Body found in search for abducted teacher Eliza Fletcher

Authorities say they have found a "deceased party" near where Eliza Fletcher was abducted while jogging in Memphis last week.

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100+ komentarze:

Warrior monk
Warrior monk:
This man was sentenced to 24 years in prison in 2000 for the same crime but was eligible for release after 85 percent of that sentence was served. If he had serve his full sentence, this lady would still be alive. The justice system has failed us once again.
Cecilia Martinez
Cecilia Martinez:
This makes me very upset her two sons are going to grow up without a mother
Rifle Depot
Rifle Depot:
The state needs to start being held accountable for their incompetence
some criminals should not be released ever.
Truly Work From Home
Truly Work From Home:
So sad, prayers to her family. Please be aware of your surroundings guys. I know some things happen in broad day light, but if you can help it ladies don't be out at night or wee hours in the morning alone. THIS SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED TO HER. PRAYERS AND PEACE TO HER FAMILY
Murders should never be released from prison! They should all get the death penalty within 72 hours of the verdict! Not 27 years later! That's not justice!
Photon Jones
Photon Jones:
This country goes out of it's way to keep these evil monsters, sadistic killers of innocent people, alive. This BS needs to stop.
get these filthy animals off the streets....I’m terrified...look at the smugness on his face, entitled to someone else’s life smh
Fred Primo
Fred Primo:
Really heartbreaking, we’re here in California and I couldn’t stop thinking about this. I really feel for her and her family. This is horrible
Danni J
Danni J:
RIP young lady. Condolences to your loved ones(family and friends). This criminal got out in 2020 after 30 years behind bars, only to re-offend and repeat the same crime, this time, taking the life of an innocent woman. Please throw the book at this creep!
john blankenship
john blankenship:
Kidnapping with physical injury, including sexual assault, to the victim needs to be a crime punishable by the death penalty. In those states where the death penalty is not an option, it should be life without parole. It’s one thing to parole someone for theft of property, but those who are a proven danger to people should be high on the list of people the citizenry needs to be protected from in a more permanent manner.
I think it's sad that people want to accuse the husband when there isn't any proof at this time that he was involved. I think it was unfortunately just being in the wrong place at wrong time. I feel so sorry for her family.
Maya tha 🐝
Maya tha 🐝:
Prayers for the victims family 🙏🏽
Ryne Murray
Ryne Murray:
Sometimes criminals fall through the cracks and get out due to overcrowding. They don't properly check the records of every inmate they release and that's messed up
No one star
No one star:
It's extremely disappointing and devastatingly sad, but humanity loves to destroy itself. Further, it is far, far, FAR too lenient on crime.
Why did they let him out of prison? Did they rehabilitate him? No. Just had him in prison for 20 years and let him out with no skills or abilities to take care of himself. Came right back out into society and picked up where he left off at…Now put him back in prison, so he doesn’t do any harm to anyone else. God bless this family.
It's almost like there's a pattern to this criminal's behavior. When are judges and DA gonna start being held accountable?
Vile evil monsters in this world, it's crazy that we live with these sadistic killers most probably passing the likes of him daily on the streets. Prayers to her family and friends
Marion Cobretti
Marion Cobretti:
Bring back public stoning..makes the community safe and brings everyone together
Well it’s definitely not going to be called a hate crime.
Matthew Walker
Matthew Walker:
Hell is too good of a place for the person that did this
Lana _
Lana _:
Boomer Rumor
Boomer Rumor:
If an autopsy reveals that the motivation for the crime in this case is robbery and not sexual assault, then this situation is much worse than I thought it was.
I would pay more in taxes to keep people like this behind bars so we can have a safer community and keep criminals contemplating on crimes because of the longer sentences. Resulting in an overall less crime rate 😔
Dennis Badoni
Dennis Badoni:
You can bet if a Killers put to death and you told him that he has to Die the same way he killed his victim they would not like that very well but it might wake up a lot of people to think before they do a crime that's where I say a eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth
