BREAKING The Flash Star Ezra Miller Charged With Felony & More

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100+ komentarze:

Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez:
The documentary they make about this dude in 10 years is going to be crazy!
Ryan Hau
Ryan Hau:
Ezra Miller should Win some Award for Achieving what so many thought was Impossible...

He made Amber Heard Look Good
I genuinely don’t understand why WBD hasn’t made ANY statement regarding his actions. For all the talk about keeping “brand integrity” they don’t address an issue that’s actively hurting the brand. Make it make sense.
Steve M.
Steve M.:
If Ezra was in a Marvel movie, Marvel/Disney would've straight up fired him a long time ago. I don't know why a problem like this that is endangering everyone around him isn't even on the top priority now for WB.
Mel Brown
Mel Brown:
Most of y’all dogged the hell outta Ray Fisher for telling the truth about Joe Whedon behavior on set, and WB drove him right out. Ezra Miller burglarizes, kidnaps, bodyslams, and brandishes firearms…yet fanship just says “he needs help”, and WB continues to stand by him, smdh.
Delane Felton
Delane Felton:
Someone like Ezra Miller shouldn't be granted a second chance, the moment you give him that you gonna empower him to do even more harm than good. He was at the top and is getting ready to fall, you just have to let him fall all the way..hopefully he picks himself up later in life...
Matine Yang
Matine Yang:
I'm sure the guy doesn't want any help or care about the movie. His actions are showing all of us that.
Lucius DeSang
Lucius DeSang:
I have lost all faith in Warner Bros. How they have handled things with certain actors in recent events just solidified that for me. Wouldn't shock me if an actor they have contracted were to commit actual murder and WB says every excuse in the book to defend said actor. I understand the fact 250 million is A LOT of money, but fucking christ take the L fire Ezra and cancel The Flash. I'm not even sure I want to see the few DC films I'm looking forward to because of how this company handles things (not that my few dollars mean anything in the grand scheme) I dont want to support Warner Bros in any capacity
Corey Posthuma
Corey Posthuma:
I will not be seeing this movie, WB should've cancelled this movie by now and decided to shelf this project for a while. Ezra is hurting the DC brand (oh and Amber Heard), but I'm not surprised they got another felony charge to add to their plate of charges.
Travon Lewis
Travon Lewis:
He doesn’t need help he needs jail
I fear this whole situation will not end well. I don't normally skip a Superhero movie, but having The Flash flop might be the only ting that will wake WBD up.
Feather Guardian
Feather Guardian:
At this Point WB and DC should come Clean because the Ezra Miller Situation is getting Much Worse than Amber Heard that it's Reaching on Mason Family and Ted Bundy Territory and Either Recast The Flash or Better Yet do Reshoots or Cancelled the Damn Movie.
Shawn JR
Shawn JR:
I don’t understand why literally nobody is doing anything about this situation
Crypto Nomad
Crypto Nomad:
And just remember how hard everyone went after Ray Fisher, smdh!! He deserves a full apology from everyone. They just need to cancel this movie and Ezra at this point, it's completely necessary now.
Remember Cyborg actor got black balled just for speaking on racism lol
I wonder what discovery will do now? Ezra has just proven he won't stay out of trouble
Will they just send his film straight to stream or still take the risk?
David Walker
David Walker:
I’d love to see everyone promoting the movie in interviews, and so is Ezra but in an orange jump suit with handcuffs. And no one says anything about it. That would be genius
Grunt Gaming
Grunt Gaming:
Being a DC/Flash fan is like the meme of the house of fire with the dog saying “its fine”
isaiah romero
isaiah romero:
He belongs in prison knowing everything he's done. He doesn't need to be defended anymore, he needs to be held accountable.
Malique Matthews
Malique Matthews:
Ezra must have dirt on WB DC at this point
Brent Keller
Brent Keller:
They're actually going to charge him?
Now let's see if he gets the SAME RESULTS that the rest of us would if it had been us!
JSTMarton 91
JSTMarton 91:
I mean "Breaking" puns aside ... I don't see how this could surprise anyone.
Soldier of God
Soldier of God:
See the thing is… the old management of WB before the new discovery man started canceling movies like batgirl… invested too much into the flash..
It's so good to see the mentally feeble having made great strides. Some even got to be an actor.
He's prolly just gonna keep acting out more and more now sense he knows he's gonna get or has already gotten fired from Warner Bros.
L. C.
L. C.:
I really enjoyed most of Ezras work. There's no way to defend this, such a shame.
Robert Coggeshall
Robert Coggeshall:
Cast Grant Gustin and let him redo all ezras scenes. It will cost a lot more, but I think most fans liked him better anyway.
I fear a Chris Benoit situation happening.
Myrna Laboy
Myrna Laboy:
The inevitable has happened. WB was warned about this.
Victor Alistein
Victor Alistein:
It just feels like WB is falling apart just when it seemed things could be looking up.
M Galecio
M Galecio:
they should just recast ezra miller and replace him at the end of the film. after flashpoint, he gets back to his timeline, but in the new timeline, he looks different. then just replace him with grant gustin.
How do you help someone who is accused of grooming underage girls? Or randomly attacking innocent people?
Indie Cinemaster
Indie Cinemaster:
The hits just keep on coming. Ezra Miller is a danger to themselves and the people around them...
Greg Giovanni
Greg Giovanni:
You know I've been a big DC fan my whole life I could give a rat's ass less about WB but they really need to do some with this it's getting way out of hand
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez:
Since WB is doing tax write-offs for all of these films and TV shows then the Flash needs to be burned and redone correctly with an actor who has potential and sees a future in DC
Chef James
Chef James:
You won't be getting The Flash, the optics are already WW1984 levels, except in real life.
Does it matter? If WB Discovery hasn't done anything about his behavior in the past, what makes you think THIS will be crossing the line for them?
Spacey DragonMANGA
Spacey DragonMANGA:
as much as I want to see this movie it's already screwed in terms of respect
Kewlzter TC
Kewlzter TC:
Every actor is out of a job the last day of filming. Being cast in a movie comes with a studio option to make another movie not an obligation.

