Brian Laundrie claims responsibility for Gabby Petito's murder

CNBC's Valerie Castro joins 'The News with Shepard Smith' to report on new evidence from Brian Laundrie's notebook that he admitted to responsibility for Gabby Petito's death.

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Ronnie Jacobsen
Ronnie Jacobsen:
Everyone knew this already.. All the actions that transpired between Brian and his parents do not indicate normal behavior if they did nothing wrong. I still believe his parents knew as well. It is a shame the police did not take him in for holding and questioning right off the bat.
Ali Garcia
Ali Garcia:
Wow! They were fast enough to identify a partial scull (what was it like, days?!) but going through the notebook, finding and revealing this took how long?! Crazy!
Isaac 84
Isaac 84:
We all knew this on day one of the story, right before the police let Brian disappear when they had a chance to keep an eye on him.
The Laundrie parents should be held responsible. This is heartbreaking.
Losing a child is something that NEVER "heals." One never "gets better." Very often, in the instance of a child's death, years 2-6 can be even worse than the first year, which is a blur of shock and disbelief. In following years it becomes "real" -- true. It is shattering.

A bereaved parent is forever changed, and many, many (perhaps a majority of) marriages do not survive the death of a child. The personal grief is simply too big, and too impossible to coordinate with a partner, no matter how good the relationship was to begin with.

One learns to live with the wounds of this most cruel happening, but the wound never heals. Any parent thinking this through knows it is true.

Brian Laundrie has ruined several lives, and his legacy will always shout the painful shadow of her murder.

Don't ever ask a bereaved parent, "Are you OK now?" One is never OK after such an occurrence. And please, do not EVER say "It's part of God/ plan," or "She is in a better place." These are especially horrible to hear from well-wishers.

Add to that the inane comment that is also very common, "Thank goodness you have other children. "
James Watson
James Watson:
It’s good that he admitted responsibility and hope it brings closure to Gabby’s family.
dark angel ☽
dark angel ☽:
i really want to see the full notebook pages. if there was more he said. rip gabby 💙
The Laundries and their awful attorney basically caused the death of Brian. Their evil intent is obvious by their ignoring call from Gabby's parents. These people are the epitome of evil on earth.
Was just watching a story where Gabby's friends say Brian was abusive and controlling before they even started traveling together. Forbidding her to hang out with friends, the usual crap these sociopaths pull. I am a martial arts institutor, I worked with an organization called Lady Beware teaching self defense, confidence building. I will never understand why woman stay with men like that. I heard so many stories of repeated abuse over days, weeks, months, years. Of course I could not discuss it with them, I'm not a shrink and it was none of my business. SO many of these stories, so many in the news, so many discussions on social media with tragic endings, but still no one learns from them. People are controlling and abusive in relationships, and the recipient just takes it and stays with them. So sad and avoidable.
the Unrepentant
the Unrepentant:
That is one of the oldest cons that is invariable effective. _Leaving evidence at a crime scene pointing to another suspect. Leaving a note behind detailing your own death._ What better way to convince police to stop looking?
Robert Kowallek
Robert Kowallek:
Shout out to the FBI! Great detective work boys! Solved the murder with a post mortem note. Also, great job saving the Texas hostages after they escaped. You guys are the best!
Rina Grey
Rina Grey:
It must take a particular kind of rage to choke the life out of someone.
Read deeply
Read deeply:
"I was informed that a drybag was located that contained a journal, along with a wooden box that contained a small notebook and a photographic picture of Brian Laundrie. I was advised that there were additional photographic pictures, but the contents were undisclosed to me at that time."

