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93 komentarze:

So basically anyone been caught walking along side her is a romantic partner?
Mills J
Mills J:
She didn't date Ruby Rose. they are friends.
most of these are innacurate
sarah sarah
sarah sarah:
She date shailene woodley?!it’s impossible
it means that those guys are her beard
Sam Something
Sam Something:
lol alexander ? in correct... samantha thomas the third picture is ruby rose.. and shailene? no
Harry Potter
Harry Potter:
She looks like Alexander's daughter
Kyla Schmitt
Kyla Schmitt:
2:00 the right one, i think its ruby xD
You can tell how uncomfortable she feels wearing those horrible dresses
Imagine how all the boys/men that s/he dated would be feeling now that He has come out as a transgender person .....
2:02 I think thats Ruby Rose (#LoveHer) not Samanther Thomas.
Mangal Singh
Mangal Singh:
Dated more girls than a regular guy
Shantella Mitchell
Shantella Mitchell:
he basically outed everyone
Koko Sanina
Koko Sanina:
This video is full of shit .....she is gay! and the guys are her friends plus it's the acting cast from different movies.
H N:
is she bi? I cried her speech. I am confused.
Andy Fuentes?!¿¡
Andy Fuentes?!¿¡:
Did any of those guys or girls know they were with a man. Page lied to them all.
Harry Shahrum
Harry Shahrum:
pretty sure they had april fools suprise once they know him....
Jj W
Jj W:
All good choices. Ellen Page has good taste.
pjneapple andpizza
pjneapple andpizza:
I think Shailene Woodley is super super STRAIGHT
Lola b
Lola b:
You should of added the beyond two souls music to the background XD
K Larem
K Larem:
2:04 Ruby rose??
Lotion Man
Lotion Man:
Wha- Wh- The Heck.....
Will he start using the men's restroom now 😂 or is he already doing that?
Okay, I would have just stopped at Alexander!
Kusobu, Rb
Kusobu, Rb:
I have no gf bf in my 20 years of life
I mean
Fresh single
The Knight
The Knight:
So you're telling me that I have a one in 7 billion chance...

