Brittney Griner tiral: Russian prosecutors ask for 9 1/2-year sentence

Prosecutors have asked the court to sentence Houston native and WNBA star Brittney Griner to 9 1/2 years in prison.


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100+ komentarze:

Owen C
Owen C:
I like how members of the elected federal government are calling for the dropping of her weed charges, yet they refuse to legalize it here.
J T:
A lot of American politicians, the president included, are trying to pressure Russia to drop the charges against her for possession of marijuana. Yet, those same people aren’t at all interested in doing the same thing for Americans locked up in America for the exact same crime. The celebrity privilege is disgusting, almost as disgusting as the hypocrisy of politicians.
Becky Anne
Becky Anne:
It's hard to have sympathy for someone who knowingly ignores the laws of another country.
It doesn't matter if it's legal here, it doesn't matter if she had been doing it the whole time she was there, it was illegal and she knew it. I don't understand why American citizens have a tendency to visit foreign countries and expect to not get in trouble when they commit crimes.
Yarely Banuelos
Yarely Banuelos:
Why are they trying to free her when we have tons of people in jail in the US for the same thing?
Jay Spinner
Jay Spinner:
Who says Russians are bad guys? The prosecutor is willing to knock off a 1/2 year of punishment - what a great guy!
Vince Shelman
Vince Shelman:
I like how we try to free people in Russia who are charged with marijuana possession when we have plenty of humans in our prisons who are serving longer sentences for the same thing... But where is the hypocrisy in that lol
I still want to know why some people think she’s unlawfully detained. 🤔
frankie BURGOS
frankie BURGOS:
Why are we trying so hard to get this person back again? I mean when I travel abroad I tend to follow the laws of the land I'm staying in, and although weed may not be a big deal hear in some parts of the u.s there are still plenty of places that will indeed put you behind bars for weed. Is it JUST the fact that she is in Russia? Idk if she got arrested for j walking then ok but this is a drug charge 10 years ago you would be looking at the same sentence right hear at home. Morale of the story is don't be an idiot when a guest in another nation.
Dick Mountain
Dick Mountain:
So she spits on the flag, then wants the flag to save her. NOPE
Bom Cuming
Bom Cuming:
With a 99% conviction rate I wish her luck
As terrible as it is that’s she’s imprisoned there, why would she think it was a good idea to bring an illegal substance to an authoritarian country?
What I want to know is if a service member were to break the law in Russia would that person garner the same media coverage? I don't think so. As a Veteran I can tell you we were warned by our superiors that if you broke the law in any country you would have to serve out that punishment, then when it concluded, you would then face military justice. So please explain to me how this person deserves more attention and intervention because I don't see it especially from a person who hates America as much as she has stated.
9 year sentence! Excellent decision! Don’t go to other countries and disrespect their laws and values.
Lord Lee
Lord Lee:
She may be a celebrity here in the states, actually even that statement is questionable, but she is definitely not a celebrity in Russia. I don’t know if there are precedent cases in Russia in which a Russian celebrity got away from justice
It is amazing how snobbish the USA are when it comes to other nation laws.
King Fredbird
King Fredbird:
“Here in China,” Griner says, “you just have to forget everything you know, or think you know, and be willing to accept a new set of rules.” - Griner in a 2014 article with ESPN
Gary Fisher
Gary Fisher:
Don't break laws in other country's
Stella Rosa
Stella Rosa:
Brittney Griner actively refused to be present during the playing of the US National Anthem before games and even demanded the Anthem and flag ceremony be avoided in all games. I wonder what it feels like now with her begging the Red, White, and Blue to come to her rescue? Really sick and tired of this victim mentality. She shouldn't have broken the LAW!!!!
josh mullins
josh mullins:
And our country still has thousands of people locked up for the exact same thing
shhh aua
shhh aua:
Word of advice - never take anything with you that might compromise your life in a foreign country! Marijuana is still illegal in Hawaii and you will be arrested go figure ! 🤙🏾
I heard they are torturing her by playing the National Anthem of USA four times a day.
How dumb can you be smuggling illicit substances across international lines?
Robert Andrade
Robert Andrade:
Other countries are allowed to have justice in their country... This is justice served... And to swap for her, and keep U.S Military Personal and journalist their the past 10 years, and not make an attempt to get them home in the past is appalling...