From the FBI report and for all who were wondering "WHAT'S IN THE BOX" lol and if the journal and notebook are one and the same; they are not.
Cjr Rob
Cjr Rob:
Just crazy that Gabby's family would say the " quality & quantity of the work of the FBI" leaves no doubt Brian is Gabby's killer. W H A T ?? Doesn't anybody else find this incredible, considering everybody in the world knew this months ago when her body was found & these guys had to wait til they found his journal.
I didn’t know he beat her with something too; strangulation was bad enough. God bless her.
Becky Day
Becky Day:
Prayers for both families 🙏💕
Rebecca Estes
Rebecca Estes:
So very Sad 😢 🙏 Prayers for her family & friends. 💝
sarah taylor
sarah taylor:
I wish we could know what his motive was too.
Shakira Harris
Shakira Harris:
This is such a shame for real smh
Roger Nighbert
Roger Nighbert:
God Bless Gabby's Family
Stephanie Mcallister
Stephanie Mcallister:
If they weren’t getting along why the hell didn’t he just drive her home and break up or he could have walked away and hitch a ride or call his folks to come get him. It didn’t have to end this way
Heather Bukowski
Heather Bukowski:
we know but it's still nice to have the receipts. hope this brings comfort (whatever comfort possible) to the family. i wonder why it'd take so long for this to talk about the note?
I remember learning about this case in criminal justice class, this case is so interesting.
James Shelnutt
James Shelnutt:
what is amazing to me is how fast a dead body can turn into a skeleton - I mean you die outdoors somewhere and within weeks it seems all that's left are skeletal remains
Bertolino really needs to limit his statements to speaking for his clients, and nobody else.
Adam Warlock
Adam Warlock:
it's too bad that she couldnt get the medicine she needed
Diana C
Diana C:
I literally learned nothing new from listening to this. This is all stuff known back in Sept 2021.
Debra Watson-Graumenz
Debra Watson-Graumenz:
prayers for Gabies parents! i feel so sad for them!
The scariest part: Shepard Smith at the end...😱
Jason Haines
Jason Haines:
Pretty sure EVERYONE knew that was coming.
Janet Johnson
Janet Johnson:
I would like to know if the FBI had evidence that Brian killed Gabby by DNA etc.? Minus the fact that Brian confessed. I want to know if the FBI knew he did it before they read the notebook. Or is the confession in the notebook the only evidence that they have against Brian?
Responsibility is a very soft way of saying “Am the reason”.
Samantha Richman
Samantha Richman:
but he stated in his letter that he knowingly went back home to spend time with his family before he killed himself so they had to have known the severity of his actions because as a mother regardless of how much and how hard I love my child if they don't come home with the person that they claim to love and have a relationship with I'm asking more and more questions I'm not going to feed into hiding or harboring my child for a crime they committed they definitely knew about what he did that's why they went camping
Geo BignTall
Geo BignTall:
I watched the campers video on YouTube and most of us who saw the video pretty much determined how it happened and the notebook
I still believe it was planted by parents. To weird how it showed up. Parents trying to keep themselves out of trouble. He may be dead and he deffinitely killed her but I don’t believe parents are that I over. The ending of this was so manipulated.
aroomer mardoo
aroomer mardoo:
Well when the accused is dead,, anybody can say anything but the actual truth is gone
The only sun az
The only sun az:
The people to blame for this are the original people that called the police on two kids having an argument instead of just talking to them.
I didn't see that coming AT ALL.
Renee McCoy
Renee McCoy:
Do we still know for sure that Brian’s DNA was indeed found to be his partial body found?
This is news?? We knew this when it happened.
Roxy Rambo
Roxy Rambo:
Of course the parents want to search the area themselves and within an hour they conveniently "find" their son's remains?!?! That's suspicious AF.
Look at the amount of qualified keyboard warriors internet lawyers
Help others.
Help others.:
Mom and dad separated of her and now as we all know kids suffer the most and make wrong choices in life, it's the parents fault with crocodile tears started after notice all media hips!
fred flintstoner
fred flintstoner:
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LuvToys Collector
LuvToys Collector:
