Burj Khalifa - TOUR and VIEW from the 148th floor [At The Top SKY]

Day 04. After visiting the Dubai Mall, we went to see the Burj Khalifa and the world's highest observation deck: At The Top SKY (555m - 148th floor, Guinness World Record).
We bought the vip ticket entrance and we could reach both the observation decks, on the 125th and 148th floor.

00:00 - Intro
01:18 - Elevators
02:42 - 148th floor Observation Deck

04:54 - 125th floor Observation Deck
05:28 - Night View

Emirates Palace, Etihad Towers, Heritage Village: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ou5xZVTxltw
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItFTpGb5Is0
Creek & Abra trip, Burj Khalifa fountain show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JDthMsO7tc
Dubai Shopping Mall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc_07bhc-8o
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Ski Dubai, Kite Beach, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis The Palm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjrsweQHIk8
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TOUR and VIEW from the highest skyscraper in the world - 148th floor [At The Top SKY]

Tobu - Good Times
Tobu & Jim Yosef - Miracle

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I know some people would like to watch this video with the original sound, so I've decided to re-edit the clips and make a remastered longer edition of this Burj Khalifa video using the original sound and adding some bonus clips.

I've just uploaded it and here it is:
Jon Mowat
Jon Mowat:
I worked on the construction of it and know a lot about this building inside and out. It's an outstanding feat of construction, planning, engineering and technological innovation and one to tell my grandkids about one day and say to them " Your grandad helped to build that!" Priceless! 👍🍺😎🙌
Biden Administration is Racist
Biden Administration is Racist:
My dad went here to design buildings back in 2009. Sadly a month after being there he was diagnosed with cancer. He was a great guy.
Ronald Giroux
Ronald Giroux:
I was able to visit this attraction when it just opened last summer on my last trip to NYC, the views are truly breathtaking!
For those that enjoy visiting high up places while being indoors, you should also visit the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The observation deck is on the 124th floor 1,824 ft above the ground.
Skip741 x
Skip741 x:
imagine the Builders of this structure who were at these hieghts outside it , constructing it...
Teh angry bird 345
Teh angry bird 345:
I am speechless, this building is truly amazing and it just shows what us humans can do! I wouldn’t be surprised If it became the 8th wonder of the world
Mohit Verma
Mohit Verma:
Dubai is a mindblowing city.
Wow!!! I have no other words!! This is so spectacular and thank you so much for sharing!! Totally loved it and want to be able to be there one day!!
Killer Queen
Killer Queen:
It's so beautiful when the Sun is down and there are spots of light covering the whole city ♥.♥
John Phillips
John Phillips:
It give me chills just to watch this. I'm very afraid of heights .. airplanes don't bother me, but floor to ceiling glass windows up that high, forget about it. That building alone must require a huge amount of maintenance year round.
Nancy Brown
Nancy Brown:
Everything in Dubai is fascinating and breathtaking.
King Hero Jicey
King Hero Jicey:
The view from the top floor looks amazing!
Nice video.  The view especially at night is spectacular.  These videos are the closest I will ever get to these places.  I could never afford to travel to that part of the world.  I may not even be able to go to Europe (live in U.S.) either but I am hopeful.
Uzma Bibi
Uzma Bibi:
Dubai looks so beautiful at night 🌃🌃
Nancy Hahn
Nancy Hahn:
Can you imagine the electric bill for one month??
martine. mjt
martine. mjt:
