Burnley vs Tottenham 0-1 Son Heung-min on Fire ? Harry Kane Reaction HD

Burnley vs Tottenham 0-1 Son Heung-min on Fire ? Jose Mourinho Reaction HD
Burnley vs Tottenham

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Pape Yague Diagne
Pape Yague Diagne:
Sadio is our pride but Son is now the best in the world
star 1
star 1:
Son+kane=dynamic duo⭐️⭐️
Caleb Renji
Caleb Renji:
You know Jose coached Drogba and Lampard who have the most goal combinations and now at 2nd place is son and kane. Jose Mourinho amazing.
Greg Williams
Greg Williams:
His English is really good now. I mean Son not Kane lol
If Kane and Son keep scoring at this rate, the most common name with which children born in England will be registered in the next few months will be: HarrySon! HahahaXD
Ariel DblackiD
Ariel DblackiD:
Fantastic world class duo
Sonny & Kane 👍👍
T Mo T
T Mo T:
You'll never find an interview of him not saying it was a team effort and everyone played great.
son world class
The Realist
The Realist:
Levy needs to take Son in his office in the morning after this game and give him what he deserves, double figures already, clearly his best ever start to a season.
Stay em Hellevator
Stay em Hellevator:
Son and Kane is fireeeeee👑🔥
Sonny and Kane best players. Love these two!
Nice sonny
spannyaad baby
spannyaad baby:
Remember when they said Mourinho was finish
Equality Peace
Equality Peace:
I'd give him a contract for life he is that good
Jae Koh
Jae Koh:
I see something special for spurs this year. They are formidable
Another Level
Another Level:
Not anymore son is a worldclass.
Son is just son-class.
Equality Peace
Equality Peace:
Nice one son
JY Jan
JY Jan:
Kane amazingly assisted and super saved both by his head. 🤩 Kane-Son duo was great too.
Cho Sunny
Cho Sunny:
Have Son Must Win !
Mourinho is an old fox! He has not led us to believe that he has reinvented himself, when in fact this formula is old! Kane is playing of Lampard and they Son of Drogba, if you doubt it? look at Son's movements when he defends, they look a lot like Drogba's at Mou's Chelsea, we have to recognize his vision to see that possible, the guy is GENIUS!
Minho Park
Minho Park:
son just said i just ran !!!!!! he is so humble man~!
Dier and all the backline have to practice set pieces and getting to the headers first. Alderweireld was awesome won all the headers today but when they had set pieces Dier was lacking.
Colin out
Colin out:
Spurs for the title.
_21 jung
_21 jung:
They should've took a first place in the league. Sorry for the loss in the previous game 😞😞
Ezekiel Shin
Ezekiel Shin:
It's funny to think... I can't remember the last game where Son didn't score
kim rowk
kim rowk:
niceee kane and son
Utsav Kafle
Utsav Kafle:
This player is just on another level. Amazing he is.
Y Young
Y Young:
kane,,good good
KANE MOM 맞지 ㅋㅋㅋ 겁나 잘했어
Son spurs legend
mk k
mk k:
Kane Mom! 케인♡손 짱!
Sonny did it again!
be Hal
be Hal:
Tottenham seriously needs to find the way to get win from super defensive opponent. Then they can be the winner in the league and championship.
2번의 뼈아픈 동점 만 아니었어도
현재 당당한 1위로 우뚝 섰을텐데....ㅎㅎㅎ
Paul Markey
Paul Markey:
And the season ends with a 1. COYS
손흥민 월드클래스!! 토트넘 화이팅!!
Will Allen
Will Allen:
tim sherwood is the only pundit i’ve heard crediting us for getting through burnleys defence
Tony Newman
Tony Newman:
If we beat West Ham and gone top-,I think physiologically we would have stayed top to the end of the season- coys
George Wing
George Wing:
Tim Sherwood is the best 🤍💙🤍
Omar Jaiteh
Omar Jaiteh:
SonRonaldo is on fire 🔥🔥🔥
Shawn Lee
Shawn Lee:
Son scored again? I just found out while I was pooping
darren modric greene
darren modric greene:
Just wait until Bale is match fit omg can't wait COYS
손흥민 칭찬 들으러 여기까지 온 나도 미친놈이네ㅋㅋㅋ
They will pass that this season
정말 놀라운 선수..아니
인간 손흥민 존경스럽다..^^
이제 손흥민에게 필요한건 딱 하나,, 스캇 보라스!!
