Brentford promoted to the Premier League

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Brentford have been promoted to the Premier League after they defeated Swansea 2-0 in the Championship play-off. Brentford have not played top flight football since 1947. 

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100+ komentarze:

Vikrant Gaude
Vikrant Gaude:
Finally someone new, tired of watching norwich, fulham being always relegated and getting promoted 😅
Edit : Swansea 😒
OnThePitch #antisergegnabryszn
OnThePitch #antisergegnabryszn:
Brentford deserved this. After all their hard work it paid off..
Chaos Pulp
Chaos Pulp:
74 years out of the top flight wow Congratulations Brentford
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Was really hoping for either Brentford or Barnsley.. Happy that it happened
Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey:
I wanted Brentford to get promoted there great side to watch
Pixel Pro
Pixel Pro:
Finally somebody new. It’s always the same teams getting promoted and relegated every season.
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman:
Brentford 3-0 Arsenal
Arsenal 1-2 Brentford
finally someone different in the prem
congrats to brentford! hopefully they continue this playing style in the premier league, and keep ivan toney
Big Smoke
Big Smoke:
Good to see the Bees promoted. Can't wait to see what u can do in Old Trafford.

Edit: Ouch the Man Utd insults are too real. I just came from beating up the Ballas' u fools!
Jimmy D
Jimmy D:
Congratulations Brenford, Looking forward to welcoming them to Anfield next season. It will be interesting to see how Toney adapts to premier league level next season.
Karan Manhas
Karan Manhas:
Finally .........
Brentford broke their hoodoo...
Deserving winners 🏆
Hvrlem Jvmvicvn
Hvrlem Jvmvicvn:
I seen them do it in FIFA multiple times. Damn it's REALLL
Cory Fulton
Cory Fulton:
as a Liverpool fan brentford fully deserved to be in the premier league next season huge respect to them what a season they had Thomas Frank is a outstanding fantastic amazing happy legend manger
Well done, Brentford! Been a _long_ 74 years, innit
Welcome Brentford to the premier league. Can't wait to see u play my favourite club Liverpool
Pushpdant Sharma
Pushpdant Sharma:
Man Brentford have been so good finally some new refreshing team coming to the prem .
I'm a blues fan and Brentford fully deserved this 🔴💪
Brentford are a real curveball, it’ll be interesting to see them in the premier league, hopefully their star talent don’t get picked off by bigger prey
Well deserved!
The second goal summed up Swansea today.
While Brentford were deciding who to pass to in the Swansea penalty area, Swansea players were jogging back, instead of sprinting.
Bertil Mogensen
Bertil Mogensen:
I’m probably gonna start supporting this club😂 It has a lot of Danes on there🇩🇰🇩🇰
The Bat
The Bat:
And this is why there should NEVER be a Super League.. Fairplay to Brentford 👍
Diwas Timilsina
Diwas Timilsina:
Really looking forward to watching Bentford in the prem!
What a journey. Congrats to the everyone in the club!
Thomas Frank deserves a lot of credit
UZIKING Official
UZIKING Official:
Well that's a surprise!!
Remembered going to the new stadium and was thinking this stadium deserves to stage the Premier League. So happy for them going up and can't wait to see that amazing stadium on TV
roshand matabick
roshand matabick:
Brentford to EPL 🥳🥳🥳 well deserved. Look how much it means to them. Shame on big 6
Madhurjya Das
Madhurjya Das:
They’ll be an interesting team to watch in the upcoming season. They’ve played some really attractive football over the years in the championship hope they’ll continue to do the same in the prem.
Congrats Brentford for winning plays-off and good luck playing epl
Chinmay Dabhade
Chinmay Dabhade:
Finally someone new in Prem!
Always good to welcome a "new team" to the Premier League, well done Brentford! 👍🏻
vijay Sura
vijay Sura:
So pleased to have you in the big time with Norwich and us. You really deserve it. A nice local derby for us both. Good luck. A Watford fan.
Fantasy Team Shorts
Fantasy Team Shorts:
Started liking Brentford for the weirdess reason, their logo...
Israel C M
Israel C M:
I don't support Brentford but am happy for them especially with what happened to them last season in the final... They deserve it..
Rants 'N' Bantz
Rants 'N' Bantz:
Finally it's taken them a while! But props to the whole team and management!
Good on ya Brentford, played some smashing football the past few years. Fully deserved ! Hopefully you get to keep Toney now too :) Good Luck !
Mick Fly
Mick Fly:
Brentford’s new manager next year: Chabuddy G
Yellow Scar Lightning Scream
Yellow Scar Lightning Scream:
My favorite Football Manager team <3 Love the Bees even though I know no history of them
Well deserved, they’ve been banging on the door for years now. Good luck to them
Søren Bang Clemmensen
Søren Bang Clemmensen:
As a dame, I'm so proud. It feels like Denmark just promoted to the best league in the world :D
Marcus B 1999
Marcus B 1999:
Up the bees! Let’s goooooo👏🏾🔥
John Wharton
John Wharton:
Congrats Brentford well deserved can see you doing well next season in the EPL, Leeds fan
Cidion Johnson
