#BREAKING# ELVIS' GRANDSON DEAD AT 27 | Benjamin Keough Suicide Tragedy

-Keough was found Sunday in Calabasas, California, according to TMZ
-He was son of Lisa Marie and musician Danny Keough and the grandson of Elvis
-Lisa Marie has previously spoken of her son's 'uncanny' resemblance to her dad
-Benjamin's grandmother Priscilla married Elvis in 1967; they divorced in 1973
'-She is completely heartbroken, inconsolable and beyond devastated', Lisa Marie's manager said, 'He was the love of her life'

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Door Anderson
Door Anderson:
Oh my gosh I am shocked a fine handsome man gone way to soon. I’m so sorry Lisa and family, praying for you all. when the pain seems unbearable JESUS carries you all.
Shawnee Scorpion
Shawnee Scorpion:
In every adult photo, Benjamin rarely smiled. He looks depressed.
Will Graves
Will Graves:
Rest In Peace, Benjamin Keough
We lost the grandson of Elvis too quickly just like we lost Elvis himself too quickly, though its happy to know he's in a safe place now and will hopefully see his grandfather now 😭
Lourdes Jimenez
Lourdes Jimenez:
Drugs depression loneliness lack of love this world is no good any more only for the strong and the ones that believe in the real lord
sarah mitchell
sarah mitchell:
Absolutely devastated this morning. Another beautiful talented Presley - Lisa Marie, I am so sorry. My thoughts are with you. I'm heartbroken 😔
OMG, this is so incredibly heartbreaking. I can't imagine what Lisa is going through, and the rest of the family as well. She's lost the two most important men in her life, her dad and her son. So terribly, terribly sad. 😢💔
Gerardine Cizmar
Gerardine Cizmar:
My condolences to Lisa and the rest of her family. What a terrible thing for a parent to have to endure.
Ryan Callum
Ryan Callum:
So sad. Just why. He was the double of Elvis. 😭🕯️♥️
Leslie Weger
Leslie Weger:
I'm just shocked! I'm so very sorry for Lisa and the whole family. Prayers and love. 😭
David Maye
David Maye:
So sorry to hear this. Pray for the family.
Kelp Farming
Kelp Farming:
Do not envy others, for you do not know what they are going through. Don't compare your insides to others' outsides.
Tim Gatte
Tim Gatte:
Why why would you do that man this is so sad I had big hopes for this young man seen him once at Graceland
Retrobilly 1
Retrobilly 1:
Prayers to Lisa Marie and the Keough Presley Family🙏
Torri Tucker
Torri Tucker:
RIP...My thoughts and prayers go out to the Presley and Keough families.
Elizabeth Roman
Elizabeth Roman:
Rip Ben. Our Condolences to the Presley & Keough family.
Jacqueline Marchese
Jacqueline Marchese:
Lisa Marie thoughts and prayers during this difficult time 🙏🏽
Donny Edwards
Donny Edwards:
This is beyond shocking & heartbreaking, unbelievable. So much promise in him. All my love, thoughts & prayers to Lisa Marie, Priscilla, his sisters, father, family & friends. Too young
Life is worth living, there’s ups & downs but we must always push forward. Show love to one another, not hate. Rely on God’s teachings!