Faizan Choudhry
Faizan Choudhry:
He’s enjoying himself soo much
Harvey Ridge
Harvey Ridge:
Lokesh Kumar
Lokesh Kumar:
Sonny🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 absolutely world class
Dioses y mitologia,A.C2000
Dioses y mitologia,A.C2000:
Harry de Bruney! jajajaXD
Daniel Park
Daniel Park:
Kane made the worth as 2 goals in this game
제영 Yêu Sài Gòn
제영 Yêu Sài Gòn:
son of spurs👍🤗
Feliks Tans
Feliks Tans:
Yes, Kane + Son = Win👍
T Moon
T Moon:
seong jeon
seong jeon:
If Tottenham bring gangin lee(19 years old who got golden shoes at last youth world cup) from Valencia, Tottenham will have more strong creative midfield in the squad.
Edwin Addo
Edwin Addo:
And the fuel to get there is Harry Kane's supply
Duck C
Duck C:
댓글지분 한국인90%
Nayoung좋아 Kim
Nayoung좋아 Kim:
SON ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Hicha Yoruki
Hicha Yoruki:
kane has a big brain.smart son.
Ed smith
Ed smith:
The rest of Spurs team need to score also not just Harry and Son
*pickle *
*pickle *:
Sonny and kane have been to slept together.
Edwin Addo
Edwin Addo:
Very very very smart, intelligent and wisdom filled Harry kane
Rover Team
Rover Team:
Toby played today because Burnley's forward arent quick....If they are, Sanchez would have played...
He will be Prime Minister of South Korea. ... or a rural squire.
radam pro
radam pro:
Kane is real captain ,see how he fights for his team
morris jin
morris jin:
What a terrific performance!!! I am so proud of you..
if we are talking form, Kane and Son are the best duo in the world right now.
Carlos Eduardo Fernandez Sandoval
Carlos Eduardo Fernandez Sandoval:
Son world class , and point!
Renaat Deckers
Renaat Deckers:
Y J:
SON worldclass still underrated
사랑해❤🇰🇷SON👍 Thanks for your fantastic play😍 You give us to energy and happy feeling😍🇰🇷 We are the korean couple who have been loving foe 13 years❤
Ed smith
Ed smith:
Jose has two teams a more solid team and a more Attacking team .
Serge Aurier and Sergio regulon
The Surge are our future
tatenda luwisi
tatenda luwisi:
they need another cb because toby isnt the fastest
Son, what a guy, what a footballer. Just brilliant.
Milo Fleen
Milo Fleen:
Son+kane=The best duo ever
Minki Kim
Minki Kim:
kane did 1 goal and 1 assist
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
Kane + Son = deadly duo
Views For Money
Views For Money:
In Jose we Trust
Rune LB
Rune LB:
I mean he didn't play good today...
Metta W
Metta W:
I love you Harry and Sonny ❤❤❤
Robin Hood
Robin Hood:
Brandon Hong
Brandon Hong:
He is wonder guy
번역보고 싶다 ..........
Ishaq Tarafdar
Ishaq Tarafdar:
what is this show called what are the all the presenters names
Nonso Obi
Nonso Obi:
So what’s the reason for buying bale when this two are perfect
We knew Son & Harry someday would make synergy. Son is supper fast and amaging goal scorerer using left and right foot . Harry is smart and amaging goal scorerer using genius sense of soccer. So Tottenham has two amaging goal scorerer that will make other teams to have headache. I'm happy and waiting for their synegetic games to come...
Edwin Addo
Edwin Addo:
Son is in a world of glory
saucy nonchalance
saucy nonchalance:
if Tottenham wins league ... SON will be at Madrid next year
해석ㅡ 손예수
Fitness World
Fitness World:
I like son that’s the only reason why I became fan of Tottenham hotspur. However, I truly love 💓 all the people in spurs. Every single one in Tottenham is important not just son and Kane. Kane is just genius I love to watch his performance !
Y Young
Y Young:
son good good
Freedelivery 85
Freedelivery 85:
How’s arsenal doing?
Ed smith
Ed smith:
It's just about bale son and kane .
The the midfield and defense needs to be scoring or attempting to score this will free them up. teams that win leagues have goals scorers one to 10.
우리손 슈퍼 히어로 입니다
자네 한글 댓글 찾는가? 그렇다면👍누르고 이번주 로또1등 당첨되시게나ㅋㅋ
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