Bundesliga | Lewandowski Breaks Gerd Muller's Record - Bayern vs Augsburg

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100+ komentarze:

John Gillis
John Gillis:
Last minute of last game the last goal that makes history. What a story!
Dont get distracted by the fact that he did it in 29 games instead of 34
Will we ignore the fact, that Neuer needed 10 seconds to get to the other end of the field??? 😂😂😂
if he doesn't win Ballon d'Or this year, it's a crime...deserved it last year too but was robbed
20.03 After hat-trick Lewy has 35 goals and 8 games still to play. It's impossible not to take the record of Gerd Muller.
28.03 Injury. How long would it take him to recover?
03.04 Absence. 7 games remaining.
10.04 Absence. 6 games remaining.
17.04 Absence. 5 games remaining.
20.04 Absence. 4 games remaining.
24.04 Lewy is back but takes easy not to overdo. Scores in 90+4 minute. 5 goals to go and 3 games remaining.
08.05 Hat-trick. 2 goals to go. 2 games remaining. Again: it's impossible not to manage!
15.05 Lewy scores just once, somehow being able not to fit a ball into the net that staned empty before him in less than 0.5m. 1 goal to go. 1 game remaining.
22.05 Last game of the season. The opposite team just know Bayern will try to make Lewy score that missing goal. 2-3 defenders always close to him.
45' 4:0 for Bayern, 5 shots of Lewy, 0 goals
89' 4:2 for Bayern, 6 shots of Lewy, 0 goals
The very last soul on this planet gave up on him being able to beat the Gerd Muller's record.
90' Just before the very last whistle... xD

What a beautiful story that is! If that injury didn't happen, it would be just a story of Lewy breaking a record scoring 41 or maybe 45 or more.
chrzczonek _
chrzczonek _:
The worst thing is that we will never know how many goals would he score if he was not injuried
Quag Clips
Quag Clips:
Atleast Gerd was able to witness someone breaking his almost impossible record. R.I.P. legend 🙏❤
The Fourth Chairman
The Fourth Chairman:
What's more touching is how happy all of his teammates with the record, I could even sense they wouldn't care if Bayern lost the match as long as Lewandowski scored
Not a single player from Augsburg appeal for an offside when this happened like players usualy do in this kind of situations. Massive respect.
Skipper Maximillian
Skipper Maximillian:
Neuer beat Usain Bolt's record by running to celebrate Lewandowski's record
dietmar siebke
dietmar siebke:
Robert ist ein würdiger, verdienter und ein menschlich bescheidener, großartiger Rekordbrecher. Gerd Müller ist eine unsterbliche Ikone und Legende des Fußballsports. Zwei Generationen hat es gebraucht diesen Rekord zu brechen. Robert ist jetzt der Sohn des "Fußballgott" Gerd Müller. Ich gönne es dem Robert von ganzen Herzen. Wer wird wohl der Nächste sein? Ich werde es wahrscheinlich nicht mehr erleben (Baujahr 1949). Glückwunsch Robert Lewandowski und schön gesund bleiben.
Can we talk about how fast Manuel Neuer came to celebrate with Lewa? he must have sprinted haha
Hui Wam
Hui Wam:
Ostatnia w życiu szansa, ostatni mecz, ostatnia minuta, ostatni gol i...udało się, niesamowita historia...żywa legenda jest wśród Nas
Muhammad Rizal
Muhammad Rizal:
Robert legendowski, in my book he's winning ballon d'Or 2020. Impressive
I got the feeling that most people outside of germany doesnt realize how historic his season was. Nobody even got close to this record.
Harald Haraldson
Harald Haraldson:
The historicly improtant goal beating up the 50-yer record scored in the last minute of last match.

