Brooklyn Nets vs LA Lakers 2.18.21 | Full Highlights

Brooklyn Nets vs LA Lakers 2.18.21 | Full Highlights
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90 komentarze:

Dino Dumbo 13
Dino Dumbo 13:
" I can't do it without my AD 😔😔😭😭✊✊"
Israel K
Israel K:
8:39 LeBron got cooked by kyrie..
2:52 ok someone explain to me how tf that was a blocking foul? Feet set, not in restricted area?
SC Challenger
SC Challenger:
Wow, the lakers lost and I haven't seen one comment saying it was all kuzma's fault.
8:38 Lebron 😅🤣😂
Two great teams playing, wouldn't mind seeing these two teams go at it in the finals
Von Jovi Maglasang
Von Jovi Maglasang:
"with Gasol trying to defend and can't" 😂😂😂
D R:
5:27 Unc purposefully looks back to give Bron the lane.
OAK 500i
OAK 500i:
Hahah,lakers in 5!!!💪🏼
Almond Therapy
Almond Therapy:
8:38 Lebron lost out there LOL
Leo Lupus
Leo Lupus:
2:56 statue of liberty :D
Butcher of Blaviken
Butcher of Blaviken:
Damn i miss Kevin Harlan's voice
Deve Rodel
Deve Rodel:
3:22 Kyrie can still take off
Fatimah Mangansakan
Fatimah Mangansakan:
when the final games
Rigoberto López H.
Rigoberto López H.:
Jose Manuel Poche A
Jose Manuel Poche A:
We really miss AD
0:15 you traveled there big fella
Romeo Dario Chiu
Romeo Dario Chiu:
Naka-igit c james
Mike Hoenderloo
Mike Hoenderloo:
I’m worried for the lakers kd not even playing
Fyb Lopez
Fyb Lopez:
Man y’all be trippin of 1 regular game 😂😂😂😭🤦🏽‍♂️
Leonardo Roman
Leonardo Roman:
Dallas vs spurs hahahaha
5:37 LeBron and Jeff
Valentin Del Rio
Valentin Del Rio:
Lebron Germs,NBA greatest of complaining & blaming of all time.
Cipriano C. Alambra Jr
Cipriano C. Alambra Jr:
Hindi magchachampion ang lakers pag ganito lang ang laro ng center nila
Tito During
Tito During:
Harris 👏👏👏
Hongbo Bnm
Hongbo Bnm:
Nets the only team I want to beat lakers besides warriors
Mr Pepper
Mr Pepper:
I am speed