I'll take it!
Tommy Sasaki
Tommy Sasaki:
I don't get it, she's dated boys and girls but she says she's gay? She came out in 2014 but had girlfriends before, I'm confused.
Maria Ioana
Maria Ioana:
And now she is married
Elisabeth Gunnarsson
Elisabeth Gunnarsson:
lol 1:26 Alexander has the bag you get when you do military service in Sweden
Liwec Nguyễn
Liwec Nguyễn:
I don't want she dates with any guy :)
I say shotgun, you say wedding [TFM]
I say shotgun, you say wedding [TFM]:
Alexander is very beautiful. Did they actually date? And, Ben Foster?
Daniel Mergruen
Daniel Mergruen:
1:26 Hahahahahahahahahahaha
Sara Q.
Sara Q.:
Drew never happened lmao & why in Samantha theres picture of RubyRose lmaooo
Warren Bintoro
Warren Bintoro:
I heard that she got married with Emma portner
no existo
no existo:
WTF!!! Didn't mention the dog! :D
Amaya Anderson
Amaya Anderson:
it means that those guys are her beard
Jenna Olsson
Jenna Olsson:
Ralph Bourke
Ralph Bourke:
It's up to the individual to decide !
Queen Alice Kingsley
Queen Alice Kingsley:
Sophia Cohen
Sophia Cohen:
Now she’s married to Emma Portner
Holly Kurmis
Holly Kurmis:
You ought to chance your title to read Elliot Page
She just like them all 🤣
She dated Drew WAY BEFORE she came out? Why wasn't the world shook? That doesn't make any sense. I think they didn't really date
wait...2:00 isn't she Ruby Rose? (Right one) The one From Pitch Perfect 3 Evermoist?...
Lucas Alfaro
Lucas Alfaro:
Ellen and Drew, so nice
Hannah Harshman
Hannah Harshman:
Am I the only one that noticed that she was the shortest one
sara metts
sara metts:
She is married now
Sakura Miller ótaku
Sakura Miller ótaku:
Ellie the last of us
It’s like looking at someone’s resume and seeing that they worked a bunch of odd jobs for a few months at a time over the years.
Rose kamarulzaman
Rose kamarulzaman:
she changed her partner every year. HAHA
Hasan Imtiaz
Hasan Imtiaz:
Why? I love Ellen Page. Why does she has to date other guys? I dreamt to marry her.
Ganesh Patil
Ganesh Patil:
It's a trap
Shazone Avery
Shazone Avery:
Wow dating girls
Miih Uchiha
Miih Uchiha:
Então na verdade ela não é lésbica e sim bissexual
shes bite size. yummie
Lola b
Lola b:
Stalker much?
Zeynep Guranlı
Zeynep Guranlı:
Ellen Page like that a children
hatib OG
hatib OG:
She is soooooooo little and cute 🐕💞
Gabe Conrade
Gabe Conrade:
hey dough bag
John Patrick Suasi
John Patrick Suasi:
She's a Bi?
Javi Diaz
Javi Diaz:
En estos tiempos yano sabes con quien estamos si es mujer o es un ombre 👉😰
Dr No No No
Dr No No No:
The awkward moment the guys say whip it out, and reality kicks in. Lol
she looks like the girl in every relationship, yet now thinks she’s a man?
Christine R
Christine R:
She seems confused
Erika Paula
Erika Paula:
+gril -boy 😁
B Brya
B Brya:
Ellen page showed me you can fall in love at first sight ....I'm So jealous of these fake rumors and yes Ellen page is strictly 100 % gay and I have gaydar...had to fall in love with her ..I've been single for 7 years because my ex g/g was not 100%gay and and caught her screwing a 14 yr old boy neighbor ....and seen him driving my blazer after being thrown off a bridge 80 ft down to the ocean Pentecostal is southbeach i moved back to Michigan after being held on the ground gunpoint and begged kill me the gun slammed into my temple i called him ras 😈 a N ig g...told him if he don't blow!my brains out I'll kill him ...I had a lot going on and I was on my skateboard to get to sobe...and then read a text my dad had 3 massive strokes can't talk paralyzed i felt them pulling at my phone and pulled it back so hard the dude almost fell that's when I chased after them well! 1 on his low rider bike and he led me to the other 2 so I could get my server money back like 300 that they got from my backpack about a? Few months later I adopted a dingo and moved to south beach all 3 of them got on there kneEs and I said remember me I sounded like a monster and I took care of the one that robbed me slammed my head in the streeT he wouldn't say sorry and I got him ..he's blind now he probably wished he would of pulled the trigger 😬 I have ptsd...I had fake boyfriends and it was like kissing a sponge when I hit 19 i found gay bars in Michigan Detroit....I had about 14 g/fs....but never in my life can start at her and know I could make her happy ...but I see she's in love with Emma and married ....well I love Ellen so much i want her happy ..I would make her soul and mind fall in love with me sister was just murdered my dad died my gramma and my dad had a stroke before Christmas.. We my mom and I love alone well we let my niece and her living big boy move in with there baby I was just beat up while lying in my bed and he sexually assaulted me ..Detroit police made him leave and my mother told my niece what he did to me and said that nothing was ok about that so now my mom loveS her great grand baby boy so much and he made my niece out there conversation on speaker so know sHe's not see him because brian Keene is the boss ...I ripped his shirt to get away while he has his nasty privte out and pinned me down and called me a lesbian and you know you want it. . Well I'm going to pay him a fairytale visit with some friendS and I told them I want to do it because I don't let anyone get away with assaulting me when I don't have my guard up and then when his pants unzipped ...well I'm writing a book about my life and Ellen pages name will be in it so I can tell her love at first sight does exist and I can see her mind read her mind and feel her soul ...I'm so proud she's out of the closet....Emma better treat her like the best thing in the world ...because I may be 10 yrs older short bleached messy hair and gem ...but a ton boy..I'm a 100 % lesbian and I'll wait all my life for Ellen page ...I'm little #313-918-7226 it's no joke Ellen page please call me I love your voice even if I got to talk to you for 5 seconds my heart would melt and no one ever touched my heart like you ..I love you Ellen if it's really you calling me text me first ....I know a lot of idiots will but it don't matter ...Emma better love you a?nd make you feel
Hot .and loved and in more love than u thought were possable
Ellen having kids:So i dated 8 guys boy and girl
oyun şekeri
oyun şekeri:
Joy Mary
Joy Mary:
She's gay
S A G A:
Feliz Ok
Feliz Ok:
Le gusta la arepa con chorizo 😅😅
Now i'm really confused, is she gay or bisexual?
Isabella Kethyllin
Isabella Kethyllin:
Where's Ryan??? :(
K Lu
K Lu:
So ... she's bisexual?
The Cambot
The Cambot:
I'm confused is she gay or bisexual?
What about Jesse Smollett didn't she date him I mean why else would she defend a complete lie and has yet to speak on Jessie since he got arrested for such made up hoax hate crimes like every single hate crime libtards claim is real.
Todd Mosser
Todd Mosser:
She's not gay or straight she's greedy
Francimar Domingos
Francimar Domingos:
Jesus Cristo salva
Man Kitty pride dated Pennywise's Brother
Виталий Белый
Виталий Белый:
Hallah Khalid
Hallah Khalid:
She doesn’t let anybody go😂😭😭
Carlos Jett Romero
Carlos Jett Romero:
Oh shit.

She pulled an Ellie.
Donald Fry
Donald Fry:
She is one confused woman.
57deuceGaming !!
57deuceGaming !!:
A confused girl, what's new lol. The crazies
Marc Grecco
Marc Grecco:
She’s nuts, she doesn’t know what she is....
David Sky
David Sky:
Really bad.
Akhil Rawat
Akhil Rawat:
Now he is Elliot page... Shocking
Indra Mahesa
Indra Mahesa:
Sh** He Lesbian, That So Disturbing
Александр Петрович
Александр Петрович:
Жаль ее, могла бы детей рожать, а в итоге рехнулась
Melia C
Melia C:
This is dad. i didnt know she was kind of young she looks so much older than her age.i guess its her life style.just like jussie the poor black gay person she lied to those young men she dated knowing she rather be swimming at the y not the ymca. You both need to go away for just plain lying and attacking the wrong people. I am glad you belong on the other side. Just remember there is more of us than you. Go trump.thank god thank almighty god you won. Hey go listen to malcom x and ali talk about women and socialism
Guilherme Carvalho
Guilherme Carvalho:
next year she announces that she is a Trans Bisexual Man