'Boris Johnson round two': Liz Truss booed as she enters party headquarters

Liz Truss was met with a chorus of boos as she entered the Conservative party headquarters after defeating her leadership rival, Rishi Sunak.
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A small crowd outside the building in London heckled the incoming UK prime minister with one person shouting 'this is Boris Johnson round two.' 

Truss won the by margin of just under 20,000 votes for party leadership on Monday after a high-drama two month campaign. She is expected to announce her cabinet in the coming week

Liz Truss wins Tory leadership race to become Britain’s next PM ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/sep/05/liz-truss-wins-tory-leadership-race-to-become-britains-next-pm

What policies will Liz Truss pursue as Britain’s new prime minister? ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/sep/05/what-policies-will-liz-truss-pursue-as-britain-new-prime-minister

How Liz Truss became leader of the Conservative party – a timeline ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/sep/05/liz-truss-leader-conservative-party-timeline

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Guardian News
Guardian News:
Liz Truss wins Tory leadership race to become Britain’s next PM ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/sep/05/liz-truss-wins-tory-leadership-race-to-become-britains-next-pm
What policies will Liz Truss pursue as Britain’s new prime minister? ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/sep/05/what-policies-will-liz-truss-pursue-as-britain-new-prime-minister
How Liz Truss became leader of the Conservative party – a timeline ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/sep/05/liz-truss-leader-conservative-party-timeline
Old Nelson
Old Nelson:
You wait ages for the Worst Prime Minister Ever, then four come along all in a row!
Neil Scott
Neil Scott:
It’s the warmest welcome she’ll ever receive.
Nicholas Stokes
Nicholas Stokes:
May the Lord have mercy for what we about to endure.
Paul Flint
Paul Flint:
I liked how she got such a warm welcome 💕
😂. If Truss is the best they could do then you just know that no one else in the Tory party wanted to be the one holding the baby at the next election. 😂😂🤣🤣
You Tube
You Tube:
Just when you think things can't possibly get any worse along comes Dizzy Lizzy.
Flip McDonought
Flip McDonought:
I think the Benny Hill theme music should be played at all appearances of Conservative Party MP’s.
Edgars Taškāns
Edgars Taškāns:
World is at crisis and first thing, she cares about is diversity in her office.
David MG
David MG:
The boos will merely increase her spite towards the the poor.

If we stand up folks the parties over. Its too few doing all the work.
This country is messed up.
Martin Dornan
Martin Dornan:
The only 81,326 people in the UK who voted for Liz Truss to be the Westminster prime minister are less than 50% of the Tory membership.
According to the commons Library the Tories have 172,000 members.
She walked up those stairs and has sealed our fate.
We’re going cold this winter lads. Stock up on the firewood.
Anthony Castallano
Anthony Castallano:
Shes well liked then"....lol actually the entire conservative party hopefully will be voted out come the next genral election!!!
Cluttery Fluttery
Cluttery Fluttery:
First there was the Iron Lady. Now we have Tin Lizzy.
janet clough
janet clough:
I think this is more or less how most of us rabble feel about her, it is a wet Tuesday morning and we have a wet new pm who we did not vote for and do not want. I must admit to watching this video of public booing her more than once 😉
Kt Anper
Kt Anper:
The patsy arrives at the party headquarters.
Hahahaha this is great!
tommi atkins
tommi atkins:
The tories keep the comedy coming! This poundland Thatcher impersonation is side splitting!
Look how the security is and how they act
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway:
Everything aside,I feel horrible for Queen Elizabeth.For someone who worked with Winston Churchill himself,it must be agonizing for her to work with these people.
Why do the tories think the public will just accept Truss as PM ? She fully cheerleaded for him throughout his tenure, and didnt once criticise his actions. I give her 3 months.
michael mather
michael mather:
Off to a nice start 🤣🤣
Paul Ecosse
Paul Ecosse:
Congrats on being the 9th Tory Prime Minister that Scotland never voted for.
T Stanton
T Stanton:
Oh dear.. this is where the country goes downhill even more
Ian Lister
Ian Lister:
That went well!
I m sorry to the UK. This woman will finally drive your country into the stone age.
jay frost
jay frost:
I’d ask where’s the rotten vegetables, but they’re walking into the building.
Iulian Gramoiu
Iulian Gramoiu:
Big ,,SHAME" to all political leaders! They doomed this beautiful and rich country!
We're doomed 😱
Set san Chew
Set san Chew:
Backdoor pm.
Not the ppl choices!
Undermining true democracy.
Prairie Hawker
Prairie Hawker:
Blasting Yakety Sax in the background made this worth every second
In history the first time it is Tragic (Thatcher), the second time it is more like comedy (Liz Truss). The tory leadership is a gift that keeps on giving.
Fantastic, i loved this.
Another of Klaus' agents being installed.
Martin Humble
Martin Humble:
Just a mistake, they just thought it was Thatcher.
Haha 😂 epic
Charlie Emslie
Charlie Emslie:
Why would anyone want to be PM at this time?No matter what she does to help with inflation,cost of living crisis,power increases,it will never be enough for the Opposition or the Unions.The country is in a shambolic state and will be for years to come.Unemployment will soar and Benefit Britain will be the result.The future is grim😢😢😢😢😢
Richard Chow
Richard Chow:
Comedy gold. You guys are truly funny. Please don't attach the word Great to Britain period.
Priscilla Bailey
Priscilla Bailey:
We need a general election
Philip YCT
Philip YCT:
I thought the whole world except the Brits knows that she is simply nuts and a very bad choice. After reading the comments here, I can now breath a sign of relief. At least the Brits are aware.
thats a nice start 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Niko Nemo
Niko Nemo:
Christopher Fitzgerald
Christopher Fitzgerald:
Wot, no rotten eggs or tomatoes? shame. If she is the best of the bunch we might as well all give up and go live elsewhere.
It's the Normal drone for a Tory , usually it's a Benny Hill theme tune
The election can’t come any sooner…
Excellent 👍👌👍
Bring on the next general election very soon!!!!!!
Andrew Jones Productions
Andrew Jones Productions:
So, today, Liz Truss will meet Liz Windsor. I wonder how these two will get along...or not, as the case may be.
Me h
Me h:
"My loyal subjects were _hakchually_ shouting "BOOYASHAKA!", weally weally slowerly. HACKCHUARALLY!" - Liz da Wiz

