Brad Pitt on His First Kiss, What He Wore to Prom, and His Early Days as an Extra | W Magazine

The Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood star sits down with Lynn Hirschberg to reflect on his early days as an extra, when he was still struggling to get a Screen Actor's Guild card. Hoping to sneak in a speaking part during a scene in which he was asked to silently pour champagne, he decided to improvise—and it almost got him kicked off the set. Pitt also talks about his first kiss, attending two different proms in high school, and how he related to his character in Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood from the first time he read the script at director Quentin Tarantino's home.

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Mark Cadden
Mark Cadden:
And Lisa is now validated after like 45 years of no one believing her
Livia Martinez
Livia Martinez:
imagine looking like this at 56
Angela Dan
Angela Dan:
He’s the daddy I imagine when listening to Lana del Rey
george slash
george slash:
Lisa: i was the first person ever that kissed Brant Pitt
Rest of the world: yea right
Anna Pan
Anna Pan:
The woman laughing for no reason when he’s talking
No judging girl I’d do that too
Brad Pitt can get the 55+ meal for seniors at Ihop and seduce the 20 year old waitress.
Estelle Chmura
Estelle Chmura:
Imagine being able to say that Brad Pitt was your first kiss.
This comment section is thirsty.
Anybody else catch themselves smiling thru the whole video? He's so likable
Brian Powers
Brian Powers:
The woman asking the questions is falling for his charm
Nisa Kıran
Nisa Kıran:
I'm the background woman who laughs every word Brad Pitt says.
he’s sooo attractive even though he’s older than my dad...
Alma D
Alma D:
I daresay he's the best looking person that ever lived.
Livia Martinez
Livia Martinez:
imagine how insecure you would be if he was your man
Giulia Bosco
Giulia Bosco:
This dude is like 40 years older than me but really don't mind
Ally Gille
Ally Gille:
Brad, if you’re reading this, I’m free whenever
sara h
sara h:
His voice is so relaxing and laid back I could listen to him all day. He’s seems like such a down to earth guy too for being a movie star he doesn’t seemed to be arrogant
RJ Plata
RJ Plata:
If he doesn’t get an asmr episode I will be very disappointed in you W magazine lol.
2020 imaginary goal: I wish to kiss him in my Garage 2020 Reality ( 4 months onward) : we get hit with Corona
Gorgeous, charming, charismatic, it’s unbelievable how attractive he is, not to mention he is 56 years old!
Mr Mojo Risin
Mr Mojo Risin:
His voice is so deep it's stunning
Vanessa Alarcon
Vanessa Alarcon:
Imagine being one of his crushes ... can’t relate
"Looks for the best in people,but not surprised when you see the worst"

-Brad Pitt, 2020.
Reis World
Reis World:
He look so good!
Mariah Spake
Mariah Spake:
Who else feels like they haven’t seen him in a hot minute and know he’s back all of a sudden and it’s dope AF! He’s so chill I love it.
Interviewer: basic question
Brad: breathes
Interviewer: "hehehehe!! Yeah!!! Hehehe"
Jaina Maden
Jaina Maden:
God interviewer, got him relaxed and enjoying himself.
Charlotte Kuna
Charlotte Kuna:
I love the fact that he actually worked so hard to get a role and now he's one of the biggest actors in the world!
Xander X
Xander X:
I’m litterally entranced by him and his voice.
Will Deonne Creative
Will Deonne Creative:
I’m a 35 year old straight black man and I’m like “Jesus Christ this dude is hot”
Rach ASMR:
*Man I wish this title said “Brad Pitt tried ASMR”. THAT would be EPIC!*
Raquel D.
Raquel D.:
I know he is 56 but I absolutely do not care. He will forever be my crush.
it’s so intimidating to even watch bc he knows he’s so good looking WHICH IS INTIMIDATING
Vito Pešut
Vito Pešut:
His first kiss went exactly the way how my first time buying weed went
Keeping up with Kaia
Keeping up with Kaia:
“I went to two proms because I, because I...”
was dating two girls at the same time?
Anna Pan
Anna Pan:
I can’t express how much I wish I was Lisa
Girl you made it
Where's Lisa? You kissed the most hottest man of this planet
Adara Lynx
Adara Lynx:
His smile at the end almost gives me a heart attack, so handsome and polite goshh! I have loved him for so long that it hurts T.T wishing him the best!
Now that raspy voice deserves to dabble with ASMR xx
He has the warmest personality I’ve ever seen.
The charisma of this man is unbelievable.
Estefania Vasquez
Estefania Vasquez:
when he said “white tux” and then winked I-
Alexandra K.
Alexandra K.:
He seems to be more of himself and relaxed these days! Glad he is finally getting recognition for his acting. He's super underrated and I loved him in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood! :)
Ella Jones
Ella Jones:
He laughs and all of a sudden he's just young again
Mridul Nair
Mridul Nair:
I'm a guy and he's making my heart melt
He’s a good Midwestern boy. He can’t even say the sh** word without looking like he’ll get in trouble.
purple rainbow
purple rainbow:
that hair is just majestic, this man is a walking god. Could play the role of Achilles to this day
Thomas Boner
Thomas Boner:
The cool thing about Brad Pitt is he is obviously handsome, but he seems like a really nice and down to earth person too.
Can’t not like this man. Favourite actor going. Class
since he divorced Angelina, he looks happy and full of life again as he once did with Jenn.
Alessia Diana
Alessia Diana:
Imagine being this attractive
Das Die
Das Die:
5:07 That laugh is the Brad Pitt we know
Stephie Marie
Stephie Marie:
what a beautiful man he is
Nena Raca
Nena Raca:
That laugh at the end ... OOF 😍
He always talks like he just finished chewing something but I mean that in this suave and complimentary way. His voice is just so smooth and laid back.