Very impressive view! Quite a feat! Congrats.
kamel hatem
kamel hatem:
One day you'll be on 148th floor enjoying the magnificent view, and suddenly an earthquake shakes the Burjkhalifa.
WarlockofWordsReturns RB
WarlockofWordsReturns RB:
Spectacular building, terrible music. Had to mute. Still, the views are absolutely amazing.
Emmanuel Dagharo
Emmanuel Dagharo:
I'll visit this place someday, such beautiful place I have ever reached before
Michele Bivins
Michele Bivins:
I just kept saying: "Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!" Stunning views and they got treats, too. Fantastic!
I want to visit Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is definitely on my bucket list to visit. Steve from Houston, Texas, USA.
Safeen Ahmed
Safeen Ahmed:
Wow Dubai is so marvelous 😲🤯....I feel jealous 😍😍
Sophia Rao
Sophia Rao:
I went to Dubai about 2 months ago, absolutely loved it
Kimberly Pinto
Kimberly Pinto:
Wow such a phenomenal view from the top
Nosso Palmeiras
Nosso Palmeiras:
This building is a amazing archtectural piece of art 👏
Pradeep Perera
Pradeep Perera:
Thank you sharing such a wonderful experience..👍
Blue World
Blue World:
When I visited in Dubai feeling Elysium. Love Burj Khalifa. Very luxury tallest building in the world....
How bad does it sway? I was in the Sears Tower in Chicago when i was a kid and I was not a fan of that swaying feeling. This building is WAY taller, but it's also way more aerodynamic. So I'm curious how that adds together.
rafia taj
rafia taj:
Absolutely Marvelous...But I missed greenery of plants in the overall view both inside and outside... It would just give the view a huge relief to the eye if plants are added to the decor of inside 😊
Mudassar Riaz
Mudassar Riaz:
It is really wonder of the world.. Hats off to the engineers, laborers, investors for such a great job....
high tower
high tower:
Dubai looks like Las Vegas with a beach. I love it!
Abdul Gani Punjabi
Abdul Gani Punjabi:
This was amazing view ... Thank you soo much.. I saw what's inside sitting here in india 😘
Ashraf Khan
Ashraf Khan:
Amazing view. You captured it so well. Can I ask which camera you used?
Nancy Hobson
Nancy Hobson:
Wow! What a view! Thank you for sharing
Fun fact: the 148th floor is "only" 555 meters high
Nikhil Joshi
Nikhil Joshi:
Thanks for it since I never been to top of Burj Khalifa, I thought it is bit expensive. Now I can get feel from home how it could be at top of Burj Khalifa.
Andrew Meredith
Andrew Meredith:
Such an amazing city!
Would like to have seen more of the trip up and down.
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson:
I really want everyone to visit UAE and enjoys a new exciting experience.
Milton Junior
Milton Junior:
Indeed this town is jaw-dropping, yet, all this technology without true love in the soul means so little.
Melati Putih
Melati Putih:
Jaden Claws.
Jaden Claws.:
Wow burj Khalifa is highly luxurious I never miss to explore Dubai
Maria P
Maria P:
I absolutely love this place! They go out of their wait to accommodate their guests love it ❤️
Michelle Penaflorida
Michelle Penaflorida:
This is my favorite spot in dubai especially the view from the top
Richard Gott
Richard Gott:
3:50 Nope! No thank you! Amazing view but no way in hell would you catch me getting that close to the edge. If you couldn't tell, I have a fear of heights lol
Sangeetha Sonu
Sangeetha Sonu:
marvellous piece of work.
Just been in there AMAZING VIEW!
Bigg Trix
Bigg Trix:
The night view is too good!
wow, what a great view of nothing but sand
Elena Poli
Elena Poli:
È un po' come andare in montagna ad alta quota,bellissimo stupefacente.🤩😍
💜 Maruyama Aya 💜
💜 Maruyama Aya 💜:
I'd love to go up the Burj Khalifa, despite being shit-scared of heights. I went up the Tokyo Skytree last year, just after Xmas and damn it was freaky standing right next to the glass, with 450 meters of nothing between you and the ground.

