Borussia M'gladbach - SC Freiburg 0-6 | Highlights | Matchday 14 – Bundesliga 2021/22

#BMGSCF | Highlights from Matchday 14!
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Watch the Bundesliga highlights of Borussia Mönchengladbach vs. SC Freiburg from Matchday 14 of 2021/22 season!

Goals: 0-1 Eggestein (2'), 0-2 Schade (5'), 0-3 Lienhart (12'), 0-4 Höfler (19'), 0-5 Höler (25'), 0-6 N. Schlotterbeck (37')

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Michaela Lockrose
Michaela Lockrose:
It's a sign of Freiburg's strength that the six goals were scored by different players, as well as the fact that no one in Freiburg would ask for the coach to be sacked after three losses in a row. This was Streich's 301. Bundesliga match with SC Freiburg.......chapeau!
Bubba King13
Bubba King13:
I love how 4 goals were from set pieces. WOW. Great Job Freiburg!
Chris Nduti
Chris Nduti:
I'm sure Bayern fans enjoyed this.
Gladbach is an inconsistent and unpredictable team.
p sk
p sk:
6 goals away at Gladbach in 1 half. what a completely mad week around the world
blue line
blue line:
6-0 in the 1st half?! Against M.Gladbach?! In their stadium!?
Not anyone would expect that. 🛑
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey:
Good heavens. SC Freiburg won this match before half-time. They clearly displayed that intent.
I can’t believe.
As a Gladbach fan, I’m very disappointed.
Ekene E. V.
Ekene E. V.:
Fun fact: None of the goals was from open play but set pieces
Debasmita Chakraborty
Debasmita Chakraborty:
What a powerful night it was ❤😄
Marco Chiodini
Marco Chiodini:
**there's a cross**
Gladbach's defense:😐
Wow what a collapse. Nearly a month ago gladbach dismantled bayern with great football.
james mckenna
james mckenna:
This deserved more than 2 mins of highlights
James Kannan
James Kannan:
O my God ❗❗❗❗❗❗One of the best matches of world football. SC Frieberg was playing with lightning fast.
david garcia mendez
david garcia mendez:
Ni el city le hace 6 goles al gladbach
Friburgo juega brutal⚫🔥
Mind blowing 6 in one half 😳
Vico Fewiandika
Vico Fewiandika:
Grifo with a beautiful free kick and corner kick🔥
A j
A j:
They have been bad ever since beating Bayern,they probably lost their energy in that game.
wizz -
wizz -:
Freiburg are really impressive
Gladbach beat Bayern 5-0 and lost 6-0 in the same season.
If anything’s gonna turn me to drink then it’s this performance… pain.
Sopish Tehran
Sopish Tehran:
I'm still in shock ... it was unbelievable ... I was sitting in front of the pc and the number of goals scored by their team was increasing every minute ... I was having a heart attack! ... I am very sad
Thanks Freiburg for revenging...from Bayern fans😅
Brasil Cavalão o profeta!
Brasil Cavalão o profeta!:
E ainda tem gente q diz que a bundesliga é fraca... Deve ser algum débil mental!
O time q ganhou do Bayern por 5-0. Perdeu pro time q perdeu pro Bayern por 2-1
Review Dulu
Review Dulu:
Almost all goals from set piece 👍👍
Zubair Ud Din
Zubair Ud Din:
I think freiburg will qualify for ucl nex season amazing team to watch 🤩🤩🤩
Nicolas Gibbons
Nicolas Gibbons:
as a bayern fan i enjoy it!
Rui Luz
Rui Luz:
Freiburg: "We only need 45 minutes to dispatch them"
Me: "I will drink to that!"
Morgz is the best Youtuber in the world
Morgz is the best Youtuber in the world:
When I pulled my phone to see how the game was when the first half ended, I was shocked 😳
Y contra el Bayern se creyeron los más malos, por eso este equipo lleno de inconsistencias
DJ alay
DJ alay:
Freiburg masterr of set piece
Irwan syah
Irwan syah:
How did even sommer concede 6 within 40 minutes?
That is the biggest nightmare for Gladbach goal keeper
Fungusz _
Fungusz _:
Can’t believe nothing happened in the second half
mootoo ss
mootoo ss:
Gladbach have only 2-3 good match in a year and that's all against bayern
Itachi †
Itachi †:
Lmao every goal started from a cross that's so rare to happen 6 times in a game,it might be the first time in football history
John Odande
John Odande:
In this 2021/22 season, across many leagues in Europe, I've seen more matches ending in the first half. What's happening?
bailey energy
bailey energy:
I adopted BMG about 5 years ago after using them on FIFA career mode. Now, I wonder why. Abysmal season & a new low.
Gladbach 5-0 Bayern
Freiburg 6-0 Gladbach

