Boris Johnson's umbrella struggle makes Prince Charles laugh

CNN's John Berman pokes fun at British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after the world leader engaged in an epic struggle with an umbrella.
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Ginger Jester
Ginger Jester:
"If the Brits were actually known for comedy"
This is literally like a skit from Mr Bean. The brits know comedy
Bromille Morrison
Bromille Morrison:
Boris is a comedian. No surprise there, and he always laughs at himself too. He's human.
امير علي 🇮🇶
امير علي 🇮🇶:
The umbrella doesn't know he's the prime minister 😂😂
Jeff B
Jeff B:
It's good to see a bit of humor sneaking into news casts again.
Huntress Snow
Huntress Snow:
The seriousness of John is what's slaying me! 😂😂😂
Wolfe 123
Wolfe 123:
That's actually pretty funny 😂
I like John's "seriousness" at the goofy piece of news. It's the kind of lighthearted fun I missed for 4 years.
Ruben van Kuik
Ruben van Kuik:
I had the exact same response as Prince Charles at every part of Boris' umbrella struggle. Whether you like him or not, he's very human.
Laura Gomez
Laura Gomez:
This made me laugh so hard I cried. Thanks for a moment of levity.
Just A Peaceful Man Who's Born in 1980s
Just A Peaceful Man Who's Born in 1980s:
Prince Charles deserve a good laugh.
This is hilarious! He must have done this purposefully. The umbrella turning upward caught me off guard...that’s when I laughed out loud!
Meteor Mekonen
Meteor Mekonen:
Boris Johnson is a guy that would struggle with an umbrella lol
“If the Brits were actually known for comedy” dahell?!…….. Some of the best comedy in the world comes for here!!!
Film buff
Film buff:
Dude, it's just an umbrella and that was a gentlemanly gesture on the part of the prime minister
Denice Williams
Denice Williams:
Hilarious! Thank you for this light hearted piece, love the straight face and sober reporting that made watching this even more enjoyable. I know there a 'real' news stories that we need to hear/watch but I really appreciate and am thankful for this humorous respite.
Cyril Jan
Cyril Jan:
I never thought in my life that I would watch a news coverage about someone struggling to open their umbrella.
Paul Greenberg
Paul Greenberg:
Respect to John keeping a straight face for almost half of this segment. 😂
Kiwana Cabrera
Kiwana Cabrera:
This was awesome! Gave me a good laugh! 😂😂😂 At least the PM knows how to laugh at himself.
This is some good level of comedy even without considering it's an actual news instead of a sitcom.
The news has been so bad for the last 5 years that I actually had to stop for a moment and really pay attention, before realizing that they were joking. My first good laugh of the day. Thank you.
Kat Smith
Kat Smith:
happens to me all the time, I was crying listening to Mondays testimony so sure felt good to have a reason to laugh. Thanks Jon
The guy is an absolute meme and I love him for it ❤
Svilen Vasilev
Svilen Vasilev:
You had me at “Hold my beer” 🤣

Holy heck, that got me lmao
Goddess Eccentric
Goddess Eccentric:
I think they enjoy him being around because he's constant comic relief 😂
stephen wedderburn
stephen wedderburn:
You can see him trying not to laugh! 🤣🤣
Boris always makes me laugh
BoJo the Clown never ceases to make us smile. I actually laughed out loud 🤣🤣
God we need more of this. Needed a laugh.
This is exactly what creates peace. Funny situations like these!! We're all humans after all!! Mr Bean isn't famous because he's British. He's famous because he makes people laugh all around the globe, non speaking. Humor is a global language. Peace for all!
Pamela Peralta
Pamela Peralta:
OMG, I teared laughing 😂
jan tegnér
jan tegnér:
Thats hilarious,needed a good laugh in these trying times.
This was cute and hilarious! It really looked like slap stick comedy. 😂
Sean Vosler
Sean Vosler:
sometimes a bit of levity makes the day a bit brighter, thanks for taking this approach lol
nai Johnson
nai Johnson:
I think he's hilarious 😂
I'd be happy if he was our president. I'd be laughing all of the time. In trouble for partying 😂😂
Terry Adkins
Terry Adkins:
I had to watch this one again, you got to admit he can make you smile !
Barbara C
Barbara C:
Thanks for the laugh, Boris, I needed that! 😂😂😂
Sheri Heuett Nitsche- Zini
Sheri Heuett Nitsche- Zini:
I couldn't stop laughing 🤣. And boy did I need that!
Y O-M:
John Berman is a natural comic 😂😂😂. His deadpan delivery is so spot on!
Ena Marie
Ena Marie:
The reporter is quite serious😊😂
Blue Victory
Blue Victory:
Boris's hair in and of itself makes me laugh! 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Matthew Stevens
Matthew Stevens:
The hair, The umbrella would make anyone laugh their ass off!!
Big Tone
Big Tone:
He's like Chris Farley in Black Sheep 🤣🤣🤣
This actually made me laugh
Funniest moment from across the pond their always so serious 😂😂
Void Bane
Void Bane:
I adore this. Thank you for reporting.
Octowuss 111
Octowuss 111:
You have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes, so I’m the tiniest bit jealous that that piece of comedy gold didn’t happen to me
P Evers
P Evers:
He is more concerned than the lady sitting next to him.
YITV Young Immigrant TV
YITV Young Immigrant TV:
I even like the PM more after this, he is just one of us clumsy and very human
Just a random dude
Just a random dude:
Never underestimate the power of an umbrella
HoldTight Adele
HoldTight Adele:
“If the Brits were actually known for comedy”