^^ Parliamentary press statement in 3...2...1... ^^
general king
general king:
The Victory belongs to the Freeworld!
Mark Szczepanski
Mark Szczepanski:
It isn't a great start for lizz truss being the new prime minister 🤣 classic
Anyone else wondering how you can lead a nation of people who don’t want you as pm but then again trump and his cronies sooooo
the whole tory party should go
Lou Smith
Lou Smith:
Liz truss Allah's blessings from the Tory membership for the British public. !
robin Walsh
robin Walsh:
it sounds like to me that the cows need milking (booing), and the blond thing walking up the stairs is about to milk you all
dcd X89
dcd X89:
I wish Daily Mail and Guardian readers could just meet in the middle and become a new normal. Nobody constantly calling for executions and blaming immigrants for literally anything but also none of the left wing fashionable nonsense that’s gone so far left it’s basically a new right wing.
Arkam Asylum
Arkam Asylum:
Great!! Another Boris but in a frock! :(
news  channel
news channel:
Get the tories out
Candace Lee
Candace Lee:
She better get used to this
Featuring The Benny Hill Show music as background 🥳 A woman slapping a dumb guy....
Algerian Monarchist
Algerian Monarchist:
The last 4 British mps have seemed like clean cut copies of each other
Li Jie
Li Jie:
Sigh 😞
Bill Kingston
Bill Kingston:
Levelling up
Dara M
Dara M:
Well it’s “mark two” not “round”
L Walker
L Walker:
The honeymoon period is officially over.
Truss models herself on Thatcher...so it is true... History repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce!!
Great Boo delivery
Neutron Star
Neutron Star:
Let's go Dark Amanda! 💥
The remake of the BBC ‘Bodyguard’ is going to be … well. No comment, allegedly.
Nando Marrero
Nando Marrero:
Kacper Grabowicz
Kacper Grabowicz:
Dizzy Lizzy gets another pat on the back . . .
Troubled Joe
Troubled Joe:
I’m genuinely upset about the booing. I wanted to hear Yakketty Sax.
jason wisely
jason wisely:
What did they said just now when they are shouting to this 2 people government???
Richard F
Richard F:
The public have ran out of patience. So Id tread carefully
On the mantlepiece
On the mantlepiece:
Straight out of Roald Dahl's 'The Witches'.
Winter is here. The winter of our discontent. The longest winter in living memory.
A member of the World Economic Forum
Albert Thomas
Albert Thomas:
glad to see we have a new fuhrer, well loved by the people.
ecriptus wood
ecriptus wood:
Haha says it all. The UK's token prime minister. Watch how the pound£££ drops to an all time low lol
John Saunders
John Saunders:
She wont be there long at no 10,, already helping out the rich ,
By about 3 students😀.
Speed Flash
Speed Flash:
This is Boris V2.0 entering the headquarters.. Things are about to get much worse!!
Doc Dildonica
Doc Dildonica:
She pulled up in a BMW and not a Jaguar. What a disgrace!
Dave T
Dave T:
Priti Patel's resignation before Liz Truss officially assumed office is no doubt the first incision (and historically potentially one of the quickest) for the impending death by a thousand cuts. The back benchers ranks are being bolstered by some with nefarious intentions. The question may well be how long can Liz Truss survive as PM before she is ousted by the party faithful ahead of the next general election? Will she make a whole year in office before her inevitable departure? We do indeed live in interesting times.
Funny, I witch this live yesterday, didn't hear any booing then.
Masai Mara
Masai Mara:
Not a surprising win now lets see where boris 2.0 is taking the country which is already in trouble...everyone is going to end up paying astronomical taxes
Ronnie Hotdogs
Ronnie Hotdogs:
Not Our PM!
Hindle Walker
Hindle Walker:
Wondering when diversity obsessed Labour will have their first female Prime minister , well actually any Prime minister. come to think of it.
Rainbow Warrior
Rainbow Warrior:
What it is? I having a deja-vu again?
Euro Man
Euro Man:
They’ve picked another dud.
Agent K
Agent K:
Don't worry we have more cheese than France that will keep us warm this winter
what a joke
What's her track record? All the recent publications make her seem like a saint...
Ilse Küper
Ilse Küper:
So, she's got a lot of " credit " from the beginning. 😜👏👏👏 Congr(e)gra(e)ts from Germany.
Farhad Chams
Farhad Chams:
I love the music XD ...