Isidro Jr Besas
Isidro Jr Besas:
Malabo mag back to back ang lakers
5:27 - 5:30 KD like: I see you in the finals
Manuel Caldicot
Manuel Caldicot:
Big la Barba , Big Kyle , Big KD , Big Harris .....Big Nets Champion
shahin shahin
shahin shahin:
Lakers just depend on two players a.d and l.j no way to win nba bad bench
Alen Zmaj
Alen Zmaj:
Lets go Nets lol
Kevin Collins
Kevin Collins:
I love to hear everyone talk wen lakers loss a game yall kill me yes same thing last year yall was like bucks this bucks that clippers this clippers that🤣😂🤣yall jus wait an watch nah man lol
D R:
also 5:50 Harden steal
Maverick Topgun
Maverick Topgun:
Nets are becoming what the warriors were , a shooting team
Jorge mxjp
Jorge mxjp:
Man these days that every other game some one scores 40 or more I think Lebron could score 70 if they just keep feeding him the ball.
Where is KD?
Jojo Sanchez
Jojo Sanchez:
Replace gasul
Hale-Bopp 1997
Hale-Bopp 1997:
This is NBA Finals Preview
where the hell is schroder
Renante Anglacer
Renante Anglacer:
San kana jhayzone tv but nawala na hype mo 😋😁😁
Juan Batista
Juan Batista:
New era
New dinasty
Brooklyn nets
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas:
Lakers took the L in the first quarter
Ricky Onggo
Ricky Onggo:
lakers needs Javale and Dwight..
why Gasol?
Love_ Angel0483
Love_ Angel0483:
Lebron simply no match with the big3!
Obie Mauro
Obie Mauro:
Jared Dudley getting rings for being a consultant for the lakers
Tankiso Lefeta
Tankiso Lefeta:
Harris is a bad man!
Playboy Lifestyle
Playboy Lifestyle:
Joe Harris is Klay Thompson
Hannel Mahinay
Hannel Mahinay:
bakit pa kase umalis si mcgee at howard kawawa talaga ang ilalim
kea katembe
kea katembe:
Brooklyn are going for that easy ring.. No cap
Adolfo Meza
Adolfo Meza:
Lebrón ya tiene 35.000 puntos en su carrera ya esta a poco de alcanzar a Karem Abdul jabar.
Der Stolperjochen
Der Stolperjochen:
Without AD no Finals for the Lakers. Jazz or Clippers vs Nets
Baba SEYE:
The future champion is there and KD isn't here. Ouais!
Bang Kao
Bang Kao:
As a Lakers fan I’m glad they lost because now we need to make changes in the roster, because I don’t see this Lakers team winning the championship this year.
martin mtandi
martin mtandi:
This match just proved how much Lebron needs AD, just like Curry needs Klay.
wester bisono
wester bisono:
The Lakers are the best man-to-man team in the NBA, but without AD they do not repeat the championship.
Samuel Yuwa
Samuel Yuwa:
Marc gasol is the most useless player in this game.dude didn't have a single block. Where was schroder..? Lakers shouldn't have traded a laker fan I'm really heartbroken because Lakers keep depending on LBJ and I really can't have my goat crashing down through an injury because of the workload.I swear if Vogel doesn't have a reason behind this then that's fucked up
Eric Reid
Eric Reid:
Pepper jack cheese player is clearly Pascal siakim
chris martinez
chris martinez:
they said in this basketball era Michael jordan will average 50 easy, I say 100 when they're playing nets.
Davis yok maç yok Lebron yok play of yok .Şu adam Harden' da bir şampiyonluk görsün yahu! Şampiyonu sakatlanan oyuncular belirliyor Dragic ve Adebayeo sakatlamasaydı Lakers şampiyon olmazdı ya da Durant ve Klay .
wester bisono
wester bisono:
Regarding the NETS, it is a team made up of three very proud superstars with low defense; In that sense, they must refocus their defensive structure, rotate the ball more and acquire another player of size to defend the basket.
Trebron Librando
Trebron Librando:
The Lakers cannot repeat... The Jazz and the Nets are so good... The Lakers should trade for Beal or Lillard, send Kuzma, KCP, and THT in exchange for Beal or Lillard...
Steve White
Steve White:
Only to see the Lakers Loose
Kobe Wilson
Kobe Wilson:
Let's hear the excuses for the LeBron and Lakers, staring with Nick Write ✍ 👀 😳
Ian Azura
Ian Azura:
This shows that Lebron is not the mvp of this team.. Its AD too. He cant win games against a top seeded team without AD
Lakers aint winning shit this yr.
Rolando travel
Rolando travel:
Only King. Team Lakers NO good
Gaming Channel
Gaming Channel:
4 mins left to 4th Quarter. Lebron calls it a night. 2mins in, lead is cut to 10 and the Lakers have a sniff at winning it. Lebron is already dressed and hanging out with AD. Typical Lebron giving up before its over. Take a page from the Golden States or the Wizards yesterday, its not over till its over. 10down, 2 mins. Plenty of time
Maverick Topgun
Maverick Topgun:
And all this without kd lakers have no chance at all..
anthony Fradejas
anthony Fradejas:
Laker fans gonna say they lost cuz no AD
NewYork Yankees
NewYork Yankees:
Jaymar Saet
Jaymar Saet:
king without general is useless
Yoav Peleg
Yoav Peleg:
Pleas show us more Lakers points that not belong to lebron
Ukeme Obot
Ukeme Obot:
No disrespect but what in hell sakes is P Gasol doing in the paint. Making Irving looking like Usain bold on steroids. Someone please come and take gasoline away
กล้วย เล็ก
กล้วย เล็ก:
LeBron James is too old to play at a top level.
Lebum is finished.Nets will demolish him in finals.
nikos gentile
nikos gentile:
brooklyn gonna win the easiest ring of all time...
Maverick Topgun
Maverick Topgun:
This simple basketball, they needed to put someone on harden, kyrie will not be stop..But harden yes, Lakers played no defense at all..And Kd wasent playing, still looseing by 10 is not bad at all..Lakers bench need to step it up, what happen to tucker..did shit ..
Kingsli Clavecillas
Kingsli Clavecillas:
LBJ the goat
twister gear
twister gear:
the lakers spend too much money for Lebron and AD that they can't afford a third all star caliber player to help Lebron like in this kind of situation.
Nicholas yonge
Nicholas yonge:
Laker's benches are worst
Abel Csanaki
Abel Csanaki:
Would watch a 7 game series between these teams
Gedeon Cordova
Gedeon Cordova:
Lakers needs Anthony Davis than Lebron James,thats why NETS, beat LAL, in easiest game, w/o Durant,
Pedro Irrera
Pedro Irrera:
Daniel Gabrieles
Daniel Gabrieles:
Yo Marc Gasol just looks so lazy,. Does he even put some work into the game?
J rAW:
if AD and dennis was in the game , results woudve been different
ClickJhayceeTV Official
ClickJhayceeTV Official:
Lebron No Help.. If Lebron was out on the court The Leads Balloons when Hes There The Leads Lessen

Congratulations My Team BKN
Schmerz Meister
Schmerz Meister:
Boycott the NBA
Free Hong Kong
Return Chinese Blood Money
Go Woke, Go Broke
Lebron is terrible