Lee Quinn
Lee Quinn:
I just don't understand why she was jogging at 4:30 am? She could've joined a gym and many are open late. Then she had nothing to defend herself with.
The world is full of monsters. We can't let our guard down. Now there are 2 babies who will grow up without their mother, how very sad.
Charlene Mocksing
Charlene Mocksing:
Sadly, there’s more perpetrators like him amongst us. Some are released from prison and back out on the street to continue their mayhem.
Extreme Pacifist
Extreme Pacifist:
Eliza Fletcher would still be alive today if the parole officer, prosecutors, and judge did their job. Cleotha Abston arrested on 06/27/2022 violation of parole, SHOULD HAVE BEEN SENT BACK TO PRISON TO FINISH HIS 20 YEAR SENTENCE which was 2024. protect your family, take out all violent super predators ask Colin Flaherty ...
Andrew Holladay
Andrew Holladay:
Cowards! Failure once again from our justice department. He should have never been released.
This crime reminds me of the same crime in San Diego County about 15 or 20 years ago. A man sees a pretty woman in shorts jogging decides to kidnap her and have her and kills her. How do we weed out these bad men. Keep them in prison for a first offense ? Kidnapping should be 40 year sentence. Our society today is too permissive.
Percy Faith
Percy Faith:
There are holsters made for jogging.
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson:
Dam this story is tragic and heartbreaking 💔
If I was the victims husband or relatives I'd already b plotting how to get myself into 1 of his court dates Boondock Saints style
"When u look behind u and u see we 3 on that day u will reap it,and I'll send u to what ever God u wish"
Somebody ever hurt my wife or kids like that it would b game over for him and myself
Yirmyah Fox
Yirmyah Fox:
Such shock
David Winkler
David Winkler:
There are places in the world where girls and women are safe to be alone walking or jogging in parks or in cities even late at night or early in the morning hours. Places like Russia, Japan, Korea and certain parts of Europe still for now.
All these places have one thing in common. They are not plagued and infested with these sons of worthlessness, sons of Belial.
Know your area and surroundings ladies. Unfortunately if you live in a place where these sons of Belial are a significant population, you'll have to adjust your behavior to avoid becoming one of their victims because the Government won't do what is necessary.
13 Percented. Terrible way to go.
Larry Louis
Larry Louis:
If our government would actually uphold the law, this criminal would still be in prison, but no, we are supposed to feel sorry for him, not her. Of course they will not seek the death penalty and release him early as is the left nut policy.
Frasier's World
Frasier's World:
How the hell did they let this dangerous man out of prison to do this!?
This types of cruel shits happens everyday. So sad
R L:
20 yrs served earlier for the same thing. WTF is wrong with this judicial system. They need to get their heads out of their ass's. How many people need to suffer before justice is actually served? We should go back to the "eye for an eye era"
Katya Flippinov
Katya Flippinov:
If you want to try to stay safe maybe think camouflage. You might not be able to pass for a man (and men get hunted and killed, too) can you Iook like you might be Law Enforcement or a 1st responder going for a walk, bike run?
Laurie Faith Prescott
Laurie Faith Prescott:
Tiktok brought me here. My heart breaks for this family I am so sorry
C Yat
C Yat:
A man without hope is the greatest man to fear. May as well be living in Iran, and pretty women are not safe jogging alone at 4am in the morning in the USA without the security of witnesses to keep the wolves at bay.
2 other women's bodies where found 4.4 miles away during the 2 months before Eliza went missing. Suspect had a black vehicle too I think she wasnt the 1st woman he killed by this animal only the most recent.
Andrea Roman
Andrea Roman:
He said I can’t be working resident of the United State’s , so here I got again gotta make a good reason to live tax free in jail.nasty !!
Fight evil. Read books.
Fight evil. Read books.:
s berg
s berg:
Eliza Fletcher - Body Found - Sad News!
Kidnapping should be automatic life in prison. I would happily pay taxes to make that happen.
Deep Rolling River
Deep Rolling River:
Don’t go out jogging without pepper spray and a taser
Winston Smith
Winston Smith:
Weak Leadership as usual: District Attorneys, Judges, and Politicians.