Rev 21:3;4 With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his people. And God himself will be with them. 4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.
Holly Fisher
Holly Fisher:
Heartbroken for his loving family💔:(
SO many are losing hope too young~PLEASE watch out for OUR young people, everyone, and show them KINDness, and God's Light🙏🌠❤...Fly HIGH, sweet Benjamin!!!
Vicki Atkins
Vicki Atkins:
I'm so sorry lisa marie that you have to endure this. Love and prayers. From all your dads fans and your fans. World wide. Stay strong your girls will need you and you need them. God will be by you side he will see you through it. There is reasons for happenings. Only God knows why. God bless.
Anja Krames
Anja Krames:
So sad, unbelievable😔R.I.P. Benjamin🙏
Random Elvis
Random Elvis:
So very sad, remember love is always giving, reach out to your loved ones, just because you can....RIP Benjamin 🙏🏻
Rest in peace Benjamin. You will always be remembered in the hearts of Elvis fans around the globe! Dear Lord, Please give peace to other members of the Presley family.
Karina Finearty
Karina Finearty:
Deepest condolences to Lisa Marie and Family😔. Rest in peace Benjamin. ❤️
Pamela Foxx
Pamela Foxx:
Another member of the 27 Club. So sad that you felt you had to do this Benjamin. May God bless and keep you always
Gayle Bardrick
Gayle Bardrick:
Losing a child... absolutely heartbreaking , RIP young man
Trust Jesus First
Trust Jesus First:
I continue to keep Lisa Marie in my thoughts and prayers....as I have for 40+ years. No one should lose a parent too soon (...I was 10 when I lost my mom in '67....Lisa was 9 when she lost her dad in '77...my mom was 43; Elvis was 42..) Not to mention losing a child...this is just tragic..

My sincerest condolences, concern, and prayers up for Lisa, Danny and their whole family..

