Britney Spears’ father agrees to step down as her conservator

ABC News’ Kaylee Hartung breaks down Britney Spears’ father agreeing to step away from her conservatorship, which family law attorney Christopher Melcher calls a “negotiation of terms of surrender.”

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Breathe, the time is now
Breathe, the time is now:
Her father is trying to avoid being prosecuted. #FreeBritney
Frank Chambers
Frank Chambers :
We are going to find out so much about this story someday.
Seattle Peaches
Seattle Peaches:
Ha! I wonder what her “sister” has to say now! I can’t WAIT for Brittney to have her first and needed sit down interview so she can tell it allllll!!!
Audi S
Audi S:
Her father planned and manipulated that mess from the beginning and played on her fears not to resist the arrangement. Dude is sick.
Claudia Meisters
Claudia Meisters:
So glad that she can finally get her world back together and in her own hands. 👏🏼
JB Walton: From the Big Easy to Kentwood, La.
JB Walton: From the Big Easy to Kentwood, La.:
She does not need a conservatorship period.
Travis Cox
Travis Cox:
He just doesn’t wanna be investigated 100% he said he resign as long as investigators stop looking at his past with Britney
Now that the loser’s a millionaire clearly we know he’s only had his own best interest all these years!
Thisgirl Whodis
Thisgirl Whodis:
I read the court document and he had actually requested the court deny any requests for his suspension. So I really don’t understand why the media is reporting him stepping down when all he said is that he’ll step down when the time is right.
I’m so thankful she got the new atty!
Mason 美生
Mason 美生:
He was getting too much heat. Stepping down will make investigators back off from looking at his finances.
This lawyer was just right, if it can happy to Britney, it can happen to anyone. Imagine your family state being taken by these conservatorship abusers and you can’t do anything about it. It’s slavery, it’s robbery and it’s scary.
Shameka Green
Shameka Green:
It's definitely a step in the right direction. Maybe now she can have a peace of mind. Free Britney🙏
optimistically cynical .
optimistically cynical .:
If he really cared about his daughter he wouldn't be taking a salary or paying media matters
Laurie M
Laurie M:
He's not stepping down. Hes looking for a buddy to take his place in exchange for a kick back...its all about her money. Look at this poor girl the stress of all this mess is on her beautiful face.
Sarah Strachan
Sarah Strachan:
Putting his daughter first but refusing to step down until he gets his legal fees paid and he gets money for himself. How is that putting your child first? That's the opposite of what a conservator should do
Paul O
Paul O:
Jamie's ride on the gravy train is over.
Mary O Toole
Mary O Toole:
Sorry but there's no way Jamie could do all this unaided. Everyone helped him to do this and keep this going for so long. There's so many others who need to be held accountable too. It's frightening and eye-opening.
Pink Lombardi
Pink Lombardi:
Yes it's been years felt so bad for her she's been through alot
In other words Jamie Spears will step down as conservator as long as he can work with the new conservator. He has no right to make this request. Be careful Britney bc your weasel dad is trying to indirectly stay in control of your life.
Kellie C
Kellie C:
This is not a big win. They reference a supposed plan with her former attorney for Jamie to step down. There was previously NO court documentation at all (that I know of) regarding any "plan" for an "orderly transition" or "to step down" whatsoever. His petition actually says he will "Step down when the time is right." But notes that he "Continues to serve dutifully." The final lines asks the court to deny the petition to remove him. So no, no win here.
I think his tactic is very clear. There was no way the judge could keep him in Sept 29 without looking completely corrupt when even her medical team stated it's in Britneys best interest for him to step down, so he petitioned the court saying all the accusations are lies but he's willing to step down on a phased out way. Now the court will likely decide to accept his resignation on his terms instead of forcibly removing him what would look a lot worse for him.
Dee G
Dee G:
Her Dad is still trying to stay in some control without being the main person in charge of her life.
Steven H.
Steven H.:
Agrees to step down because he doesn’t want to rot in jail
Jessica Cloney
Jessica Cloney:
So his condition for bowingout is 1.2M in "legal fees" ..... yeah, he doesn't give a sh!t about his daughter just her money

