BREAKING: Elizabeth Holmes Found Guilty On Four Counts Of Fraud

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was convicted of four federal fraud charges Monday and acquitted on four others while a jury deadlocked on the three remaining charges after months of trial. NBC News' Ben Popken breaks down the verdict. 
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100+ komentarze:

The Super Psycho Killer
The Super Psycho Killer:
Defrauding rich people is more of a serious crime than defrauding ordinary people with health issues.
"Guilty of defrauding Betsy DeVos, but not of defrauding patients" says everything about our sick society.
Confidential P
Confidential P:
The fact that she got away with this as long as she did says a lot about our country. Let’s keep it real
Cheng Lee
Cheng Lee:
I’ve been following this story since it broke and I ’m glad she’s found guilty but she should be guilty on ALL charges. People could’ve died, using something she knew DIDNT work.
Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder:
Just goes to show there are 2 justice systems in this country; one for those who have millions and those who don't.
Ops Blac
Ops Blac:
Yes, she's guilty because rich people lost money, not because she put lives at risk, that's the real tragedy here.
Backyard Beekeeping
Backyard Beekeeping:
When I saw her on a magazine cover holding up that tiny blood sample I told my wife there is no possible way to get all the results she was claiming. I am not a medical professional and knew that just based on having my own blood drawn for tests. I hope she gets further convictions and her sentence is heavy and consecutive for each charge.
Disgraceful. She should've been found guilty on all 11 counts.
S V:
The fact that she didn't get found guilty on all charges speak volume.
Really disappointed they didn’t find her Guilty of defrauding patients. One lady, was told she miscarried when she still pregnant. She might have lost that child.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith:
I’m shocked it took this jury that long to find her guilty, and even more shocked they couldn’t agree on all the charges. It was obvious people! I guess some people just aren’t bright.
As some who does medical testing for a living, I'm surprised that the scientific community was not in an uproar about her claims. If they had been true, ye, it would have revolutionized they way medical tests are done but we are way off from that type of technology. With current technology, doing dozens of different types of test requires multiple instrument platforms/testing methodology and much more than a drop of blood. First questions: How does the instrument work and who developed such advanced technology? 🤔
Time to see more crooked CEO’s held accountable.
How could she NOT be guilty of defrauding and harming people (clients) that were given false blood test results? Preposterous. Makes zero sense. She risked OTHER people's health for her own advancement, "glory," and financial gain.
Paul G
Paul G:
Back in the 1960's even general practitioners had a strong basic knowledge of the sciences. They would never have fallen for the ridiculous claims this woman made.
Now everyone's education is so narrow and specialised it is easy to pull the wool over their eyes.
I have worked in the pathology lab sector since the mid 80's and have even encountered hospital registrars that did not know that platelets are involved in the clotting of blood.
I like how the person who fooled greedy investors gets prison, while the countless pharmaceutical companies who continue to produce and sell harmful medication get 0 accountability. It shows who the justice system works for and protects.
Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel
Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel:
This situation is the same type of fraud where people act like they're perfect for the job they applied for but in reality they're just good at speaking and answering questions
Anyone who knows anything about blood and testing knows that what she was claiming was impossible. Ridiculous. I’m glad she’s found guilty.
Finally! This woman has been brought to justice!
Luis Vargas
Luis Vargas:
She’s only guilty for stealing from the rich not misleading or taking money from her customers and people who dependent on her research this is #justice
H Mefford
H Mefford:
*Holmes is a grifter, period.*

*2022 should be the year of accountability for EVERYONE across America.* 🤷🏻‍♀️
Kathryn Pecha
Kathryn Pecha:
Shout out to the fresh out of college employee who blew the whistle on a company his grandfather sat on the board of directors on. He not only gave up a payday, was followed and stalked by people hired by Holms but has spoken about the damage blowing the whistle caused in his family.
I'm still flabbergasted that she got away with this for as long as she did. The claims just didn't add up - there are only so many cells in a drop of blood and to say that you can run this array of tests that she was claiming just isn't possible. Glad the justice system is working and she didn't get away with it.
dan parish
dan parish:
Only 4/11? I hope she serves real time. She’s a sneaky narcissist who’ll say or do anything to manipulate you into thinking she did nothing wrong.
Herbert Derbin
Herbert Derbin:
This kind of fraud can never happen again so she needs the absolute maximum sentencing. She didn't just take people's money, she ruined their trust and maybe even their health.
White Hawk
White Hawk:
They are convicting her to protect the system that Is set up for this kind of corruption.
The truth hurts Thrush prevails
The truth hurts Thrush prevails:
She is a F R A U D and took a long time before she was exposed. Imagine how many cancer and non victims who have been misdiagnosed because of her selfish and greedy behaviour.
She should have been charged guilty of all charges. How much more evidence you want where her intentions is clearly to deceive vulnerable people and play with their health conditions for the purpose of gaining profits. She deserves to be in jail for a long time and millions of fines.
It's odd that Holmes' weirdness didn't alarm the investors or corporate partners. Maybe they just wanted to believe in something that sounded too good to be true because of the potential profits?
She really thought that pity pregnancy was gonna save her, she was literally on vacation during trial proceedings early on & not worried about a thing. A shame they didn't find her guilty on ALL counts.
William Lim
William Lim:
It's insulting to compare a frauding little girl to Steve Jobs who make a product that actually groundbreaking and advanced.
Geoff Canyon
Geoff Canyon:
The comparison to Jobs is ridiculous. A few months after announcing it, *Apple shipped the working iPhone*. If Theranos had shipped a working product, this trial wouldn’t have happened.
G Macka
G Macka:
If these was truly such a thing as "justice", they should have thrown Betsey DeVos on trial too
Damon Reynolds
Damon Reynolds:
"First they say you're crazy, then they lock you up. And suddenly they've changed your world" 🤪
Evar Dion
Evar Dion:
The difference between Steve Jobs, Bill gates Elon Musk etc and Elizabeth Holmes is that those guys actually had the engineers and technical personnel to deliver the dream they were selling. All 3 of them had a proven track record of delivering products on top of which they build their future ambitions and none of them were billionaires before they even shipped their first product.. Elizabeth Holmes had nothing.. just a dream and the ability to lie convincingly, now she has to wake up and face reality.
PS. I am all for CEOs being held accountable for not delivering. In any other job you get fired for not doing what you are paid for but in senior management you just get a huge bucket of money to go somewhere else when you fail.
It's about time that a CEO was held accountable for their mismanagement, lies and deception. Just wish it would happen more often,
The life style she lives even after getting caught shows she take zero responsibility hope she gets 20 years.
anyone with decent expertise in the field could have spotted the scam.
Ironically, I applied for a job at Theranos back in the days. Pretty sure, I would have realized the scam on day one on the job.
Christina Frascona
Christina Frascona:
I am glad she was found guilty. I remember watching her brag that she only needed “1 more engineering class”…. Her actions hurt people.
James Marchetti
James Marchetti:
She can't blame underlings! Alot of them quit when they realized what was going on and the culture of the company! She was lucky they didn't turn her in way back then!
Animal Advocate
Animal Advocate:
Steve Jobs used prototypes. Its so wrong to say he lied. His credibility would have been ruined. All the electronics industry introduces new items by prototypes. Again sloppy journalism. Shame on this report.
Galdi Gadofilia
Galdi Gadofilia:
The only reason she got convicted she angered rich powerful investors losing money. If she did that to the common man she would have got a huge bonus. Typically sillicon valley justice.
Xavier Monteballan
Xavier Monteballan:
Wait, how long did this trial take? I haven't heard anything about it in years. I assumed she's be rotting in jail by now.
TripN With Red
TripN With Red:
I will never understand why anyone would put so much hard work and time into building a career, business, etc to turn around and risk everything because of arrogance and greed.
A D:
The law isn’t playing with these Karens.
“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” 
Hopefully this sets a precedent where CEO's have consequences for committing crimes rather than get away with them. It's telling she was found guilty of her crimes against corporations & not the patients that has their health put at risk -- including advertisers that were used to lure in said patients. I certainly hope she is able to be charged for crimes reliable eligible for a new trial, that she receives the maximum sentence for those she's been convicted of.
Not sure why it took the jury so long to come back with this one? The defense lawyers must have done a great job confusing the jury pool. That or they didn't want to send a a new mother to jail.
"You really do not see CEO's of Tech Companies get prosecuted like this". FYI: massively ripping off rich/influential people, and making them look like morons got her prosecuted. If it was just regular working class investors with their meager life savings, she would have gotten away with this. Justice will always be served if rich/influential people are the victims.
Congrats to Ms. Holmes on her conviction!
T T:
She’s no different than the low life “healers” that claim their touch will cure them of their illnesses if they hand over all they earn/own. She’s a scammer that loves having a 1st class life. I’m sure the ladies in her cell block will love that deep voice!
Ad Astra
Ad Astra:
No, difference between Jobs and Elizabeth, is that Jobs always delivered on time and to spec…the iPhone on stage perhaps wasn’t fully functioning, but a month later it was shipped as promised. Jobs always knew what he would deliver and when…she had no idea
I’m glad she was tried and found guilty on some counts. It’s unusual to see rich fraudsters even indicted.
Probably because she defrauded rich people. Sort of like Madoff. If it were just the life savings of blue collar workers she’d still be doing it.
ram charge
ram charge:
Glad she's held accountable, I feel bad for her son though. He's gonna suffer in this situation.
And she made other people suffer as well by lieing about everything.
rasheed rashad
rasheed rashad:
I wish the media would stop referring to Thernos as a "tech" company when actually it's a medical device company that uses or tried to use technology it couldn't develop. I think that's a major difference. I believe she was the only medical device company in Sillicon Valley.
Meh, 4 counts guilty - would have been zero if she had only defrauded poor working people like she was supposed too. You cross the line when you defraud super rich investors who are looking to make a quick buck off of the money they already had given to them.
Jesus Cruz
Jesus Cruz:
She won’t even do a year. Ya know how the “justice system “ works😂
j g
j g:
"it was my underlings!" i guess she never heard of the RICO act
Missy VanWinkle
Missy VanWinkle:
I'm glad a tech CEO is finally being held accountable, but it doesn't surprise me that it's a woman who is the first one pilloried.
Awesome! Just when I thought there's no justice in the world.
Denise McKinney
Denise McKinney:
Damned! She tried to throw her subordinates under the bus 🤨
Marina Martinez
Marina Martinez:
Wish I could have watched the trial. I still can't believe why all the so-called smart investors fell for her, it was so obvious she was wierd.
Paolo Santillan
Paolo Santillan:
There is a lesson to be learned here: Dont cheat the rich. Go for the poor.
Chuck Baserap
Chuck Baserap:
She’s a freaking con artist, how can she be guilty of only four of the charges? That prosecution sucks terribly!!
The GoonSquad
The GoonSquad:
The HBO doc was amazing in her. Legit didn’t know who she was until I saw it. Blew my mind
Elmer Kilred
Elmer Kilred:
It was her almost natural deep voice that gave her away.
Jeff Fuehr
Jeff Fuehr:
that’s what people do

