Bolesławiec is a bald centerpiece of the region of Silesia featuring the unique history and cinematic skyline. The city is also very known for pottery. Watch the latest episode of Poland In UNDISCOVERED with Ryan Socash to find out more about the Bolesławiec.


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Patty Shaffer
Patty Shaffer:
This is a fabulous tribute to a beautiful city!!
Marian Ozga
Marian Ozga:
A fascinating film report.
Piotr Langtvedt
Piotr Langtvedt:
My native city!
Always in my heart. 💟
Ryan, I would love to see you do a episode on fishing and hunting in Poland.
schwalbuz xx
schwalbuz xx:
I live in Boleslawiec although I am German. The city is exactly as beautiful as shown. It is really worthwhile for everyone to spend time here. Great video and thank you for making poland more visible to others beyond its borders. 👍🏻
Aria Ana
Aria Ana:
This city looks so amazing...great video..thanks.
Margaretxx x
Margaretxx x:
The town I love😀.
Stefan Schoppmann
Stefan Schoppmann:
Seems to be a nice little village, mate.
Bella Wolfstar
Bella Wolfstar:
And this is the town I grew up in🥰
Wojciech Grabowski
Wojciech Grabowski:
Cool canal. I hope you grow!
Good luck 👍
Great video 😉
Ja pochodzę z tego miasta :)
Pha Undeground
Pha Undeground:
City of ceramics and methamphetamines