Walky L
Walky L:
He agreed because he got enough money out of her
They're just changing the conservator. She isn't free yet. I wonder how that process will be. Does her father pick who will take over?
Wendy Bowlin
Wendy Bowlin:
So glad he decided to step down because just a few days ago I saw where he was NOT going to step down. He said he was going to fight to stay in charge of her conservatorship and he also said that he felt like she needed help and was having a mental health breakdown. I was scared he was going to throw her into a 51/50 hold, and that would make me so angry because at that time it would seem he did that to hurt her and punish her. I felt like he should’ve stepped down immediately when she said she didn’t want him in charge anymore and especially when her attorney provided another person who is trained and has education to be her conservator as well as having the specialty in noticing and stopping the defrauding of people in charge of others.
Caleb Ellis
Caleb Ellis:
Read the documents before running fake stories. Jamie isn’t stepping down #freebritney
Jamie's reign of terror is over. I'm glad Britney is getting the freedom she rightful deserves
What an Evil dad and family members for allowing this to happen.
Tamara Brady
Tamara Brady:
Congratulations to this beautiful and courageous woman. Her perseverance shows her strength and grace in her recovery from her darkest hours.
Sexy boy
Sexy boy:
That is so good for this girl she deserves to have her freedom
L M Novakovics
L M Novakovics:
Thank you for giving her what she earned!
Barbara Benavente Duval
Barbara Benavente Duval:
I hope this young lady finds peace and can heal with her children.
Rebeccah Johnson
Rebeccah Johnson:
Congratulations Brittney I’m happy everything ended up working out in your favor. Good luck in the future I have a feeling you’ll be just fine!
Please Britney keep fighting to get charges pressed against your dad one day!!!
Bill Sloan
Bill Sloan:
Britany has finally been set free.
Amanda Queen
Amanda Queen:
Get him outta there💪🏻
Now he needs jail time for abuse and to pay back every penny he took from his own daughter! If someone can treat their own flesh and blood like this God help anyone else who is unfortunate enough to have to deal with him. I still couldnt believe a female judge was planning to let him remain until September!! She must have been paid a lot of money to do that thats for sure because there was no justice there at all!
Barb Sturgeon
Barb Sturgeon:
When is he stepping out? I don't think it's immediate. Fishy. Sounds like her dad wants to choose his replacement.
My theory: The father is going to get a big payday, (and there will be a built in clause that he can't be held liable when they find out he's been embezzling.) Good riddance.
Wink Pinky
Wink Pinky:
Yes! Yay.. I’d have an audit done bc questions of embezzlement!
Abby Lynn
Abby Lynn:
Pressure getting to him.
Ev. Adele mandagie
Ev. Adele mandagie:
Great Britney. Bless you and your lawyer/Attorney. God bless you and protect you.
Heather Martinez
Heather Martinez:
OMG Love love love Christopher Melcher!!! I'm so glad he made his points!!!
This isn’t true!!! Read the court docs. Him and his lawyer are just trying to change public opinion!
Rob Grady
Rob Grady:
Yo her dad was definitely paying off the "government-appointed" attorney
Mike Stefka
Mike Stefka:
Why is she the only unstable rich person who is not allowed to piss her money away if she wants, her dad has extorted her.
wily wascal
wily wascal:
Hold the judge or judges granting this conservatorship and its abuses accountable, too!
Jaci,with Airazona and schleich riding adventures
Jaci,with Airazona and schleich riding adventures:
Yay go big sis I'm proud of you. Your like a big sister to me love you girl glad you got what you so much needed freedom 💕💕💕💕🤩💖💗💖🤸🧚🪐🦄
M J:
I'm guessing he will try to place "his" own person so he can still be in control of Britney. He won't let so easily to slip so much (Britney's) money out if his pocket... .
Corey Still
Corey Still:
How is Britney Spears only worth 60 million dollars?! Oh I definitely think her family stole a lot of her money!
Zachary Ybarra
Zachary Ybarra:
Aw hey Dad understands. Gods' love flows.
NICE!!!! MIRACLE!!!! Love it!!!
tRoy a
tRoy a:
After he took alot of her money . Is sad . That lawyer is like a shark. Is something that the father is hiding .
My father tells me that if I have enough money for tea, coffee and sandwiches then I should be thankful.... Wtf? Slave trade, prisoner, hostage, ransom, and we are both still standing..., surviving... With no support whatsoever.... That's what you call strength.. Emotional strength... Definitely not mental health problems.... Definitely mental success... And a story of survival in the most extreme circumstances... Throw me to the wolves... And I will return leading the pack.
Freeda Peeple
Freeda Peeple:
Apparently she posted "If standing up for yourself burns a bridge, I have matches." I love that quote.
Mermaid Wanders
Mermaid Wanders:
Happy for Brit but I do think she still needs to see a psych just to make sure she’s sane and mentally healthy all throughout
Can’t wait for the day that Britney will make a tell all docu.
The Schleicher’s
The Schleicher’s:
Stepping down as the first step, removing the entire thing is the second step. Her father stepping down with a way to make the conservative ship survive, but just without him which he might control from behind the scenes after the fact
Alandria Sheffer
Alandria Sheffer:
Because they said she is not paying for his legal fees then he stepped down follow brittneys attorney you’re missing huge legal parts of the story
Freddy Flores
Freddy Flores:
Now, Britney needs to sit down with Oprah and tell everything !!!!! Omg a lot of things are coming
So happy for Britney! her father loves her I’m sure but he’s too controlling…
ZenQuest Journey - A Nomadic Vlog
ZenQuest Journey - A Nomadic Vlog:
Love Christopher. Being him on more often please.
Michelle Parker
Michelle Parker:
I'm scared. This won't end. Such hate from everyone. I did my best. It's okay. Nothing I can do. I think someone put drugs in my water. I'm not safe.
Adele Ballard
Adele Ballard:
Lord please help the Spears family!
Fernando Valencia
Fernando Valencia:
YASSSSSS!!! She’s finally been freed.
cjay G.
cjay G.:
Now hopefully she can get back to being herself again and get some Real professional help with her money and she can do as she please
Merciless Moose
Merciless Moose:
Never thought I would say this, but "Yay Britney."
home hm
home hm:
so that's how '' no free will '' system works in human toys .
It’s her life to mess up congratulations Britney
Donalisa Santos
Donalisa Santos:
Congratulation Britney for being a WINNER!!!!
Renda Jones
Renda Jones:
“With condition”? So he’s basically faking it until he finds a “replacement”?
me go
me go:
Doom Phantom
Doom Phantom:
So now we can finally stop seeing 6 uploads of Britney videos every single day?
He is stepping down because he is afraid of being investigated
David Ellis
David Ellis:
Time to go on a spending spree 💰
Terrie Quear
Terrie Quear:
Good I still don't understand why she still had a conservative at age 39
Sarahi hughes Jordan
Sarahi hughes Jordan:
The imperfect patch lilly laugh because larch univariably obtain besides a standing shake. powerful, unwieldy delete
Tamikia Jones
Tamikia Jones:
Finally Brittany can get on with her life
Lori Gilhooley
Lori Gilhooley:
Thank god!! Finally! But she still isn’t free
Ben Bravo
Ben Bravo:
A golden million dollars handshake🤝🤝🤝 arrangement.