Next Bayern - Freiburg match: *hmm...*
Alex Hanham
Alex Hanham:
Course the day I decide to put Gladbach in my bet they go 3-0 down in 15 minutes.....
Primer tiempo lo ganó 0-6 sorprendente lo que esta haciendo el Friburgo este año
Solomon SeiMinLun
Solomon SeiMinLun:
I hope Frieburg wuld make it to the Champions League... only started to cheer for them last season😅
I really don’t get it, a team that beat Bayern 5-0 the. Lose to fierburg 6-0, lol , I guess welcome to football
Euro 戈お
Euro 戈お:
one day you destroy one of the best teams of the world, then lose 6-0 against freiburg
Carlos Roberto
Carlos Roberto:
that goal keeper though,,he didnt save goaalss
Fábio Fussball
Fábio Fussball:
Unbelievable 😮
Justin Anorue
Justin Anorue:
Bayern will be happy with this match
Ronaldo John
Ronaldo John:
Freiburg should be challenging Munich
Poundland Rasputin
Poundland Rasputin:
Grifo is amazing
chemi everesta
chemi everesta:
Most of goals happened with the set piece
steven g
steven g:
Their set piece defending was atrociously bad. I’ve never seen anybody conceded that many goals from indirect freekicks
King of set pieces
Glock Lockett
Glock Lockett:
what a match
Mohamed Bouzriba
Mohamed Bouzriba:
4 goals are from free-kicks 🤨
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez:
Next summer transfer window Bayern is going to start adopting these guys
miguel angelo
miguel angelo:
a lack of respect with those who bet on this team. lose 6 at home, they should all be fired
alpin 19
alpin 19:
Set piece nya ngeri banget 😬🔥🔥🔥
shahen sheikh
shahen sheikh:
They should have forfeited. Take a 0-3 loss and focus on the next match.
Cepat Sembuh
Cepat Sembuh:
Just Mafia Match.
Seconds Half No GOAL... 😂😂😂🔫
Mina Kim
Mina Kim:
I'm sure Bayern fans enjoyed this
Tony Leong
Tony Leong:
its the worst day for one of the best goalkeeper in the world Sommer, who conceded 6 goals in one match
amon gidion
amon gidion:
6 goals from set pieces😳😳🔥🔥
User Unknown
User Unknown:
It should have finished 0-12
that's was unexpected
Harry Black460
Harry Black460:
What a disgrace 💀💀💀 I could've sacked the coach after the match... They're running around like headless chickens 🤦🏾‍♂️
Muhammad Saidi
Muhammad Saidi:
FC Bayern : 😂😂😂😂😂😂 good Freiburg 👏
Santiago Gomez Zabaleta
Santiago Gomez Zabaleta:
sabemos que el proximo entreno va a ser de solo pelota parada
Toni Torino
Toni Torino:
Freekick 😰
They should have forfeited the match after 15 minutes lol
Laxil Alvein
Laxil Alvein:
las domadas más impresionantes que vi
Ali Mirza
Ali Mirza:
Sommer's nightmare
Minej Mosuris
Minej Mosuris:
Lord have mercy 😂🤯🤩😦
Muh Qasrun
Muh Qasrun:
Bundesliga team have DNA of Munchen
All goals is set piece
Freiburd win CL 🤣
6-0 🤣😂🤪
Hugo Reinhard
Hugo Reinhard:
Gladbach in lan rhoades mode...
Ivan Artia
Ivan Artia:
Zommer has been off form lately...
Marcel Pianist
Marcel Pianist:
Monchengladbach 5-0 Bayern then Monchengladbach 0-6 Freiburg lol
Erasto Mulimo
Erasto Mulimo:
Boy how they sack at defending setpieces
freiburg should deserve a bundesliga title
David Araújo
David Araújo:
WTF is going on at Borussia!?
Uchiha Killua
Uchiha Killua:
Does defending not exist in the bundesliga?
esan grahito
esan grahito:
As a Gladbach fan, it's really disgusting, i hope we can much better on Leipzig's away game next week!!
Pradana Hafiz
Pradana Hafiz:
spesialis set piece 😁
Kilani Nader
Kilani Nader:
the same goal 6 times😂
The Brahim
The Brahim:
This is bayern's curse
All six goals came from set pieces 😂😂 bad defending
Racka Rafsan jaya
Racka Rafsan jaya:
Freiburg win 6-0

Streich :😄😄😐😐😐
Ferdi Rifki
Ferdi Rifki:
Freiburg kesetanan 😂😂😂
Like you say in Deutsch:Schade,Schade,Schocolade xD
It's a result that sacks coaches! You cannot conceive 6 goals in a half at home!
James banana
James banana:
All of them set pieces! My word
Just sack this clueless grandpa already...
Que clase de universitario de deportes es borrusia monchengladbach ? 😪
M'gladbach-Bayern 5-0. M'gladbach-Feriburg 0-6, Freiburg-Bayern 11-0?
Jugador de slycooper
Jugador de slycooper:
What kind of Bayern is this Freiburg, I hope and they do not deflate and can enter the Champions League
oh my goodness
Alisher Xurramov
Alisher Xurramov:
It is fixed match guys😁