BREAKING NEWS: Christian Eriksen Official!

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Alex brings you the breaking news that Christian Eriksen is officially a Manchester United player!

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53 komentarze:

Mandar Desai
Mandar Desai:
Eriksen is just a Year older Than Pogba and he will bring a lot of quality, Hopefully Frenkie joins us too.
Dylan Doocey
Dylan Doocey:
Boys nailling it back home and abroad thanks for all the content lads, literally my main source for everything united 👍
Matthew Smyth
Matthew Smyth:
Its the stuff of dreams after all he's been through. Delighted for him and its no more than he deserves. Think he's going to be a valuable addition
Lisa Bradley
Lisa Bradley:
Fantastic addition to the team! Admired him way back to his Ajax days. Very happy with this transfer ❤️⚽🇩🇰🙌
Ulf Lilienthal
Ulf Lilienthal:
Some much needed experienced depth in midfield. Eriksen replacing Mata, I'd say it get's us the quality playmaker back that we lost with Mata's pace dropping off the last couple of years. Loved Mata but this is an improvement.
Chris Lorne
Chris Lorne:
I cant help think that in 12 months time, we’re going to look back and realise how great of a signing Eriksen was. It’s not getting the attention he deserves IMO.
This is a quality signing
Sue Smith
Sue Smith:
As a Spurs fan I don’t believe in going back so no regrets about not signing Christian . Wish him every health and happiness ….
Immense signing on a free 👌🏽 bags of quality and experience something our midfield massively lack
Big T Guitars
Big T Guitars:
Absolutely delighted I wanted us to sign him when Spurs did and when he left spurs we’ve finally replaced Jasper Olson been waiting a while
We need De Jong in, and I still think we could use another attacker and possibly a right back.
Get that De Jong deal over the line and this week would be perfect
Good to finally see things moving forward, as others have said get De Jong and this week will be a very good one done!
javade daley
javade daley:
Welcome eriksen. So happy to have another gift playmaker at the club. Hopefully alotmore goals and assist
Nekro Dean Stockwell
Nekro Dean Stockwell:
A quality first touch/calm after receiving and controlling a pass with a keen grasp of the game/the vision required which enables him to pick out and time his passes well, that is something which Man U need which Cristian Eriksen offers to a high standard.

There is another L.Martinez who's got Manchester United written all over him quality wise, he fits/ticks pretty much every box, this Martinez has been plying his trade at Inter, he's able to give us something which we've been missing for ages. In fact it's second to only filling that chasm that has been the utter lack of world-class, even half-sharp CDM!
Now since Inter have once again taken custody of Romelu Lukaku, I'm baffled why there aren't more than a far too small number of United fans beating the Lautaro drum.
Man Utd should be all over Inter about acquiring his services since he is exactly the type of #9 we've not had but needed, the handful who've come in have all been washed, whereas he's young, already has had plenty of experience playing and performing at the highest level...I don't understand why only a few others seem to even mention him when he's the type of youthful, out-and-out goal scorer that can also operate as a 10 if ever needed/wanted, that is quality we've not had in ages, only bettered by what has been the absolute lack of a proper quality defensive midfielder.
Both areas need to be put right.

unless ETH has a young goal machine in his crosshairs already (which could well be the case, If I'm missing something please let me know), Cheers!

All the best
Simon Cowie
Simon Cowie:
Erikson wanted time to think about moving from London to Manchester & Man Utd give him the time to decide with no pressure that was. Man Utd’s decision that was confirmed that’s why the hold up happened & now he decided & signed.

This came from the club & Eriksons agents
Nathanael Sadgrove
Nathanael Sadgrove:
18 for Eriksen, 15 for Martinez, 6 for De Jong.