Well there's no such thing as free Lunch!
Miss Way Channel
Miss Way Channel:
Can't wait for her docu series! Congratulations to her. He has to go to jail though.
Elin John
Elin John:
Thank you for talking about it.
Ayu Natalia
Ayu Natalia:
Why is the conservatorship still necessary? Can't they stop it?
UserNot Found
UserNot Found:
They kept saying Jaime I thought they were talking about the sister 😭😭😭😭😭 being that's her name too
Pink Lombardi
Pink Lombardi:
You have to give that money back u demons Britney is worth more than 60 million the whole family spent her money it's crazy I never heard of a parent for 13 years take over your whole life
tom Lucero
tom Lucero:
about time , congratulations Britney Spears enjoy your life to the fullest your FREE
Good, Brittany is a grown woman who can make her own educated decisions. If he’s done his job as a parent then she’ll be just fine. Glad to hear that she is free of all this control. I smell a ‘rebirth’ album
Dustin Hirschi
Dustin Hirschi:
There’s SO many pictures they could use of Britney… WHY do they keep using the same ones over and over????
Father took all her money.
I just read the LA Times article concerning this, he has agreed to step down but not immediately🗣💯 There is no point in this news segment, Issa lie!!
Jaditelady173 Mary
Jaditelady173 Mary:
I really appreciate Christopher Melchers input on these legal matters. He really spells things out quite clearly.
It's about time!!!! Of course, he does not want a forensics attorney because the attorney will find where all the money went!!!!
#FreeBritney 💜 StrayKids 💜 Hyunlix
#FreeBritney 💜 StrayKids 💜 Hyunlix:
Spice Pope
Spice Pope:
Happy for her

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Debbie Wainman
Debbie Wainman:
Claudia Miller
Claudia Miller:
Such a very pretty young woman!!