Still very much worth the experience, though.
Alonzo Gracian
Alonzo Gracian:
Impresionante edificio saludosnde phoenix arizona
Gamer Mafia
Gamer Mafia:
Really appreciate the guts to build a city in desert
John Smart
John Smart:
God bless the leaders of UAE with incomparable wisdom
Holidays Tour and Travel
Holidays Tour and Travel:
This looks so beautiful!! Is it worth visiting lol?
Siddhi Bhavsar
Siddhi Bhavsar:
video starts from 3:20
thanks me later ! ^_^
Scott. Park
Scott. Park:
I was up it in 2016,, definitely one of my lifetime experience
Nobody Nobody
Nobody Nobody:
I also went to see that building
It was very fun😀
Mehnaz Chowdhury
Mehnaz Chowdhury:
I hope after 10 years from now.....I settle in dubai and then go to burj khalifa and read this comment standing there.....😎....this has become my motivation now...I want my life there😊😊...Insah Allah....👼☪️🇮🇳
Keep The Metal Faith Alive
Keep The Metal Faith Alive:
5:30 you gotta admit, that does look like gta v
Mashaa Allah....Sub-hanallah...Allahu Akbar...💖💖💖
imran ĹÙŤE
imran ĹÙŤE:
This future city . Amazing city in the world . DUBAI ❤
Aaron Soto
Aaron Soto:
Arabians are some of the most amazing builders. Super well crafted and skilled builders. I was watching a video of their drywall work really impressive..
Andrew Brooks
Andrew Brooks:
3:22 where the view starts
Kenneth Enyi
Kenneth Enyi:
The view is so unreal
Blaze Gaming
Blaze Gaming:
This video really really helped me do my school project so thank you very much iamgentii
David Ward
David Ward:
I could never make it up that high in a building !
Manmadhak Kalai
Manmadhak Kalai:
Hi, you are my most favorite vloggers. Even my friend had started his own after watching your videos regularly.
I think he is located in
#Lennon's Dubai Guide
Thanks a lot.
At the top SKY is sooooo much more chique than the regular At the top. I visited the normal one in 2016, it's very crowded there, no people serving drinks and cakes, no seats, and at some point the people formed one big queue starting from the entry to the exit of the observation deck LOL. At the top SKY is the way to go.
Kan6 Grg
Kan6 Grg:
I visited burj khalifa already in my dream😃😃
Claudio Lafuente
Claudio Lafuente:
I was there August 2016 it was an amazing sight
baby doll
baby doll:
Wowow amazing place in Dubai ... 😍😍😍😍😍😍
anisa yuyu✔
anisa yuyu✔:
I love Dubai so much ♥️♥️♥️🖤😍
Charlie Dallachie
Charlie Dallachie:
I wonder if office workers can feel it on a windy day 😟
Hamiidah Nakalemba
Hamiidah Nakalemba:
Nice place to visit. I have been there four times.
Anju's world
Anju's world:
Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing
That’s really beautiful I want to visit the Burj Khalifa who else wants to visit the burj Khalifa like if you want to and comment
Suzen Greer
Suzen Greer:
DUBAI - is so beautiful! My wish is to go there someday! The culture and its people are so beautiful. I love the Royal family. My husband is disabled - in a wheelchair, but Dubai is so "forward looking" in all other respects, that I bet they would have accommodations for the handicapped. It would be like "taking a trip to Paradise"! My wish is for Dubai to continue to grow and expand. It is such a beautiful place to accommodate many types of travelers on vacation. Totally "family oriented", as well as younger people and senior citizens as well. All my Best Wishes to DUBAI! I hope to see you - someday!
Nice view of a lot of sand!
S S:
HI,,,I am from Serbia AND WELCOME TO BELGRADE beautiful city!!!!!
Julie Jackson
Julie Jackson:
So beautiful!! I am going!!
Vishal Vinod
Vishal Vinod:
I went to the top floor . It was a nice experience
Harikrishna Nakka
Harikrishna Nakka:
Mind blowing it's amazing
Ahmad Atawat
Ahmad Atawat:
What a country, what a city
rasher 62
rasher 62:
The older I get the more fear of heights and flying I get,,,, 20 years ago I'd have walked on a ledge outside that building,,, now,,, I wouldn't even go 1st floor 😢😢
Great clip 👍. Which camera model did you use for the recording? Thanks
Death_ Moblie166
Death_ Moblie166:
The Burj Khalifa is the tallest but the Dubai Creek tower IS THE TALLEST BUILDING OF THE WHOLE WORLD
Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed it.✌👍💖
nymia chavez
nymia chavez:
we were at 125th floor only...scary...felt it was shaky
Handan Çelik
Handan Çelik:
Beautiful view from there and scary also
I hope one day I visit Dubai. Greetings from London
Biswajeet Mandal
Biswajeet Mandal:
So nice also ! Also my dream 😍😘
Paresh Shah
Paresh Shah:
I love the view
Khansahab ke Adventures
Khansahab ke Adventures:
5 years before I visited. Awesome loved it.
Internet Unreal
Internet Unreal:
If any of u are going to UAE...pls come during the cold months and not the hot ones...the heat is unbearable
Tokyo Night View
Tokyo Night View:
I want to go there:)
Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi:
my dream place❤