If the Flash movie tanked, there would be no sequel regardless of the actor's behavior.
DieboliCalL Gamin
DieboliCalL Gamin:
Think I'll see the movie to support all the other actors Ezra tried to hurt by doing all this after the movie was done being made.

They don't deserve back lash because of him.

If anything they deserve our support.
Marshall Carr
Marshall Carr:
The truth is all is that when you address something like that you bring more attention to it it’s not as one-sided you have to look at it from one of those perspective as well
Dio Brando
Dio Brando:
Ezra is simply method acting for the role of Eobard
Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh should be The Flash and Reverse Flash for DCEU
I'm sorry, but what do you all want Warner Brothers to do? The studio has already announced that they will not be doing more movies with Miller - unless Zaslav changes that, which I don't think he will - and no matter what they say or what's going on, they can't FORCE Miller to "get help" and, frankly, that's not the studio's job! Miller was hired and, I assume, paid to do a job that has already been done (except promotion) and the studio at least seems aware of the liability Miller is and could continue to be if he is kept employed by WB. And frankly, I'm not convinced Miller needs help as much as prison time, which is what just about anyone else would get.

Frankly, I think the reason WB hasn't done more is because if they come down hard before Miller has actually been convicted of something, someone will make this political because of, among other things, all this non-binary stuff. Miller's already on video threatening cops over what pronouns they use (among other things). Also, the FLASH movie doesn't come out until June of next year. It represents at least twice the investment that BATGIRL did and is still probably the best tool Zaslav and Discovery have with which to start the transition into a new approach to DC. There's a real possibility that by June of next year, most audiences that see THE FLASH just won't care! At least, most probably won't care... unless WB starts shouting about it and making them people outside of the fan circle aware and concerned. Why would the studio do that? Why would WB or any such company/studio go out of its way to remind audiences of a controversy that could hurt their big, tentpole movie when the studio has already refused to work with Miller again (unless Zaslav changes his that, which seems unlikely) and, in doing so, has essentially REMOVED the best, if not the only motivation Miller would have to "get help" even if WB offered it.

