Broken Ranks Gameplay - Part 1 - Launch Day!

Broken Ranks - Launch Gameplay! Part 1. Broken Ranks is an isometric turn-based combat MMORPG, basically a remake of the game The Pride of Taern from developer Whitemoon. The game features several classes, a wide open world and plenty of monsters to slay and quests to complete!

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19 komentarze:

rouge 913
rouge 913:
This is one of the best looking turn based games ive ever seen. Id play threw this jus to see all the enemies
The party system seems like a strange decision. I like that you can join and leave at will but losing control once you join just seems odd.
Bradley James Bailey
Bradley James Bailey:
Hey man new sub! Great video! keep up the amazing work! Also Super excited to play this game!
Aaron Markham
Aaron Markham:
I hate turn base games, I will say that this game looks absolutely amazing though. The graphics look great.
Bring memories back, game isn't quite new or at least the concept, same studio made: The pride of Taern(Browser game).
It seems like same game but redone, previous one had some problems like if you done something wrong with your build then reset could be done for real life money only which hurt new player's, that was the reason why I left Taern in first place too.
I'm surely gonna try it but I don't think game will last for long, tho nostalgia hit's hard for me :>
Aaron Markham
Aaron Markham:
I don’t mind the top down view but when it switches to the turn base style I just can’t get into it
Jenifer Hoeppner
Jenifer Hoeppner:
The amount you miss is so frustrating 😕
Where is this game to download? Someone on Twitch said it is on Steam. That is wrong, it is Not on Steam.
Ah Zhai
Ah Zhai:
Saw you on Broken Ranks!
joon charlie
joon charlie:
I like this style turn based game. but the evasion system is fxxx terrible
HSK Share
HSK Share:
O wanna see How this game Will be when cashshop come out... maybe P2w
idk but female chars got only 2 class
Mark Bailey
Mark Bailey:
The combat system looks just terrible. Pass
Marcos Johnson
Marcos Johnson:
Is this on mobile I didn't watch the whole video nd don't know much about the game
Dave Page
Dave Page:
The fighting looks really boring!?
ufuk imrah
ufuk imrah:
The combat system is very bad. It would be better if it was like a Wartune.
joe harris
joe harris:
Lame asf
J Kaigler
J Kaigler:
What a snoozefest.