it’s too hard to acquire riches on their own

so they try to acquire riches from stealing it from people who got it

I’ve been dealing with the same problem for the last 19 years straight

i hope they give her the maximum 🔒
Robby Rutland
Robby Rutland:
God Bless Elizabeth Holmes.
I'm glad to she that she's being held accountable for some of her actions (at the very least). She should have been found guilty on all counts IMO!
Bryan Max
Bryan Max:
Imagine your boss telling you to invest in this big breaking company. You invest all of your 401k. Over 100k only to learn it was all a fraud
t henderson
t henderson:
I just hope to hear her real voice one time before she goes to prison.
R 8
R 8:
The bloody details are coming out. This must have tested her entire legal team. Unexpected results…
Just heard from one of the jurors. Looks like they are leaving the patient fraud to her ex. He was responsible for overseeing the lab and he knew the machines didn’t work but allowed them to be in Walgreens.
ali Servan
ali Servan:
She was exposed, repeatedly, by dozens of YouTubers, but no one would listen. She ruined dozens if not hundreds of lives, and the "investment companies" who allowed this to happen deserve time too.
don russ
don russ:
The judge should throw the book at her for the 4 counts they got her on just for the fact of her personal knowledge that this will jeopardize anyone (or just one) person in the general public. Despicable. Set an example for these self proclaimed elitist who turn out to be a con artist at our expense.
Only 4?! What about her lying to the general public and putting their health at risk?!! (ah the power of money...)
Linda J54
Linda J54:
What role did FDA have in enabling her continued fraud? Was there no requirement on Theranos to prove its products were evidence-based and effective; or for them to be licensed? Whole scam reminds me of a certain actress who turned to selling extremely intimate products 🤢
Jaxxon Balboa
Jaxxon Balboa:
She sold them an "empty box" and no one thought to look inside first!
Ride or Dis
Ride or Dis:
It should have been guilty on all 11 counts.
She was addicted to the fame, fortune, and power. She lied to maintain all of it. She loved her extravagant lifestyle. She let patients get these tests and make life altering medical decisions without being advised of the risks. She better spend a long time in prison.
She's going to be famous and on every single left wing news, talk show or program. She will get a book deal
Joyce Smith
Joyce Smith:
I love this! she was able to start a lab and she lied to take people's money... sad part is myself and plenty of other biology majors can't even get certified to work in a lab because we don't have the job experience... the irony!
Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma:
If it took so much time to take such a simple decision in US, then what will happen in third world.
Mr. Prush
Mr. Prush:
The law of attraction is real I literally thought of her a lot today and I never really thought about her in the last 2 years at all
This is a victory for every harassed hero that fought to expose her wrongdoing. Even breeding a kid during these times didn't help the scammer get away with it. This jury was honorable
Thomas De Lello
Thomas De Lello:
Is it even possible that Elizabeth Holmes actually believed herself and what kind of psychosis is that if she did...? Or did she have a contingency plan to abscond with the money and live out her life incognito but missed her exit cue...?
Montana Railroads
Montana Railroads:
the difference they fail to mention between Holmes and Jobs, was that he actually delivered on his iPhone.
Wes Mcgee
Wes Mcgee:
Lotta greed among people on top, especially in medical related companies. Put em in prison. I'm tired of paying huge medical bills and out of control script prices because of greed and fraud.
How does "my ex psychologically abused me, therefore I stole millions" defense fail???? I am shocked!
Alvin Johnson
Alvin Johnson:
The reason she wasn't found guilty on all charges, because it would have exposed her enablers (big-name investors) who knew it was a fraud to be liable and convicted as well. They all knew stringing the market along to $millions off of stocks.
Wow! she got off putting health of people at risk.
Shell do a year or two, when she's out she'll be rich and laughing, get rich even more getting tv interviews and a movie of her.
Kyudo Kun
Kyudo Kun:
Alternate title:
"Steve Jobs wannabe found guilty of fraud"
No one star
No one star:
It's always good to see when actual justice is served.

Can't wait until the January 6th, 2021 situation ends up finding a path to justice.
Andrew Vare
Andrew Vare:
Bold claims by a CEO? I remember when Larry Ellison lied through his teeth about earnings back in the late 80s a few times. He's still around. Yawn.
saigonais NhaTrang
saigonais NhaTrang:
20 years in a federal prison will give her plenty of time to reflect on her previous life as a 19-year old freshman at Stanford.
The courts should have been doing the right thing a long time ago with locking up these "CEO & Exec's". But I understand how hard it is to hold someone accountable that actually "Owns You".... My the web's we weave!......
Choose Wisely
Choose Wisely:
Elizabeth Holmes: "What! I am beautiful blond, blue eyed white lady, these things just don't happen to people like me!"
Snatch Nelson
Snatch Nelson:
How could a case like this carry 20 years and these guys who try to overthrow the government only get four to five years our system is backwards man
Joseph Ybarra
Joseph Ybarra:
If my local doctor did this, he would serve minimum of 10 years. I hope she gets a harsher sentence but that won't happen
Cory Max
Cory Max:
crazyness i just watched the hbo documentary about her. it was nuts. its kind of a shame we arent in a future where her original vision could have been achieved.
Dave Don
Dave Don:
Hope they will bring more of them to justice. Most ads simply are 🤥
Andrea Keeling
Andrea Keeling:
This is huge. Verbal marketing fraud which is something everyone who talks about their business does at some point.