Bottom line, I think that by not talking about it more, Warner Discover IS "protecting the brand" because that brand is and is represented by far more than just one actor. There are several other versions of Flash, anyway, so all the studio would have to do, if necessary, is maybe a week or two of additional photography in order to make it clear that either Barry's time travel has altered his appearance for the sequel or that any such sequel will be about a different Flash and could probably take place in another timeline or universe.
Shawn JR
Shawn JR:
Exactly if I was WB I would say Ezra please stop you need help we are going to help you you just need to stop and let us help you
Ice dragon Knight
Ice dragon Knight:
I don’t get one thing if he was aloud to play in the fantastic beasts why was Johnny not aloud to
Matt Chew
Matt Chew:
I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that whoever casted Ezra as the Flash probably got a promotion at WB...
Erik Ricardo Boscolo
Erik Ricardo Boscolo:
Wow, I thought someone would blame Snyder for this
He’s gonna end up killing someone but his movie still come out and still all be okay and I like what you said about Jeff hardy I met him before he came to aew I agree
Young Manic
Young Manic:
Them choosing to put the movie out spite of Miller's legal troubles makes sense to me. They hired and filmed this actor before he spun out of control. Would you really cancel a whole movie, because of one actor? I don't think so. However, them not saying anything or being transparent about it is troubling. They could easily address it head on, say they're using him in this movie as a one off, and they'll be walking away from or recasting the character down the road. They could still do it in this film towards the end of it. Zaslav has already stated so in reference to Black Adam, Shazam, etc by saying they can make those movies even better!
Ryan Hau
Ryan Hau:
Ok this is what WB should do that can kill 2 Birds with 1 Stone.

Going forward the main Movie Flash should be Jay Garrick and cast Johnny Depp for the role
J. Kevin Parker
J. Kevin Parker:
Is Ezra okay? (Rhetorical) They’ve been spiraling ever since Flash was filmed.
Dominique Norman
Dominique Norman:
No sympathy for WB or DC. They hired this guy and have been aware of his misdeeds for years. They turned a blind eye and are now paying the price and I feel like at this point hes just testing what he can get away with. Talk about privilege.
Branden apexo
Branden apexo:
At this point I’m more interested in watching how this dumpster fire that is the Ezra Miller and WB’s fiasco plays out than any DCEU bs they push out lol
Master Diemos
Master Diemos:
I want Ezra to do more! I want him to be the next Joker! Inspire the next movement. We want the Flash! We want the Flash!
Markeese Butler
Markeese Butler:
I think it’s crazy they canceled movies that was ready to hit theaters but keep pushing back Flash which was supposed to come out YEARS ago because Ezra Smdh 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Your Mom knows who I am.
Your Mom knows who I am.:
I'm starting to feel bad for The Batman 2.
Something is definitely gonna go bad.
yo ezra is wilding wtf is going on i’ve never seen an actor do this much !! they either need some help or some jail time ASAP
Greg Nulik
Greg Nulik:
You know, I know I thought they would release the Flash movie anyway for the cast and crew, but. Man ???
L.V. Cromwell
L.V. Cromwell:
They fired Amber but not Ezra???
Dominic Carrano
Dominic Carrano:
At this point, he needs to be arrested and thrown in prison for his own safety. If this keeps up, he will eventually mass with the wrong person and get seriously hurt if not killed.
Hunter Rousseau
Hunter Rousseau:
Maybe that's Zaslev's plan to make "The Flash" film so bad with all the controversies surrounding Erza Miller to reset the DCEU and make DC heroes and villains' way into a new DC cinematic universe to start they're 10 year long term strategy plan when "The Flash" bombs real hard and critics pan it so hard because of Erza Miller, just think about it
Samuel Frick
Samuel Frick:
Starring as the Flash is