So sad 😞 We all new that though. Nice he admitted it in his journal.
Corona 19V
Corona 19V:
This case is classic of 2 people not getting along, living a lie lifestyle, and in an abusive environment between the 2. Going on a long trip in a small shared space will only make thing worst.
lemon citrus
lemon citrus:
More than Brian im sooo madd at Brian's parents im preety sure brian told their parents abt gabbys death n i think they helped brian to escape or hid frm being caught by the cops and knew abt their sons hiding location but then they realized that its been a more than a month he's son is hiding and worried abt their sons life and reports the missing of their son and later on when the cops couldn't find they just says they want to search by themselves too and within a 30 min. They find their sons skeleton... And it looks like it was all planned but turned wrong way. Or hes still alive?
W N:
I hope the Judge order (graphotechnical study) to all the Laundries ,their closest friends even from the lawyer ( Most likely is all a cover up). Also I hope the judge order Banking secrecy to all the laundries when the police stopped Brian and Gabby .... Everything is so fishing since that moment!!!!! .... I don't believe what Brian wrote on the notepad . He was trying to cover himself up as well any family involvement .. This is all premeditated and Brian couldn't do it on his own... Bertoline stated that the family knew nothing but I remember watching a video from some youtube channel or the news When Bertoline Said that Brian was grieving ... Why Brian was grieving ??? Because He killed her!!! ... The Laundries and the lawyer Knew since day one...... Sorry for the misspelling English is not my first language... .The world needs to see that Justice will be served in Gabby case as well to all the missing people ....
Tyler James
Tyler James:
I'd like to know what he wrote. Did he say it was an accident or did he admit doing it out of anger?
From Jenny With Love
From Jenny With Love:
Man, he must’ve had some heavy duty rage towards her. You can Rest In Peace now, Gaby.
Please Be Kind
Please Be Kind:
R.I.P Gabby 💔
Lauren Smith-Fields now needs the same coverage
how was Brian's body decomposed to skeletal remains so quickly?
What about the parents of Brian Laundrie? There is no way that "conversation" did not occur when he came home in Gabby's van without Gabby!
Elizabeth Vaske
Elizabeth Vaske:
For me to watch these videos of Brian Laundries killing the person he thought about marring makes me sick to my stomach
I wished people cared this much for everyone that goes missing
Rip Gabby Petito
John Connor
John Connor:
Cống hiến hơn nữa trong sự nghiệp của mình. Một lần nữa cảm ơn Đức Phúc và chương trình đã mang đến những giây phút thư giãn này. Mãi yêu!!!❤❤❤
Tatyana Salas
Tatyana Salas:
Venus 90
Venus 90:
It’s truly disturbing how many men are still calling her the abuser. If she would have been the abuser he wouldn’t have had just the scratches. Scratches are the signs of her defending herself from someone who was next to being mentally and emotionally abusive towards her also physically taller and stronger than her. And you call yourself men?! Shame on you!
J M:
Family should sue his family.
Tamra Tackett
Tamra Tackett:
Blunt force injuries AND strangulation???
Wrank Doe
Wrank Doe:
RIP Gabby - such an angel. Hope she is in Paradise
really each family ...sounds like a defense attorney! to me.... sounds like shyt talk
gabby RIP my lady!
edit .....he might be dead BUT the laundrie family and extended family go through life as having a murderer in that family, that can be as many as 100 people....
Eileen Phillips
Eileen Phillips:
Yes what triggered him? Drugs on board? She telling him she was breaking it off? Angry she did not stick up for him at the restaurant when he was raging? Or all three?
Truth Matters
Truth Matters:
It's what we knew all along....
Hayya Mustafa
Hayya Mustafa:
I believe there was a third person involved in this murder
Amy Davis
Amy Davis:
They have had that notebook for MONTHS... why did it take them so long to say what was in it?
FB I need to conduct an investigation on the parents they foreseen and knew everything of the event
Mark Smith
Mark Smith:
Hmm! Okay then this is nothing new to most of the country who already brian was guilty of her death! Even though the cops feel good about closing the case but still don't believe brian's death! #SMH 🇺🇸💯
rob s.
rob s.:
What was the motive?
No one at all
No one at all:
Personally, I don't think 'A review of the notebook revealed written statements by Mr. Laundrie claiming responsibility for Ms. Petito’s death.' Tells very much at all& seems like a word mashup by not saying something more like 'confession' - 🤨*AND* 😳 WOW Moab Police determined she should *absolutely had been arrested* so have placed those officers on probation.. INTERESTING!!
Kevin Cordoba
Kevin Cordoba:
So the story is he killed her and then killed himself later on after writing a confessional suicide note. I suspect there’s an unknown third party involved
KLANservative republiKLAN
KLANservative republiKLAN :
Well now, that's real pertinent information now ain't it. I mean the possibilities were endless. Pfft!
Of course he was responsible, move on already. There are other cases that deserve attention too
Divine Grace 444
Divine Grace 444:
strange, but I first they found him in the river with his back pack, and that place they bordered off, and does not look like a river?
Conny S.A
Conny S.A:
What a contrast....a young and seemingly happy couple.....both ended up lover even killed the other and most likely himself...
Lady Warrior
Lady Warrior:
He didn’t take responsibility for her death. The fact that he committed suicide proves he dismissed himself from the responsibility. The real responsibility would be him facing trial and conviction.
Happy Peace Roadhouse
Happy Peace Roadhouse:
I don’t think he would have done this. I think he was forced to, or someone else wrote it and he was shot. I never thought killing gabby was his intent, but after being home for whatever reason, he went back to do what he was ordered to do. His father should be watched and investigated very closely.
J J:
I hope now that if the Laundries were involved in covering up that they will be changed and bring Gabby's family some justice.
Francisco Williams
Francisco Williams:
You really believe he wrote out In a journal 📓 him killing her
“Let’s take our rocky relationship into the Rockies… got this little van it’ll be great for us”
Relentless Ohio
Relentless Ohio:
I don't know a soul on Earth who didn't think it was him from day one. Next.
Marinet Agrest
Marinet Agrest:
Bị nghiện bài này từ thời Bảo Thy, ko ngờ lại có ngày được nghe idol mới trong lòng mình Đức Phúc cover lại. Cảm ơn em ĐP vì đã cover lại lắng đọng cảm xúc như vậy
@CNBC -- quit showing "cutesy" pics of these two! It is NOT a cute story, it is a tragic murder -- have some respect!!
William S. Carpenter
William S. Carpenter:
Someone tell Dog the Bounty Hunter to stand down.
As a survivor of domestic violence I wish more was done for this young lady when the police pulled them over but ultimatley if the victim wants to be with the abuser there is nothing the police or the family can do. In Gabby's memory- if you know someone who is in this situation don't be afraid to offer help- silence kills.
Update I think she's still alive but in witness protection
Bob Martin
Bob Martin:
There was not DNA test. They found the body cuz of parents orientation. He just came home alone and the parents never asked him about her?
This is bullsh1t... He just evaded law and got away.
Brad Holmes
Brad Holmes:
y'all should do a separate story on how a couple of you tubers figured out where laundry was instead of the FBI. Those guys are completely useless and more than likely employed Mike Epps.
mothers gauri
mothers gauri:
I'm so grateful for the Petitos to at least have this much closure and confirmation. So tragic.
As for the Laundries, unfortunately the only closer for them would be if they would finally come forward
and clarify their very bazaar and seemingly complicit behavior. Their silence will only keep that
dark cloud of doubt hanging over them.
However, if they were complicit, then that would explain the silence.
James Samford
James Samford:
I think the Laundrie family can find healing behind bars as there's reason to believe they aided their son's evasion of police, because there's evidence that they helped their son avoid getting caught.
S R:
What exact statements?
Katy Anderson
Katy Anderson:
Shaun Bruce
Shaun Bruce:
One sided story what was Gabby like there is always three sides to a story why is there only one side tell Gabby's side
Greg Shoestone
Greg Shoestone:
That's a very odd comment from the parents.
Blaack Barbii
Blaack Barbii:
Banquet Meal
Banquet Meal:
Lol. We all know he did it but does anyone actually believe there was a notebook with a confession in it? FBI totally made that up to close the case.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith: