Boko Haram Series

VOA Hausa Managing Editor Ibrahim Ahmed talks about the new VOA series on Boko Haram, “Terror Unmasked.”
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20MATHBSC218 VivanSharma
20MATHBSC218 VivanSharma:
This community is disturbing peace in every country and then becomes victim and load on whole world
Orkhan Ahmadov
Orkhan Ahmadov:
Okay but in Africa every tribe is killing each other anyways with or without this community
Bruno Wills
Bruno Wills:
"Islam is a peaceful faith" - no matter how many times they say it they still can't convince us (and themselves) of it.
mamoudou ndiaye
mamoudou ndiaye:
This is not the work of god this is the work of the devil
Deepak RG
Deepak RG:
*Apparently Some of the members of this group have abducted and married girls as young as 9* ....why does that sound FAMILIAR? 🤔🤔🤔
God help Nigeria 🙏🏾
Rome Pez
Rome Pez:
Peace full religion 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
veronica karimi
veronica karimi:
if this are not Muslim,,then all upright Muslim should unit against these.....
Vida Yeboah
Vida Yeboah:
God help Nigerian🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
Eze Celestine
Eze Celestine:
God will surely expose all the evil men with their satanic agenda, they will acknowledge Jesus Christ as their personal lord and Savior one day
This is evil in its purest form. I pray for nothing but peace for those poor people🙏🏿
Lord WK
Lord WK:
"peaceful faith"
May God almighty distroyed BH.Ameen
God save Nigeria from barbaric cult!
Zara Khan
Zara Khan:
OMG they are evil ppl...
Kima Sailo
Kima Sailo:
And their names are all Mohammed and Abdul
Hee Wa Tam Suen
Hee Wa Tam Suen:
John 3:16
"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life
Norta Togatorop
Norta Togatorop:
I,m so sad 😭😭😭 and angry .
Work Stuff
Work Stuff:
Excuting a disabled old man? IS THIS REAL?
Biki Kalita
Biki Kalita:
Islm can nvr be PEACEFUL
Jeas nuest
Jeas nuest:
God punish boko haram😡😡😡
Billquish Fynn
Billquish Fynn:
This is man's belief absolutely got nothing to do with God!!!!
Adams Grace
Adams Grace:
may God touchs they heart so that them will repent for this in jesus name
Paige Richards
Paige Richards:
The shaytaan has control of them 💔
Flawless Victory
Flawless Victory:
can some one list for me a group of jihad

1) sunni group
2) syiah group
Liberty Ncomanzi
Liberty Ncomanzi:
this are surely end of day lets be trong in praying GOD SAID LOVE ONE ANATHER
Zuuby Jamal
Zuuby Jamal:
Sani Adamu
Sani Adamu:
oh, my God
Albaka Bakayi
Albaka Bakayi:
Mammanm Medabino861 0919730209
Mammanm Medabino861 0919730209:
Hartobpri Prihartob
Hartobpri Prihartob:
"Universal believe"
Darya John
Darya John:
Hop god we’ll change everything soon
Salisu Isah
Salisu Isah:
Dey most pay for Dere evil
KnD Main
KnD Main:
Can we
use this video and talk about it.
Faauluuluga Lal
Faauluuluga Lal:
Woe to them on the judgment day!
Ankit Poudel
Ankit Poudel:
sad 0:14
Riaz Ahmad
Riaz Ahmad:
Riaz ahmad
Gora Martin
Gora Martin:
Bokoharam must be eliminate from this world
Gora Martin
Gora Martin:
Bokoharam must be eliminate from this world
Sani Adamu
Sani Adamu:
oh! my God
wizgo Kante
wizgo Kante:
Bob Smith
Bob Smith:
Y just y😭my poor brothers and sisters
Ben El Elyon Immapnimel
Ben El Elyon Immapnimel:
Evil beasts.
allah ya shirya
gabi_ gacha
gabi_ gacha:
that day thank you for being born in Brazil
Basque Cheetah
Basque Cheetah:
Fanatics Africa must be in peace and united
Saidi Mwamba
Saidi Mwamba:
Rui Yang Ho
Rui Yang Ho:
The thumbnail is so scary.
pretty girl
pretty girl:
ha ha this is all undercover by the army it self
yushau umar
yushau umar:
Allah ya isa
Ali Sohna
Ali Sohna:
A new type of war i see
Haeyy Naśs!
Haeyy Naśs!:
Hijrah ya syekh
Aman Singh
Aman Singh:
From where I get real beahding video
Sarjana Pengangguran
Sarjana Pengangguran:
Love u
James Olalekan
James Olalekan:
Farida Ali seem to be member of bh
Nitesh Kumar Singh
Nitesh Kumar Singh:
Peach full really
Helene Millar
Helene Millar:
Musa Ibrahim
Musa Ibrahim:
Friday Nwachukwu
Friday Nwachukwu:
Cursed fools
Nguyenhoang Anhthu
Nguyenhoang Anhthu:
ఆ ఆi love u girl.
idris H adamu Yola Ameer
idris H adamu Yola Ameer:
book haram bama
Vignesh R
Vignesh R:
Really Peace lovers!
Alaa Alwakad
Alaa Alwakad:
This is Graphic scenes
Plus 50
Anhad Anhad
Anhad Anhad:
God save Nigeria 😬🥺
Dauda Maaji
Dauda Maaji:
Allah yakawo sauki
post 001
post 001:
I think the African Union must build a commun African Army and enter direct in War against them.
Sonia Oriakhi
Sonia Oriakhi:
wicked souls
Matthew Dobson
Matthew Dobson:
Christy Christo
Christy Christo:
They tell us Islam is peaceful but, they are always causing mayhem
Jorris Graham
Jorris Graham:
Bosko-haram is the devil, they work for Satan, not for Islam they have a great problem psychological
boko haram bad bad
saidou ibn baye niass
saidou ibn baye niass:
Fox you
Ya salam
ibrahim KALGO
ibrahim KALGO:
oh Allah
Maiga mu
Maiga mu:
they will Ben in hell inshallah
eces dewa
eces dewa:
berarti ga halal......karena haram
Vittorio Vittorio
Vittorio Vittorio:
our elders is our problem in Nigeria, who is sponsoring does evil people. we have to wake up from sleep
Dry Ice
Dry Ice:
Peaceful faith😂
Milk Zoo
Milk Zoo:
الله أكبر الله تعالى
somun ch
somun ch:
No Good
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime:
Peaceful?? 🤣🤣🤣
R Harish
R Harish:
More from the religion of peace.
Killa Rage
Killa Rage:
Dera Lyn
Dera Lyn:
Mother Earth
Mother Earth:
Why i create something?
Akshay nar
Akshay nar:
😭😭😭😭 God save Nigeria
Peaceful reli gion😂
Ursula Cotton
Ursula Cotton:
Primitives fight with primitives on primitiv land.
Bathumalai Arakan
Bathumalai Arakan:
shakeib gozil 0799266769
shakeib gozil 0799266769:
ANJLINA julio:
Edoardo Ciolli
Edoardo Ciolli:
Ha ragione: Allah lo ha contattato telefonicamente, senza addebito
Aditya Choudhary
Aditya Choudhary:
quran clearly promotes violence and terror aginst non muslims it's not a religion of peace and yes terrorism has a religion that's islam
Takodjou Bopda
Takodjou Bopda:
In challa allar
عرب النيجر
عرب النيجر:
لا إله الا الله صار الناس يقتلون بسم الإسلام
Muhammad Elmi
Muhammad Elmi:
Dinapa damintu kayaitu damini
Audu sep
Audu sep:
Meme Saying
Meme Saying:
Not even 😝😆😆😆In the name of Allah. I don't think this Allah they worship is another bad Allah.