Camila Cabello - psychofreak (Official Music Video) ft. WILLOW

Camila Cabello feat. WILLOW - psychofreak (Official Music Video)

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director: charlotte rutherford
director rep: jesse kahn
prod co: freenjoy
exec producer: nathan scherrer & tara sheree
producer: nathan scherrer & stephan bielecki
cinematographer: scott cunningham
production designer: liam moore
gaffer: mike van meter
key grip: dave riggio
first AD: joe suarez
production manager: dylan deLuca
production coordinator: hanna walicki
choreographer: calvit hodge + sara bivens
camila stylist: rob zangardi + mariel haenn
camila hair: dimitris giannetos
camila makeup: ash holm
camila nails: thuy nguyen
willow stylist: chloe + chenelle
willow makeup: raoul alejandre
willow hair: vernon francois
stunt coordinator: web whinery
spfx: reelFX
editor: ally gondeck at whitehouse post
color: joseph bicknell at company3
sound mix: ben freer at fiddle leaf sound
vfx supervisor: les umberger
vfx: mod creations

(C) 2022 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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Willow’s voice really takes this song to the next level!! Incredible!
Thomas Hernandez
Thomas Hernandez:
Man! Willow is such an underrated artist. She has such a range of voice and sings so good. What a talent she is
Mandy Wright
Mandy Wright:
This song should be trending and have at least 50 million views in a month. Willow takes this song to a new level. Her vocals are amazing in this song! Both ladies have beautiful vocals,but Willow I've never heard her hit these kinda notes before. I think it should be a number 1 record. I'm 42 I guess I'm old,but I can relate to the lyrics. Willows vocals gave me chills in a good way. I don't understand why it ain't more popular among the youth.
miko foin
miko foin:
Willow has a great voice. Can’t wait to see where she is as an artist in 10 years. She is still so young. I’m sure she will grow and evolve. 🖤
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa:
I love that she is acknowledging the 5H girls and her full forgiveness over everything. She truly is a great roll model and amazing song writer
Let's be honest, Camila never disappoints us, her voice, her songs, one of the greatest artists. I'm so hyped for her new album Familia this Friday 🤍
niddg viiut
niddg viiut:
Esse vocal da Willow harmonizando com a voz da Camila ficou surreal de maravilhoso
People need to realise what a gem she truly is. I'm telling you, there won't be another Camila ever again, please pay attention to this one of a kind artist. She is so talented, everything about this song is perfect. I really hope we get to see her become even more successful in the future.
emo, i guess
emo, i guess :
When willow said “Wish I could be like everyone, but I’m not like anyone.” I could relate so much! It’s so true too, they are both so pretty as well!!
Dunken Lane
Dunken Lane:
Willow is fierce I love her voice omg the way she can just blend with any type of genre is crazy can’t wait to see what she does as she progress
Willow is a vibe tho 🔥
Elizabeth Gordon
Elizabeth Gordon:
I love the meaning behind this song/video! Camilla and Willow are so amazingly talented! In addition, it would be even more relatable if part of the video was shot in a home setting...because that's also one of the settings these feelings are felt. Absolutely LOVE these artists.
Phoenix Willington
Phoenix Willington:
Willow’s voice is meant for any and all genres tbh, her voice is powerful and deep on top of that she has range
Anita G
Anita G:
Willow puts her dark/deep/nostálgic vibes in every collab and makes them unique
Lisa Dickson
Lisa Dickson:
Listening to this at 2am on repeat, while trying to clear my head.
2 amazing voices together what more could you ask for
Phemelo Mphore
Phemelo Mphore:
Willows ability to just blend into every song is so intoxicating! She has so much to offer and I’m here for it!