Well, she spent her time bashing the USA, let's see how much she enjoys her stay in Russia.
As honest as it can be
As honest as it can be:
Respect Russia for followed its own laws!
WgcDs7 JyG
WgcDs7 JyG:
This was a good day for Griner. She should be ecstatic. She’s free from the “oppressive” US. She never has to worry about listening to the anthem being played at WNBA games again.
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez:
The two simplest words in the English language : " I Forgot " .
" I Forgot " :
1. I forgot that I was supposed to pay taxes.
2. I forgot that armed robbery was illegal.
3. I forgot that drug possession in Russia was illegal.
( excerpt from Saturday night live, Steve Martin / 1978 )
A judge in Russia has convicted and sentenced American basketball star Brittney Griner to nine years in prison for drug possession and smuggling. Judge Anna Sotnikova said the time Griner has served in custody since her arrest in February would count toward the sentence. Griner reacted to the sentence with little emotion. She listened to the verdict with a blank stare on her face.
John Davis
John Davis:
Given the fact that she has been in custody for 6 months, 9 1/2 years is a full sentence.
No one ever claimed that Russia's laws were strict, and everyone knew a U.S. citizen is a ripe target.
Why did Griner even try to bring the cannabis oil into Russia?
Stunning...the US would release that person in 9.5 min, adding apologies for low doorways and colonialism!
She can stay there. Break the law, face the consequences.
T O:
She is not wrongfully detained, she admitted to breaking their laws. It's rather simple.
Tenacious One
Tenacious One:
If she'd ever watched an episode of Locked up Abroad she woulda known better.
guest man
guest man:
9 1/2 years, there ain’t no early release or parole. 9 1/2 years mean 9 1/2 years of calendar 📅 days exactly in Russia. I’m gonna be a grandfather by the time she gets out.
John Trent
John Trent:
Brittney won’t have to hear the National Anthem for at least the next 9 years. She got her wish in a way!
Trinity Lane
Trinity Lane:
She'll be lucky if that's all she gets. Fogler, 60 years old, got 14 years of hard labor for pretty much the same thing. Except his marijuana was legitimately for medicinal use while, I believe, that excuse was fabricated by Griner's supporters. Both were incredibly stupid to try and bring drugs into another country. Especially a country like Russia. I guess they're lucky it wasn't a country that has a death penalty for drug smuggling.
Tim F
Tim F:
It would have been a crime to enter the United States with the drugs as well. Bad choices on her part she needs to deal with the consequences.
Steven Kaufman
Steven Kaufman:
Hey kids, other countries have their own judicial systems. And guess what? If you don’t like it, they don’t care. Have a great day!!! 🌞
Mike Lugo
Mike Lugo:
It looks like they don’t catch and release over there
David Dunmer
David Dunmer:
It's important that laws are applied equally to everyone. That is the basis of a socialist society, that Britney has advocated for several times in the past.
He maccabe
He maccabe:
Bet she'd like to hear the National Anthem right about now.
Victory Asher
Victory Asher:
Her demeanor says, “Self delete”.

I pray she is strong enough to resist that.
Gary Highley
Gary Highley:
When u enter another country with drugs, you damn well better know what their laws are.
How zer
How zer:
She knew what she was doing was illegal and she thought nothing would happen to her because she’s ‘famous’. Personally I think they should give her the maximum sentence to send a message.
Mike Bain
Mike Bain:
This is so funny, and satisfying. He was masquerading as a white woman but on the inside the criminal couldn't be denied
Shawn Stephens
Shawn Stephens:
I like the way Russia doesn't recognize this celebrity silliness. Over here, she would have been above the law. It's quite satisfying to see true equality at work. Too bad Paul Pelosi wasn't in Russia.
Sarah M.
Sarah M.:
Brittany said to the Judge in Russia, “she hopes politics aren’t involved with this case”, 🤔yet, Same Brittany asking President Joe Bellybutton if he can sprinkle some fart dust to get her out! 🤔 Make it makes sense Brittany.
𝕋ℍ𝕚ℕ𝕜 𝕒𝔹𝕠𝕌𝕥 𝕚𝕋.