Criminal Mastermind Ezra Miller

Don’t worry folks, David Zaslav said this move will make a ton of $$$$$

Discovery my ass
Gautham Krishna g
Gautham Krishna g:
I agree 100 percent with you armin and that was a great wrestling comparison
terrell thaddies
terrell thaddies:
All of this is just a massive PR disaster
At this point, I blame WB for poor casting with such a dlck head..
MCU Thor
MCU Thor:
As it pertains to the Flash movie to make it a viable release and profitable movie; they should cut out all of Ezra’s scenes and or any mention of the Flash and just make it a Batman and Supergirl movie. They would have to do some additional photography for sure and it would be costly but, it’s their best shot. With marketing this is probably a $300M movie and Discovery isn’t writing that off. They could delay the movie, again, but that means paying more interest on their loan which makes making the movie profitable even harder.
David Zaslav: we need Flash so we can reboot the universe
Also Zaslav: Screw everyone and everything, just not you Paterson, phenix and especially Ezra becausewe love you nomatter wtf you do.
Absalon White Jr.
Absalon White Jr.:
How is dc going to cancel multiple projects in the span of a week but keep this movie in the green light?
Weren't they walking around with a gun and a bullet proof vest, thinking they were being followed by the FBI?? 🤦‍♂️
they just need to cancel the movie in general 😒😒
Ryan Rebolledo
Ryan Rebolledo:
This took the saying “bruh moment” to a whole new level 😂
Daniel Huynh
Daniel Huynh:
Don't release this film into theaters WB. This should be the final nail in the coffin.
I don’t understand why this person isn’t getting any help there is clearly something wrong with them
Radio Space
Radio Space:
Looking back Amber Heard wasent really that bad 💀
In WB defense they canceled batgirl because it was 90 mil the flash is double that at 200 mil
Mike 201
Mike 201:
Not only has Ezra killed his career and this movie he has ruined Michael Keaton's comeback as Batman. Due to this movie being moved to next year because of his doings, Kenton was also dropped from Aquaman, and who knows if this mess played ANY part in Batgirl us cancellation. Us Keaton fans should be real pissed! They must recast and keep this movie alive. I hear Grant Austin is looking for some work right now.
I am a Kenton fan, but also my second favorite Batman is Affleck so I am good with his return in Aquaman!
Gabriel Arredondo
Gabriel Arredondo:
What I don't understand is where are their reps? Where's their PR team? Where are their parents? Why haven't any of them said or done anything?
Matthew Albano
Matthew Albano:
they still want to release The Flash do they?
He literally destroyed the dcu…….
The Classics.
The Classics.:
This guy should be in Jail. What I don't understand is why this person if so important. I don't even like his portrayal as the Flash.
Dustin Dowdy
Dustin Dowdy:
At this point in the weirdness I half expect Butcher, Hughie, Mm, Frenchie and Kimiko to show up and take his ass out.
Louis Berry
Louis Berry:
WB have 10 months and the money. Reshoot Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom and The Flash with Deborah Ann Woll as Mera and Timothee Chalamet as Barry Allen/The Flash.
Joshua Melton
Joshua Melton:
Erza miller is becoming a E! true Hollywood Story in the making
antonio quinonez
antonio quinonez:
Well, there goes the Flash movie!
Tomas Romero
Tomas Romero:
Hopefully like some other bad people in the past, old ass Ezra will look back at this after finishing his sentence and says “I had it all, and I threw it all away, and hurt so many people in the process”
Azure Darkness Yugi
Azure Darkness Yugi:
I'm not surprised at this point. I'm just annoyed.
(PK) RONIN verse
(PK) RONIN verse:
And these are just allegations Doesn't mean they are true no matter how much they are
(PK) RONIN verse
(PK) RONIN verse:
How will they change everything main character
Full story, main character,over all CGI
Ty-Ron Rice
Ty-Ron Rice:
Pretty sure it will be another 10 years before we get another flash film
Cory Akabueze
Cory Akabueze:
Warner brothers needs to cancel the flash movie simple as that
Frank Castle
Frank Castle:
You cry about Batgirl being canceled yet you constantly cry for another film to be canceled.. so you’re admitting to be not impartial. Good job🤦🏻‍♂️ I can confirm Ezra has been getting treatment, stop lying like you know what has been happening, you don’t, you speculate.. that’s all you ever do. You need help, please get offline for one day.
24 Burnaa
24 Burnaa:
He would make an amazing reverse flashb
Welcome To Magic
Welcome To Magic:
You sure that wasn’t the Reverse Ezra?
Omey Salvi
Omey Salvi:
Warner Bros has lost the moral high ground to the WWE lol
Jason Dominick
Jason Dominick:
Cancel Batgirl, Supergirl, Static Shock, Black Canary and the T.V shows....but release The Flash. WB still has no leadership!
Loonie Moonie
Loonie Moonie:
Somebody tell Ezra he is supposed to be playing FLASH, not REVERSE FLASH! This is getting out of hand...
I wonder how exactly he is moving from country to country. Like obviously you need tickets and stuff for that, aren't you? How they haven't caught him earlier?! It's a movie star we are talking about, not your regular Joe, he's impossible NOT to notice with the way he acts...
David Shar
David Shar:
Ezra Miller is the Jared Leto of the Flashs.
Josh Donovan
Josh Donovan:
Love your words of the intro
I just don't get why this peace of sh*t hasn't been canceled yet. Yet, they cut Johnny Depp from the movies without having real evidence against him. It's disgusting.