Brentford vs Arsenal | Full-Time Live

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12 komentarze:

Dee Ray
Dee Ray:
I remember telling people about Vieira and how class he is, as I have family in Portugal, so have seen him play on a few occasions while he was at Porto. People didn't believe me... do you believe me now?
Kelvin Eubanks
Kelvin Eubanks:
Vieira did well on his debut. Kept it nice and simple with a stunning goal. Shows he’s a different player from Martin but clearly has lots more in his locker when gets more used to the league.
Warren G
Warren G:
Is Tielemans an upgrade on Xhaka? There's some things Tielemans does better, but I think Xhaka is probably better in more areas. Most importantly leadership.
Carlito El Gooner
Carlito El Gooner:
I think we played better than Man U at Old Trafford but we got caught in three counter attack plays which is unforgivable.
ethan burnside
ethan burnside:
I'm finally supporting Xhaka..
Ashish Adhikari
Ashish Adhikari:
Now after consistent xhaka I told to myself tielemans is an alternative to xhaka but not an upgrade.
It was a stroll in the park.
Hal R.
Hal R.:
James is starting to look like earpod Albert with that red Arsenal training shirt. All he needs now is the earpods!!
Richard Singh
Richard Singh:
flxrk _
flxrk _:
Matthew Loftin
Matthew Loftin:
Dennis :