I’m a straight 32 year old male btw.
Tanya Stoynova
Tanya Stoynova:
He’s like the most adorable guy in Hollywood 😍
zodiac slut
zodiac slut:
sagittarius: i always had crushes
Katie Koballa
Katie Koballa:
This dude gets hotter as he gets older
why so charming?? he had several crushes and I'm still into him, since a teenager
heinz elias4999
heinz elias4999:
I just see Brad Pitt and i forget everything i am doing instantly !
2020 XD ➊
2020 XD ➊:
I hope he wins a Oscar this year! he was great in Once upon a time
every time I watch his interviews I and smile and smile... HOW is he so likable ... Human sunshine istg
His beauty, charm, and wit is just too much to handle.
Danielle Kearns
Danielle Kearns:
Brad: “I see more dance in my future.” Me: *starts imagining him hitting the “woah”*
Anna Pan
Anna Pan:
He’s literally like wine
The older he gets the finer he is
I am so happy he got the twinkle back in his eyes!
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen:
how does he make even the sound of swallowing saliva so charming?
Khristian Morales
Khristian Morales:
This beautiful man, is almost getting close to his 60s but he still looks fantastic, as a Greek god... Ohhhh I love Mr. Pitt
A A:
How is this hottie 56?!!!
Brad's out here looking 35😍
He really does age like fine wine.
Said Boullauazan
Said Boullauazan:
He has perfected the craft of being self-deprecating and charming at the same time.. something alot of actors still don't know how 2 do.
Alejandro Delgado
Alejandro Delgado:
Im straight but I can sincerely say that he's the most beautiful man Ive ever seen in my life along with young Elvis Presley.
fockin great
fockin great:
Somewhere out there, Lisa saw this and smiled
Jennifer McNutt Music
Jennifer McNutt Music:
He is so wonderful. Love this...Google, the Helena Bonham Carter episode on Colbert. She says that Brad Pitt, looked as if he swallowed the was sweet and funny but she meant it. Perfect description of him, especially now that he’s sober. It’s also a great interview with her.
Beth Craddock
Beth Craddock:
Dustin Hoofman is right: compared to Brad Pitt, most men look like onions 🧅. 😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰
Surabhi Chauhan
Surabhi Chauhan:
This interviewer is me. Talk to a crush and giggle at every word out of his mouth.. hehe
Sonia Azizi
Sonia Azizi:
Is always the most handsome man in the room and in film, yet humble his whole life. <3
Giulia Amata
Giulia Amata:
How can he be a so perfect man? His voice, his face, his behavior...
Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt:
Finally Lisa's friends were proved about what she said...
Oh my god he’s beautiful 😩
Poornima Nataraj
Poornima Nataraj:
Just imagine how his crushes must be feeling now.............
Julie Schwartz
Julie Schwartz:
the most attractive man
Are my eyes playing tricks on me??
Brad Pitt is on W Mag 🥺
Erika Escalona
Erika Escalona:
He is absolutely charming 😍
terrie travis
terrie travis:
Brad Pitt's personality is just as appealing as his looks..laid back, good sense of humor. If only.....
Hildebeast Clinton
Hildebeast Clinton:
[clitoral tremors]
“Oh, Brad.”
That laugh at the end was so juvenile for some reason.
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is really the best movie
Krystal Hardwick
Krystal Hardwick:
His bottom lip 🤤 ugh he is sophisticated and charming but also playful and childlike. It’s really cool to see him genuinely smile
valen sl
valen sl:
i just can’t stop thinking about how lucky that Lisa person is like lord
Hes prettier than angelina
Blah Blah
Blah Blah:
He’s still finee tho 🔥🔥❤️
Parnian Niaz
Parnian Niaz:
He is yearS older than my dad but I still want to marry him in my dreams!
T K:
The lady behind the camera cant stop giggling like a 15 year old, thats for sure😁
Hello World
Hello World:
Imagine if he was whispering this!!
Gosh he still has that boyish laugh. Melt!!
Livia Martinez
Livia Martinez:
that eyebrow raise at 00:39 OOOO MY GAWW
Touhidul Islam Siam
Touhidul Islam Siam:
That smile, that damned smile🥰
Jess R.
Jess R.:
I love Leo, but Brad was the best thing in Once upon a time in Hollywood... I hope he wins an Oscar ❤️❤️❤️
Mai_ Rebecca
Mai_ Rebecca:
Doesnt matter how old he gets hes a classic kinda fine
He seems liken the coolest dude to chill w.