Cidion Johnson:
75 years god dammmmm. They deserve it they play they heart out
Marvin Martin
Marvin Martin:
Been 2nd in the championship make no sense you get no trophy 🏆 or medals 1st and 3rd is where it's at 💯💯
Chris Gaming Gang
Chris Gaming Gang:
Mark my words, Brentford will be 15th in the PL next season. I know its not the best position to be in the PL but for a team like this it’s reasonable to finish 15th or even 13th
wave runner
wave runner:
Congratulations Brentford,, from Leeds utd
Congratulations. Heartwarming and deserved.
Jiselle Hesse
Jiselle Hesse:
Finally someone new
your momma
your momma:
That ending with Marcondes hahaha
Almightyz 12
Almightyz 12:
Chokeford actually made it
Phillip soulreaper69
Phillip soulreaper69:
Welcome to primer league Brendford🔥🔥
Graham Allen
Graham Allen:
Well done my Bees, I’ve been waiting for 60 years to see you where you belong. Enjoy tonight!! Thomas you have done a fantastic job with these boys, thank you so much.🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Gorka Allister
Gorka Allister:
Congrats Brentford... 🔥
Carl Illingworth
Carl Illingworth:
Congratulations Brentford. Well deserved look forward to seeing you next season. (Leeds fan)
Sempre Milan10
Sempre Milan10:
Been coming for a while now, excellent setup @ Brentford
Red Rebel
Red Rebel:
At last! a different team in the PL.well done Brentford
Ben Goddard
Ben Goddard:
I love this club ❤️🐝 Saturday was a day to remember celebrating with all the fans!
I think we all knew they were promoted months ago quite jealous of Brentford even though I support a Premier League team I have and still have a good feeling they're going to do very well in the Premier League shop people and quite possibly finished mid-table
david c
david c:
Congrats to the bees 👏🎉
Monty Gill
Monty Gill:
Congratulations Brentford 🤓
Billy Dolton
Billy Dolton:
@Brentford Football Club - yes 1st time in the Premier League next season 21-22 you guys must be BUZZING 🐝🐝🐝
Emo Meister
Emo Meister:
Congrats to the bees been a long time hope you manage to stay up
Paul Merson Villa Legend
Paul Merson Villa Legend:
Congratulations Brentford 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Gracia Propertindo
Gracia Propertindo:
thomas frank the best and beast !! ❤️❤️
Congrats Brentford fans!!
Bullduzheri Ks
Bullduzheri Ks:
Congratulations 👏
Congratulations Brentford 👍🏻
M B:
A European super league would have messed all this up!! Well done Brentford..from a spurs fan ..
Let's Go Brentford 👏👏👏
Darryl Buckett
Darryl Buckett:
I wish them well against all teams except..."CHELSEA".Cheers
Rakib Hassan
Rakib Hassan:
Ivan Toney was in 3rd division last season. Now he is in premier league. I hope he will perform well in Premier League.
Wonga Bosh
Wonga Bosh:
Congratulations Brentford Football Club 👏 👏
SAF BloodyHell
SAF BloodyHell:
Welcome Brentford... Good luck boys!!
Congratulations Brentford......well deserved 🍾🎉🎈
Hope they do a Leeds so excited to see the bees in the prem
I’m so happy! I’m a fan from Korea♥️
G T:
COYB! 🐝🥰🐝 so excited! It’s 2:30am here in Australia and I’m not sleeping just yet! Come on!!!
Dean Mannion
Dean Mannion:
Well done Brentford you deserved it to be fair. See you next season in the Premier League Pontus & Co. Love Leeds United LTID.
Lee Laird
Lee Laird:
Well done hope you stop up in the PL we got to play you next season Manchester United
Well done lads,stick it to the so called big sixnext year yeah
Mariano Toreto
Mariano Toreto:
Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.
Depressed Phantom
Depressed Phantom:
These are interesting times. I wish them all the luck. 👍🏼
When I lived in isleworth they were in ligue 1. Congrats
Ivan Bartimeus
Ivan Bartimeus:
Finally Brenford promoted after 74 Years,a new team in PL era finally Arrived 👍
Ion Marius
Ion Marius:
Wish to see Forest back one day also!
Aaron Blair
Aaron Blair:
Great work Brentford 👍💯🔥
James Woollard
James Woollard:
Good to see that bloke from East 17 alive and well.
ben hart
ben hart:
Victory for football and proof a good team beats great individuals 🔥🎉Go Bees
P K:
The interesting thing about Brentford is they have done the Billy Bean concept with data analysis and bought the idea into the football league.
Billy Dolton
Billy Dolton:
@Brentford Football Club - you will be going up with watford & norwich city next season 21-22 into the premier league
free 6points to guardiola
Jevaine Johnson
Jevaine Johnson:
Congratulations to Brentford and the whole Brentford family and from a Jamaican to Ivany Toney really need you to represent us at international level.
Tone Crome
Tone Crome:
Brentford will be taking the knee next season.
Talli Ban
Talli Ban:
Brentford we will welcome you to the Emirates gunners style 🔥🔥🔥
Camagu Livumile
Camagu Livumile:
Congratulations Brentford 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🍾🍾🍾🎉🎉🎉 finally some new blood. 🤓🍾🎉👏🏼
Kevin McLeod
Kevin McLeod:
From a Liverpool fan - it's nice when very small clubs get promoted to the Prem. Enjoy your stay.
Jaysun B
Jaysun B:
Good to see a different team in the Premier League instead of one of the usual yo-yo teams.
congrats well deserved
Brentford deserve it
Lee Panthers
Lee Panthers:
Brentford... welcome to the premierleague ❤️ from an Everton fan !