Boko Haram and the crisis in Nigeria, explained

Here's what you need to know about Boko Haram, the Islamist group terrorizing northeast Africa's largest democracy.

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Produced by Joss Fong and Joe Posner
Images courtesy of Getty Images

88 komentarze:

Kevin Rivera
Kevin Rivera:
This is what happens when you mix politics and religion...😏😒
Holy Doggo
Holy Doggo:
ironic to see the muslims massacre their own people and demand an islamic states.
These explaination videos are by far my favorite type of videos you guys upload. Just wish you did more of them and they where a few minutes longer! I find these international political themed videos great. Its nice to hear about whats going on in the world from someone with no bias. Just straight factual information in a entertaining, informative, well made package!! Keep up the good work!!!
There is also a good video by John Green on the Vlogbrothers channel, called 'Understanding Boko Haram'. Would recommend a watch.
tony tanner
tony tanner:
Here is what non traditional African religions have created. Thanks.
so in Syria we are really invested and want to influence everything in the middle east... but africa? oh who cares...
Sam Chen
Sam Chen:
That has to be the coolest looking president ever. Which presidenet wears a fedora for official speeches?
Cut of their Wolf Cola, we cut of their power!
nonso obasi
nonso obasi:
I'm from Nigeria and really I think the Boko Haram problem would soon end
Jesse Reaves
Jesse Reaves:
Make sure they have plenty of Wolf Cola
nigerian army could destroy boko haram
Blue Acidball
Blue Acidball:
1:56 It’s actually spelt Olusegun
smit dedhia
smit dedhia:
curse to humanity...
Haz Nooone
Haz Nooone:
Awesome videos. I wish you could do update on these on going events and what have become of it. Best
Of luck!
wheres the U.S fight for freedom here?
Devbir Singh Virk
Devbir Singh Virk:
"It will take much more than military force.." ? That's where you end the video? Care to elaborate what you think could solve it?
David Boson
David Boson:
Do we believe in self determination?
Lerzoos Lercoos
Lerzoos Lercoos:
0:16 I wonder if you know how they live in nigeria if you seen it then you mean it then you know you have to go 😂😂😂
führer reicht
führer reicht:
Ty u help me learn about the ENEMY
Joey Kickassery
Joey Kickassery:
1:17 look at the 3 guys doing nothing to help the north 😁
1:42 മുഹമ്മദ്
1:56 ഉമറ്
Terram Lucida Tela Concilium
Terram Lucida Tela Concilium:
Thumbnail looks like something from the Chappelle Show.
I think it's a real shame.
I hope this doesn't happen again.
Emperor Tikacuti
Emperor Tikacuti:
Split northern and southern Nigeria into two countries for peace within Africa.
Well update: boko haram has been crushed in my country.
Hrithik Bagade
Hrithik Bagade:
Work towards eradicating poverty.. you need food, clothing, shelter, health and education.. not religion
As someone born and raised in the failing multicultural country of South Africa, I have no idea why the West would want to embrace this ideal when it just inevitably leads to social conflict?
aiman hatim
aiman hatim:
The question is where they got the weapons?
gueime abicho
gueime abicho:
Aziz mana
As an African I must say that that was some of the most uniformed, incompetent bit of misinformation I've heard from this channel.  
Leon De Vos
Leon De Vos:
nuclear budget consultant huh local initiative command.
This is why we give that Nigerian prince that keeps emailing us money
Samuel kings
Samuel kings:
Lets Split that country up into two or three regions.
Would like to see an update on the political landscape in Nigeria
Great brittian used the devide and rule strategie.
Kenechukwu Ogbuagu
Kenechukwu Ogbuagu:
Boronu 😕
Mohit Mahajan
Mohit Mahajan:
Watching this in 2020, the Boko Haram is still powerful and carrying out vicious attacks.
Shahkar Studios
Shahkar Studios:
And where did you get all this info?

Or you are trying to stir violence?
This would be a better name for the terriorst group :Boku no pico harem
Moe Mikili
Moe Mikili:
if Africans saw themselves through the eyes of the world, they would unite.
Who let The Dogs out?
Who let The Dogs out?:
T O A D:
I think Religion is what splits us all apart we should just come together as people and enjoy our planet and keep it safe
David Tejuosho
David Tejuosho:
did you say North-western? Nigeria is clearly in the west of Africa and its citizens all identify as West-Africans.
Billy Jeans
Billy Jeans:
what thats not Nigeria
samrat Singh R
samrat Singh R:
I came here after boko haram kidnapped 300 students and killed 8 farmers