I pray God stays close to her, gives her strength and peace with this most cruel of crosses to bear. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.
Tammy Bettiga
Tammy Bettiga:
Devastating news.. sending prayers to the family ❤️💔💔💔💔💔💔
Larry Turner
Larry Turner:
Dulce Seco
Dulce Seco:
I'm so sad...the beautiful young man, Benjamin, was gone so early...
My condolences to Lisa Marie and family and God blesse all of them.
Rest in peace, Ben, your soul is free in a lovely place of Universe.
Jim Timmins
Jim Timmins:
Again the 27 club. My step son killed himself at 27. So painful right now.
Elenice Castro
Elenice Castro:
@J.R.asEl...😪 Muito triste😪 Descanse em paz 🕊🙏🏼🕊
Chelle Smiddie
Chelle Smiddie:
I'm so so sorry 💔,This family has had to many traggic deaths please let's pray to break this curse & pray for total peace for this family,
Consuelo Cardoso
Consuelo Cardoso:
Meus sentimentos para essa mulher já tão sofrida pela perda de seu pai quando ainda criança , e agora pela perda de seu filho , que o Senhor Jesus lhe dê forças para superar esse momento tão difícil .
Theodora Kazantzidou
Theodora Kazantzidou:
I am so sorry for Lisa and her family! Prayers , from Greece
Deone Oslanski
Deone Oslanski:
My heart is breaking for the family. Sending all my love and light. May God wrap his loving arms around you and comfort you all Amen
Farrah Ignacio
Farrah Ignacio:
Rest in Peace Benjamin
May God bless your family and be with them in this time pf sorrow🙏
Lisa im so sorry for your loss
Yea I'm all shook up. Sorry had to say it.
Shelly K
Shelly K:
This is such a sad time in this world and to think it all started with Koby Bryant,his daughter and his 7 friends all died when their chopper came down and it has been all down hill from then!This has been the worst year in my 59 years on earth.Never in my wildest dreams when i shouted out,HAPPY NEW YEAR!That it would be the saddest year of all!😥How much more can we all take,everyday the news is worst then the day before,it is no wonder there is so many people taking their lives,life is so different,people are so different,what is happening to our world?I pray that we can get through the rest of this year without more heartaches,this year just needs to get over with.😥🤨
C G:
Adam Davidson
Adam Davidson:
Prayers and condolences to Lisa Marie Presley & family!
Rock n' Roll
Rock n' Roll:
He died on my birthday 😥😥
Ann. O’Brien
Ann. O’Brien:
So so sad , I followed him on instagram. Now all his photos are removed. He would give daily quotes , I will miss them . I could tell from his quotes he was always trying to find happiness. RIP Benjamin, with your grandad 💕💕
Acquanella Ogbemudia
Acquanella Ogbemudia:
Prayers for Family and Friends
Greta Kaim
Greta Kaim:
ELVIS = ALIVE !! 💖🎸👍👍👍
Austin Howells
Austin Howells:
That sad
Nathalie AL
Nathalie AL:
🇨🇵😪🌹🙏Repose en paix Benjamin
yoges Yoges
yoges Yoges:
I read a netizen's comment in one of the videos. Look at his face. There was never a smile. Always forlorn looking and sad. I totally agree with this. Even I have remarked on why he looks like this and this was way before his suicide. Whenever I came across some video, or photo of his. 🙁
Hayley Kameta
Hayley Kameta:
Im from Aotearoa (New Zealand) theres been no news about him passing over, thats strange.
Oh wait I sort of remember him being there.. but I have a way bigger memory of lisa and the twins.. I was there at the vigil. It was amazing!
Ken Amaro
Ken Amaro:
Sad news indeed..
jeannette por
jeannette por:
gone too soon
Kenneth Salyers
Kenneth Salyers:
He don't look like Elvis at all.
Hazema Adattini
Hazema Adattini:
Same relationship Elvis and his mum had Lisa and ben he will come in her dreams let her know he's ok he made a mistake and has to forgive him or the hurt will eat her away three girls need her to survive I am praying so hard she makes it my two children stated to drink when they found their sister dead at 27 it hard to watch the three muskerteers no more
Adam Davidson
Adam Davidson:
I wish Benjamin would be laid to rest at Graceland. It’s his family!
At first I thought what is wrong with this guy, comes from money, celebrity, and rock royalty. But then maybe if you get into his mind he looks the mirror and says geez I’m just a shit head compared to my grandpa. But still. I don’t know. Sad
Anny Sebaaly
Anny Sebaaly:
Wait he was at Graceland for the 40th anniversary? I was there and I didn’t see him. I only saw lisa marie.. her young twin girls and Priscilla ...
line 94
line 94:
So sad… R.I.P. Benjamin
Kristi Sheets
Kristi Sheets:
My deepest condolences to Lisa Marie and the family
Vicent Peinado
Vicent Peinado:
Una pena muy grande!!
Tim Gatte
Tim Gatte:
I'm a huge Elvis fan we would go every year sometimes as many as 8 times in one year I never past on an opportunity to meet someone that was close to Elvis when I first saw Benjamin I said well we might get a chance to see a real Elvis comeback special with maybe just a twist of modern music included I wish he would have gave a shot I'm sure he was very talented as for now we don't know why and may never know but I feel for Lisa and his Father also his siblings and Priscilla it's just too sad
Austin Howells
Austin Howells:
I think he did drugs
He is with his dad and God now! God bless Lisa Marie! ♥️
Jody Lucas
Jody Lucas:
He didn't look like Elvis.
Kathy Sharpe
Kathy Sharpe:
Where's the new facts
Antonia Rodriguez Fernandez
Antonia Rodriguez Fernandez:
Que Dios te bendiga
iwona barbara filipiak
iwona barbara filipiak:
Jeff Wingham
Jeff Wingham:
Unfortunately, happens to kids who've been given everything and never had to work or have goals to achieve.
Rick Flint
Rick Flint:
Rest in peace with elvis Presley
Holly Golightly
Holly Golightly:
Terrible news very sad🙏
arthur della morte
arthur della morte:
What a waste
mel grant
mel grant:
Just awful xxx
Patricia Keith
Patricia Keith:
So sad 27 years old and her 16 year old as well suicide.She has had so much grief Lisa Marie sending you my condolences to you and your family
JD Ronin
JD Ronin:
He kind of looked like Elvis, not a spitting image but a lot . The fro didn't work at all. Just because he resembled his grandfather obviously didn't mean he had his talent.
Suicide... mmmm .. well this kid always looked depressed. Never seen one photo of him smiling. As Elvis grandson he could've really capitalized on that , never did. Boy had issues. Doesn't matter now tho. I'd say he's part of the 27 club but that really only includes artists, he never was or will be one.
David Coombes
David Coombes:
Cult death. The kid never had a chance
james 699
james 699:
Condolences to Lisa Marie Presley and family. The King of Music Michael Jackson would be heartbroken by this news to hear about his ex-stepson dying tragically.
Thomas Coleman
Thomas Coleman:
Gunshot wound to the upper torso just seems like a weird method for suicide. I wonder will he be buried at Graceland? Sympathies to the family.