𝕋ℍ𝕚ℕ𝕜 𝕒𝔹𝕠𝕌𝕥 𝕚𝕋.:
U.S. law is 10 years for a scheduled 1 narcotic and add 5 for trafficking into the country.
9 1/2 is a slap on the wrist.
Lucky C
Lucky C:
I have no sympathy for people who have denounced our flag, national anthem, and country in general.
She probably got just what she asked for and the universe returned it.
She made her bed.
Escobar Skobar
Escobar Skobar:
She’ll be speaking Russian fluently by the end of her sentence
Jamie Beecham
Jamie Beecham:
Noooooo at least give her 20 year's.
Georgecort1967 Cortina
Georgecort1967 Cortina:
I bet she regrets taking that knee now, poetic justice... LOL
Joe Black
Joe Black:
That's what happens when you break foreign law...🤦
Bruce Perez
Bruce Perez:
Visitors should be aware and respectful to other country's laws.
I ain’t feeling bad for her

She did it to herself 🙅🏽‍♂️
Nostro DuhVinci
Nostro DuhVinci:
I love how an absolute terrible athlete who does drugs is viewed in the slightest as a celebrity. She has a literally record for airballs. It's like glorifying an airport player as a real SEAL but dude misses all the time.
lMediocre Gamerl
lMediocre Gamerl:
I guess, that's what happens, when your whole stance on life, is deceive the government. I should know, I've been to prison, 3 times. What's pathetic, is expecting not to suffer the consequences. Just absolutely pathetic.
Zachary Wagner
Zachary Wagner:
I Hope it/that serves every minute of those 9.6 years!
I like how she made sure not to smile at the camera 🤔
Jar Verm
Jar Verm:
Hopefully this resonates with the American people, hopefully we can be unbiased with our judicial system when’s the last time a celebrity in the US served their time their full time.
The Contractor
The Contractor:
Gave "Griner the Whiner" credit for time served. That's fair. Griner needs to *Man* up and star down like a real WOKE WNBA Star. Time for Griner to kneel in protest and show those damned Russians what's up. 🤣🤣🤣
lil Dice
lil Dice:
I would love to know what made her think she can bring weed vapes to Russia? “Oh I’m a rich girl from USA I didn’t know you can’t travel on a plane to different countries with illegal drugs? Whoops!..”
Welcome to the real world.
Who remembers when she said in her deep manly man voice,
"It takes balls to play basketball " ?
Isn't this what is known as, "poetic justice"?
Mike Ro
Mike Ro:
Prayers up 🔝
Damn. Hard lesson learned
Rock N Roll
Rock N Roll:
This deserves 2 thumbs up!! 👍👍
Praying for her family 😢🙏🏾
She should do every day of that then she might apprecite our once great nation.
give her the full 10 yrs , greetings from America, 🇺🇲
glen guthrie
glen guthrie:
She is finally free of this horrible American oppression and racism she faced. She is finally free of it You Go Girl
You don’t get to walk off the court and disrespect your country for “social injustices” and then ask for help. You don’t get to have it both ways. Think before you disrespect your country. The sentence is harsh but nevertheless I hold no sympathy for someone who chooses to pillory a country when it’s beneficial and then ask for help when it’s suitable. Nope. Doesn’t work that way and this should go to show all you other SJWs that this country has it’s problems but don’t you dare criticize it and then ask for help when you need it. It’s hypocritical and disgraceful.
Gary Fisher
Gary Fisher:
That's fair
Andrew Siarkiewicz
Andrew Siarkiewicz:
Let him serve his time
Alex Degruccio
Alex Degruccio:
I hope she gets convicted
Very unfortunate situation. I hope this brings awareness to people that what is acceptable in one region of the world may not be in others. That even gies for certain substances in the United States. News has now reported, basketball player Iman Shumpter, was just arrested in the states at a airport with Marijuana. Though legal from the state where he was traveling, it is not in every state. Though I personally think the possibly of him being in jail for up to a year is crazy because it's legal in other states, the law is still the law. Please educate your self and the people you love It! It is very sad to see it play out the way it has and I wish the both the best. Peace, love and blessings y'all. 💜
Leave her there! Let her serve her full sentence. Maybe that will make her have some appreciation of her native country.
Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson:
Shouldn’t have brought anything, she should’ve know the rules when traveling to different countries. Especially a country that I’m sure would love to lock away US citizens. Of course it really isn’t a big deal in my eyes but we can’t speak for another countries rules. It sucks but oh well atleast everyone knows now what not to do hahahah
I absolutely cannot WAIT to hear LeBron not only talk about how this is all about him but how SOMEHOW this is the product of American "systemic racism." Can't wait (in my Bart Scott voice)
Christopher Scott
Christopher Scott:
Griner seems to love The United States all a sudden and wants their help in getting back home. Months ago she was all about anti-American rhetoric and all that shit but now she's suddenly all about America. Keep her Russia.
thomas combs
thomas combs:
She wasn't happy with the United States anyway!! This should be good times for her.
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones:
God Bless Mother Russia 🇷🇺
John Witherspoones
John Witherspoones:
To read the 100's or thousands of comments stating, "those other countries don't play when it comes to drugs" OR "She should have known the laws before going". and other negative comments. This was NOT her 1st time over there. Why is it so hard for people to "Think that this wasn't done on purpose?" That she was or could have been more than likely rush packing, and totally forgot she had her vape in her bag? As if NO ONE has never forgotten something when packing or still had something in their bag and threw some clothes in your bag and once you got to your destination realized you either had something in your bag that you thought you left at home OR forgot to put something in your bag?
Next Russia and US commentators did NOT take any consideration that yes, she is a USA Sports Figure, and she IS also Russia's sports figure she was over there representing their team and the Russian Basketball team supports her. 3rd those like Trump who made the Non supporting and racist people comments about her verdict and making statements like the vape pen of cannabis 'Let not forget the actual pen itself weigh more than the amount of oil that was in the pen", is some Harsh drug when most of them Drink( in which we all know alcohol is poison and does the worse damage to the body), Cheat, gamble, money Londer, into child porn and are womanizers! So STOP the BS Pleaseeee!!! Lets also not forget she has a doctor's prescription.
Let me be clear I am NOT Downplaying other country's laws! I am stating how people love to exploit the minority and twist the narrative to deflect from You watching what they are really doing or Not doing.
Brandon :
This is a huge win for America! Russia can keep her!
Do Americans understand that laws are different in other countries?
Alejandro Alvarez
Alejandro Alvarez:
she knew not to sneak in drugs so IMO she deserves the time....
Yes please, give her 9 years
Anthony S
Anthony S:
While I believe the crime itself NOT HER dosent deserve 10 years but that’s Russian law she went to another country and broke the law especially as an American which iS even worse ..she needs to take her time and really understand there are worse places than America…that said …WE DONT WANT YOU BRITNEY..this is what u get for disrespecting the USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Donnie Paquette
Donnie Paquette:
In 2020, Griner protested the Star Spangled Banner and stated she would not be on the court while the national anthem was played during game openers.
She said there is absolutely no reason the Athem should be played at sporting events. I bet she understands now why the USA and being proud to live here is not a bad thing. Serve your time come back and preach about how great the USA is. We all know you won't because being a victim in America is great.
Leo Keo
Leo Keo:
I bet now she wishes she could sing the national anthem at the top of her lungs at stadiums she refused to play at in the states
Robert Lennihan
Robert Lennihan:
Kiss the ground when you get back… k
Jive Talk
Jive Talk:
I saw Brittany stand in a Russian courtroom as a sign of respect but didn't go to the basketball court to show respect for the American National Anthem...
Respect the laws and you want end up in jail. She put herself in a stupid situation, and on top of it is asking the US to help her after her anti American sentiments. American government should help her get back to the states but we’re not trading for her! She isn’t worth the trade. Thought she was an untouchable but she was so wrong.
Yassi Rey
Yassi Rey:
Good for her
Dana Sixty
Dana Sixty:
You do the crime you have to do the time .
black 529
black 529:
She should have hid the contraband in a different place…🫢
Marcus Guillen
Marcus Guillen:
Imma give her some of her own medicine! ‘ it’s ok lil man’😂🤣😭
Pavel Miroslavsky
Pavel Miroslavsky:
I'm from Russia, and I'm pleasantly surprised by your comments. American brothers, I read your comments and just want to say: I love you 🙂
Dankkk 420s
Dankkk 420s:
Leave him there!