Ahaaa good joke😂

But I’d be happy too if I’d made the heir to the British throne laugh🤣
polish king
polish king:
Between his hair and umbrella this makes good comedy.
Some viewers won't understand the sarcasm and pure comedy of the video🤣🤣
Jacob Zaranyika
Jacob Zaranyika:
Hilariously witty presentation. Magic!
This proves they need to keep Boris Johnson as Prime Minister- I would greatly miss all his 1st world struggles. He shows (in accidental and inept ways) he’s human, he’s relatable. I believe its somehow related to his moppish, unruly hair. There is a reason I shun umbrellas. 😆
Elle Paxy
Elle Paxy:
Only Boris Johnson can make a scene like this so hilarious. I remember Boris being stuck on a zip line in London!!!! Boris Johnson loves being a laughing stock and laughing at himself!!!!!
Is anyone really surprised Boris was outmatched by an umbrella?
Much Love
Much Love:
It reminded me of Mr. Bean 😂😂😂 Britons
Good job! Too funny! he’s genuine I guess😂👍🏻
Sir Squirrel
Sir Squirrel:
You know you’re a foolish prime minister when the heir apparent is laughing at you
HAHAHAHAHAHA Thank you CNN for making me laugh hard!!
Fuzzy Spirals
Fuzzy Spirals:
Omg this is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Geoffrey Bronson
Geoffrey Bronson:
He did this on purpose, he rigged the umbrella and he's a genius for doing so.
"Haha Boris! You're like the Donald! Only, he couldnt close it, had a plane waiting and just dropped it at the door..."

But I give him a little credit for offering it to the lady in the back 😅
Loyi Kyong
Loyi Kyong:
😂 Enjoyed the humourous commentary!
Tamim Ahmed
Tamim Ahmed:
Good old light hearted fun from the British xD
Marc Goodwin
Marc Goodwin:
"as if the Brits were known for comedy"
Some of the best comedy TV and films are from the UK ffs but it's CNN so.....
I loved this! Thank you
That's so awesome. When people in power have humility enough to laugh at themselves.
Wow, I am so glad I saw this news.
The Prime Minister noticed it was raining.

Wow, really good man for that job. Thank you CNN
Tony Fridén
Tony Fridén:
Its like having mr Bean for prime minister 🤣
Jan Štěpán
Jan Štěpán:
That is some hard hitting journalism right there! We Europeans need more news like CNN news, we need more news casters like John Berman. You, sir, deserve a Full Rimmer salute. Nay! A full fledged ceremonial Double Rimmer I say!
Renda Jones
Renda Jones:
Oh please…. It was funny.
And he didn’t just drop it like the US “stable genius” dork who didn’t how to close his umbrella any more than he knows how to shut his mouth. He just threw it down in his normal childish tantrum fit.
Lol…. At least Prince Charles has some sense of humor. 🤪
Derek Faisca
Derek Faisca:
Damn I love satire. Hope Fox News takes this serious. I may just cry if they do. (This man is a genius, big brain 🥲)
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong:
Great Job! I laughed so much.
Peggy Payne
Peggy Payne:
We all have "one of those days" sometimes.
Tosh T
Tosh T:
Johnson is a good sport here. Our former POTUS skips important events when it’s raining because of his combover.
JourneyMan Smitty
JourneyMan Smitty:
That is absolutely hilarious LMAO😆😂😂😂😆
Rhonna Marsden
Rhonna Marsden:
Is he worried the wind and rain will ruin his "do"? This made me smile.
Lita C
Lita C:
🤣🤣🤣 So nice to laugh for a change 😁😁😊
Break your Silence against WrongDoers
Break your Silence against WrongDoers:
😂Boris Johnson -- "i could never learn to handle my country, how can i learn to handle umbrella"😂
Peter T
Peter T:
Johnson: Bloody hell, how does one use this?
Back in the day they wer called jesters now they call them prime ministers
Xela's Studio
Xela's Studio:
This delivery is hilarious.
Alan Morris
Alan Morris:
Brits are absolutely hilarious.
This one doesn’t NEED an SNL parody. It’s comic gold all on it’s own. 🤣🤣
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis:
Brilliant 👏 boris johson does cheer us all up !
The Divine Consciousness
The Divine Consciousness:
Lmao omg love it 😍
Queen Esther
Queen Esther:
Berman, YOU are hilarious 🤣
Emily Maltby
Emily Maltby:
This is already gone over this is purposeful! This is strategic decision making and action Boris Johnson makes. Don’t ever underestimate that man he’s doing it on purpose.
At least Mr. Bean combs his hair.
Love how they turned a video of less than 50 seconds into a 3:41 minutes report
Ieuan Morgannwg
Ieuan Morgannwg:
John Berman: "The ultimate in umbrella comedy, if the Brits were actually known for comedy..."
Someone hasn't heard of Monty Python, Douglas Adams, Rowan Atkinson, Benny Hill, Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Eddie Izzard, Ricky Gervais, Tom Walker, Russell Brand...
John Delorean
John Delorean:
Trump didn’t know how to close one. Johnson doesn’t know how to open one. What is it with conservative politicians and umbrellas? 😂
"If the Brits were actually known for comedy"
He needs to have a word with the umbrella academy
Parker Hanson
Parker Hanson:
More of this please!
Homo Sapience
Homo Sapience:
Mr. Umbrella makes every world laugh, He is ultimate comedian. Reminds Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson
Edwin Parsons
Edwin Parsons:
It's nice how so many Americans understand the British 😊👍