And hopefully we can sell Jones and Verane can get his 4.
Tom Battisti
Tom Battisti:
Great signing. No down side. fits the mould of play-maker Juan Mata. Potential to break down stubborn opponents late in an in-the-balance game.
Harry David
Harry David:
I think the most exciting thing is, we have clearly been working on 3 deals at once. Woodward and Judge are absolute clowns, and I'm glad they're gone. Long live King Richard 😅
Ericksen can ply 6,10 and both wings. Top singing
Iyamu George
Iyamu George:
I hope he can really change our midfield
Ciaran Higgins
Ciaran Higgins:
Huge signing. Can see him changing many games off the bench, when we need a change in tempo and the lads on the field are struggling.
martin soldén
martin soldén:
Fred, Eriksen and Bruno, thats a top 4 midfield right there.... dont tell me it aint better than what Tottenham played with last season. If united can get their backline to be better man on man, things start to look better for united.. Best regards a cityzen.
Cultured Left Foot
Cultured Left Foot:
Next priority is Martinez, then finalise De Jong.
Uncle Doobius
Uncle Doobius:

Rashford - Martial - Sancho
De Jong Eriksen
Malacia - Martinez - Varane - Dumfries

I think you can put Fred next to Frenkie and be a bit more defensive. Or Martinez next to Frenkie and be solid as steel. Eriksen can bench Bruno as well. Such amazing competition for places now. Let’s hope that Frenkie works out. Personally I’ll take Dumfries to compete with Dalot over Anthony and keep Pellistri or Amad in the squad for depth on the right. What do you think?
stan theman
stan theman:
Would like to see Belotti in a Utd shirt
Mark Armstrong
Mark Armstrong:
Over the moon on this signing
Cillian Corr
Cillian Corr:
I’ve always wanted him at United pity it’s so many years later
Eriksen is no Joke man. Pure Baller...
Nathanael Sadgrove
Nathanael Sadgrove:
Maybe a bit soon soon for Melbourne but could go to Perth but like you said it's probably not worth the jet lag. Fingers crossed will see them in Oslo.
Ryan Burnouf-Trow
Ryan Burnouf-Trow:
Happy with this singing so long as it is a complimentary singing to someone like De Jong and not our solo midfield signing.
Osasumwen Godfrey
Osasumwen Godfrey:
Nice signing
Steven Attias
Steven Attias:
I wonder where Eric will play him? Is he taking time away from Bruno or other players?
Joseph Stanley
Joseph Stanley:
This is 100% my fave YouTube channel
S Sheldon
S Sheldon:
Crafty signing that.
Steve Polhill
Steve Polhill:
Pointless sending them out.
Josip Perić
Josip Perić:
Barca bought Lewandovski for 50 milion euros .
Bayern will want Ronaldo now , i believe .
Get them to pay that 50 million euros that they got for Lewandovski.
Forget about De Jong he doesn't want to be here , save those 75 million euros .
Put that money together and buy Declan .
The Trapped Chatterbox
The Trapped Chatterbox:
Great news. Now get a striker. Yep, no settling. 2 done today. Get a striker.
Ian Doll
Ian Doll:
Nail down DeJong and then either CDM and I'd be school boy giddy.
Island Vybz
Island Vybz:
"Its been 84 years "
Oi oi!! Starting to get excited now!
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment:
He's not joining the tour either
Illuminatus Deus
Illuminatus Deus:
First proper signing, I think for 2 years eriksen is a steal.. but makes me wonder, we have Bruno and van de beek as amcs... where will eriksen fit? Another amc? eth has said he sees Donny as an amc due to his positional awareness... so eriksen is thr 3rd amc now... we need a dmc, no?
 Kris - the only one
Kris - the only one:
Christian will do the Euro leg...
Christian Bennett
Christian Bennett:
Jonathan Heywood
Jonathan Heywood:
Back up left back at best? Is it only howson on this channel who knows anything and doesn't blindly say stuff?
Enyioha Chidera
Enyioha Chidera:
eric cantona
eric cantona:
Yeaaaaaaaa boiiiiiii
Kyle Lacey
Kyle Lacey:
Better than pogba
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment:
Medical took 5 days alone
yusie Isaacs
yusie Isaacs:
It's not on Sky Sports news. When will they show it before i believe it.
We need more players like him, who will play for the badge and leave the pitch in a coffin! Excellent!