It's unbelievable. This is a legend.
I can watch this moment all day long, I'm soo happy, Lewy is a trully machine
Mike Meyers
Mike Meyers:
Lewy beat the record, but Gerd made that record. Both are legends and forever will be.
Rosie Debevc
Rosie Debevc:
Congratulations to Robert Lewandowski on scoring 41 goals.
Ronny Browning
Ronny Browning:
Gratulation an Robert Lewandowski ⭐🥇
Er ist ein Diamant für den FCB und Deutschland...
Gio C.
Gio C.:
Let's give him the Ballon d'or this year! What a legend!
One of the best striker in football history
aditya dudhane
aditya dudhane:
His teammates are so happy . Neur came from the goalpost man . What a team 👏👏
Kris G
Kris G:
Gerd Miller was a legend - but Robert Lewandowski making a new history. Thank You - Go Go Bayern !!
Tomasz Jaśkiewicz
Tomasz Jaśkiewicz:
From my slavic soul with love and great respect to Gerd achievement, what a historic moment we can all celebrate! RL9 fully deserved this record to land in his hands, or rather legs. Best wishes to all German friends, we should all be proud to witness this great time together. VG aus Polen!
Nf Thug rose
Nf Thug rose:
A hero a humble legend that will never be forgotten the most deadly consistent striker ever
Iam Excelsus
Iam Excelsus:
Imagine if he played all matches. He would be 45/46
Marcel Jansen
Marcel Jansen:
Gerd wäre stolz auf ihn da bin ich mir sicher.
Even Neuer ran the length of the pitch to celebrate with him. Beautiful moment! ✨
Tania Larik
Tania Larik:
The players love him!You could hear the excitement when he got the ball,before he even scored!
Fisnik Reci
Fisnik Reci:
Wow the referee didn't even give him a yellow it was so impressive 😆
pessimus dux
pessimus dux:
Bravooo! A big respect, magical..