I think violence in Nigeria should end.
Chiese d'Italia
Chiese d'Italia:
Mmmmm Brrrrrrrr Boko Haram! Brrrrrrr.
Aman Yamani
Aman Yamani:
I thought it was a dave chapelle skid
কালকির সেনপতি
কালকির সেনপতি:
Okonkwo knows de wey to kill boko haram
The Eagle
The Eagle:
1:38 "Good luck" Jonathan 😆😆😆😆😆😆
Paul Quinn
Paul Quinn:
Britain messed up the world.
I’m a Muslim and I am ashamed people like this exist 😢
Hazyj peepme
Hazyj peepme:
I never heard of this rap group do they write their own music unlike everyone eles? This kind of thoughtless death cults need to ne hunted down an wiped out...this is why Chicago is so dangerous cause we let this in.
Thanos did nothing wrong
Thanos did nothing wrong:
the religion of peace again!
Nigeria may is working
*somaliland video next please*
Ayodel Dele
Ayodel Dele:
Im sorry to say but as a Nigerian this video is quite misleading... Anyways now in 2017 and 2018 the government prominently northern for instance 82 of president Buhari’s 100 appointments were of northerners and the government has actually shunned the South East
Billy Jeans
Billy Jeans:
what thats not Nigeria
Lerzoos Lercoos
Lerzoos Lercoos:
I'm an ignorant I thought that terrorist were only in the middle east
Okkkk so my mom always told me hausa guys are chill and not as agressive as igbo people
Anyanwu Silas
Anyanwu Silas:
Mr Vox, you know nothing about Nigeria and boko haram
That guy outside your window
That guy outside your window:
2020 update : boko haram has been pushed out of the country and now they only operate on the border of Borno and Chad(Another West African Country), IDP's have returned to their homes and the only state where they still have a minor presence is Borno(Because it borders another African country)
The Avion
The Avion:
I thought it was Christians.
ancientmodern andtomorrow
ancientmodern andtomorrow:
It's on record that buhari and some northern leaders created bokoharam, this is a fact the northern Nigerians can't deny, bokoharam is their political tool, all these their pretense and propaganda will not help them
How is Buhari a former dictator, this is his first term as president, no?
i wonder how these people get their weapons, hmmm.
Boqor radio
Boqor radio:
if you see a conflict zone then the people are in NOT in charge of their AFFAIRS! FULL STOP ! develop regions EQUALLY
Olaf Heraldsson
Olaf Heraldsson:
Rather than rotating the presidency, why not just split the country. I understand it's a bad precedent to just split things up at every chance, but it seems worth while in this case.
james mandeville
james mandeville:
boko no harem
Boogster Su
Boogster Su:
Who should we blame for growing Boko Haram? America, or the UK?
Mohammed Abdul Aziz
Mohammed Abdul Aziz:
If there are militants then it has to be you the Media. Know noting but defamations. Let me teach you about words militant and Islam which you know noting about. The religion of Islam has no militant.The word militant has to do with military.
Jaron Balfour
Jaron Balfour:
But nigerians say christianity mash up the land
The empire is greeting more money that time, black people mara
AMN O-Jay:
For some odd reason, I feel that a European is behind all of this.
Terrorist wins
Matt Gasparro
Matt Gasparro:
3 seconds in this guy cant even pronounce Islamist
Singh Charan
Singh Charan:
Real reason for the Boko Haram existence is forced conversion of northern Nigerian muslims to christianity by christian missionary.
Boko haram attacks the christian villages, schools and hospitals.

Also the rights of locals have taken away, making them join terrorist groups as Boko haram. When people are forced to live in such dire conditions such things tend to happen.

Corrupt governments have least interest in resolving such issues.

Sad story of our world, Evil rules the world...........
Zach Mahassine
Zach Mahassine:
Hey. I work with a company that was wondering about licensing part of this clip for something we were working on. I haven't been able to get through to anyone. Might you be able to help me?
zion empire
zion empire:
When will humans strip themself from the evils of religion and love each other .
Slade Haroldson
Slade Haroldson:
Britain should have kept the Christian's one side and muslims one side, at least if u wanna colonize do it right for fk sakes
Hmmm....wherever there is Islam, there’s death. Strange coincidence.
Kester Eleke
Kester Eleke:
Nigerian Zoning wasn't between Muslims and Christians, but between Geo-political zones, regardless of the individual's religion.
Michael Rees
Michael Rees:
"the islamist group terrorising *northwest Africa's largest democracy"
I love Boko Harum my favourite of his was whiter shade of pale
Why I recommend secular countries in Europe to ban Islam. No more mosques ans Islamic centers, because time and time again, they've been proven to be breeding grounds for extremism. I'm not saying ban people of the Islamic faith from entering the country, not at all.
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous:
I am a muslim and i am not a terrorist
AZ Independent
AZ Independent:
Most people do not realize that these so-called radical islamist are just following the Quran to a T and those that do not are apostates, so don't let them deceive you when they say that they are perverting the religion because it's a lie. That's exactly why they murder their own
Emcee Squared
Emcee Squared:
Boko Haram is not real Islam and does not represent true muslims. True muslims follow the prophet Muhamed (pbuh) who was the perfect man and only killed bad people.