Alexssandro Santos
Alexssandro Santos:
Escutando essa música voz da Camila parece a Melanie Martinez já voz da Willow me lembrou a Dua Lipa
Eu amo tanto 🥺❤
This song made me start sobbing instantly. I feel SEEN. Sounds amazing and this duo is powerful together. Love the sounds, vibe, message.
chihuahua in a cone
chihuahua in a cone:
The lyrics to this song feel so relatable that it hurts.
It's like she's inside my head right now singing exactly how I feel. 😭
Sneha Bhat
Sneha Bhat:
My new favorite song. Willow is a chameleon, I mean she can do any genre. And Camilla is creative and unique as always.
Cristina Novelo
Cristina Novelo:
Sensacional! ❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Lincoln Lopes
Lincoln Lopes:
achei bem vibes Stranger Things ❤❤❤
Raquel Soares
Raquel Soares:
Que música perfeita 💖
luiz fernando tavoglieri
luiz fernando tavoglieri:
Esse som é pesado demais!!!
Guilherme de oliveira
Guilherme de oliveira:
Que música do caralh* ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
shannon marie
shannon marie:
Super catchy and the lyrics are so relatable. I love them both together...their voices blend so well together...but Willow's background vocals towards the end of the song are beautiful. Hopefully they can collab more. Also I could see the frame at 3:15 being an album cover for Willow.
Baking Recipes Manisha Mauritius
Baking Recipes Manisha Mauritius:
My most favourite, now a huge fan of Willow her voice is like a Goddess. And Camila is always the BEST. Both voices are amazing together ❤
Train Obsession
Train Obsession:
This song is about Camila’s anxiety issue. So Proud of her writing skill. Good job for both Camila and Willow . They complimented each others
love it
Isaac Enrique
Isaac Enrique:
Isaac Enrique
Isaac Enrique:
Prosas da Iaiá
Prosas da Iaiá:
Ona ssa
Ona ssa:
Their voices compliment so nicely, even though they've completely different kinds of voices
Lizzie Kidd
Lizzie Kidd:
OMG! Love this song guys! Never heard to such great singers work so well together. Camila Cabello and WILLOW! Love you both.... Thank you😀
Felipe de Jesus
Felipe de Jesus:
Esse álbum está muito bom :)
Agata Lima
Agata Lima:
Estou apaixonada nessa música 🇧🇷❤️
Calisthenics Madness 1 %
Calisthenics Madness 1 %:
Camila's voice is mesmerizing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Caia Gagnon
Caia Gagnon:
The high and low voices together are magical. We need more
Louis David
Louis David:
willow deserves recognition , she is badass! her voice is powerful.
Nahiara Eterovich
Nahiara Eterovich:
Esta canción es MUY buena y sus voces son tan increíbles!!
💘Amo este dúo,son tan perfectas sus voces me encantan🛐😍💖💖💖💖
Josh Chavez
Josh Chavez:
Hermosas mujeres, con un talento inigualable y que transmiten muy bien los sentimientos
El ritmo de la canción es adictiva, las voces de estas dos grandes artistas es increíble y se complementan
J Aaron
J Aaron:
Willow is captivating . The harmonizing vocals are so good 🔥
Thought this was kinda weird when I first heard it, but now im obsessed! Amazing job as always, Camilla!
Camila PenaVega
Camila PenaVega:
I Love her voice
Rayssa Rodrigues
Rayssa Rodrigues:
Perfeitaaaas 🥰♥️♥️
Este adelanto suena como un futuro hit, YA QUIERO ESCUCHARLA COMPLETA, TE AMO CAMILA
Minha menina cresceu tão rápido 😩❤️ mina o mondo é teu vai atrás !!! Surpreendida com sucesso dessa garota ahahhahahah surtanto muito agora obrigado por essa obra de arte woah muito orgulho (:
Vitória Trajano
Vitória Trajano:
Me surpreendeu em tudo que podia kkkkkk tá bom de mais
Vih Lima
Vih Lima:
2 perfeitas e lindassssssss 😍😍😍😍😍
Matheus Matoso
Matheus Matoso:
Um hit é um hit
j slack
j slack:
Willow always does something with her voice that makes you want to listen to her part on rewind 🥰🥰🥰
João Vitor Ferreira
João Vitor Ferreira:
Isso tem que hitar cara mt bom! E diferente desse genéricos por ai
S. I.
S. I.:
🤯🤯🤯🤯 Can't believe I love Willow's music so much!!!
José Romario
José Romario:

Escutei na rádio mix aqui do 🇧🇷 topzeira
Cleverton Sousa
Cleverton Sousa:
Gente, pq essa música não está bombando no mundo inteiro??? Inacreditável como aquelas músicas horríveis e descartáveis do TIK TOK funcionam hj em dia e as músicas boas não!
MDS ela simplesmente entregou TUDO
Amo esta canción es increíble 😍🎵🎵🛐📈💖💖💖💖💖
que buen tema, que voces!!!
Lola Johnson
Lola Johnson:
Why don't these two make a whole album together?? I think they would make a great album together.
Carolina Prado
Carolina Prado:
Camila arrasou muito nesse álbum!!!❤😍
What a song and what a video!!! Two of my favourite artists coming together is a dream come true! Very relatable lyrics! 🦄🤖👽
Guadalupe Torres
Guadalupe Torres:
Debería tener más reproducciones
Gloria Pieper Gagliardi
Gloria Pieper Gagliardi:
"Everybody says they miss the old me
I have been on this ride since I was fifteen
I don't blame the girls for how it went down, down
Thinkin' out loud"
These lines say so much; I hope her family and TRUE friends don't let her convince them "it's just a song" We lose way too many artists to mental health issues (Look it up) but the World is too busy with their lives to not listen to the struggles of artists we adore. #MENTAL##HEALTH##AWARNESS##MONTH We Love you @Camila Cabello
Since *shameless* was released I was never more obsessed with a song, but *psychofreak* is about to get the *crown*
Iara Santana
Iara Santana:
amei .... e essa voz da willow, apaixonada ❤
Vampyr Otaku
Vampyr Otaku:
Me encantooooooooooO♡♡♡♡
Nohemi Restrepo Osorio
Nohemi Restrepo Osorio:
Amo está inesperada colaboración
Josh Chavez
Josh Chavez:
I love u! Me encanta cada una de las facetas de cami, es demasiado talentosa
a letra gruda na mente, é uma mistura de mistério com sensualidade. psychofreak já está sendo aclamada antes do lançamento, com muita presença e poder. a energia dessa música ecoa por todos os lugares, é um vício bom que eu não quero dosar...estou surpreso com o quão a camila transcendeu durante esses 5 anos solo, trazendo novas dinâmicas, propostas, se entregando de corpo e alma, e o familia está representando todo esse recomeço, uma verdadeira cura. estou tão ansioso para sentir cada detalhe e me permitir crescer em mais uma era ❤🔥 🕷
Willow needs her flowers 💐 she has always stayed grounded and genuine.

Even with her parents put out their business and don't get me wrong I love Will Smith.

You guys did a great job in the video. Great collaboration 👌
Shaianne Pereira
Shaianne Pereira:
🇧🇷❤️✨ Amo vocês gurias!
Manuel de jesus Redondo blanco
Manuel de jesus Redondo blanco:
demasiado arte
Lujan Cantero
Lujan Cantero:
Amo amo amooooooo demasiado, puro ARTE 😍
Mei Li Nahomy
Mei Li Nahomy:
Cada albúm tiene diferente estilo y esa versatilidad que te cargas Camila. Que buena combinación con Willow<3
dios es tan perfecta esta cancion, no paro de escucharlaaaaaa
Dark Side
Dark Side:
Excelentes voces
Sigamos reproduciendoooo 💖💕👍
Willows voice is so underrated! I'd love to hear her vocal range.
Yumy Apple
Yumy Apple:
Psychofreak es mi favorita del álbum sin duda. <3
Saúl Robles
Saúl Robles:
Roo Ponce
Roo Ponce:
Hermosas!!! ♡♡♡♡
Never SayNever
Never SayNever:
Buena musica de las ultimos 3 temas esta es la q mas me gusto. Congratuletions. I like soo much very very sony music. Saludos a Camila Cabello
Dali Miranda
Dali Miranda:
🔥🔥🔥 This song is perfect
Nailah 5
Nailah 5:
*I love how every single she released from this era have complete different sounds, don't go yet, bam bam and now psychofreak, they all sound completely different from each other, and I like how she isn't afraid to try different sounds, this album is definitely her best project*
global Jesi
global Jesi:
Thanks for sending me the amazing songs. Her voice hits the mic, so incredible 👍👍♥️
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..I love you 💕❤️
Julio Valle
Julio Valle:
We need this to be an official single in the u.s. it's super radio friendly.
love it so much <3
Agus_ Uziga
Agus_ Uziga:
Psychofreak se merece el premio a una de las mejores canciones de Camila, el ritmo, la letra y el video musical son geniales
Swan Noir
Swan Noir:
My new favorite song. Both ladies killed their respective parts, and slayed together. Am especially proud of Willow, with everything she's been going through with the family.
Danielle Pelletier
Danielle Pelletier:
Both girls are extremely beautiful song. Both girls killed it!
DJ Gammage
DJ Gammage:
The lyrics alone are IMPECCABLY the nucleus and both of their very different styles intertwined is just amazing!
🗣B I L L B O A R D
actual art that needs to be charting!
Beatriz Trespando
Beatriz Trespando:
El disco entero, entero es ✨✨✨✨✨. Realmente logrado y reoriginal. Genia💘!
Voz bella Willow 💖
Nikole Palmer
Nikole Palmer:
I love willows ability to get on everyone else's level but still be authentic to herself
Ericka Chancay
Ericka Chancay:
No dejen morir la canción, sigan reproduciendo todo el álbum Familia de Diosamila