 Rest in peace Naya ♥️
My condolences to her family
Raphie Stegall
Raphie Stegall:
If I die young bury me in satin lay me down in a bed of roses sink me in the river at dawn leave me away with the words of a love song. Rest in peace .Naya ✝
Chloe Brincefield
Chloe Brincefield:
My heart is broken she was an amazing woman, my heart goes out to her family
Kevin Grande
Kevin Grande:
Is it confirmed that the body is Naya?
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby:
Her friends always said she needed swimming lessons , condolences to the family for their loss, so sad 😢
Olivia Boulais
Olivia Boulais:
Fly High Our Angel. Your Talents and your love for everyone will be missed. You died saving your son Joesy. You Died a Hero. You’re talent will be missed. We will always love you. Rest In Peace Naya Marie Rivera. Fly High Our Angel fly High❤️💔❤️
Who else was on the boat, a mother and a young son on a rental boat together ,it just looks awful fishy to me. If her son is a teenager then maybe I can see that , referring to boating safety . but not a four year old that got back on the boat by himself 😲
Jetfly Leaks
Jetfly Leaks:
So 7 years ago on July 13 glee actor cory was found dead from drug overdose and today is July 13 and the glee curse continues😣
Super typhoon Haiyan
Super typhoon Haiyan:
This news conference in about 10 minutes is gonna be interesting And hopefully it will be the last news conference
I’m sad. Please Lord comfort the family and watch over the boy. 💐
Nidia Luccioni
Nidia Luccioni:
My condolences to the family and my prayers are with you and your family
Rest in Peace Miss Naya Rivera
ícҽís թհօҽղíx
ícҽís թհօҽղíx:
Wow. Saturday I said they would find her today, Monday. Wow.
Sam Galaxy
Sam Galaxy:
I’m heartbroken 💔 fly high Naya.
Katarina Babic
Katarina Babic:
I can't believe this. I'm so said. RIP Naya. 😢💔
camila colette
camila colette:
This is extremely heartbreaking. She really had a big impact on many people, she was such a beautiful, kind, talented woman. Rest in Peace Naya ❤️
Simaze Nji
Simaze Nji:
RIP Naya Rivera 1987-2020
Retsam Razwinkz
Retsam Razwinkz:
Basement Dweller Conspiracy Theorist Unite!
Raga Muffin
Raga Muffin:

Naya Rivera was my idol! I don't want her to be dead!!! #RIPNayaRivera
This is soo sad 😔
Wow wow Lulu
Wow wow Lulu:
Imagine how her son felt
timothy 2
timothy 2:
Seven years to the day after Monteith was found.
To.The. Day.
Organization sending a strong message out with this death.
Landi Smith
Landi Smith:
Show people that you love them every chance you get. RIP Naya.
lauren your average white girl.
lauren your average white girl.:
January 12, 1987- July 8th, 2020. You will be missed.
Rista Ghufron
Rista Ghufron:
Rest in love...
Soul Robinson
Soul Robinson:
I don’t believe it till I see the actual footage of the body.
Desto Babyy
Desto Babyy:
Mhm accident my ass! Rest easy Naya! I pray & hope to god you & family have the peace & justice you deserve!! 🙏🏾❤️🕊
Chris Tian
Chris Tian:
I can’t even breathe rn, she didn’t deserve this. My heart and prayers go out to her family, she will be missed in heaven
Afaf Beauty
Afaf Beauty:
Did they find her body? 😭 I can’t watch the video
Yuni Mora
Yuni Mora:
Sad 😞 not what I wanted to hear , I was really hoping for her to be fond alive
6 66
6 66:
All lives matter❤ rest in peace queen
This is so unexpected.. 😥
Clips you don’t watch
Clips you don’t watch:
What if this is like stranger things and that isn’t actually her body
Well there ya go.
C J:
How very sad ! May she RIP. 😭😭🙏🏻🙏🏻
TRX Clan
TRX Clan:
So sad I wonder who's next of the glee cast
I like the neutral point of view.
Priscilla Solanki
Priscilla Solanki:
Sad day for the family 😢 peace & love to them all let them grieve in peace. Great recovery team thank them for their tireless efforts & energy they too wanted closure for the family. Naya's son will suffer years of trauma he's lost his beloved mum forever. Naya will be watching over him from heaven ❤
Red Robin
Red Robin:
May her soul rest in peace
james hinson
james hinson:
Damn that's sad!!! She was soo fine. RIP baby doll.
The Meme Lord
The Meme Lord:
Rest In Peace :(
im happy they found her body so that she could have a proper funeral
Pedro Joubert
Pedro Joubert:
Sounds like a suicide to me, her son had a lifeguard jacket and she didn't, it was inside the boat 🤔 may she RIP 🙏🙏 to the family and her son.
So naya mark AND Cory all passed away?? Not to mention that naya was found the day Cory died? This is heartbreaking. RIP❤️
In the criminal justice system,the people are represented by 2 separate,yet equally important groups; the police who investigate crime; and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories..
Elle-Marie Nelson
Elle-Marie Nelson:
Guys I actually think I’m dreaming, I can’t believe she is DEAD
juri ito
juri ito:
Ms. R
Ms. R:
aldo melendez
aldo melendez:
I used to watch glee but I stopped watching it when I heard that cobi was found dead. I only watched the tribute episode after that I couldn’t watch it anymore. Knowing that Naya is gone it kills me Rest In Peace
Brian Williams
Brian Williams:
Life jacket is required and also never go by yourself always have at least two people present for reminder to use a life jacket
Caviteño Che
Caviteño Che:
Damn Celebrity Rule of Threes! Kelly Preston died from cancer, before her it was Elvis’ grandson Benjamin Keough by apparent self-inflicted gunshot, and now it could be Naya Rivera’s accidental drowning that Death started its tragic formula.

Condolences to all three families as they mourn. May their spirits go toward the light and be welcomed by their ancestors.

Kelly now free from agony cancer and with her son Jett. Naya welcomed by her Glee cast mates Cory and Mark. Benjamin a splitting image of his grandfather The King of Rock n’ Roll Elvis having a jam session. All gone too soon with unfinished business that their families will lovingly the best way they can.
Jasmin Böhnlein
Jasmin Böhnlein:
Sophie Reyes
Sophie Reyes:
Why do bad things always have to happen to good people

Rest in peace Naya you will be missed 😢❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bryan Ortega
Bryan Ortega:
😞😞😞😞😞😞nooooo my one true woman crush Rest In Peace you were a beautiful soul
Kyky 11
Kyky 11:
She was found the same day Cory Monteith died.
J R:
It's only been a week. The body would be easily identifiable wouldn't it? Either way, RIP Naya. Gone too soon.
Mr. Foul Monday
Mr. Foul Monday:
At least the security camera didn't see me. .I'm responsible for the murder
Matty Mobbs
Matty Mobbs:
Poor boy seeing that
Wow wow Lulu
Wow wow Lulu:
I’m gonna cry