BREAKING! Harry Kane fails to report for Tottenham training for the second day

Harry Kane has failed to report for Tottenham training for the second day running sparking rumours that the England captain will leave this summer.

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Jai Yagnik
Jai Yagnik:
Kane: "Man the first time was so nice, I had to do it twice"
Losing the Euros final was the last straw of a trophyless run for him
James Hosken
James Hosken:
It was stupid of him to sign a 6 year contract with Spurs, his brother (his agent) has a lot to answer for. Everyone knows how Levy operates and Spurs have no pressure to sell him.
David Burke
David Burke:
English media before this week - “Harry Kane would never push for a move he’s not that kind of lad” 😂
K M:
Harry kane skipping training like hes at school
L Maz
L Maz:
Finally he’s showing some ambition
Kane is playing hide n seek with spurs 💀
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious:
gonna be so awkward when he returns to training especially with city on the first day of the season
I'm sure Bale taught him how to force a move... _"I just wanted to use Tottenham to regain my fitness for the Euros, I was never returning"_
Critique of Pure Treason
Critique of Pure Treason:
Good on him, you can't just expect Levy to keep his word. Sometimes it requires a show of strength. Owners always look to exploit the loyalty of top players to get what they want.
Mushy Mushy
Mushy Mushy:
This man is really forcing a move😂
Imagine if raheem Sterling or rashford didn’t come training the media will be onto them both
Brandon Ayong
Brandon Ayong:
" Son has values that the modern day footballer doesn't have anymore. That's why I love working with him. Now agents are around. Friends are around. Some players they come in my office with the dad the mom the best friend the cat and the dog. Expecting and demanding. With me it's meritocracy period "

Jose mourinho
C B:
So much for Harry being an amazing professional lol
Brian McSherry
Brian McSherry:
He’s bottled it already showing up by the end of the week now 😂😂 classic Harry
Harry Such
Harry Such:
Just let him move man it’s not like he’s getting them trophies anyways
Darren Evans
Darren Evans:
The man has done enough 4 spurs 100 mil in bank not bad at all
Go to city, where it won’t matter that you don’t turn up to finals.
Avishek Bhandari
Avishek Bhandari:
who remembers Messi saga from him last year
Shane Goo
Shane Goo:
I love how Kane is creating the wave for all players to force their move and cannot be criticize by those old pundits and newspaper. Funny how 🤔 other players who did this was destroyed especially by pinnochio Gary Neville
He’s a disgrace to the village. With that attitude I wouldn’t buy him for a bag of chips. £150 million for a 28 year old with dodgy ankles and cob webs for a trophy cabinet. The games gone bonkers 🤦‍♂️
Great professionalism, imagine if us people with regular jobs did this we would lose money and probably our job.
Kieran Thomas
Kieran Thomas:
If I was a manager I'd rather take son over kane. Son getting over looked.
Reyhan Hilbran
Reyhan Hilbran:
"if you love somebody set them free"-sting
Rooh kanga
Rooh kanga:
I would love it if he was just given some time off and isn't meant to be training for a few days 😂
This is getting interesting Lol 😆
“Verbal agreement”. 🤣😂🤣. How naive can someone be?
player 69
player 69:
Kanes been missing since the euro final, Dats Tuff!
Darren Petchey
Darren Petchey:
Spurs: lets play a game

Kane: ok turn around and count to 20

Spurs: ready or not here we come

Kane: 👀
Martin S
Martin S:
Go on LAD. Love it. No need to respect levy anymore
Tiago Gomez
Tiago Gomez:
Tottenham rn: "Now I'm panicking!!"
....This is when you have to deal with Levy and you know you can’t be that naive.
Nothing new here, Harry “England’s Darling “ Kane has always failed to turn up when it matters. 🤣
Honestly I would sell him, get around 100M or more and then go for either Vlahovic, Isak or Weghorst, or even get Weghorst and then choose between the other two so you have short and long term options
Shocking. Put him in the reserves! Just read some comments saying good on him? Why? He’s works for Spurs, what would you expect if you didn’t turn up for work he’s under contract?
Lou Lenehan
Lou Lenehan:
It was always going to come to this. Kane was naïve to think that a gentlemen's agreement means anything in this game. This is going to drag on for awhile and I expect things to get pretty nasty.
Danny Deres
Danny Deres:
If Levy backstabbed him, I support what Kane is doing fully. Everything in writing!!!
Lads. After many a consideration I believe the time has finally come to cancel Harry Kane : (
sriram panth
sriram panth:
Levy behaving this way will make players think twice before signing for Spurs. Of course there's the empty trophy cabinet to dissuade them too..
Now imma just wait for expressions to make a vid on this
Good for him, it's about time 👏
downed tools like an absolute pro.
FargoDaVille News Media ITNOTD
FargoDaVille News Media ITNOTD:
man, how do sky keep getting this world scoops? oh yeah, wait around the training ground and assume there will be fines, breaking news! hahahaha
Jørgen Midtsian Johnsen
Jørgen Midtsian Johnsen:
He really is tired of being trophyless every year
You're a wizard Harry! Come to Chelsea 🙂
Ian Harding
Ian Harding:
The guys literally just got back from holiday and is in isolation until Friday and the press jumping all over it twisting things up lol
Imagine what the narrative would be if Pogba did this and missed training …..
HAHAHAHAHAH THIS GUY 😂 After Sancho now Kane
urban rot
urban rot:
Imagine levy stuff you, you have 3 years left on your contract I'll make you sit them 3 years out on gardening leave so you'll be 31 when you leave.
One4 ALL
One4 ALL:

The world renowned book 'Where's Wally?' has been confirmed as the new kit and stadium sponsor from tomorrow.
Andros C
Andros C:
Levy made “gentleman” agreements even with Ole ?
Cliff Ward
Cliff Ward:
Millions of fantasy football teams await with bated breath.
Kane turned up to spurs games when most spurs players on that team didn't turn up
Him being at Spurs is a big off a fine itself
Myles Mutegi
Myles Mutegi:
Y'all's know what normally happens when a star player doesn't go for training... 😏
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson:
Harry's on a mad one.
Only MC
Only MC:
Wondering what Son must be thinking cos he just signed a new contract as well lol.
Olly W
Olly W:
It’s not going on strike, it’s being told to train away from the squad in private until the player’s immediate future is resolved. It’s standard protocol at even small clubs to do this but the press love a story.
Oh no not this guy again, he’s gonna be stood outside spurs training ground for 3 months now
This could go on for three years lol
ghost judy
ghost judy:
Sky sports having a field day 😂😂😂
David Smith
David Smith:
Not a good look for Kane? Spurs aren't going to win another, they've signed a manager that isn't going to push the club anytime quickly. He is 27. This doesn't look good for Spurs, just shows their best players don't want to play for them club with no ambitions.
If this guy was happy in the euros and settled I reckon we would have won the euros.
The RM
The RM:
"He's done it again!!"
Let the man go!!!
Joe O
Joe O:
He's got an almighty hangover. Leave him alone!!
Kreig Rastalovich
Kreig Rastalovich:
Well that's a middle finger to the club. Sterling did that to Liverpool, after they stood by him with his girlfriend's assault case before it was cancelled. It's disgusting tbh.
mark dance
mark dance:
I feel really sorry for Harry Kane he’s a very talented player , but I feel he’s choosen the wrong period in time to try to do this -
Playstation Gamer
Playstation Gamer :
Sky love milking it big time he only failed to turn up for COVID testing
Be funny if levy blocks a move to city United Chelsea and he ends up at Madrid
Can you not see the man just wants to move on to having a chance at winning trophies.
Bailu Patel
Bailu Patel:
So the club are calling kane a liar because he says he had an agreement from levy
James Sims
James Sims:
As a Liverpool fan I’m glad we’re not in the running for signing him, I hate players that are unprofessional, he should be fined for it
Franklin Karani 😎👌
Franklin Karani 😎👌:
Kane is training at Etihad stadium...🙌
Chelsea die hard
Chelsea die hard:
Tottenham has taken Harry Kane for a ride, he has finally decided
Ladies and gentlemen, we got him 🇧🇼
Charlie Tamas
Charlie Tamas:
Modric and bale all go on strike to get out of spurs 🤣
Look at the trophies they have won
Who can blame them
Kane will do the same and win loads
bom89 ar
bom89 ar:
hes parked outside the etihad wondering what a trophy looks like
Robin LaBouche
Robin LaBouche:
"He's a very naughty boy, and he isn't coming out to play" !!!!!
Wolfgang 101
Wolfgang 101:
Well, I think that shows his intentions.
Matip El Matip
Matip El Matip:
Why doesn't he just have a meeting with Spurs instead of boycotting training?! Has it been confirmed they refused to sell him!?
He's literally social distance from the club😪
Sky sports keep up with the news! Everyone knew yesterday
Paul Teale
Paul Teale:
Just stop paying him, and fine him for breaking his contractual agreement
David Mulligan
David Mulligan:
Theirs a Sol Campbell moment written all over this...... 😂😂😂
Has anyone thought that maybe he has Covid. At the end of the day he will leave Spurs one way or another.
Ro han
Ro han:
Lack of respect and discipline toward the club and the players
Can’t blame him levy wont accept bids and he has no desire to continue wasting his career
Sam Shongwe
Sam Shongwe:
But if it was Pogba... Good God help us all 😭😭😭😭😭
The black Unicorn
The black Unicorn:
He’s lost that’s all. 😅 Just like the Arsenal starting 11.
Thomas More
Thomas More:
Kane gets treated different by the media because he also behaves differently. The guy has never once complained or pouted even though he’s had cause and Levy has done him wrong. This is the first time he’s protested and he’s not even saying anything, he’s just not showing up.
This wouldn't have to happen if release clauses were mandatory like in Spain.
Faris Nasir
Faris Nasir:
Scenes when Harry Kane actually were in the car trunk all along avoiding the press and trains like usual
Brian McSherry
Brian McSherry:
What is Kane thinking is gonna happen, he gonna get allowed to leave for a cut price if he keeps not showing up 😂😂 he signed the new contract needs to stop crying he was happy to take the big pay increase but now wants to leave , yeah no chance
Dr. Satan
Dr. Satan:
Kane owes Spurs nothing! Spurs owe Kane league trophies 🏆 and they’ve failed him miserably!
Khaled Yaghi
Khaled Yaghi:
Spurs have been a mess since pochettino left.. they are on a downhill slope back to where they belong - mid table
clint robinson
clint robinson:
Levy makes me laugh spurs could invest more on squad if kane goes and longer this drags on the transfer window keeps closing
Jadon Richards
Jadon Richards:
Breaking news. Harry Kane spotted in Manchester time square ahead of a proposed move.
Michael Stapf
Michael Stapf:
It is completely Kane's fault. He signed a 6 year contract, he can't expect Tottenham to let him go for only 100million
Mick • 4 years, 5 months and
Mick • 4 years, 5 months and:
Can’t wait for tomorrow’s update!!!
Adam Cox
Adam Cox:
Yozu Yozu
Yozu Yozu:
Do it kane !! Join city !!