And round and round we go.
Sergei Vadaski
Sergei Vadaski:
He'll be out on good behavior soon
Hans Anderson
Hans Anderson:
So, where can I sign up for the FIRING SQUAD?? I am from out of state, totally anonymous,
am a GOOD SHOT, and I will do it WITHOUT BEING PAID, even my travel expenses.
Oh, I am a law-abiding citizen, who can legally possess a firearm.
John Hooper
John Hooper:
And this women was fit and could run.. It is so scary that she was not able to run away fast enough.. RIP
Jasmine Anderson
Jasmine Anderson:
Did she know him? Or did he just pick her up and decided to kill her? Smh omg
How sad. I do not understand people who go jogging alone in the dark! Please don’t do that!
Lu the ruler
Lu the ruler:
at this point it's clearly obvious she is no longer alive r.i.p just looking at suspect he definitely did her harm his bro said he was cleaning car and his clothes of DNA so yes he killed her
Julie Sterkel
Julie Sterkel:
Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr:
Is the perpetrator from the 13.4% ?
That would be my first instinct !
Jan Jesus Pascual
Jan Jesus Pascual:
Catch and release that's why this keeps happening
70s Tunes
70s Tunes:
Hans Anderson
Hans Anderson:
I was SICKENED by one story that said that her HUSBAND might have had something to
do with this...
Life for a life
Santos Rojas
Santos Rojas:
She was to take control of serious Money maybe a Business who would be next in line to take control? If anything happens to her Collection?
Tyrone Roberts
Tyrone Roberts:
A sad day in America when a woman can not jog no matter your race. Her kids have no mom my heartbreaks!
I'm very confused. They only show a picture of the van, and they assume that that's the fan that took her? Where is actual footage of her being kidnapped?
Rich Fleming
Rich Fleming:
I think that this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment to give many thanks to the great contributions of the black community and how their culture has enriched our society. Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills, unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all those that hope to achieve their fondest dreams and aspirations. Property and home values rise significantly by the influx of African Americans into any area due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, as exemplified by the way they have helped clean up and rejuvenate the inner cities. Their presence alone leads to a dramatic decrease in the overall crime rate in the community. Without their industries and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.
Santos Rojas
Santos Rojas:
The real question is did he know who she was and how much she would be worth?
John Smith
John Smith:
Black twitter: I bet the husband have sumfin to do with it.
DiSTRACTiON channel
DiSTRACTiON channel:
@Montréal 🇨🇦 SVP...prosecute with EXTREME prejudice !😤🤬🙏
Kamal Rinku
Kamal Rinku:
Really sooo sad
jane lewis
jane lewis:
So sad. Never get n a car. Ever let them shoot u on the spot. Odds are they won't
Les Blàse
Les Blàse:
Never let him out again
J G:
sad sad
Anna Brown
Anna Brown:
Bob Reese
Bob Reese:
Body ID confirmed.
Hadji Bouchrit
Hadji Bouchrit:
Useless criminals
Kingdom of Heaven Seeker
Kingdom of Heaven Seeker:
Evil is Law in this world
Gemma Louise
Gemma Louise:
Her poor children
Derick Jones
Derick Jones:
RIP 🙏 To this young woman.... This country has gone crazy the criminals are on a free for all all over ... murder rape robbery kidnappings car jacking.... every crime imaginable is being increased with new offenders and old ... we need more prisons and executions we need to teach the citizens of the U.S.A. to DO NO HARM .... assaults need mandatory prison time we need to squash this violent murderous perverted society we live in 😔🙄
Beautifulblessed Nolovelost
Beautifulblessed Nolovelost:
4:30 am is too early to jog it’s still dark outside
Nina Fitch
Nina Fitch:
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez:
I said it from the start but I was hoping to be proven wrong. Terrible tragedy she looked like a nice person a kindergarten teacher what a terrible loss.
John Doe
John Doe:
Damn it.
Gloria Nelson
Gloria Nelson:
Why 😭 why why why ???
13/52 who is surprised?
Patrick Carpenter
Patrick Carpenter:
They pulled dna from a sandal that was in the area she was last seen? Sounds super legit🙄
charly power
charly power:
clearly racial motive
Beggar’s bin Gaming
Beggar’s bin Gaming:
Let me guess, she was anti-gun? Living in a high crime rate area (predominantly black) with strict gun laws? See where I'm going? And yes I'm very prejudice.
John Q.
John Q.:
Super Predator.... Thanks Joe, here's your lifetime achievement award.
Goose Step
Goose Step:
Women, Please Please Please stop running in the dark by yourselves!!! The world is not safe!
One take adventures with Joel & Deb
One take adventures with Joel & Deb :
Lets call this a hate crime!
Nobody In Particular
Nobody In Particular:
Running alone in Memphis at 4AM?
O O:
It was a hit… if the kidnappers are not asking for ransom it’s because someone else hired them for a hit. Don’t forget she’s an heiress to A LOT of money
St O
St O:
The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.

Albert Einstein
Justin of the Wiregrass
Justin of the Wiregrass:
Let's give him a statue🙃
Parm Mohan
Parm Mohan:
I was hoping she would have been somehow found alive. I guess I should have expected Police are too busy eating donuts 🍩 to be able to get a confession out of the perp.
Starkey Morgan
Starkey Morgan:
He get out early cause of covid?
F Nix
F Nix:
that slime did this b4 and back on the streets wtf?
Mister Fartman
Mister Fartman:
It was just the usual African American 4am "call of the Johnson."
AM Atomic
AM Atomic :
Also carry a pepper spray and learn how to use it.
Justin De'Anthony
Justin De'Anthony:
So sick & saddening. Why do wicked criminals & unrepentant sinners who CHOOSE to waste their life CHOOSE to steal&snatch the life of those who CHOOSE to live, give & contribute???? Acts 2:38!!!