Greetings from Croatia
Katharina Burkhardt
Katharina Burkhardt:
Ich habe so gefiebert, doch leider in der 89 min Hoffnung aufgegeben! Was für ein Spieler!!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch Robert!!!!! 😍
Lewandowski aber sowas von bodenständig und nicht abgehoben. Gönne und freue mich mit ihm, aber auch ehrenhaft dieses freuen seiner Teamkollegen. 💪🏼 💪🏼
Michal Malinowski
Michal Malinowski:
That was amazing game and ofc record of Robert, but look at the celebration, meanwhile Neuer beat sprint record to congratz Lewy
marek marecki
marek marecki:
Don't worry, LEWANGOLSKI will break this record in a year.
He did not even get a yellow card for taking his shirt off. Now that's something.
Definitely deserves a Balon D’or, fantastic player. Deserves one more than Modric
Congratulations Lewagolski! 4️⃣1️⃣ what a Power Athlete! WOW!
Absolutely incredible, what a legend.
King Vis
King Vis:
That moment when the Rocky theme hits after he scores. Boss mode!!! 💪💪💪💪💪
Mirosław Lewandowski
Mirosław Lewandowski:
To było piękne i wzruszające patrzeć, jak cała drużyna cieszy się razem z Robertem...
Konrad Więcek
Konrad Więcek:
NIE MA TAKICH SŁÓW w ZADNYM JEZYKU na SWIECIE ktore w wystarczajacy sposób WYRAŻĄ moj ZACHWYT nad tym czego dokonal i jakim wspanialym CZLOWIEKIEM jest pan ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI.
Augsburg coach was so against him beating the record. I will be always remember that Jurgen Klopp was the one who gave him so many chances to believe in himself.
Elias Pokorny
Elias Pokorny:
Iconcic, simply iconic, what a story…
Thanks to people like Gerd and Lewandowski, young football fans have dreams, and this is the most important thing. To be good, to catch up with the best. Hard work always pays off. Bravo Robert! 💪👍
Bera Era
Bera Era:
Amazing how his team supports him !
Referee was so shocked that 41 goal that he forgot about showing yellow:D
29 games 41 goals omg
Michał Iglewski
Michał Iglewski:
Dla takich chwil warto żyć gratuluję Lewy👌👌👌👌
minhaj ghafoor
minhaj ghafoor:
He really deserves Ballond'or this time
Thank you Poland. :) me as a German and Bayern Fan really happy that Lewandowski plays for us hope he score goals in the EURO 2021 for Poland
Reid Pattis
Reid Pattis:
I appreciate the fact that Neuer ran all the way down the field just to celebrate with them. He didn’t have to use the energy, but he chose to. Respects.
He scored a goal exactly every hour xD
Robert Pietrzak
Robert Pietrzak:
Fantastic moment of the magic goal. Thank you Robert it was an amazing season
MATS ontario
MATS ontario:
hey my fellow citizens stop spreading this national hysteria over his achivement- it's great but to elevate it to one of the proudest moments in nation history is a vast exaggeration, congrats Robert
Oskar Kawulicz
Oskar Kawulicz:
Not only a player but also an actor in Hitchcok movies. Waiting like a predator until last minute;) Fantastic new record, and could be better if not pause for few matches. Proud
In the last game of the season, last minute of the game...he would've easily had 50 if he wasn't injured for 5-6 games and possibly beat P$G in CL...
41 goals in 29 games. I wonder what would be the record if he played all 34 games. 50?
Moj Kanal
Moj Kanal:
Most important Robert is also a great person in regular life. Thank you from a Polish fan.
Filip eF
Filip eF:
Next season - no injuries - around 47/48 goals
Bolaji Aiyegboyin
Bolaji Aiyegboyin:
Words and actions cannot express how I felt when you broke the record.welldone robert, with love from Nigeria.
Simon Willis
Simon Willis:
He’s just a total legend. Deserving of this monumental achievement...
it's beautiful how the team supports him, greetings from Poland
Last kick, last minute in the last game of the season....how amazing can that be 👌
Goosebumps. In places I cannot reveal here. A living legend.
Marta Szabelska
Marta Szabelska:
ale miło się takie chwile ogląda. brawo Robert! jesteśmy dumni! 💪
Jerome Engel
Jerome Engel:
and in the style of Gerd Müller himself. Legend.
to jest piękne, komentatorzy z tv też mówią, że jak wiedział, że już ma nieśmiertelność "na nodze", to i tak z gracją i wdziękiem to zrobił, zero stresu. Mistrz nad mistrze.
Clemens Hauser
Clemens Hauser:
I will never forget the moment when Leroy shots.
Lewy, good luck with Euro Cup. According to Jürgen Klinsmann, this is a title that Lewandowski needs now the most, and the Polish national team is good enough to give him that.
Vic Colfari
Vic Colfari:
That was pretty awesome, and so happy for him. Also just look at the joy and happiness in Martinez face, I am so happy he was on pitch for this in his last game. Will miss him.
Stanisław S
Stanisław S:
Robert did it! He is incredible, but it does not mean Gerd was worse. Different times, Different game. Both are legends. Greetings from Poland.
Lewandowski, the greatest player in the history of football 👑
Maksim Aleksanyan
Maksim Aleksanyan:
I can watch this 1000 times
thr Studio prod. Lore and Entertainment
thr Studio prod. Lore and Entertainment:
History is changing on our eyes ^.^
ilir malaj
ilir malaj:
I bet that Lewa will breake his own record next years and also the other Gerd Müller record of total 365 goals
Gerd Müller + RL9 = Bundesliga Legends 4 ever❤❤
Rip Gerd Muller we will remember you forever
Marrion Lulu
Marrion Lulu:
You can't write a script like this! Absolute LEGEND!
Nie wiem czy Robert tu kiedykolwiek zajrzy, ale mam nadzieję, że czuje, iż my Polacy jesteśmy z niego dumni!!
Lewan deserves it. At the 89 minute. That’s incredible!!!
Bartosz Brown
Bartosz Brown:
Legends are not born, legends are made.
JoDu 19
JoDu 19:
Amazing Player 👏 Amazing player. So sad that Fifa didn't give him Balloon Dor 😢
Piotr Z
Piotr Z:
Już Czas
Już Czas:
Last match, last minute... 41 goals! WHAT A LEGEND!
Purnama Sakti
Purnama Sakti:
Best striker in the world 🔥
miroslaw chrustek
miroslaw chrustek:
Brawo Robert cała Polska dumna
pushin it
pushin it:
Damn those guys really love each other what a team. Sad to see the three go though
Arclight Gaming
Arclight Gaming:
I hope he doesn't get robbed in balloon d`or
Stozio xd
Stozio xd:
XD Ten Polski bramkarz świetny mecz zagrał a ten drugi Polak mu bramkę strzelił , brawo piękny mecz
He deserve the ballon this year too
Eric Bertilsson
Eric Bertilsson:
I'm really not Bayern fan but I was hoping that he'd break the record, he really deserves it. I'm so glad he did it before the whistle went off. I think it's safe to say that he's the best striker in Bundesliga's history, Poland's best player ever and he should've been a Ballon d'or winner too. Legend!
Rosie Debevc
Rosie Debevc:
Congratulations Robert Lewandowski on 41 goals. Yes Robert Lewandowski is a legend.
Ekam's adventure.
Ekam's adventure.:
legends never die
Papa Nabri
Papa Nabri:
Wow. 41 goals. Well done sir lewandowski. 👏
Tygrysek Pogo
Tygrysek Pogo:
Legend! 🔥🔥🔥
Mocny Full
Mocny Full:
Mamy farta ze żyjemy w takich latach i możemy podziwiać takiego zawodnika jak Lewandowski
Black Magic
Black Magic:
LEWANDOWSKI is a Genuine GOAL Machine imagine if he came to the Premiership (hopefully with Liverpool! 🤩) I know that will never happen......but we can dream! But seriously tho he is one of the best to ever play football and they won’t find another like him ⚽️❤️💯🔥